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Brighter Image Lab has been helping people who can’t afford expensive cosmetic dental work since 1997, with over 300,000 clients world-wide. 

Because we provide similar cosmetic treatments at a fraction of the cost of cosmetic dentists, many dentists see a problem with companies like Brighter Image Lab. 

One dental blog recently mentioned our company when reviewing snap on veneers from different companies. They claim to have an expert opinion based on use and research. 

But are they really as unbiased as they claim? 

Importance of a Smile: 

A bad smile can have devastating effects on a person’s life, physically, mentally, and socially. 

Job opportunities and love interests become limited to those with a bad smile. Potential partners and employers don’t want to work with someone who has missing, broken, or discolored teeth. 

A smile also has a direct impact on our psychology and health. People who smile more often have greater longevity because a smile reduces both stress and blood pressure by triggering the brain to release both dopamine and serotonin. Smiling while in pain is even shown to help people recover from traumatic events. 

A smile isn’t a luxury. And if you don’t have one that works for you, you suffer the consequences. 

Claims Made and the Truth: 

Composite Veneers and Price 

One of the alternatives they provide to both traditional veneers and online veneers is composite veneers. Much like Brighter Image Lab, composite veneers are made of resin. What electric teeth fails to mention is the high price of the veneer. 

Composite veneers cost anywhere from $250-1,500 per tooth. Meaning you could be paying anywhere from $8,000-48,000 for your entire mouth, and the veneers last only 5-7 years. 

Brighter Image Lab provides a whole veneer for under $1,000. Even our most expensive veneer, our IncrediBIL Veneer, is only $1,500 for a single arch, and $3,000 for your entire mouth. That’s a $5,000 difference for even the lowest end of a dentist approved composite veneer. 

Damages Teeth 

One of the arguments made against online dental veneers is that they can cause damage to the teeth and gums. While Brighter Image Lab doesn’t deny this is true of many of our competitors, like TruSmile, most of this comes down to quality control and materials used. Places like TruSmile use thermoplastic, which can crack and bubble if it’s made too thin.  

Look, Fit, and Feel Aren’t as Advertised 

Brighter Image Lab clients can speak for themselves in regard to look, fit and feel. We’ve been able to exceed the expectations of many of our clients, and have had a positive impact on their life. 

Check out one of our clients Stacy. Stacy was suffering from a poor smile, but was able to turn her life around with our dental veneers. 

Another Brighter Image Lab client, Monica, is an international model. She suffered from yellowing on her teeth, and professional cosmetic whitening only lasted a few weeks. With Brighter Image Lab, her smile can last over 5 years with proper care. 

Dougie V is a rapper from Texas who was originally an instasmile client. He received a veneer that was an exact replica of his teeth, just in a brighter shade of white. They didn’t help straighten his smile, and looked like a costume shop set. With Brighter Image Lab, we were able to round out and straighten Dougie’s smile, while providing him with a realistic color and look. 

Client Zack has been a long time Brighter Image Lab client. He lost teeth when he was younger due to addiction, and faced prison time as well as the stigma of a body covered in tattoos. Now, he looks like every other creative professional entering the work force because of his newly designed smile from Brighter Image Lab. 


We at Brighter Image Lab don’t deny there’s a need for reliable resources for people to be able to make informed decisions about the products they purchase, including online dental veneers. What we don’t agree with is ignoring not only our impact, but the continued over-pricing of cosmetic dental work that is unattainable for Americans, and people around the world. 

They do an incredible amount of research into the process of online dental veneer creation, but don’t seem to understand the struggles of people with bad smiles and no dental insurance. 

Thankfully, Brighter Image Lab is here to provide the best alternative to expensive cosmetic dentistry. Our quality veneers are realistic, shaped to fit over your existing teeth, and cost a fraction of what a cosmetic dentist would charge for a composite veneer, which is made of resin similar to Brighter Image Lab. 

If you’re looking for an online dental lab with quality dental veneers to enhance your smile, Brighter Image Lab could be right for you. 

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