How Much Are Veneers? We Have The Best Prices!

Aubrey Hanson

How Much Are Veneers, Really?

If you go searching for prices of veneers, you’ll find a wide range of estimates. This makes sense because dental offices can vary widely by the types of veneers they offer or how experienced the dentists are.

Location is also one of the biggest factors in determining what veneers cost across the United States. 

To help you get an honest comparison, our team researched the prices of veneers across the country.

Dental offices provided us information about their veneers. The costs varied from less than $1000 to over $5000 per tooth! Certain states and towns trended different directions. You can check your state and town to see the average for your area.

Even after all of this research, we found that one place was the absolute cheapest

Brighter Image Lab Has The Best Prices

Affordable Smile

Brighter Image Lab offers full veneer arches starting at $795. A full arch has many teeth as you can see below. The cheapest traditional dentist office veneer that we found in our research costed $750…per tooth! Most were twice that or more! 

how much are veneers

Veneers from a dentist office are an incredible expense, especially for people who need extensive work done. A full smile makeover from a dental office can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars. 

Pricing Transparency

Brighter Image Lab explains exactly what their clients must pay for their new smile. That is often not the case at dental offices.

Many dental offices we contacted would not even quote a price range for veneers and would require patients have an expensive appointment before explaining potential costs. 

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How Much Are Veneers From A Dental Office? – Traditional Veneers

If you do end up deciding to get traditional veneers from a dental office, make sure you do your research first.

Below is a resource for what prices you can expect across the country. You should also understand the different types of veneers, how long veneers last, and how to avoid dental scams

Our study, like any study, is not all-inclusive. The goal is to show the average of individual veneer prices in major cities. 

For example, the veneers we priced in San Francisco averaged at $2,400 while other, more rural states trended much lower. Having this information about price trends can help you understand what to expect to pay for traditional veneers in your area. 

Click your state below to see the average price of veneers near you!

how much are veneers


Dental Veneers Price in Alabama

Veneers in Birmingham, Alabama showed to be a mid-to-low-range costing around $1,300.


Average Cost of Veneers in Alaska

How much are veneers in Anchorage, Alaska?  Dental veneers showed average around $1,800 per tooth. 


How Much Does is Cost to Get Veneers in Arizona?

Veneers in Phoenix, Arizona typically showed to cost around $1,300 per tooth.  

In Tucson, they run a little higher at $1,500


Veneers Cost Near You in Arkansas

How much are veneers in Fayetteville, Arkansas?  According to our study, the cost of a single veneers averaged around $1,200


How how much do teeth veneers cost in California?

Teeth veneers in California vary quite a bit from city to city. San Francisco teeth veneers appeared to be on the expensive side – averaging $2,400.

Los Angeles averaged $1,800 in our study, and veneers in San Diego showed to cost a bit less – averaging $1,300.


Dental Veneers Price in Colorado

Veneers in beautiful Boulder, Colorado showed to cost $1,600 per tooth in our study. 


How Much Do Dental Veneers Cost in Connecticut?

Getting a veneer in Hartford, Connecticut would likely cost you around $2,200 according to our study.


What is the Cost of Veneers in Delaware?

If you’re interested in veneers in Dover, Delaware, veneers there averaged $1,200 per tooth in our study. 


Average Cost of Veneers in Florida

To get veneers in Jacksonville, Florida or Orlando, Florida they will likely cost $1,300-$1,400 per tooth. 


How Much to Get Veneers in Georgia?

In Atlanta, Georgia you can expect to pay around $1,600 for each veneer you need. 


Veneers Cost Near You in Hawaii

If you live on these lovely tropical islands you can expect to pay around $1,200 for a single veneer in Honolulu, Hawaii


Dental Veneers Price in Idaho

Getting a single dental veneer in Boise, Idaho will likely cost around $1,300 per tooth. 


Average Cost of Veneers in Illinois

How much are veneers in Chicago, Illinois? You can expect to pay around $1,500 per tooth according to our study. 


How Much Does is Cost to Get Veneers in Indiana

If you’re in or near Indianapolis, Indiana, veneers there will likely cost around $1,400


How Much is it to Get Veneers in Iowa

In our study veneers in Des Moines, Iowa showed to be some of the cheapest traditional veneers in the nation costing $1,100 per tooth. 


How Much Do Dental Veneers Cost in Kansas?

In Kansas City, Kansas, dental veneers average around $1,500.


How Much Are Dental Veneers in Kentucky?

To get a single veneer done in Louisville, Kentucky you can expect to pay around $1,200.


