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To get started, order your impression online or by phone. You will then receive our Lab Direct Impression System  (LDIS).

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Next, use the LDIS to make impressions of your teeth. Watch the detailed step-by-step video or call one of our trained smile specialists for instructions.

Step 3

The final step, receive your custom state-of-the-art veneers and begin wearing them for a great new smile. It’s that simple!

Meet Bil

Hi, I’m Bil, a smile designer and an average everyday worker. Since 1997 I’ve been improving people’s smiles. I created my Lab Direct Process to give people a choice!

A nice smile should not cost $20,000. My work is to design technology and create innovation has been life changing for a lot of people all over the world. I believe PressOn Veneers and BilVeneers are the Future of Smile Design because they have helped thousands of people get a new smile without going to the dentist.

I have designed over 100,000 smiles worldwide since 1997. My goal is to help clients gain confidence and success with an “Incredibil” transformation.

Now it’s your turn! Learn more about how we are disrupting the dental industry in America.

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PressOn Veneers Our classic, beautifully designed, and 100% Digitally Processed Removable Veneers. Full Retail Price: $1791.40

PressOn Veneers start at $149 down with $24 weekly payments and include the following processes and procedures:

  • Original PressOn Veneer
  • Only Available in Natural Shades
  • 0.7 to 1.7mm Average Thickness
  • 3-5% of Gumline May Show
  • Initial Impression System Free
    ( Additional impression kits available at a discounted rate if required. )

We reserve our special pricing for our most interested clients

To see our pricing, complete the form below and check your email.

Single Arch
Double Arch

BIL Veneers: Our Master Crafted Veneers. Redesigned from the ground up to be Thinner, More Detailed, and Stronger than ever before. Full Retail Price: $2197.40

BIL Veneers includes all traditional PressOn Veneers features plus:

  • Hand Fabricated Fine Detailing
  • Ultra HD Impression Scanning
  • Micron 4x Ultra-Thin Contouring
  • New Topographic Bite Articulation™
  • Master Design w/ Ext. Design Time
  • Designed w/ Sure Fit Seal Technology

We reserve our special pricing for our most interested clients

To see our pricing, complete the form below and check your email.

Single Arch
Double Arch

IncrediBIL Veneers: The newest addition to the Brighter Image Lab family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties. Full Retail Price: $3152.00

IncrediBIL Veneers includes all traditional and BILVeneers features plus:

  • Exclusive Translucent Material
  • Complete Facial Analysis
  • Fully Dynamic Smile Design
  • Digital Microscaling for thinness
  • Targeted Inter-Oral Digitization
  • Limited Availability

We reserve our special pricing for our most interested clients

To see our pricing, complete the form below and check your email.

Single Arch
Double Arch

Expedite Your Order Now

Add Options At Checkout

* Standard 30 Day Processing
Upgrade to 14 Day Smile Express


* Standard 90 Day Warranty
Add an additional 2 Year Warranty


* Standard 30 Day Processing
Upgrade to 14 Day Smile Express



* Standard 90 Day Warranty
Add an additional 2 Year Warranty​

Friends of BIL Program

5 Amazing Bonuses for Members

Ultra Sonic Cleaning System

  • Must Have Cleaning Tool
  • Kills 99.9% of Harmful Bacteria
  • Eliminates Persistent Orders
  • $74.00 Value – Free for Friends of BIL

Veneer Buffing/Polishing Kit

  • Buffering block to touch-up your veneer
  • Polishing cloth to re-shine your veneer
  • Keeps your veneers in “like new” state
  • $24.00 Value – Free for Friends Of BIL

Entered for a chance to win a free duplicate arch veneer

  • A backup for emergency events
  • Keep it in your home or office
  • Matches the original design & fit
  • Never be without your new smile!

