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1 Amazing Instant Teeth Whitening Solution for International Model


Many people have insecurities about their yellowing teeth. Avoiding coffee and wine is easy, but sometimes just brushing isn’t enough to keep a white smile. While a lot of people will turn to expensive cosmetic dentists to get their teeth whitened, there are alternative and more affordable options to getting a white smile. Luckily, an instant solution from a Texas company that gives you a whiter smile without visiting the dentist. 

Other Teeth Whitening Solutions

Cosmetic dental whitening, or getting permanent dental veneers can be a good way to keep your teeth bright. But the cost for many is way too high, and permanent veneers damage healthy teeth by shaving them down for the veneers to hold onto. There are less expensive, DIY products that can help maintain a whiter smile.

Most teeth whitening products, like whitening toothpaste, are designed for removing surface stains. They use mild abrasives that help polish the tooth and break down plaque buildup that causes staining.

Strips are also easy to use, but much like toothpaste, it does more to clean than to actually whiten your smile. Because they don’t tackle set in stains behind the enamel, much of the whitening effects of both toothpaste and strips can wear off rather quickly without continued use.

But overuse of bleaching kits can damage tooth enamel, making it easier for teeth to stain in the future.

Thankfully, Brighter Image Lab has an easy, instant solution to stained and discolored teeth, all without visiting a dentist. One client, Monica Aguilar, knows about the insecurity and judgement that comes with having a yellow smile, and turned to Brighter Image Lab for our affordable smile solution.

Meet Monica

Renowned international model, Monica, paves her own way through the world of beauty and fashion, but has always felt insecure about her yellow teeth. Although she’s garnered a large online following, and an impressive career serving looks down the runway, she never felt comfortable showing her smile. She knew paying a dentist $10,000 to drill and grind her natural teeth for traditional veneers was not a choice, so she turned to Brighter Image Lab. 

Brighter Image Lab delivers cosmetic dental veneers directly to consumers without the help of a dentist. Our veneers achieve the look of expensive cosmetic dentistry instantly, and for a fraction of the cost. One third of Americans are unhappy with their smile, and studies show people with bad smiles hold onto them for years because they can’t afford to fix them.

Monica grew tired of dealing with her yellow smile, and reached out to Brighter Image Lab after seeing an ad through Instagram. The company immediately mailed her one of their unique self-impression kits, much like a cosmetic dentist would use, to start the Lab Direct process. 

Once Monica returned her impressions, Brighter Image Lab’s Smile Specialists set out to create a custom dental veneer to cover her existing smile. Monica’s new smile was digitally designed and printed using advanced 3D technology, and hand detailed for a more realistic look and feel.

teeth whitening

When her new smile was complete, Bil Watson, Brighter Image Lab founder and director, flew to Boston to meet Monica on a live modeling to deliver her custom veneers in person. 

“I’ve spent my entire career hiding my smile from the world. I see models and influencers with big, bright smiles and they all look perfect, because they’re not missing anything.” She told Bil, “I feel like I’m always missing something, no matter what I wear or how I walk. That’s been a struggle for me for a long time, even before I became a model. I’ve always been missing my best accessory – my smile.” 

Today, Monica’s new smile has become a constant accessory. Whether she’s walking down the runway or out running errands, her new smile is always on and in style. Monica got the smile she waited years for, and did it without spending thousands, or having her healthy teeth drilled by a cosmetic dentist. 

“Fashion is about putting something on that makes you feel beautiful, and that’s exactly what BIL Veneers did for me. Now my style is more me than ever, because it’s finally complete with the smile I always envisioned for myself. A smile really is the best accessory, and now, I have the confidence to put mine on with every outfit.” 

Teeth Whitening with Brighter Image Lab

Like Monica, many people struggle with stained and discolored teeth. Teeth whitening through a cosmetic dentist is expensive, and most over the counter products take weeks before effects can be seen. Brighter Image Lab’s dental veneers instantly whiten teeth, and can last longer

Brighter Image Lab has made it our mission to provide alternative and affordable smile solutions to expensive cosmetic dentistry since 1997. We have now helped over 300,000 clients worldwide with their broken smiles ranging from former title holding boxers, to one fashion-forward, international model. And we can help you too.

Taking out Free Smile Analysis Quiz can help you determine if Brighter Image Lab’s dental veneers are right for you. They can cover broke, missing, and misaligned teeth and instantly give you a whiter and better smile.

Tons of clients like Monica hide their bad smile, but you can watch their transformation in our video gallery, where real clients get the smile they’ve always wanted.

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