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Why Dental Tourism is Growing and How 1 Instant At-Home Solution Can Help


Most people planning a vacation don’t think about visiting a doctor as a fun or popular excursion. However, for many Americans who are wanting or needing cheap healthcare alternatives, this is a frequent reality.  

In 2013 upwards of 500,000 people chose to travel outside the country for dental procedures alone, and now accounts for over half of all medical travel. According to the American Dental Association, this trend, dubbed “Dental Tourism,” is reflected in the decreasing access of affordable dental care within the U.S.  

One Texas entrepreneur with a passion for providing alternative solutions to expensive cosmetic dentistry, shared his experience visiting a Cental American country that’s popular among medical tourists. 

Dental Tourism in Beautiful Costa Rica 

dental tourism

Bil Watson, Brighter Image Lab founder and director, needed a gum graft. After trying for months to book an appointment with local Fort Worth periodontal dentists, he turned to dental tourism for help. Bil found relief in a professional and certified clinic called Advanced Dental, and they even helped with travel arrangements to and from the dental office. 

“I traveled to Costa Rica to meet with a Periodontist named Dr. Rosie Brender, and I have to tell you – she’s an angel. I was scared for surgery and prepared for it, but she let me know that my case wasn’t as advanced as I thought and I could put off surgery… Dr. Brender recommended a root scaling and told me that my gums were impacted, and my teeth could use a sub-gingival cleaning.” 

Many dentists in the U.S. are being called out for creating a panic among their patients to get them to pay for unnecessary dental work and inflated fees. Price gouging and fear-mongering are among the few unethical practices of some North American dentists, and it’s no wonder that Americans are leaving the country for dental care. 

“Within the first 30 minutes of being at Dr. Brender’s office, I had three specialists look at me: a periodontist, and endodontist, and a prosthodontist. All three came in to check on me, look at my x-rays and make recommendations before I even received care. I got better, more attentive treatment through dental tourism than I could’ve ever gotten in the U.S.” 

Dental Tourism has saved money for many people across the U.S. and some parts of Canada, but there are downsides for those who don’t do their research. Some foreign countries don’t hold their healthcare professionals to the same sanitation standards as the U.S., which could lead to infection or other transmittable diseases. The language barrier can also affect your treatment, as you may not be able to communicate your healthcare needs clearly. 

Thankfully, Brighter Image Lab can give almost anyone a better smile instantly. Read on to see how you can get a new smile without a dentist, and without leaving to leave the country. 

Brighter Image Lab’s Instant Smile Solution 

As one of the only online dental labs in the country, you can save money on expensive cosmetic dental work just by ordering online. Once your payment has gone through, we immediately ship out our impression kit, much like one a cosmetic dentist would use. 

After we receive your impressions, our Smile Specialists get to work using advanced 3D technology and printing, Brighter Image Lab is able to provide a custom designed smile for each client. The dental veneers are hand polished and detailed to give them a more realistic look and feel. 

If you’ve got missing, misaligned, or broken teeth and can’t afford expensive cosmetic dentistry, Brighter Image Lab could be the perfect solution for you. 


Dental Tourism continues to grow exponentially as dental care becomes harder to obtain in North American countries, and provides a great alternative for people to travel and receive the care they need. 

But finding legitimate practices that won’t further scam you, or have good sanitation practices and English language options can be tricky. Brighter Image Lab is the only instant smile solution that doesn’t require you to leave the comfort of your own home. 

If you’re not convinced, check out our video gallery! It’s full of real clients sharing their stories, and their new smiles. 

We also now offer financing! All credit is approved, and can help break your payments up into easy, weekly installments. 

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