25% Discount on Future Veneers & Accessories

  • Save 25% on future purchases
  • Works on all added features for veneers
  • Use it to purchase a 2-Year Warranty
  • Put express processing on your veneer

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Our 3D Digital Design Process

w/ Finished CAD Milling

Allows 4x Ultra-Thin Contouring -
Deep Incisal Margins

No two clients are the same but they all have one thing in common. Their dentist can’t provide them with an affordable choice to improve their smile.

PressOn Veneers, Bil Veneers™, and Incredibil Veneers™ are affordable options that can improve your smile, help you look years younger, and increase your confidence – all Lab Direct™ with no dentist visit. A new smile is a choice that opens up another world of better choices.

The Lab Direct™ process allows us to serve clients all around the world from a single location. Through a unique combination of Innovation, Design and Technology, we’re the first to offer affordable smile design worldwide, and we’ve done it online.

From beginning to end there isn’t a single step in our Lab Direct Process that hasn’t been researched, tested and scrutinized.

These uncompromising standards are what make Brighter Image Lab™ the industry leader in Smile Innovation.

Brighter Image Lab™ is one of the most technologically advanced design labs in the world, and it’s the reason we can create smiles in a way that other labs can only dream of.

100% Finished Digital Smile Design

Our Master Smile Designs Are Unmatched

I digitally designed & custom fit every veneer to your smile.


“I’ve invested millions of dollars to make sure my Bil Veneers™ compete with the work of a cosmetic dentist. I still touch almost every job with my own two hands. I want our smiles to be affordable, but I also refuse to sell junk!”

-Bil Watson

This Section Is For Consumer Protection

Buyer Beware

Internet Discounted Counterfeit and Knockoffs

Many clients would be disappointed with the up close pictures as seen above.


We Promise To Never Sell You C.R.A.P.

Never Compromise For Thermoform Melted Plastic

Never settle for a product that is made with Melted Plastic, and that doesn’t show detailed up close pictures.

Before you buy, demand:

  • 100% Finished Digital Design
  • The highest quality material
  • Micron 4x Ultra-Thin Contoured Smile
  • No Thermoform Melted Plastic

Secrets That Make Couterfeit Successful

Paid Actors • Far Away Pictures • Never Up Close

What other companies don’t tell you, is that their veneers look great from across a room. But as soon as you get closer than 5 feet, that story changes.

Companies always post far away pictures, and use paid actors to promote their product. This spreads misleading and unrealistic expectations about their products.

The Devil Is In The Up Close Detail

Only Accept Up Close Macro Pictures of Actual Real Clients

A lot “Poop” On Veneer companies try to fool you by far away pictures of Thermoform Melted Plastic and plastic tooth covers like the pictures above. These set unrealistc expectations about the final product.

Some people have been duped into settling with Thermoform Melted Plastic with no detail, no contouring, and no design quality.

A lot of “Poop” On Veneer companies try to fool you by up close pictures of Thermoform Melted Plastic and plastic tooth covers like these pictures you see here.

Some people have been duped into settling with Thermoform Melted Plastic with no detail, no contouring, and no design quality.

This quality would not be acceptable in a dental practice, let alone in any social setting where you’re closer than 5 feet.

Demand Up Close Pictures

We Always Show Up Close Macro Pictures of Actual Real Clients

We’re always going to have #1 Best Quality.
#1 Best Service.
Very rarely are we the cheapest.

We know you can find cheap counterfeit claiming to be Authentic Bil Veneers™. But, be prepared to settle with:

  • Thermoform Melted Plastic
  • Unrealistic Tooth Shading
  • Minimal Tooth Definition
  • No Incisal Margins
  • Single Thickness
  • Little Tooth Indentation
  • No Finished Digital CAD Design

If only finding the cheapest price is what you’re wanting, we’re probably won’t be the company you’re looking for.

See And Compare For Yourself

China Made Counterfeit vs. Bil Veneers™

Unlike our competition, every case we accept is sold, serviced, designed, manufactured, and detailed right here in the USA – Never outsourced!

