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25 Amazing Before and After Smile Makeovers by Brighter Image Lab
Bil Watson

Before and After Smile Makeovers by Brighter Image Lab

Watch this video and see some before and after smile makeovers to learn just how Brighter Image Lab gives you a choice besides Invisalign, braces, or clear aligners.

Before and After Smile Makeovers without Invisalign

Hi everyone! On this week's VLOG, we want to talk to everyone who's considering Invisalign, Braces, or clear aligners, because we get so many calls every day from people who think they don't have a choice.

Bil's been sick for like the last 20 days. We pushed him to do this one. Plus, we've been putting together our new studio, and you'll be seeing it in future videos. But for now, we wanted to talk to you about our clients who chose us over Invisalign, braces, or clear aligners.

If you're online and you're looking for Invisalign, clear aligners, or regular braces, I want you to know that you have a choice. That's my rant for this week: Is you should have a choice. I want you to know about BilVeneers from BrighterImageLab.com.

You don't need braces to get before and after smile makeovers

We actually do before and after smile makeovers without going through braces. We're smile designers, all we do is design smiles for people who want to change their smile. Now, I want you to know that I can give you incredible before and after smile makeovers in 14 days. And I think I'll show you that these people are people are just like you.

I want to prove it. Let me show you this young lady right here. Very impressive lady came to me and said listen I have something that's bothering me. We took her smile, she had some gaps, we fixed it.

It was immediate, we were able to help her  with a new set of removable dental veneers. I designed this smile and delivered it and changed her life.

More before and after smile makeovers

I want to show you some more before and after smile makeovers This is a lady who came to me and consistently negotiated with me all the way through as to what she thought she would end up with. We were able to take her from crowded teeth and misaligned teeth and teeth that were misshaped.

I don't think you'll see that she'll ever have a day where she's embarrassed to smile. I was proud of these before and after smile makeovers. We did it for her, and I think you'll see that we can do it for you.

Everybody that we know that has nice, nice teeth got that way because somebody that they know - friends, family member, parents, something, helped them get that smile, and it happened to them at a time that they could afford the time to get their teeth straightened.

And nobody helped you, nobody helped me. So I get it. You're here on your own, figuring out what you can do on your own dime.

Another set of before and after smile makeovers

Here's more before and after smile makeovers I'm extremely proud of. This lady came to me and said she had been through it with her kids, but she couldn't afford it for herself. She has gapped teeth and she had misaligned teeth and they were crooked and they were misshaped.

So when I actually took on this case, she was looking at adult braces and knew automatically that all it's going to do is eliminate 1 of 10 problems. What difference is it to have straight teeth if your teeth are still not contoured? If they're still misshaped?

This was her result, and I think you'll see this is one of the first selfies that she said she never took. This is her actually working with her sister. This is her sending me on the ride home.

The results would have been 20-30 thousand dollars and taken two to three years out of her life to do it.

Thirty something before and after smile makeovers

This is a lady that's in her 30 that's moving on. If you're like her You want your life to start now, and nothing is ever more important than time. Guys, we need to get you in something that will actually change your smile, improve your appearance and do more than what you could have done with just braces.

The reason why people don't improve their smile is because the dentist makes it too damn expensive. Every smile that I'm going to show you would have been quoted at a dentist office at $5,000, $10,000, $20,000 without a doubt.

96% of the people who go online to improve their smile never sit in a dental chair. They eventually say, "Whoa, I can't afford it. I don't have dental insurance, I don't have 2 and a half years. I don't want to have teeth pulled, I just wanted something that could improve my smile.

Do Something Now!

And if you're like them, you want to do something now. You're where you need to be. Forget sitting in a dental chair, you're sitting in the only chair you need right now to make the decision to improve your smile that will have an effect on your life 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 15 years from now.

It's affordable, it's reversible, and the results are absolutely the same.

This is a guy, an international client, had gapped teeth, didn't want to go through the dentist. His teeth just look amazing, and he didn't have to wear braces and he didn't have to wear aligners.

Perfect for weddings

Here's a lady that came to me in wedding season. She came to me before she could get married and said listen I have gapped teeth and no orthodontist in the country will touch me. She's getting her life started with a wedding that her dad's helping her pay for.

