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TruSmile Veneers: A mistake you don’t have to make!


At Brighter Image Lab, we’ve seen an increase in the number of companies trying to compete by bringing inferior smile options to market. One of these companies is TruSmile Veneers.

In this blog, we will discuss TruSmile Veneers, how they are made, their level of quality and customer reviews. We will also explore alternative options and hopefully find the best smile solution for you!

What are TruSmile Veneers? 

TruSmile Veneers are teeth covers that fit over existing teeth and replicate the natural smile. They are made out of 0.5 mm co-polyester pucks.

How are TruSmile Veneers made? 

TruSmile Veneers are teeth covers made out of co-polyester, a plastic most commonly used for retainers and sports mouth guards. The material becomes fragile when formed thinner than 0.5 mm, which we believe makes TruSmile Veneers appear bulky and unnatural.

trusmile veneers

Improper thermoforming of co-polyester plastic also causes cracks, breaks and sharp edges. Many TruSmile reviews complain of these imperfections. We believe this means TruSmile isn’t only using low-quality plastic to make their veneers, they’re using is wrong!

Co-polyester also reacts poorly to sunlight, turning yellow with too much exposure. This undesirable reaction may have a negative effect on the color of TruSmile Veneers.

Luckily, there is an alternative to TruSmile Veneers that doesn’t have the limitations of cheap plastic material.

Brighter Image Lab makes removable veneers out of material that is safe and strong. Our unique crystalized resin is designed for unmatched durability and is able to be thinned when necessary without compromising the veneer.

Read on to learn what TruSmile Veneers look like and why Brighter Image Lab may be the best option for you!

What do TruSmile Veneers look like? 

We believe the look of TruSmile Veneers is very unnatural. Natural teeth do not have curvature, but TruSmile Veneers appear too rounded and swollen.

TruSmile Veneers also appear to have little to no shine, which we believe makes them look dull. Natural teeth have a sheen to them that reflects light. For veneers to appear realistic, they must have these features.

To the right are some co-polyester veneers. This is the look you can probably expect if you order TruSmile Veneers.

Read on for some TruSmile Veneers reviews and see what clients are saying!

trusmile veneers

Does TruSmile pay for 5-star reviews? YES! 

Many TruSmile clients claim that the company pays for 5-star reviews. After doing some research, I have to agree with them.

There are 168 TruSmile reviews on the Better Business Bureau webpage. What is interesting about these reviews is, they are all either 1-star or 5-stars. Of all the reviews I’ve read, I have never seen this. There is no way out of 168 people not one person gave the company two stars, three stars, or four. A more logical explanation is that many people get paid to leave 5-star reviews for TruSmile, and honest clients give the company the rating it deserves – 1-star.

Of the 168 reviews, the vast majority are vague and short. They average one or two sentences and give little to no detail about the client’s unique situation or the product. This is concerning because fake reviews also have these qualities.

Read on to see some TruSmile Veneer reviews!

TruSmile Veneers Reviews 

TruSmile has conned thousands of people into buying their cheaply made and poorly designed product.

Many people who purchase TruSmile Veneers go online and leave reviews of their experience. Here are just a few to consider:

This company is terrible. I should have listened to the yelp reviews. I’ve seen people say that this company is buying fake reviews for google to make Trusmile veneers look good, I believe it. How do you waste someone’s time, screwed up my veneers and don’t want to give the customer back a refund. They been dodging my emails for four months.

After having a less than quality experience with my first set of veneers TruSmile listened to my initial concerns and complaints and worked very diligently to make things right! After my first review they had someone calling me to move forward with re-doing my impressions and to cover any further concerns! I am currently awaiting a new impressions kit and was given very helpful tips over the phone!

Trusmile veneers are not worth $470, you’re getting ripped off. It takes months for it to get to the customer and when you get the veneers you will be very disappointed on how cheap they are. There’s people online saying their trusmile veneers break in a week. I wouldn’t be buying from these guys again.

Trusmile Veneers are the worst. Trusmile buys reviews & pay Youtubers to make fake reviews for their brand to fool customers. I’ve purchased some veneers and they took forever to get here. When they finally arrived last weekend, the “so called snap on veneers” doesn’t even snap on to my teeth, they keep falling off. Also, the veneers are so cheap looking. I’ve seen people online complaining how their veneers broke in a week or two, but I did not believe them at first till I saw how cheap they were when I received mine.

I thought I was the only one getting scammed from trusmile veneers, but I noticed a lot of other people are saying the same thing in the reviews. They’re buying positive reviews for sure to cover up the real reviews of them scamming customers.

As you can see, many people experience a poor fit, bad customer service, cracks and breaks. They complain about the cheap look and feel of the veneers and assert that TruSmile pays for misleading positive reviews to manipulate people into buying. 