Even the best knockoffs don’t match the quality, care and craftsmanship of Bil Veneers™. They may try to look like us, but no other company really comes close.

Rest aussured, our #1 Authentic Online Removable Veneers compete with the work of cosmetic dentists, and we have been since 1997.

Watch These Videos Before You Get Scammed

Stay Informed With Important Information

Continue Reading to Learn More

See our video reviews and FAQs below

You really can bring your smile to its incredible level

Paying $20,000 for a cosmetic smile makeover?

If you’ve considered traditional dental veneers in the past, you know they’re a major procedure that’s expensive and absolutely non-reversible.

Our clients achieve amazing results at a fraction of the cost with no painful procedures. Don’t be fooled, when offered an affordable, reversible alternative, our clients have a much easier decision.

Price of living with a bad smile is too much

Some of the most beautiful women in the world are wearing our PressOn Veneers to help them smile. Why let your smile be an embarrassment when it could be your greatest asset? Clients like Sara put faith in us to deliver their smiles worldwide. Scotland, London, Sydney, Toronto or Mexico City and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Almost everyone is eligible for PressOn Veneers or BIL Veneers. Clients young and old experience every day what a new smile can do for them. For the small amount of time they invest, they are thrilled that they receive a lifetime of happiness having the ability and confidence to smile again without ever having to step foot into a dentist office.

PressOn Veneers is great for:

  • Clients with gapped, crooked, stained, or missing teeth
  • Clients not eligible for bridges or implants
  • Clients wanting to improve their existing smile
  • Clients looking for a removable denture replacement

PressOn Veneers and BIL Veneers are specifically designed as a cosmetic contrivances. Their sole purpose is to enhance the appearance of a person’s smile. When missing, broken, or chipped teeth are involved, our removable veneers only replaces the appearance of these smile issues. If you have a need that exceeds the appearance of your smile, you may not be a suitable candidate for the PressOn Veneers or BIL Veneers contrivance, as it is not suitable for any other use. We are design lab professionals, not dentists.

To help you determine whether you are eligible, please visit this page:

That's a little tough to say, just because it's different for everyone. But based on feedback from our clients, we believe that the vast majority of our clients can - and do - eat while wearing the veneers. If you choose to eat with the veneers in place, we strongly encourage you to remember that you're wearing a cosmetic cover, and choose your food options accordingly.

For example, eating fish or chicken would be better than trying to eat a well-done steak, and regardless, we'd suggest cutting your food into smaller, more manageable pieces. Mashed potatoes would be a safer choice than carrots, and an apple slice might be fine, whereas I wouldn't recommend biting into a whole apple. - Basically, do whatever you can to avoid challenging the veneers, and be sure to rinse them out thoroughly after eating.

We have clients who are musicians, public speakers, presenters, phone support agents, singers and many other professions that require clear speech. Most people will need some time to adjust to speaking with the veneers In place, but any impediments or lisps can be overcome with practice.

At Brighter Image Lab, we've built our name on doing things the right way. Every veneer we create is digitally designed and digitally processed. That commitment to quality is how we can compete with traditional porcelain veneers.

C.R.A.P. or Clipon, Removable, Appliances from Plastic thermoform are cheap imitations. Demand 100% Digital Design and Processing every time or what may be delivered won't be much more than an overpriced bleaching tray!

“Arch” is just a dental term for a full row of teeth. An upper arch is made up of all your top teeth, and a lower arch is all of your bottom teeth. We can make veneers for just your top arch, just your bottom arch, or both arches together. We recommend getting both arches at the same time, if your budget allows for it, but you know your situation best and we can help you either way.

The veneers really should be removed at night, and we recommend putting them in our UltraSonic Cleaner with a denture soak (any generic brand will do). We don’t advise eating any challenging foods, i.e, tough meats, harder breads –like bagels or baguettes. And if you do eat in the veneers, we recommend you rinse them thoroughly afterward. We’d also suggest keeping your Veneers in the protective case any time you aren’t wearing them – and always remember that this is purely cosmetic and is not intended to replace the function of your real teeth.

