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Bilistic Pro-Series Polisher

Bilistic Pro-Series Tooth Polisher





#1 Tooth Polisher

Bilistic Pro-Series Plus Polisher

Bilistic Pro-Series Plus Polisher





What's Included

Quiet Hand-held electric tooth polisher

2 - Soft cup polishing heads

4 -Assorted micro-bristle brush heads

Bonus Toolkit containing: mirror, curette, chisel, tweezers, and tongue scraper

Polisher Blueprint Side
Polisher Blueprint Vertical
Bilistic Tooth Polisher
Polisher Blueprint Top

Brighter Image Lab Presents the:

Bilistic Pro Tooth Polisher

The First True Professional Quality Polishing System


Full Bilistic Teeth Cleaning System

The Oral-Care Problem that Demanded a Better Solution

Now, for the first time ever, you can truly polish your teeth from the comfort of your own home or office without going the the dentist. Better still, you can use the same polisher to clean and polish your family’s teeth! The Bilistic Pro Tooth Polisher brings affordability and excellence to manicuring your image. Once you try the Bilistic Tooth Polisher, you’ll discover that our polishing solution is second to none.

“We believe the world needed a professional quality polishing system that’s both convenient and cost effective. While the benefits of a quality polisher streamline your day, the cost has traditionally been too high for most people. Did you know that more people with commercial electric tanning beds wired in their homes than there are people with Professional Tooth Polisher in their bathrooms. It’s insane!”

~Bil Watson, Director

We listened to our clients and heard their frustrations. Then we created the finest Pro Series Tooth Polishing System on the market today. We blended powerful features together to revolutionize the restorative polishing experience. And there is the simplicity of our quick changing prophy heads compatible with virtually all prophy heads available at any dentist office. You’d think that innovative design in a at-home tooth polisher loaded with these benefits would cost a fortune, but pleasantly, Bilistic is half the cost of many systems around the world.

Bilistic Pro Tooth Polishing


The Power of The Dentist In Your Hands

Bilistic Pro Tooth Polisher
Closeup of Brighter Image Lab client using Bilistic Pro Series Polisher
Brighter Image Lab client using Bilistic Pro Series Polisher
Side angle of Brighter Image Lab client using Bilistic Pro Series Polisher

It's time to Go Bilistic!

Of everything we put into our Bilistic Cleaning System, our Bilistic Polisher has to be the piece we’re the most proud of. Because a smooth surface collects less bacteria and accumulates less plaque, Micro Surface Polishing is one of the most underrated treatments for preventative oral care. Bringing this tool out of the dentist office and into the hands of everyday people, creates an unprecedented shift in personal dental hygiene. When you see how the light reflects off your perfectly polished smile, you’ll demand an explanation as to why this wasn’t made available years ago.

Bilistic Cleaning Tools


Make Your Hygienist Jealous

Bilistic Cleaning Tools

what you need to do it right.

Traditionally, dentists and hygienists invest in professional quality (expensive) tools for removing tartar and hardened calculus from teeth. However, with our Tartar Softening Detox Serum, you won’t need specialized scalers to start loosening and removing buildup. In fact, just about any $5 set of dental tools will likely do the job, but at Brighter Image Lab, we only give you the best, and our tool kit is no exception. We’ve leveraged our dental industry connections to find the highest quality tools at a fair price, so you know you’re getting the best there is (without breaking the bank).

Meet Bil Watson
bilistic pro tooth polisher

Meet Bil

Hi, I’m Bil, a smile designer and an average everyday worker. Since 1997 I've been improving people's smiles. I created my Lab Direct Process to give people a choice!

You've never had a choice to polish your teeth professionally at home...until now. My vision for creating the first at-home tooth polisher is changing lives all over the world. I believe The Bilistic Tooth Polisher is the Future because it allows people to polish their teeth without the dentist.

Now it’s your turn!

bilistic pro tooth polisher