 Keep reading for some TruSmile Veneers reviews on YouTube!

TruSmile Veneers review on YouTube 

Many people shop with TruSmile and choose to leave an online review. One client shared her frustrating experience with TruSmile in a three-part YouTube review.

The client shared that her veneers arrived with residue still on them and a crack in the bottom arch. Once she applied her veneers, the YouTuber showed how the top arch went over her gum line. She noted this caused gum pain and made the veneers very uncomfortable to wear.

Her top left canine was also a point of concern, as it was longer than the other teeth and curved out toward her lips. This poor craftsmanship is a common disadvantage of TruSmile Veneers. 

The client went on to complain of a poor fit, explaining that she could feel saliva under both her top and bottom arch. She added that the veneers came with rough edges that irritated her gums and lips. This is just another example of low-quality TruSmile Veneers.

This client wanted a smile she could be proud of. Instead, she received veneers that were dirty and broken before she ever tried them on. She was disappointed, discouraged and out over $600.

This YouTuber isn’t the only dissatisfied TruSmile client. Continue reading for more TruSmile reviews!

TruSmile Veneers eating: Are they strong enough?

TruSmile Veneers are made out of plastic-like co-polyester. They often crack, break or arrive damaged. If these teeth covers can’t even make it from TruSmile to the customer without falling apart, how can you expect to eat in them?

trusmile veneers

The picture on the left shows one of TruSmile’s many dissatisfied customers holding up his broken veneer that only lasted one month.  You can see the full video here.

According to the client’s video, TruSmile Veneers are very weak and break under minimal amounts of pressure. Many TruSmile customers probably experience cracks and breaks in their veneers like this client and may regret ordering from the company all together!  

TruSmile Veneers are non-functional appliances, meaning you probably can’t keep then on when eating solid foods or even chewing a stick of gum. Eating in these teeth covers may result in possible fractures or cracks. TruSmile Veneers also limit beverage options to just water, so if you’re planning to go for dinner and drinks or a coffee date, you’ll have to remove them.

Don’t settle for cheap, flimsy veneers that can’t even hold up against food. Co-polyester veneers are just expensive, plastic teeth covers that cause clients undo stress and disappointment. 

Read on for an in-depth look at just how disappointing co-polyester veneers can be.

Co-polyester veneers: Tamara’s story 

We’ve had many people come to us after bad experiences with co-polyester veneers. One client decided to share her story with the world. Her name is Tamara.

Tamara ordered a set of removable veneers made out of co-polyester. When she came to us, she was so horrifically embarrassed by her veneers that she refused to show them to us. 

When Tamara finally applied her co-polyester veneers, she said: “I don’t want to smile in these. They look like something you get out of a costume shop. They go off of my natural smile instead of actually making it perfect. These two (front teeth) stick out way farther than the rest. When I open my mouth, I feel like I have buck teeth like a bunny rabbit.”

Tamara’s smile insecurities were only heightened when she put on her co-polyester veneer. Luckily, Tamara came to Brighter Image Lab and we were able to give her the smile her co-polyester veneers couldn’t. See her results in the picture below!

When Tamara snapped her PressOn Veneers over her teeth, her entire demeanor changed. She said, “I feel confident! I go to work and I talk with a lot of customers and a smile makes you personable and likable. ” 

After seconds of wearing her PressOn Veneers, she was ready to show the world her smile.

Tamara chose to share her story because she didn’t “want people to spend money on (co-polyester veneers) if they think that they’re actually going to get a real smile, a beautiful perfect smile.”

Her experience reflects the many issues of buying co-polyester veneers and the downsides you may experience if you order co-polyester veneers. You can avoid being disappointed by these low-quality veneers by ordering Lab Direct with Brighter Image Lab.

Brighter Image Lab has been working for over 20 years to deliver smile solutions that save people thousands over seeing a dentist. Now, knock off smile solutions are are riding on the coat tails of our success in transforming smiles to take advantage of a thriving market.

Companies like this do nothing but find a way for people to pay more for a simple teeth cover. By calling it a veneer, they thinks they can fool people into paying almost $600 for a piece of plastic. This is unacceptable! Many removable veneers are not detailed or contoured. They’re just plastic molds of your existing smile. There are no improvements and no alignment. This isn’t “smile enhancement,” it’s smile replication.

Don’t order low-quality veneers and be disappointed by unnatural, dull-looking teeth covers, go with Brighter Image Lab, where we make smiles the way they’re supposed to be.

Read on to learn more about the company and their amazing PressOn Veneers!

PressOn Veneers Reviews 

Brighter Image Lab has helped hundreds of thousands of people transform their smile. For over 20 years, it has been our singular goal to deliver top-quality smile make-overs at an affordable price.