We don't recommend you sleep with the veneers in place since we recommend soaking your veneers overnight in a non-abrasive denture tablet.

The veneers we make cover the first 8-10 teeth. They don’t go all the way to the back of the mouth. So missing back molars will not prevent you from getting a veneer, but those spaces also won’t be covered or filled.

We offer a “Bright White”, a “Natural White”, and a “Natural Stain”. Our most popular shade – by far – is the Natural White. It give the appearance of well-manicured smile, without being overbearing or fake. Generally we only recommend the Bright White for clients who are performers, and need their smile to ‘pop’ from across the room. And the Natural Stain is only for use in extreme cases where the client needs to match discolored teeth.

Exclusive Smile Shades for removable veneers from Brighter Image Lab

Currently financing is available in the United States for dental veneers. Please click here to apply or contact us for more details.

We are looking to expand our financing to cover more products in more locations. We will update our website as more financing options become available.

As an alternative, we also offer to split the price into two payments when you place veneers in your cart no matter where you are from.

Unfortunately, because we are a dental lab and not a dental practice we don't accept any form of insurance. On occasion, we've found some insurance companies may reimburse you for our Veneers, but that is something you'll need to discuss with your provider. If you believe they will do so, we can provide you with the necessary paperwork upon request.

We're not currently set up to accept Care Credit as a form of payment either. However, sometimes, Care Credit will provide you with a VISA card. If you have a Care Credit card with a VISA logo on it, we may be able to accept that.

The dental lab does everything in their power to ensure that your veneers are a perfect snap fit before we ship them. However, 12 to 15 percent of our work does have to be adjusted. In these cases, a new model is made from the impressions, and the process is started over at no additional charge up to two (2) times.

We strongly recommend that you call one of our smile specialists to receive phone instructions if you are directed to re-make your impressions.

We offer a 90 day limited warranty on all veneers. For an additional fee, you may extend the warranty for an additional 2 years.

Please read our terms & conditions for more information about warranty.

We offer Smile Express, an expedited processing service. For an additional $149.00 your veneer order will be processed faster than standard orders. We'll do our best to complete the veneers in 14-17 business days after receiving usable impressions from you*.

Once we've received usable impressions, standard production takes about 30 business days, but our Smile Express only takes about 14 to 17 business days - to complete your veneer. Please know that all times are estimates and are subject to change. We do not guarantee delivery within any specific time frame. For an easy-to-follow explanation of our process, you can also watch this short video:

Our home offices are located in the US, Australia and the UK. But because of our Lab Direct processing, we can work with you from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re just down the street or on the other side of the world, your experience will be the same no matter where you are.

All of our products are designed, manufactured, and serviced from right here at our US headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. But we can ship out impressions and receive them from anywhere in the world – as long as you have access to FedEx or DHL Delivery.

Real Smile Makeover Transformations
Brighter Image Lab Reviews

Bil Veneer smiles can change your life!

The changes we can make for our clients are everything to us. We mean that sincerely. So when we do a good job, and a client thinks enough to come back and let us know, we print it and post it, and share it all around the office. It doesn’t matter if they’re in the accounting department, the lab, the front office, or the cleaning crew… we all share in the work that we do. This page is here so we can share our victories with you too.
- Sincere
"I've Changed 100%, My Life and My World have changed"
- Brittany
- Miguel
- Jeannine

