Smart Smile Makeover - No Drill Just BIL Smart Smile Makeover from Brighter Image Lab No Drill - Just BIL Not wanting your teeth to be drilled isn't unreasonable, it's smart. Kimby wanted a smart smile makeover, so she contacted Brighter Image Lab. This is her story. When you smile, you teach people to smile around you. Or, when you don't, it teaches them to be more concerned around you. It's contagious. I've seen that with even parents who can't smile who is in your pictures where you take a serious look. It tends to make people draw from that look. Even though it works for you... It's not as approachable. Right, and so, if you had...If you can go back and take a quarter of those chances back, or fifty of those chances... I would do it in a heartbeat. Right. There you go, "Hey, let me show you what I really want to do," you - Read More

Extreme Smile Makeover In Time for Mother's Day An Extreme Smile Makeover for Mother's Day and a Daughter's Wedding Saved Watch this video about a mother who got the best birthday gift she could ask for. A smile that arrived in time for her daughter's wedding. Your smile is not a luxury. It's a tool that helps you be you. Everything that we're doing today is not a luxury, and a girl needs her stuff. I didn't come here for a good story. It was a good story by itself, but when I see this I'm just like, "Where's she been?" Brighter Image Lab, this is Laurie. Hello, this is Angela Pyle. I've lost a bunch of teeth. I have severe... I was showing your your images to my director, and your impression, and he would really like to speak with you. Angela, just so you know me, my name is Bil and I'm sorry that you're - Read More

Florida Lady Gets New Smile Makeover from Brighter Image Lab New Smile Makeover for Florida Lady by Brighter Image Lab This video documents one of our clients from Florida who received her New Smile Makeover from Brighter Image Lab. Look what just came in the mail. My veneers! I am super excited, and I can't wait to try them on. I have to call Brighter Image Lab now because I'm supposed to let know when I receive them. We're going to open them live on Skype, so I cannot show you now, but we will let you know how they feel. Hey guys, today we're going to Florida and we're working with a little girl who's asked us to do a new smile makeover. She's been married for about a year. She's got about a seven month old baby, and one of the things that compelled us to want to work with her is she actually wrote us in - Read More

Smile Makeover Story from a Make Up Artist Smile Makeover Story from a Make-Up Artist Watch this smile makeover story from a make-up artist we have used in several New Life Smile makeovers. Bridgette has helped dozens of people smile again by providing the make-up for their smile makeover story. I think they have big future for making people over, absolutely. I mean if if we had known there was something like that, you can make someone's hair look fantastic, and their makeup, and you know even with terrible skin. I mean I have access to whatever I need to do that for someone, and they can look at themselves just like I would look at myself and feel like, "Man, my makeup looks awesome today." Or, "My hair is great," and then I smile and I'm like, "Oh, that shuts it down." Hey guys. Today, I want to thank you for being with me. The reason - Read More

New Life Smile Makeover for 50 year old mechanic - Must See New Life Smile Makeover from Brighter Image Lab Watch this amazing New Life Smile makeover for a 50 year old mechanic. This client lost his wife, then his smile. Brighter Image Lab was there to help him regain his smile, and give him a new life with a smile makeover. I've never had the perfect storybook life, but Devin and me were at least happy. And together we always found a way to make things work. After she passed, I felt like I'd lost my reason to smile. Then eventually I lost my smile altogether. My insurance company told me my issues were cosmetic, and yeah maybe I didn't have any physical pain, but the life I was living sure hurt like hell. I knew my smile was holding me back but I was stuck and I just didn't think I had any other choices. That's why what Brighter - Read More

Instasmile Clip On Review! Two Real Clients Review! - Part 2 Instasmile Clip On Review In our last video, we introduced you to two brothers, Doug and Justin. Doug had went online and he bought some Instasmile clip on veneers that he thought were like Brighter Image Lab's. Doug asked us to help him tell his story (about the Instasmile clip on). He didn't want this to happen to anyone else. While I was meeting with Doug, I also met his brother and we thought what a perfect opportunity to show two people going through the same process. We think that after you see the results that we got for Doug and his brother, you'll see that there truly is a difference and that not all veneers are made the same. Instasmile Clip On vs. Brighter Image Lab What's up guys? Come on in, have a seat. You got the rest of your guys? What are you doing man? We - Read More

Scammed By Instasmile? Real Brighter Image Lab Client Interview!   Scammed by Instasmile? We often get calls from clients who felt like they were scammed by Instasmile. We usually try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but we kept receiving calls from clients who felt like they were scammed by Instasmile. We were contacted by one client in particular claiming to be scammed by Instasmile. We felt that his story of being scammed by Instasmile was compelling enough to share. So, was this real Brighter Image Lab client scammed by Instasmile? Watch this video and decide for yourself. One thing I definitely know about ours is that people think that they're real veneers. Mm-hmm. No, definitely. Yeah. ...and they look polished and chiseled. Oh that looks good. People don't know it, but when I met you I did tell you it was gonna be kind of a challenge. Yeah you did say that. But I think - Read More

New Life Smile Makeover Client Looks 10 yrs Younger Today New Life Smile Team Member is Surprised with a New Life Smile for Herself This video tells the story of Jill, a New Life Smile team member who is surprised to learn she was chosen to receive one herself. Bil: I used to tell you that taking care of yourself, that's not a luxury. I think you believe me? Jill: I do now. Bil: The, um... Jill: (whispering) I do now. Bil: It's going to be a long time since people met the person they should have known every day of your life. Y'know? They didn't get to see - who they were seeing. You were taking care of them. And they would have taken care of you differently, if they could have seen you differently. What I'm wanting you to do is be an example for people who are in the same position. If it's been too long - Read More

Porcelain Veneers Alternative for $1,500 with No Cosmetic Dentist! $1,500 Porcelain Veneers Alternative with No Cosmetic Dentist! This video explains how our client got a porcelain veneers alternative for $1,500 with no cosmetic dentist! My name is Giselle and I'm from Long Island. I am currently in my 50s, and for a long time I've been having difficulties with my teeth. Since I was 13 years old, I had gone to a dentist who asked me, "If an angel came and tapped you on the shoulder, what would you ask for?" One of the things I asked for was whiter teeth, and straighter teeth. And I have to say that, um, it's been an ordeal. I've been trying to find your stuff for some many years now. She sent us an email, told us about her story and told what he had done to her, and so we said we'll do it. That's what we're here to do - Read More

Instasmile client asks Brighter Image Lab for "REAL" Smile Makeover Instasmile client asks Brighter Image Lab for help This video explains how former Instasmile client Maria turned to Brighter Image Lab to help her get the New Life Smile she needed. Today, I'm flying from Dallas-Fort Worth to Orlando, Florida because I received an email from a young lady who spent her Christmas money trying to buy a dental veneer online, and it just didn't work for her. We landed in Orlando, Florida today. I can tell because it's spring break, and a lot of kids are here with Mickey Mouse hats on. We actually came all the way to Orlando with a veneer that we've never tried on. We didn't send a blank to see if it fits, we just went ahead and designed it and we booked it because it was last moment and it was the only way we were going to get here. So I - Read More