Award Winning True Service Process

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The Brighter Image Lab True Service Process

The True Service Process has led to the creation of our award winning client services! Every case is given close attention to detail as we update our clients as to the status of their order. From shipping your initial system and receiving your impressions to designing and creating your custom product until it ships out to you, we are here to answer any questions you may have. We’re also here even after the sell with our client care team!

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Making Custom Products

what all is involved

When you asked us to improve your life, really, what you’ve asked us to do is create a custom designed product for you. You have purchased custom design time & a lab process to make you a custom product that only fits your smile. Most jobs require designing your smile in 3D, using high quality materials to build your custom product, and a unique delivery method for your custom product. Explaining the process helps it all make sense.

The following is the average time spent making a custom made product. When you purchase Lab Direct, you’re actually paying for: 3D Design Time, 3D Processing, Lab Costs, & Account Supervision:

  • 3 Hours spent designing your product in 3D CAD Software.
  • 11 Hours spent printing your custom product on a 3D Printer.
  • 7 Hours spent in the lab processing & crafting your product.
  • 7 Hours spent in the lab fitting and polishing your product.
  • 3 Hours of time spent on data entry and customer service.

Throughout each step of the process your account status supervisor tracks the status of your custom made product and ensures quality controls are met or exceeded and that your custom product is shipped as soon as it is ready.

It takes up to a 15 member crew to design, process, and deliver each custom made product. This explains why once we begin, there are NO CASH REFUNDS. The alternative is to work with us as we remake your custom veneers up to two (2) times. If your satisfaction depends on you receiving your product within a specified amount of time, please, DO NOT BUY!

* Amounts of time listed are average for one cycle of the process. Amounts listed do not necessarily reflect actual time spent on your product. New Life Smile clients may experience different processing times.

Becoming Our Client

requires full commitment to Lab Direct™ Process

At anytime we work on 300 to 500 live cases that need our help. When you ordered your custom product, you committed to our Lab Direct™ Process. As soon your order was placed, our entire team of designers, lab technicians, and client service representatives began working on your order. An account supervisor has been assigned and will ensure your product is designed and delivered.

  • 85% of our clients are successfully completed on the first try
  • 15% of our clients require adjustments or a complete redesign

Please consider, once we start working on your case, there are NO CASH REFUNDS. Working together is required for complete satisfaction.

By becoming our client, you agree to our Lab Direct™ Process, which includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Making, or even remaking a usable impression if needed.
  • Waiting 30 business days or more* to receive your product.
  • Smile Express™ is best effort*, not guaranteed 14 day delivery.
  • Sending the teeth veneers back to our design lab**.
  • To sending pictures to aid in the design of your product.

In short – just be willing to work with us until you are satisfied and the job is completed.

* Cases designated as ‘sensitive’ may require more than 14 business days for Smile Express™ and 30 business days for normal processing to complete. ** 15% of cases require product to be sent back for adjustment or redesign. Should your product require adjustment or redesign, please include additional pictures and notes detailing what needs to be done to make the product fit your smile.

Step 1: Start by becoming a client online

Step 2: We express you our Lab Direct Impression System

Step 3: Read our simple instructions and bite down on the impression trays. Return to our lab.

Step 4: Our Dental Lab will process your custom product and return it to your door.

Now you have a custom contrivance with no dentist visit, no shots, no drilling, and no adhesives.