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So how can you spot creative diagnosis when you go for your next cleaning? First, beware of specials: That laser dentistry and whitening package may be a ploy to get you in the door so the practice can upsell you - Read More
Poor teeth in a rich dentist world is shameful

But expense isn’t the only barrier to dental care. Those on Medicaid find that few rich dentists participate in the program due to its low payout. And more than 45 million people in the US live in areas, often rural - Read More
Tooth Loss - The Emotional Effects of Missing Teeth

Many issues can arise from something as serious as tooth loss: depression, poor self-esteem, and speech problems. These problems can lead to a person isolating themselves and being unwilling to socialize. - Read More
dental care

Unfortunately, many families cannot afford adequate dental care. Many poor and lower-middle-class families do not receive dental care, because most dentists want customers who pay cash or have private insurance. - Read More
Best Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

New Press On Veneers™ are a single piece that fit over the front 10 – 12 teeth on the top and 6 – 8 teeth on the bottom. They ensure that teeth are covered when talking or smiling. The veneers grip onto the back of existing teeth. - Read More
Affordable Dental Choice (That Doesn’t Involve A Dentist)

Every day we are confronted with numerous choices: Get up bright and early or hit the snooze button? Healthy lunch or fast food? This got my office to questioning, why is there not an affordable dental choice? - Read More