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Broken Teeth Problem in Africa Gets Smile Makeover

All across the world people with broken teeth, gapped teeth, even missing teeth, can find a simple solution with Brighter Image Lab. Watch as one client jumps for joy at his results 5,000 miles away.

People treat you like they see you. If they see you as the guy who manicures his image, dresses real well, then you can do better in sales, work, with friends and family,or meeting and greeting people. I designed this wholeheartedly with one goal. Let it be a tool that helps you be who you wanted to be, and helps you where your smile doesn’t hold you back. 

Five Thousand Miles Apart

Saddik, Bil how are you doing my friend?

How are you?

I’m fine I hear they got you delivered finally.

This is the first place for the first African doing Brighter Image Lab.

We get a lot of calls from Morocco and I don’t think they realized that we could actually do it based on Fed Ex. But not just Morocco but Africa in general. Somebody said that you wanted to get into marketing or something, and that was holding you back?

How Broken Teeth Can Alter Your Every Day Life

Yes, I saw some videos of you on YouTube and that was the first time I paid attention to your product. But later when I had this problem with my teeth..

What was the problem?

The problem was I was eating a pizza..

Oh I see, I see, I remember now. Ouch!

I never believed that some broken teeth can change your life. You wouldn’t believe it. Especially when the doctors are so expensive and there’s no choice.

There is no choice, but from what I understand Saddik you’re a pretty young man am I correct?


You don’t want to go out and take a bunch of debt.

I can only smile with my family ,but being out you can’t smile when you’re speaking because they can see my broken teeth. After I broke my teeth, I spent one year here at home. So with my new smile here, I’ll start my new life, new job, see friends, know people and travel. All of these things I couldn’t do with my broken teeth. 

The Moment Of Truth

You do know that there’s always a chance that this may not fit or it could be a little bit off because it always comes down to the impression. I say we get started and open them up.

Do you want me to try?

Yeah let’s try!

The best thing in all of this, is this thing…The cover…

Oh yeah that is cool isn’t it? I like it too.

This is the moment of the truth. So this is my teeth before.



It looks perfect! It looks amazing, you look grown-up!

Oh my God! That looks good my friend.

How’s it feel?

Thank you very much, it is just perfect. Oh my God!

Do they fit all the way up?

Yes they are good.

You know in a couple days, they’ll fit a little better once you get used to your bite.

I don’t feel I could improve them, they are so natural and real. Thank you very much, I love all of you for what you did for me. Thank you very much they really changed my life.

It looks like you’re going to be able to do a lot of things.

Yes of course, I think in the United States after Mark Zuckerberg Facebook , Bill Gates, and Steven Jobs, there is Bil.

broken teeth

The Instantaneous Change

Yeah I’m just trying to tell you that you couldn’t do what you wanted to do with missing teeth. You had to have a smile. I see them and they look perfect, they look absolutely perfect.

Thank you very much! Thank you very much!

It’s a big deal isn’t it? What I like is look how fast we just absolutely forget that this person five minutes ago had missing teeth that weren’t shaped properly. Now I already forget what your smile looked like before it’s amazing that you changed it just like that.

The color is so beautiful.

Most people don’t go that white. That’s a new color, it’s a brand new translucent color a lot of the models get that. That’s the most professional brightness that I can give you. People are going to ask me to ask you, have you ever gotten these before today?


Complete Strangers Turned Friends

You and I have never me to other than just today.

I am from Morocco and you are from Texas, we are so far.

Yeah I think it’s like it’s thousands and I don’t know the exact mileage, but I think it’s like five thousand miles. It’s a long way.

You have to visit Morocco.

I feel like I have a friend in in Morocco now, so I need to come see you.

You are going to stay with me here.

The Trickling Effect of Broken Teeth

Thank you. With everything I know, all I really wanted to do is design you a smile that I thought was going to help you go forward. So if you can, just do good things with it. Just go out and have your best life. You know you’re going to have the whitest teeth in Morocco? More men should fix their smile.

I advise all the people in Africa not only in Morocco to do it. Not only in Morocco, all people in Africa, especially the young guys like me.

From what we got started with to now, you look amazing. Do me a favor, if you can send me selfies that would help to Vlog a lot.

I will tomorrow I will send them to you.

I’m very proud that you worked with me to help me with this distance. You could have been frustrated and given up and we wouldn’t have had any of these results, so thank you so much for being patient with me. Well my friend if I could shake hands with you I would, so I’m just going to say see you from here. Tell your parents I said hello. Tell your friends I said hi, thank you so much my friend. I’ll see you later!

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