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I've been an Entertainer for years and I always covered my smile with my hand. Now I can smile and I don't concern or worry that my smile will take away from my performance! So wonderful! Thank you Brighter Image Lab and Bill and those working so hard to change so many peoples lives.
Bonnie L Roman
Bonnie L Roman
Been using this company for 4 years and have yet to be disappointed. Service is good, product is good, shipping is fast. 10/10 recommend.
Received my veneers they fit great! Customer service 5 stars, customer experience 5 stars, product is quality, fast processing (I did pay for expedited) was informed of the whole process as it was happening. Any questions I had were answered quick. I think bad reviews on here are the people that don’t do their impressions CORRECTLY. They can only do as good as your impressions. Take your time to read instructions make sure they capture your gum line and that you watch the instructional videos many times so you got it down. They can only work with what you send them! And they do a good job if you send them good impressions! I’d recommend you won’t regret it
Frida Ortiz
Frida Ortiz
Loved my Veneers. Would recommend them to anyone.
Paul Gallardo
Paul Gallardo
This was such a great experience. From dealing with the company and sending out the impressions very easy and they’re very helpful with any questions of you have any with the impression part. After you receive the teeth you won’t be disappointed. They look amazing even if you smile big they sit on the teeth perfectly.I’ve been using them for almost 5 years . If you take good care of them they last a very long time .The companies so helpful with the Entire process
Chris Pottie
Chris Pottie
I love these veneers! They fit perfectly and last a long time!
Debbie DeCinko
Debbie DeCinko
I love my beautiful upper arch veneer! Wish i could afford the bottom-thats how pretty they are! Thank you Bil Watson and your awesome team! The name of your company makes all the sense as you truly do brighten up everyones life! Thanks again! 🥰Kathleen Freeman
They are the best most fast reliable company out there 10 out of 10
Derek Williams
Derek Williams
I'm absolutely impressed with the Quality and the details of my new veneers! They look super natural and I love them!!!! M.Powell
Monique James
Monique James
I love these guys. They changed my life.
I have never experienced the feeling of laughing or just smiling without feeling conscious. You've changed my life in a big way. Thanks a million.
Bob Borjal
Bob Borjal
I'm glad I found Brighter Image Lab. My smile has never looked so good! I recommend BIL to everyone. Coming from someone who has not always been so confident for most of my life (I used to cover my mouth with my hand when speaking and laughing), I can now smile with complete confidence. This has been a complete game changer for me.
Norma Deere
Norma Deere
I have been wearing Brighter Image veneers since 2018. My confidence is at an all time high! I love laughing and engaging others, with the Brighter Image veneers I can truly be me. My income has even tripled since I began wearing the Brighter Image veneers!
Tm Lynch
Tm Lynch
I am very happy with my veneers. It exceed my expectations and I am now confident in doing presentations online.
Judith A
Judith A
I wasn't sure about spending this kind of money but then decided this was my best option at this time in my life and since almost all companies don't provide a dental insurance I ordered these veneers and yes there is a learning curve with them and I truly believe Bill's intentions are honestly helping people for a reasonable price and is absolutely perfect for me at this time in life and is helping me with another hurtle of life. Thanks bill and employees.
Robert Bai
Robert Bai
ted brees
ted brees
5th order of Veneers with Bill’s system over 5 years! Knocked it out of the park every single time! Customer service is superb.
Pamela Melin
Pamela Melin
These veneers have completed changed my life. I can finally leave the house with confidence and not be embarrassed of my smile. I have a genetic disorder that makes my teeth rot away and break and I can't afford to get the all on 4 implant dentures right now so I started looking into veneers. I first almost ordered from another company but they said they couldn't help me. Then I saw the video from brighter image lab saying how that company is a scam and their veneers are horrible. I went straight to brighter images website and saw how beautiful their veneers are. The price was higher then others but I took the chance and bought the bill veneers with glazing. It was worth the extra money. The company was amazing. The first set didn't fit and they sent me a new impression kit and when I got them back they were perfect. Customer service gets back to you very fast and helped me every step of the way. Once I looked in the mirror I cried. I couldn't believe how real they looked. Most people have no idea i have veneers in and think they are real. I'm so grateful I found brighter image lab. If they can make veneers for someone like me, they can truly make them for anyone. My teeth are destroyed. Thank you so much Bil. You have changed my life. I can finally go out with my children. I used to never leave the house and i would cover my mouth when talking. I loved having to wear a mask during covid because it hid my horrible teeth. You have no idea what you have done for me. I'm so thankful I found your company.Update: I've had them for a year now and they are still perfect and look amazing. I'm getting ready to order a backup pair because they are worth every penny.
Had been a client of this company for years. Easy process. Great support and prompt response with any questions I might have had. Was happy with my veneers and fit.
Great product. Looks real.
Jerry Moore
Jerry Moore
Incredible all throughout process!! Great customer support. Walked me through everything. Final veneers: comfortable, beautiful and natural. I can finally smile!!
Rubinic Doris
Rubinic Doris

