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Tele-Dentistry – Controlling Outrageous Cosmetic Dentistry Costs


COVID has entirely changed the way we interact with others, and led to many new innovations in the medical world that allows people to see a healthcare professional without leaving their homes. Tele-dentistry is one of these innovations, and the newest way to see a cosmetic dentist. Using a video chat format, patients can virtually visit a dentist, but what services are offered can vary by state. 

Below is a video from Bil Watson, Brighter Image Lab director, discusses how tele-dentistry is changing the cosmetic dental industry, and gives advice on how to save money and watch for dental scammers. 



“Hey guys, this week I want to talk to you about tele-dentistry. Tele-dentistry is something you may not know, but I think you can benefit from it greatly. If you’re watching this it’s probably because you’re online looking at cosmetic dentists’ cost. I want to show you how to control that cost. Here are some tips that may help you. 

Tele-dentistry is the big thing. Do not go to a dentist that charges you for a consultation. That’s because a dentist believes you’re not going to commit or not going to pay for the treatment plan. So, they want to charge anywhere between $150-300 for the hour that it takes for them to look at your smile and see if they can improve it. 

That’s about 300 wasted dollars. They’re afraid that ninety-six percent of the people that sit in their chair for a treatment will never sit in the chair to get the work done. So they want to charge you up front for their time, and I get it. 

But, tele-dentistry changes that. 

You can literally take a picture of your smile, or take two pictures, one up close, one sideways, or three or four, and send them to the dentist’s office and tell them what you’re thinking of having done. 

Dental veneers. Bonding. Contouring. Braces. You may want aligners. Anything that would actually improve the shape of your smile. If you do that, the dentist has a duty to look at that real quick and make a case assessment and see what he thinks. 

I know there’s sensitive cases, extreme cases, but the vast majority of you have a case that’s not extreme, or sensitive. You should be able to send some pictures not to just one dentist, but five cosmetic dentists, six cosmetic dentists. You should be able to get an assessment based off your pictures. If you can’t do that, then it’s a flag.  

Dentists work on two things; case consult and treatment planning. Treatment planning gives you a whole list of everything that’s possible, and it’s a la carte. So, they’re hoping you’ll take little bitty pieces, put it together, and pay as you go. Or pay for the whole thing. Most people will try to stick within a budget. But generally, the treatment plan exceeds that budget. 

You don’t need a full treatment plan to know exactly what you’re looking for, and how to get the cost down to what you’re looking for. What I’m trying to tell you is that tele-dentistry is changing dentistry. If a dentist won’t give you a ballpark number, you probably shouldn’t be going to him. That’s just my opinion. 

If you’re looking to spend $20,000 on a new smile makeover, then by all means go sit in a dental chair and get to know your dentist. But if you’re trying to spend under 15K do not go to a cosmetic dentist unless he gives you an assessment over the phone and a ballpark number. 

And you want a high number. You want to tell them what your high number is. Remember, the more you can communicate before you see a dentist is your biggest advantage point. Once you’re there, everything changes. Always set your prices before they set their prices. Tele-dentistry is a game changer.  

And guys, I think you’re going to find out when they know that you’re shopping competitively online, you’re going to get a lot better than a treatment plan and a case consult that you can’t afford. I think it’s the best way that I know how to tell anyone how to save money. Tele-dentistry is designed to save you money.

Thank you, guys, I’ll see you next week. Don’t forget to like. Don’t forget to subscribe. And don’t forget to ask questions and let me know what you think. I’ll see you next week. 


Tele-dentistry is a game changer for the way people are able to connect with Dental Care Professionals, and can save you money. If you’re wanting to get an assessment from a cosmetic dentist without paying high consultation fees, tele-dentistry could be right for you. 

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