She'd just found out in time to come see me. I'm so glad she did I think you'll see with her results. I have a link of a video that she did for me below and I'll show it to you. It was life changing what we did for her and we did it in a couple of weeks.

Before and After Smile Makeovers with No Dentist Visit

Here's another lady that came to me with almost no money. Didn't even... Never been to a dentist. Said she knew she couldn't afford it. Not only did she have misaligned teeth, they were protruded, they came too far out.

Long story short, this lady wasn't going to the dentist and she wasn't going to wait 2 and a half years. I took her on as a client and I'm glad that I did and I think you'll see her results were instant and immediate and me and her are friends today.

Here's a lady that came to me after 6 months of doing her research. She has a slight discoloration and her teeth are just moderately misshaped. And here's her picture with them on. Here's her picture with her husband. There's a reason why I'm showing you this picture.

Instead of spending $10,000 or $20,000 with her dentist, she just went with BilVeneers. And 2 hours after sending us this video, in the same dress, she's on the beach in Cabo. And I'd like to think that some of the money she was going to give to the doctor went to improving her life.

It's one thing to say if I had a nicer smile, I'd have a better life. It's another thing to see that not only when I get a nicer smile, I'm going to spend the money on a better life. And to see it!

Something's wrong or something's happened

Most people who I talk to, something is wrong or something has happened in their life to where they want to make an improvement because they want to make a change. The only thing about a change is you've got to have a choice. If not, everything stays the same.

At Brighter Image Lab, the one thing you'll remember from me is they gave me a choice.

Here's another case. I'm real proud of him. He came to me and said, "Man, I need some braces." And I said, "Man what are you working with?" And he showed me what he was working with, but he had missing teeth and they were misaligned. Braces were never going to help him.

And I said, "What's your urgency, what's changed in your life, what's wrong?" He said, "Well I've met a girl online and I don't want her to know my teeth are bad." We did a very good job for him in the time that it took for him to move forward with his life, and obviously the results worked because I think you can tell they're both pretty happy.

Before and After Smile Makeovers for international clients

Here's another international client that I was very, very, very impressed with. I didn't know what I was taking on when I took it because I was concerned about how these teeth got as crooked and misshaped as they were. Come to find out that she was a cancer patient and I think you can tell from her pictures that she needed some help with something.

I didn't know she was as strong as she was. When I got her after pictures, I think you'll agree that I was able to design her a smile that gave her a chance to move forward in life and that with a little make-up and hair color, she did it all under $1,000. And I am am very, very, very impressed that I was able to work with that client.

Another international client, this one came to me all the way from Italy. Now they're misshaped a little bit and my friends and family, I want them to know me now with an amazing smile. Is there anything you can do to save me?

And I was just incredibly impressed, all the way form Italy, that I got these pictures just shortly thereafter. If I can do it for someone in Italy, I'm thinking that you're probably going to be a little closer.

It's never too late for before and after smile makeovers

Here's an older lady that I think something of. She's mature. She's probably my age to be honest with you but she didn't look it at the time. We told her we can make you look younger.

She had missing teeth and they were crooked. I was able to change her smile immediately and automatically I think you'd think she looks younger and her smile looks amazing.

Here's another international lady that came to me all the way from Israel. She said the doctors here won't work with me because my teeth aren't shaped properly and my teeth up front are missing. I have a really, really, really large smile.

When I smile all my teeth show and I drink a lot of coffee. Is there something you can do? I have heard that you can help me. She worked with me all the way from Israel. This is her before, this is her after. And I think you can see there was no braces.

Another international client from New Zealand. I was real happy to work with her. She came to me and said, "Listen, we have more sheep than we do people, but I deserve the same smile that other people have. Two weeks later she's sending me a picture saying here's my afters.

I've been pleased to work with her, very impressive client. What I do like about her is she wasn't going to let anything hold her back and she was on her own.

A New Smile for a friend, family member, or loved one

This young lady, I'm incredibly impressed with. Her grandmother called me and said I have a young lady that lives with me. She's my granddaughter and I need to get her a smile that doesn't make her look like she has neglected her smile.

They actually pulled two of her teeth to get her into braces. Now they can't afford the implant.

I told her grandmother I believe we can help her. This is a very, very charismatic young lady and I think that she smiles all the time. her pictures are super contagious and we did it for her and I think you'll see that she was real glad with her results.

