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Wine Stains Begone! Getting a Whiter Smile with 1 Simple Solution


Wine is one of the oldest forms of alcohol in the world. It predates written history, and is thought to be a product of the Agricultural revolution, nearly 12,000 years ago.

Thankfully, the process for wine making has extended beyond jars of fermented fruit. It’s become an artform, and there’s even an entire job industry just for tasting it. People spend years becoming certified Sommeliers, but you don’t have to be a professional to enjoy wine.

Many European cultures regularly enjoy wine with meals, and various religions continue to use wine more ceremoniously. Like Catholics taking the Eucharist, or sweet wines enjoyed at Jewish Passover. 

wine stains

While wine continues to be enjoyed by many, it has a negative effect on your teeth. Many alcohols cause teeth staining, and red wines in particular can momentarily give your teeth an embarrassing shade of purple.

So how does wine and alcohol affect your teeth, and what is the Brighter Image Lab solution?

Wine Stains

Alcohol consumption can be great in moderation, and drinks like red wines have antioxidants that are good for your health. It can even remove the build up of biofilm from your teeth, but the effects it has on the enamel don’t make it a great cleaning alternative.

Why Does Wine Stain Teeth?

Wine, much like coffee, contains Tannins. Tannins are a natural compound found in many plant foods, including the grapes used to make wine. Tannins bind with color pigmentation to stick to your teeth. This is what causes your teeth to appear yellow, or with some red wines, purple.

Many alcohols are also highly acidic, wearing down at the enamel of your teeth and leaving behind set in stains that can be harder to get rid of with just regular dental hygiene practices.

Some people falsely believe white wine is less staining than red because of it’s clear color. But research shows that white wine contributes to teeth staining at the same rate, if not more so than red wine due to the greater acidity levels present from fermentation.

Avoid Alcohol Stains

There are many ways to combat alcohol and wine stains on teeth. One is to drink using a straw. This limits the exposure of teeth staining liquors that can wear down tooth enamel.

Extrinsic Staining Before

Eating before or during the consumption of alcohol can help prevent wine staining. Foods like hard cheese help naturally coat your teeth in a waxy substance, and brushes away enamel eating toxins.

Drinking water can also help prevent alcohol stained teeth. Water washes away any remaining acidity and helps promote saliva production, which breaks down leftover food and drink.

Wine wipes have grown in popularity recently. If you’re enjoying a glass or two with friends, wine wipes are ideal for removing any coloration that sticks to your teeth.

Brushing your teeth before or after drinking alcohol of any kind is the most recommended course for ensuring your smile doesn’t get stained. But be sure to give your teeth plenty of time. Brushing too soon after consuming wine can aid in staining, as it can spread those acidic toxins instead of getting rid of them.

Taking preventative measures can help reduce the effect of wine stains, but sometimes the build up becomes too great to ignore, or brush off. Brighter Image Lab has created a more affordable smile solution, so you can kiss those wine stains goodbye without seeing an expensive cosmetic dentist.

Smile Solution for All Wine Lovers

Brighter Image Lab is here to help those with set in alcohol and wine stains with our smile solution. You won’t have to pay for expensive, out of pocket whitening from a dentist. We ship an entire trip right to your door!

Using our lab direct system, we’ve created the Bilistic Smile Care system designed to not only bleach your teeth a brilliant white, but to give them a professional level clean at home.

Our detox serum works to loosen hardened plaque and tartar, so the Bilistic Pro-Series Sonic cleaner can get to work in those hard to reach places. The detox serum also works to strengthen the enamel, and coats your teeth in a new desensitizing agent.

Why you should switch to an electric toothbrush, like the Bilistic Pro-Series Sonic Cleaner

Many over the counter products have you waste your money bleaching thin, invisible layers of biofilm. With Brighter Image Lab, we give you the tools for a cleaner smile so you get the best possible bleaching experience.

Using custom black infusion trays, our Bilistic Smile Care system cleans and bleaches your teeth at the deepest level possible. The trays snap perfectly into place with your teeth, ensuring you get the best results possible.


Wine and alcohol can be fun, and in moderation has some positive health benefits. But your teeth can become stained and discolored with regular consumption. That’s why Brighter Image Lab has provided the Bilistic Smile Care system to give your teeth a deep clean and a better bleaching. So you can get back to having fun with your friends, and worry less about your smile.

If you don’t believe us, check out our video gallery full of reviews from real clients!

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