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Best Teeth Whitener: How to Get Amazing Results FAST!


Brighter Image Lab’s at-home Smile Care System is the best teeth whitener kit available. It allows you to clean and whiten your smile without a dentist! 

At Brighter Image Lab, we’ve spent over two decades perfecting our teeth whitener, so you get the best bleaching results possible every time. Our Bilistic Smile-Care System lightens stains and keeps your teeth looking their best every day. 

In this blog, we will discuss the Smile Care System and why it’s the best teeth whitener for you!

What’s the Best Teeth Whitener Kit to Buy? 

Brighter Image Lab’s Smile-Care System is the most effective at-home teeth whitener kit ever created. It comes with everything you need to brighten your smile, including: custom-fit black infusion trays, detox serum, a set of teeth cleaning tools, a Bilistic Pro Tooth Polisher and our Pure Bleach Gel. Here is a breakdown of each of these items: 

Black Infusion Trays

These trays are the most effective dental trays ever made. They are more comfortable and more durable than any other dental tray available. These custom-fit infusion trays are made from the finest quality dental lab materials and hand-crafted to fit your teeth perfectly. This allows the treatment material to soak into the tooth without being compromised. Each tray is meticulously hand-crafted for a perfect fit and comes with the best Detox Cleaning Serum available. 

best teeth whitener

Detox Cleaning Serum

Our Detox Cleaning Serum helps ensure you achieve the best teeth whitening results possible. Many people who try to bleach their teeth waste time and money bleaching invisible layers of bio-film, plaque, tartar and calculus rather than their actual teeth. Brighter Image Lab’s detox cleaning serum breaks down layers of harmful build-up to provide direct access to the surface of the tooth. This ensures a “full-curing” for the brightest teeth you’ve ever had!

best teeth whitener

Bilistic Cleaning Tools

The Bilistic Cleaning Tool kit comes with a mirror, scaler, probe, tongue scraper and a pair of tweezers. These stainless-steel instruments are professional-grade, affordable, and perfect for removing harmful buildup and cleaning teeth before bleaching. They will remove softened buildup with ease and provide direct access to the tooth surface.  

best teeth whitening

Bilistic Pro Tooth Polisher

Brighter Image Lab’s tooth polisher is a very important part of the teeth whitening process. The polisher brushes irritate the gum line, breaking up tartar that can stand in the way of effective whitening results. Regular polishing will ensure direct access to the tooth surface. After just a few uses, you’ll understand why our polisher is an extremely effective teeth whitener! 

best teeth whitening product

Pure Bleaching Gel

Our Pure Bleaching Gels are specifically engineered for premium performance. They push past the surface of the tooth to the pulp, brightening teeth up to 7 shades whiter in 1 day. This pure gel formula has helped over 300,000 clients achieve the best whitening results for their smile. 

best teeth whitening gel

What’s the Best Teeth Whitener? 

The best teeth whitener available is Brighter Image Lab’s Pure Bleach Gel. We’re not afraid to say that, because it’s true. 

There’s bleaching gel, and then there’s next generation, unblended Pure Bleach™. Everyone in the world wants to sell you on the idea that their gel is the strongest and most concentrated, but as with most things, the devil’s in the details.

At Brighter Image Lab, we have had over two decades to learn that the concentration of ingredients isn’t half as important as how your bleaching gel is handled.

If your bleach makes contact with certain materials at any point, its strength is compromised. If your gel exceeds a specific temperature during transport, it’s compromised. If it’s ever mixed with another batch of gel, it’s compromised.

We’re not saying that compromised gel isn’t effective, because we know people have been getting results with it for years. We’re saying most people aren’t getting the best teeth whitener results, and we think you deserve better. 

Read on to learn how the best teeth whitening method can improve your whitening results!

What’s the Best Teeth Whitening Method? 

The best method when using our teeth whitener is to use small amounts of Pure Bleach Gel once or multiple times a day using your black infusion trays. Because harmful build-up can stand between your teeth and an effective bleaching, it is important to bleach and clean as often as possible. 

The best method when using our teeth whitener is to place a small amount of bleaching gel in your black infusion tray and apply it to the teeth. You can do this once or multiple times a day.

Using a lot of bleaching gel less often is less effective because the only portion of the bleaching gel that works is what touches the surface of the teeth. If you fill your bleaching tray entirely with bleaching gel, any portion of the gel that doesn’t touch the surface of the teeth will be wasted.