This next one I want to tell you is almost a similar picture. She has obviously really bright white teeth and really good bone structure and everything about her says "man, my smile should be perfect." She just has a little bit of gap and her smile is real wide.

I was able to take her smile in a couple of weeks and re-design it. I'm real pleased that we worked with her.

I keep bringing up international clients because they keep coming to me. When they travel 3,000, 5,000, 10,000 miles where they push a button and send their money all the way across the planet, it's because they know I can do something for them that their doctor's not willing to do.

Press On Veneers are perfect for models

This was a young man that is actually a model and his wife is a model too. She wasn't a client but he was. He asked to be come our client and I'm incredibly impressed. There's his before, there's his after. And that's all the way from Australia again.

Guys, this technology is so sophisticated that people from all around the world want to come to us to change their smile instantly.

BilVeneers are perfect for discolored or misshapen teeth

This young lady came to us all the way from Hong Kong. Said I want to get a BilVeneer for my smile. My teeth are discolored and they're misshaped. Even if they straightened her teeth it doesn't mean they're going to make them white enough.

It doesn't mean they're going to be contoured enough. It doesn't mean that they are going to be perfectly shaped. This was the smile that we got started with and this is the smile that we finished with. All the way from Hong Kong. She got it done in 14 days. Delivered to her door in less than 21 days.

This little girl came to me because she had been bullied. And I'm not going to get into the bullying, but she asked if I could help her. Within one week later, I gave her a smile that fit her and whatever we did it worked. Because I got her before and afters and I think you'll agree.

Your smile completes your look

Guys, this young lady, she didn't want to start college with teeth that had gaps and spaces in them. We did this. A couple weeks later she had a beautiful smile. Now she tells me it's her #1 feature. People love her smile and love her eyes and I agree with it.

Here's a lady that came to me all the way from Russia. And I don't mean it bad, but Russia is a long way to improve your smile. She does music videos, she's acting, she's got a singing career.

I was real pleased to work with her.

She came to me as part of - as a guest appearance on a show we did. I think it was the talk show "The Doctors". I'll link the video below. We actually got her a new smile and I think you'll see the results are pretty amazing. 24 hours later we were on the talk show.

Now you have a choice

Guys, I think you're seeing that there's some choices out there.

This lady came to me and she was out of San Fransisco. Obviously you'll see, the next couple of smiles, we were able to bring her smile from being too narrow to bringing it straight out. Gave her a shade that she was looking for.

Now she's a model that expresses her art through her beauty, not just her art being beautiful. And I really have been fortunate to know this person over the last couple of years.

Here's a guy that came to me with the same attitude. He said, "Man, I'm not giving anybody $10,000, is there anything you can do for me?" I took a bad smile that was discolored and misshaped and I was able to build over it and give him a new smile.

What I like about this, what's fun to me about this smile is that the very next picture that I got from them, they took the money that they didn't spend at a cosmetic dentist office and they went on a trip. And so this is a picture of that smile.

A lifetime of smiling left

This lady came to me, she's not more than 100 miles away. She's 20... probably 26 years old at the time. She had staining and misshaped teeth in the front. I told her I think I can but she's got to work with me, and she worked with me and this is her original smile.

This is her putting on the smile. This is us actually trying it on for the very first time seeing her smile with her new smile. And this is her wearing it. I think you can see the end result was absolutely amazing. She got the effect of dental veneers and she got to avoid the cost of a cosmetic dentist.

The good thing is now she has a choice and now you have one too. All these people have a choice.

We do what the dentist won't

This young lady came to me from San Diego. She was in braces, they pulled her teeth, they gave her implants, and the implants were discolored .and they didn't actually accept.. they weren't accepted by her body.

We built her out a new smile and this was the smile that we made her. We were able to do it in spite of what the doctor didn't do for her. Regardless of the money that her parents had already spent for her, they didn't have any more money to fix it.

She had to do something that was affordable now. She was getting ready to get married. We took a chance, the results were amazing. This is her wearing her smile. This is us within an hour and a half of meeting her for the first time, outside smiling in public for the first time.

It's a picture that I'm very, very proud of. I did it for her and I can do it for you. I can show you people after people after people. Clients come to us all the time after they get out of braces and say I can't afford the cosmetic dentistry. They don't look like I thought they were going to look, is there something you can do for me?

