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Find Your Smile In This Video Gallery

Our clients tell us time after time how compelling our videos are. Usually, they have one video they can say touched them because it told their story. I want to encourage you to watch the videos below and find your story. Let us know which one you relate to, and give your story a happy ending by becoming our next client.

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Free Facial Analysis
Limited Availability

Get Your Free Facial Analysis - Limited Availability

Let us evaluate every aspect of your face and smile, including skin tone, face shape, hair color, client age, gender, and teeth (color, width, length, shape, and tooth display).  All you need to do is upload your photos.

You may also qualify for discounts or other special offers.

Full Facial Analysis takes into consideration, your overall appearance and helps us determine what's needed as part of your overall smile design.

  • Artisan Assisted Digital Facial Analysis
  • ​Proprietary Digital Smile-Design Planner
  • ​Technically Aided Esthetic Optimization