Affordable Teeth Whitening Under Attack From Rogue Dentist

Introduction  Teeth whitening is the most requested, yet least performed dental procedure. Everyone wants a bright, white smile, but affordable teeth whitening is hard to find. Many people choose to whiten their smile by using affordable, no-dentist teeth whitening solutions to save time and money. While this makes clients happy, it enrages the dentists who […]

Best Teeth Whitener: How to Get Amazing Results FAST!

Teeth Cleaning Bleaching Special by Brighter Image Lab

Introduction  Brighter Image Lab’s at-home Smile Care System is the best teeth whitener kit available. It allows you to clean and whiten your smile without a dentist!  At Brighter Image Lab, we’ve spent over two decades perfecting our teeth whitener, so you get the best bleaching results possible every time. Our Bilistic Smile-Care System lightens […]

Teeth Whitening Dentists: Skip The Insane Cost

Teeth Whitening Dentist Office

While teeth whitening dentists do offer treatments, you now have the power to order your own professional grade teeth whitening system – AND get it delivered to your doorstep! It’s more contagious than the flu. Not only is it intercultural, but it’s also something you are born knowing how to do. It makes you happier, […]

Is Teeth Whitening Toothpaste A Scam? The Truth Exposed!

Is teeth whitening toothpaste a scam?

Teeth Whitening Toothpaste – Is it a Scam? When it comes to teeth whitening toothpaste, you may have already learned “the hard way” that these products rarely live up to all of their marketing hype. That cheap price point of $5 may be enticing… but it certainly is a clear cut case of…. You get […]