Graduating with a new smile

This is a lady named Brittany. Her teeth never really fully developed and so she's stuck with gaps in her teeth. Regardless of how many years she spent in braces and whatever she did, now she's stuck as a senior. As a senior getting ready to go forward.

If you'd met this young lady, she was just a very charismatic person and she needed her smile in order to be her. This is her smile before. Here is her smile after. That is a smile that was taken for her senior pictures 2 hours after I met her.

This is another picture that was taken in that setting. And with that, this is one she sent me this winter time. Absolutely beautiful, amazing, incredible person I wish they made more people like her. She's truly going to be a game changer I will be looking for her in the future on the news.

I'm telling you she's going to be a game changer. I was proud of what we did for her and I was able to work with her top and bottom. We do full before and after smile makeovers.

She went online and selected me out and said this is something I'm going to do for myself. I'm going to work, I'm going to save money, I'm going to do whatever I have to do. We worked with her to get it done.

A new smile without new debt

This is one that started with me probably 2 years ago. Came to me and said, "I have to have a new smile but I cannot put the debt on my family." I get these pictures and she asks if I can improve her smile. She has metal crowns from when she was a kid and went to the dentist and they crowned her teeth.

She wanted to fix that for college and she wanted to fix the staining. This is the very first picture she gave me with a selfie and I was real pleased with it and I think she was amazed. One year later she sends me another picture. She's developing herself. In medical school, she sends me this picture of wearing her smile every day.

She's happy, she's not worried about life, and she doesn't owe anybody any money. And nobody that she knows knows that her teeth aren't absolutely done by a cosmetic dentist.

Smiling from Hawaii

Guys, I'm going to close with one last guy out of Hawaii. His name is Doug. His girlfriend called me and said, "We're a happy family but he doesn't smile." He actually works in the medical field.

He works in radiology, so he hides his smile every day behind a mask.

Guys, I think you can tell that's not a way to live a life, that's not a choice.

He's somewhere in his 30's and he just needed a new smile. We took his smile from this to this and the last picture we have is him and his girlfriend.

They are absolutely amazed. They don't owe anybody, they're not in debt, he's having more parties, I think he's a better partner.

Are you ready to make a choice?

I hope you can see that I'm very proud of these pictures. And I hope that what I did for them, I can do for you. You wouldn't be online, you wouldn't still be watching if you weren't interested.

Doesn't matter if you're male, female, young or old, we have a smile that we can work with you on.

I can do it without you going to a cosmetic dentist. If you want to improve your smile, come see us. We have a financing company, they can get you started. Every one of these smiles could have been done for $149 down.

Come see me at Brighter Image Lab. Let's see if we can change your smile with easy, easy low payments. When it comes to improving peoples' smiles, no one has done more before and after smile makeovers than me. We already have done over 70,000. This year we'll reach the 100,000 mark on before and after smile makeovers.

If we did it for them, we can do it for you

If we've done this kind of work for just a few people, you should go online and see hundreds and hundreds of more cases. My name's Bil Watson, I'm a smile designer for Brighter Image Lab, and I hope you know, now you have a choice.

Come see me and let me see what we can do to improve your smile. Come see me now at BrighterImageLab.com. I'll see you next week. This has been a different VLOG this week, but it's one that I'm proud of and it's one I've wanted to do for a while.

Thank you for looking at my before and after smile makeovers, and I'll see you soon. Thank you guys.

Learn more at brighterimagelab.com

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These before and after smile makeovers took place all around the world, but you can get one in: Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chongqing, Beijing, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Xi’an, China; Taipei, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Kobe, Kyoto, Fukuoka, Kawasaki, Saitama, Japan; Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennal, Kolkata, Surat, India; Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Indonesia; Manila, Quezon City, Davao, Malingao, Cebu City, Taguig, Pasig City, Philippines, and most areas in Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Scammed by Instasmile?
Bil Watson

Scammed by Instasmile?

We often get calls from clients who felt like they were scammed by Instasmile. One client, in particular, contacted us claiming to be scammed by Instasmile. We felt that his story was compelling enough to share. So, was this real Brighter Image Lab client scammed by Instasmile? Watch this video and decide for yourself.

The story

Dougie V, a musician in the area, knew that he wanted to get a better smile. Working in the music industry, his image is everything.