Thank You For Making It This Far

If you have read this far, it shows that you are truly interested in transforming your smile. If you have any questions, feel free to let me and my team know! Reach out and click the chat button below to get answers to question, and more targeted content.

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Watch Video to Better Understand Our Process

Our #1 Fit Philosophy

To Make The Best First Impression

It’s this simple: we have one size – It’s the correct size made from your impressions. As our client, you start your job by supplying us a great impression of your teeth! Exact impressions of your teeth make a great fitting dental veneer EVERYTIME!


Our clients start every job, we simply finish it by designing your dental veneer from your impression. Our Process is unique because our clients start creating their veneers themselves. They take the initial impression of their existing teeth. This allows us to have the exact teeth size and statue which fits accurately. The Brighter Image Lab® foundation was established on finishing the design process from the impression we receive.

Life’s too beautiful to have a smile that does not fit your face. A correctly fitted dental veneer alleviates years of embarrassment, allowing you to transform your whole self image by yourself.

Brighter Image’s Veneers are custom designed to wear evenly, and be comfortable through long days, with no need for removal. It starts by receiving a great impression from clients! It ends with designing you a wonderful new smile that can change your life.

5 Things to know about the fit and feel of your PressOn Veneers

Our technology allows us to make dental veneers that are extremely thin. Even though this layer is very small, it is important to understand that the veneers will always feel:

• Feel Thicker than your teeth

• Feel Longer than your teeth

• Feel Wider than your teeth

• Potentially Need Adhesive

• Potentially Need Adjustments

In the past, these aspects were viewed as a negative, but more and more people are praising the increased dimensions as a positive, because of the improvements to the overall look of the face and smile. Elongating the smile makes it more prominent which can give the appearance of youthful energy and decrease that undesirable ‘tired‘ look. Widening the smile, helps the face look smoother and more even. These changes are all on a very small scale, but you can see from our photos that the results are incredible!

10 Main reasons some clients might (not) like Custom Veneers:

1. Didn’t need veneers/Teeth already look good.

2. Didn’t expect veneers to feel how they feel.

3. Didn’t expect to add bulk to smile or look larger.

4. Didn’t understand importance of a good impression.

5. Didn’t understand that custom work is non-refundable.

6. Ordered expecting delivery for a specific event.

7. Didn’t understand that production times are estimates.

8. Didn’t send the required photos / sent too late.

9. Didn’t allow time for acclimation / adjustment

10. Expected too much from the veneers.

Psychologically, PressOn Veneers can change the way you view yourself and the way others view you. It will take up to two weeks or more for your mouth to become accustomed to wearing PressOn Veneers. It may take you longer to become accustomed to seeing yourself wearing the veneers. Friends, family, and loved ones may not support your new smile.


All of these issues may be resolved with time and frequency. As with all things, your body will grow used to wearing and seeing yourself with the veneers the longer you wear them. That’s the time to show your friends, family, and loved ones your new smile.

Attention: Please read

Review the following options and select the appropriate choice below.

If you are an existing client and need to upload photos to your account, click this button.