Low Prices + Instant Discounts

Across the country, dentists are overcharging their patients for removable veneers. The average cost for a single arch is over $2,200. Our goal at Brighter Image Lab has always been to help the people who need it the most. We’ve done everything we can to keep our costs low so we can offer our removable veneers at an affordable price. Apply for financing today and receive our Instant Smile Discount of $199!

Pay Even Less with Earned Discounts

The majority of our financed customers receive even more significant savings through our Early Payoff Discount Program. Below is a sample payment schedule based on the purchase of a single arch with $149 down payment. As you can see below, you can take advantage of our Early Payoff Discount at any time.

Truly Affordable Payments

That’s it. It took us months to negotiate these terms with the 3rd parties who back our installment plans, but we knew it was worth it to provide you with a payment plan that’s truly affordable. We believe we owed it to our customers to stand by our philosophy that everyone deserves a chance to smile, and our research showed that at $25 a week - we were finally opening up access to the people who needed it the most. With PressOn Veneers to help your smile, and our new $25 dollar, easy payment plan to help your wallet, we really believe we are now the most accessible smile solution available. Nothing should stop you from having the smile you deserve, and our financing plan makes that idea a reality!

The #1 regret we hear from our clients?

Purchase today - Pay your balance over the next 12 months - Enjoy your new smile in the meantime.
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