He researched what it would take and he decided dental veneers would give him the smile he was hoping for.

After starting to save up money, he noticed an advertisement on Instagram for Instasmile. Their product was $499 which is much less than the average cost of veneers.

"They must be having a sale," he thought and purchased them immediately.

The product

Dougie V waited expectantly for two months after ordering. He thought that after getting his new veneers, his life would change.

When the package came he was absolutely devastated.

The Instasmile product was plastic, bulky, and obviously fake. His $499 teeth cover felt more like a joke than a solution. He felt scammed by Instasmile.

The scam

The plastic teeth cover Instasmile sells are not worth the cost. They make their products with a technique called vacuum forming. They use a sheet of plastic and form them over a mold to make an exact copy of their client’s teeth. This creates their snap-on teeth cover that’s both plastic and white.

"Go to Party City and get ’em for a dollar... Little vampire teeth, that’s what these are!" said Dougie V. about his Instasmile product.

It's nowhere near worth $499.

To Dougie V, this purchase was a big deal. He doesn't spend this much money on a whim. It's two car payments for him! He thought he was making an investment that would help him in the music industry. Sadly, the Instasmile product was only an investment in the trash can.

Instasmile is taking advantage of its clients by charging a little less for a far more inferior product. People who buy their products aren’t able to see the difference between Instasmile and Brighter Image Lab before purchasing. So, when they get their Instasmile product and are disappointed like Dougie V, it’s too late.

The alternative

At Brighter Image lab we work to help people like Dougie V. get a perfect smile they can be proud of. We work hard to make sure our products are the highest quality they can be. We use material designed by NASA for all of our teeth veneers. Our team designs each smile digitally and creates it through 3D printing.

We design within 5 microns of someone's teeth to make sure our veneers fit perfectly. To compare, a single eyelash is 10-15 microns. So you can be sure our products are diligently perfected. We do this so your teeth veneers look natural and don't give you a lisp.

At Brighter Image Lab, we provide amazing quality veneers that give our clients perfect smiles for a fraction of the cost of cosmetic dentistry. We can do this for you like we have done for so many others, so there’s no need to get scammed by Instasmile. If this sounds like what you need, click here to see these amazing products for yourself!

We are sad to see companies like Instasmile make empty promises that cause people like Douggie V. to waste their money.

Luckily, Douggie V. ended up getting a smile makeover with Brighter Image Lab and is thrilled with his new smile. He is also happy that he had the opportunity to tell his story to hopefully keep others from getting scammed by Instasmile.

Thank you for watching this video from Brighter Image Lab. Please make sure you're following our YouTube Channel to receive all of our important updates and offers. - Click here to subscribe

PressOn Veneers
Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



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Best Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab
Bil Watson

Imagine needing to change your smile. However, after going to the dentist, you receive a dental treatment plan that’s more expensive than your car. Instead of searching for the Brighter Image Lab cost, you do what most people do: fold up the treatment plan and set it aside, and continue to deal with the pain of a bad smile. Many people are left in this predicament and their hopes are gone.

A Smile Makeover should not cost $10,000 or more. The Lab Direct Process from Brighter Image Lab is specifically designed to save you thousands. Compare the Brighter Image Lab cost to Invisalign dentists charging up to $8,000 for adult braces. Our Instant alternatives are only $795!

brighter image lab cost

Brighter Image Lab Cost Challenges the Dental Industry

“At Brighter Image Lab, we didn’t set out to challenge the dental industry.” says Bil Watson, Director of Brighter Image Lab.

“We saw our clients struggling with severe problems, and we saw that most of them were out of options. We didn’t spend thousands of hours to painstakingly develop revolutionary new products because we wanted to.”

In the past, people turned to dentists as the sole source of information for a smile solution. With the advancement of the Internet, many people are now looking beyond the dental industry for less expensive alternatives. They find these solutions when they find out how low Brighter Image Lab costs are, for our high-quality custom press on veneers.

For most, a real solution just is not attainable. Dental veneers, dentures, and implants are “high end” products within the dental industry and most people aren’t looking for a “high end” product. They need an affordable answer to allow them to smile again

The Brighter Image Lab Cost Created A Solution

In 2010, Brighter Image Lab created the Press On Veneers to answer the demand for these affordable products. In the beginning, it was a struggle. No one had created a product like this without a dentist, and it wasn’t easy.