We have been here since day one, and the results of our hard work can be seen all over the world. From Australia to Dallas, people walk the streets every day with perfect PressOn Veneer smiles. And the best part? You don’t even notice they’re wearing veneers!

Don’t just take our word for it, read for yourself!

I absolutely love my veneer from Brighter Image Lab. For years I had been covering my mouth with my hand every time I spoke or smiled and now thanks to Brighter Image Lab I feel confident to speak and smile without being embarrassed.

Brighter Image has, by far the easiest way to achieve the smile you wished you had. They beat all the prices from your dentist. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to make your own impressions and after returning them to the lab, I had my perfect smile within a couple weeks. I can smile with confidence. I recommend this company and I have recommended them to friends and family I get compliments on my smile all the time. Worth the money…this is a win win.

My line of work is in sales, so my smile is of the utmost importance. The condition my teeth are in, I wouldn’t even apply for a job where I would come in contact with the public but, after receiving my new veneers it gave me the confidence to work again in a field that I love. The staff are prompt and answered all of my questions. I first called in the early hours of the morning, there was someone to answer me right away and once I talk her, I could call and ask for her every time I had to contact the company. The only problem I had was with myself and my delay in ordering my veneers, I should have done this years ago.

Before I received my my veneers, I hardly smiled my teeth were embarrassing to me. The first time I wore my veneers I couldn’t stop smiling, I wore them everyday, thank you for giving me back my zest for life again.

I had an amazing experience with Brighter image lab. They walked me through everything and helped me when I was having a hard time with my impressions. The staff is just wonderful. The customer service is excellent. I couldn’t have asked for better service and now I have a amazing smile again thanks to Brighter Image labs. I have had so many complements. They look just like my real teeth before my infection that caused me problem with a few teeth. I love my new beautiful smile.

As you can see, Brighter Image Lab has changed so many lives. When clients snap on their PressOn Veneers, they transform their smile in an instant. They feel more confident, more outgoing, and more themselves than ever before.  

Don’t waste your time and money on an ineffective smile solution by buying TruSmile Veneers. Go with Brighter Image Lab and get the best results for your smile!

Brighter Image Lab 

At Brighter Image Lab, we do smile enhancement the right way. We deliver results that stun and satisfy, not fall short and disappoint.

Our revolutionary PressOn Veneers are designed using the most advanced technology available and printed on a 3D printer. If you could see them in high definition, these revolutionary veneers would speak for themselves. They’re defined, contoured, and perfectly measured to be an exact replica of what a veneer smile would look like if it was done by dentist.

trusmile veneers
trusmile veneers

PressOn Veneers are competitive with any dental veneer without any grinding, gluing or adhesive. They’re designed to compete in an environment that demands the appearance of a perfect smile. Close doesn’t cut it when you’re wearing your veneers every day, so don’t settle for low-quality products. 

At Brighter Image Lab, we don’t sell crap. We could make cheap veneers out of plastic, but we don’t, because if we try to do them cheaper, the result will reflect that low-cost. We understand our clients have waited a lifetime for a perfect smile, so we work day and night to deliver the best results possible in every single case.

Brighter Image Lab’s PressOn Veneers are extremely realistic. Our BIL Veneer and IncrediBIL Veneer have light reflecting qualities that make them appear as natural as possible. These unique veneers are the closest thing you can get to a porcelain veneer smile without the pain or price.

PressOn Veneers are also very durable. They are designed to survive a social setting, so you never have to feel self-conscious when eating or drinking. You can keep your PressOn Veneers in or take them out when you eat or drink, it’s up to you! What’s important is, they can withstand the pressures of eating when you need them to and can be worn while drinking any beverage.

PressOn Veneers are the best value available today. They provide a complete smile transformation for a fraction of the cost of traditional veneers.

Don’t waste your time and money on an ineffective smile solution. Keep reading to place your PressOn Veneer order today!


We believe TruSmile Veneers are a cheaply made poorly designed teeth cover that has many downsides. TruSmile clients complain about cracks, breaks, and undesirable service. 

At Brighter Image Lab, we understand the struggle of trying to find an affordable option that will actually deliver where it counts. With PressOn Veneers, you’ll never have to worry about weak material or a disappointing look. Your custom set of removable veneers will last years and impress everyone you meet!

Get a smile you can be proud to show the world now by clicking below and placing your PressOn Veneer order!

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Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.

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Our Master Crafted Veneers. Redesigned from the ground up to be Thinner, More Detailed, and Stronger than ever before.

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IncrediBil Veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.

$ 1,495

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Behind The Scenes footage of IncrediBil Veneers
Behind The Scenes footage of Bil with 2 Brighter Image clients
Behind The Scenes footage of Bil with a Brighter Image client

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