Teeth whitening costs: can you find a reasonable price?

Using less bleach more often is only one of the many helpful teeth whitener tips we’ve picked up over the years. Read on to learn more helpful tips!

Best Teeth Whitener Tips

There are many steps you can take to ensure you get the best whitening results possible. Here are a few teeth whitening tips to follow:

1. Make Sure the Teeth are CLEAN

The #1 best teeth whitener tip is to make sure your teeth are as clean as possible before bleaching. If you don’t clean your teeth before you bleach them, you won’t actually be bleaching your teeth, you’ll be bleaching layers of build-up. The layers of bio-film and plaque on your teeth will attack and compete with the bleaching gel, making the whitener less effective. Also, make sure the bleaching trays are clean and dry before using them, because moisture reduces the efficacy of the whitener and slows the process.

2. Dry Teeth Before Bleaching 

To achieve the best teeth whitener results, you must dry your teeth before bleaching them. Since dry teeth are dehydrated, their pores are empty and ready to absorb the gel. If you don’t dry your teeth prior to bleaching, the saliva on your teeth will compete with the bleaching gel. It will activate on the bleaching gel and make it watery. For the best results, fill the black infusion tray with bleaching gel, dry your teeth and immediately apply the tray.

3. Warm Bleaching Gel Before Using 

For the best teeth whitener results, it is important that you warm the bleaching gel before using it. Warm bleaching gel delivers the best whitening results. To get the best results possible, warm the gel, fill the tray and apply pressure to push gel into your pores.

4. Use Less Bleach More Often, Not More Bleach Less Often 

For the best teeth whitener results, use less bleaching gel more often, not more bleaching gel less often. Plaque starts to build three hours after eating, so bleaching a little multiple times a day is much more effective than bleaching once with a lot of gel.

5. Know the Two Main Types of Stains – Surface & Intrinsic 

Surface stains are caused by the accumulation of debris on the tooth surface. They are often white, yellow or orange discolorations on the teeth. These stains are typically found in areas that are hard to keep clean, such as near the gum line. Intrinsic stains, often caused by antibiotics and fluorosis, come from the pulp of the tooth and cannot be cured. Bleaching these stains just dehydrates the teeth and makes it appear whiter for a short time, but there are no long-term results

6. Bleach When You Have the Least Amount of Movement in Your Mouth 

Movement creates saliva, and saliva breaks down the bleaching agent and makes it watery. If you bleach when you have a lot of movement in your mouth, you will likely end up with a mouthful of watery bleach, most of which you will probably swallow.

7. Your Best Teeth Whitener Results Will Depend on the Natural Shade of Your Teeth

You can’t bleach your teeth whiter than their natural shade. If you could break your tooth open and see what color it is on the inside, you would have a great idea of the shade you could accomplish through bleaching. Since you can’t see inside your tooth, it is important to try to keep your natural shade in mind. If you’re trying to accomplish a shade lighter than your natural teeth, PressOn Veneers  may be a great option for you! With PressOn Veneers, you can achieve a smile 10X brighter in an instant. 

8. Know the Strength of Your Teeth Whitening Gel 

It is very important to know the strength of your gel. Some companies add a desensitizer or numbing agent to their bleaching gel. This can reduce the amount of peroxide and the effectiveness of the bleaching agent. So, it is important to know how much of your bleaching gel is peroxide and how much is just filler.

9. Use a Bilistic Pro Tooth Polisher 

95% of people need to do more than bleach their teeth to brighten their smile. They need to clean and polish their teeth to wear down buildup. Polisher brushes irritate the gum line and break up tartar. When this buildup is gone, the bleaching will be as effective as possible.

Interested in purchasing a Bilistic Pro Tooth Polisher? Click below and order yours now!


Brighter Image Lab’s Smile Care System is the best teeth whitener kit because it provides all the tools necessary to effectively brighten your smile. 

Whether you’re brightening external stains or simply maintaining your oral health, our teeth cleaning and whitener system is the right option for you. It’s affordable, easy to use, effective, and can be done from the comfort of your own home. 

Every part of our Bilistic Smile-Care System is designed to ensure you get the best results possible, every time. You can clean and brighten your teeth for a fraction of the cost – without a dentist.

Don’t wait around for a better teeth whitening kit, you won’t find one! Click below and order your best teeth whitening kit today!

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