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Brighter Image Lab Add-Ons

Smile Assurance Plus: 2 Year Warranty

Extend The Warranty For Your Removable Veneers

Add Smile Assurance Plus to extend the 90 day warranty on your removable veneers another 2 years! Protect your investment and be confident knowing your smile is protected!

Smile Express: 14 Day Production

Add Smile Express To Your Order

Move to the front of the line with Smile Express by Brighter Image Lab! Adding Smile Express moves your case to the front of the line at every stage of the design process. Your models will be scanned first, your veneers will be designed first, and your final product will be created first. Adding Smile Express decreases the time it takes to get your finished veneers!

Add Teeth Whitening For Your Other Arch

Add Teeth Whitening & Cleaning For Your Other Arch

Make your new smile match by bleaching the other arch. We'll send you everything you need to make impressions of your opposing arch. Once we receive the impressions back from you, we'll make you a custom fitted tray and send you our Bilistic Detox Serum and Pure Blend Bilistic Bleaching Gel to help you get your smile the whitest it's ever been!

Save 1000s Compared to Traditional Veneers

Add Glaze To Your Removable Veneers

Make your smile sparkle like a Hollywood star by adding glaze! Our lab will use a unique, one-of-a-kind process to put a hi-shine on your custom veneers. Your smile will always 'wow' a room when they have a glaze from Brighter Image Lab!

Add Extra Teeth To Your New Smile Design

Need your removable veneers to cover more than 8-10 teeth? We can certainly do that! Simply purchase additional design time and material and we can cover up to 12 teeth. (A case consult may be required due to the sensitive nature of adding teeth to a design. Our team reserves the right to reject any requests deemed unattainable).

Duplicate Veneer from Brighter Image Lab

Duplicate Removable Veneer

It's always good to have a backup plan. Order a spare veneer for yourself and be sure you are always ready to smile. Keep it in your office, your car, or anywhere else you don't want to be caught without your new smile. We'll create your duplicate veneer based on your design so that it fits exactly as your original arch! (Ordering a duplicate veneer does not entitle you to any new design, shade, or additional services other than an exact replica of a previous design.)

Printed Model from Brighter Image Lab

Receive A Set Of Your Printed Models

We will use new technology to print a model of your teeth from a scan of the impressions you provide. We use these models to ensure that your veneer will fit your smile. You may use them to help protect your veneer when you aren't wearing them, or display them as a work of art to decorate your home or office. How you use them is up to you!

Request Your Removable Veneer In A New Shade

Didn't get the shade you wanted when you ordered the first time? Maybe you needed a pageant ready smile, but got everyday white teeth? Or, perhaps your smile is too white and you're afraid people will notice the difference? Have no fear! Order a new shade and we'll create the same design in a new shade for you! (Requires you to send in the other veneer and agree to the exact same design as before).

Available Shades:
International White / Natural Stain | Nautral White | Ultra White

Request A Smile Mockup

Want to know what you would look like with removable veneers from Brighter Image Lab? Request a smile mockup and one of our smile designers will take the images you upload to create a beautiful smile just for you! Show it off to your friends or family, use it to raise enough to purchase your veneers, there's really no limit to what you can do with a smile mockup from Brighter Image Lab!