The consensus from early clients was, “It’s not perfect, but will you just keep trying? I need this more than you know.”

Brighter Image Lab continued to work on design and made investments in software, technology, packaging and streamlining the process to where they are today. The results from keeping the Brighter Image Lab cost low are amazing.

Now, in a turn of events, dentists are sending their patients to Brighter Image Lab, especially since the introduction of the signature BilVeneers product in 2017. The industry changed because one man saw a need and transformed it into an opportunity.

New Life Smile

Brighter Image Lab is now looking to provide a free solution to those unable to afford even their low cost. Clients who submit their “Smile Story” online are considered by the board to then receive a product from Brighter Image Lab no-cost - absolutely free - thanks to generous donations from online donors.

Mr. Watson sums it up best, “When people ask us why we did it, we tell them we did it because somebody had to.”

PressOn Veneers
Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



0% Interest - 100% Approval*

The truth about Instasmile
Bil Watson

A past client gives the truth about Instasmile

Watch this video to learn the truth about Instasmile and see why you're better off with Brighter Image Lab.

This client, Tamera, has tried both Brighter Image Lab and Instasmile to solve the issues she has with her smile. She gives an Instasmile review explaining how she was shocked by the poor quality of Instasmile's products. She is just one of several Brighter Image Lab clients who tried Instasmile, felt like they'd been scammed by Instasmile, and wanted to tell us and everyone the truth about Instasmile.

Instasmile or Brighter Image Lab?

the truth about instasmile

Tamera's Story

Three years ago, Tamera purchased dental veneers from Brighter Image Lab. She was thrilled with her purchase and what it did for her smile.

Unfortunately in an accident while eating, her veneers broke.

She had to get something new quickly and selected the first dental veneer company that came up when she searched online. Tamera expected all dental veneers to be the same and purchased her Instasmile.

When her anticipated Instasmile package arrived, she opened the box and immediately she was horrified. She could tell from the look and feel that the product she had received was nowhere near the quality of what she had come to expect with her Brighter Image Lab veneers.

Unlike her previous veneers, Tamera's Intasmile product was visible to everyone. The goal of veneers is to be discreet and she explains in her Instasmile review that everyone she spoke to was able to see that she had something in her mouth.

"I didn't even have to smile. Just when I was talking, they looked at me differently."

Why Brighter Image Lab makes better smiles

The truth about Instasmile is that the covers are extremely thick and not made out of good quality material. Instasmile's products are more comparable to Brighter Image Lab's teeth whitening trays that sell for $47 while Instasmile sells its product for $350, ripping off people like Tamera. 

"One is a dental veneer and one is a teeth cover", says Bil.

The material in Brighter Image Lab's dental veneers is extremely high-quality resin originally developed by the NASA space program. The Instasmile product is made with a thicker, plastic material that sits on the teeth in a much more invasive way. 

This causes a person's voice to change when they speak and for the cover to be visible and obvious. The exact opposite of what veneers are intended to do and be. 

perfect smile

"It's a ripoff, I would not smile with this!"

"I would not smile with Instasmile"

"It's bulky and fake looking", explains Tamera as she holds the Instasmile product.

During her time using Instasmile, she sadly noticed changes in how she acted.

"When I put these on, I did not want to smile at all. I wanted to hide it."

She continued warning other people interested in improving their smile with dental veneers,

"Save your money for a good product and for a real veneer!"

Tamera hopes that others learn from her story and are able to find a solution to their dental issues that doesn't keep them from smiling. The material that Instasmile products are made of is thicker so it becomes very obvious that something is in your mouth.

For a product that is discrete, beautiful, and that can build your confidence, Brighter Image Lab is the way to go. See our products for yourself! We look forward to making you smile!

Learn more at BrighterImageLab.com

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This vlog for Truth about Instasmile was filmed in Fort Worth but serves clients all over the world in places like: Toronto, Ottawa, Mississauga, Hamilton, London, Ontario; Montreal, Quebec City, Quebec; Calgary, Edmonton, Alberta; Vancouver, Surrey, British Columbia; Halifax, Nova Scotia; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and any area in Canada.