Dental Veneers Price in Louisiana

How much are dental veneers in New Orleans, Louisiana? According to our study they will likely cost around $1,500.


Veneers Cost Near You in Maine

After asking about prices throughout Augusta, Main we saw that they costed about $1,300 per tooth. 


How Much are Teeth Veneers in Maryland?

How much are veneers in Baltimore, Maryland? Our study showed they would cost around $1,200 per tooth.


Average Cost of Veneers in Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts veneers averaged a somewhat higher price costing $2,100 per tooth.


How Much Does it Cost for Veneers in Michigan?

If you wanted to get veneers in Detroit, Michigan you can expect to pay around $1,300 according to our research. 


Dental Veneers Price in Minnesota

How much are veneers in Indianapolis, Minnesota? Our studies showed veneers tended to cost about $1,400


How Much to Get Veneers in Mississippi?

Veneers in Jackson, Mississippi showed to cost around $1,300 in our study. 


Average Cost of Veneers in Nebraska

Veneers in Omaha, Nebraska in our study averaged $1,200.


How Much Are Dental Veneers in Nevada?

Dental veneers in Las Vegas, Nevada showed to cost around $1,400 per tooth. 

New Hampshire

What do Veneers Cost in New Hampshire?

Veneers in Manchester, New Hampshire will likely cost around $1,600 according to our study. 

New Jersey

How Much Does is Cost to Get Veneers in New Jersey

To get veneers in Newark, New Jersey you can expect to pay somewhere around $1,200

New Mexico

How Much Veneers Cost in New Mexico?

The price of veneers in Albuquerque, New Mexico showed to hover around $1,300

New York

How Expensive Are Veneers in New York?

Veneers in New York City, New York showed to average around $2,200 per tooth.

North Carolina

How Much Are Teeth Veneers in North Carolina?

If you’re interested in getting dental veneers in Charlotte, North Carolina, our study showed that you can expect $1,400 for each tooth. 

North Dakota

How Much Does it Cost for Veneers in North Dakota?

Veneers in Fargo, North Dakota showed to be around $1,400 per tooth. 


What is the Average Cost of Veneers in Ohio?

Our studies showed that getting veneers in Columbus, Ohio would likely cost around $1,300


How Much Are Teeth Veneers in Oklahoma?

How much are veneers in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma? Our study showed that they cost around $1,400 per tooth. 


Veneers Price Range in Oregon

Getting veneers in Portland, Oregon will likely cost around $1,400 per tooth according to our study. 


How Much Are Veneers in Pennsylvania?

If you’re looking to get dental veneers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania you can expect to pay around $2,000 per tooth according to our study. 

Rhode Island

Average Cost of Veneers in Rhode Island

According to our study, getting veneers in Providence, Rhode Island will likely cost somewhere around $1,400 per tooth. 

South Carolina

How Much Do Dental Veneers Cost in South Carolina?

Dental veneers in Charleston, South Carolina cost around $1,400 per tooth according to our study. 

South Dakota

How Much Does It Cost for Veneers in South Dakota?

Veneers in Sioux Falls, South Dakota showed to cost about $1,300 per tooth in our study. 


Average Cost of Veneers in Tennessee

The average cost of veneers in Nashville, Tennessee tend to be around $1,900 according to our study. 


How Expensive Are Veneers in Texas?

Our study showed that the expense of veneers in Texas varied quite a bit by city. In Austin, TX they showed to cost around $1,300. Dallas, TX offices we studied showed prices near $1,800. Houston, TX offices tended to charge $2,000 per tooth.  


Dental Veneers Price in Utah

Dental veneers in Salt Lake City, Utah were priced around $1,200 in the locations we studied. 


Veneer Teeth Price in Vermont?

Dental veneers in Burlington, Vermont costed around $1,300 according to our study. 


Virginians Sometimes Ask: How Much Are Veneers Near Me?

Our study showed that dental veneers in Virginia Beach, Virginia cost around $1,300 per tooth. 


How Much Does it Cost to Get Veneers in Washington?

To get veneers in Seattle, Washington you can likely expect to pay about $1,900 per tooth according to our study.


What is the Cost of Veneers in Wisconsin?

Milwaukee, Wisconsin seems to have lower prices for teeth veneers. The locations we studied offered veneers for around $1,100 per tooth. 


How Much Do Dental Veneers Cost in Wyoming?

In Cheyanne, Wyoming dental veneers were shown to cost a comparatively cheap price of $1,000 per tooth. 

Disclaimer: Prices will vary from location to location. This article is simply an average based on the most popular offices and ones that participated in the study.

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