Here's a link to another video - it's about another person who unfortunately got: Scammed by Instasmile

Brighter Image Lab Veneers Review
Bil Watson

Brighter Image Lab Veneers Review by a client in Washington

Watch our client in Washington give her Brighter Image Lab Veneers review. We absolutely love this client. She spells out exactly what it is like to wear Brighter Image Lab Veneers. If you ever wanted to know what it's like being a client for Brighter Image Lab, she will tell you!

Kristian's Brighter Image Lab Veneers Introduction

Hi guys, um, so this is just a review that I’m gonna do on my Brighter Image Lab Veneers that I got. I got them about a week and a half ago and I’ve been kind of slow about getting to a video. But I really did want to do a review because when I went on YouTube check them out I didn’t really see a lot of reviews.

So I’m kind of adding to reviews to help you guys if you do decide to get them because if you look at the smile of mine…

brighter image lab veneers

My Brighter Image Lab Veneers Review

Basically they look completely natural and the process was super easy any one I talked to was super accommodating. Probably got a little tired of me because on the little texts to ask questions thing on their webpage.

I asked probably ten different times about how is the process going. Is there anything I need to do? Do I need to send it any more pictures? Anything like that and they were always willing to help me and it was just kind of they were really accommodating to anything that I might have needed.

Um but I’ll take them out so you can see what my teeth look like beforehand, but just one more idea of what they did look like before.

My lips are chap.

And when I take them out, sorry kind of gross. You can see I had a lot of discoloration on my teeth and I have silver caps on both sides. I also have silver caps on the bottom so I am super happy with how they turned out.

Getting My Bottom Arch

So I’m looking to kind of now I’m going to look into getting my bottom arch done to cover those. Because I do really like how my top arch turned out and I’m really happy with it. But back on my teeth, basically yeah I mean they’re straight. I did have braces for three years but I just have a lot of discoloration. I had a root canal there so my tooth was two different colors. That was a root canal so the tooth is entirely fake.

How I got Started

So it was just kind of I find these Brighter Image Lab Veneers online and I was like oh that would be a great way to kind of whiten my teeth up. Because of my fake teeth I am unable to use like white strips or anything like that and my teeth are undersized. They’re about three percent under sized according to the brighter image people. So this way, I kind of pop these back in. I get the size that my teeth are supposed to be and they’re all white and they’re gonna stay white as long as I take care of them. Obviously and I love how they look.

Review Questions

As for review questions like can I eat with them in? I can eat with them in, I have before but most of the time I choose not to. Just because I want to preserve the quality of them. But if I was at like a business lunch or anything like that or with like a potential employer, I would be totally fine eating with them in. I just normally chosen not to just because I’m comfortable taking them out in front of my friends and I have no problem with that.

Then as for being able to talk with them in I’m sure you can tell I can talk very easily. I have had them for a week and a half. But like I said earlier I had braces for three years. So I was already used to the idea of kind of like retainer.

So I had no troubles even initially talking with them in. But as for the retainer, these are way thinner than my retainer. They feel like I have nothing on. I never even noticed them. Sometimes I forget that there and I’m like ah where is it but they’re actually in. And they’re, it’s really thin and I just love how it feels.

Brighter Image Lab Veneers Review Final Verdict

I love how it looks. I’m so happy with how it’s turning out like I said I’m I want to get my bottom arch done so bad now cuz I love them so much. And I’m just so much more confident in myself and it’s really just kind of changing who I am. And because I used to walk around kind of like this and shy and kind of hide myself. But now I’m happy to talk to anyone and give them a big old smile.

And I’m just my confidence is increasing so much so I’m really happy with how they turned out. But that’s basically my review on Brighter Image Lab Veneers.

I mean if you want to see one more time. That’s with them in. I’ll, see all my silver teeth which was what one of my biggest insecurities was my silver teeth showing in like pictures or anything like that.

And then back in they look like perfect teeth.

Thank You Brighter Image Lab

So thank you so much Brighter Image Lab you really have changed my life, and I couldn’t be happier!

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brighter image lab veneers
Are veneers permanent?
Aubrey Hanson

Fake teeth veneers are absolutely awful and embarrassing. But what's worse is when those fake-looking teeth cost thousands of dollars! Read on for a compilation of stories about fake-looking veneers and how to choose better options. 

$15 Fake Teeth Veneers

A Temporary Solution

Some veneers are extremely cheap (typically around $15-$30). These fake teeth veneers can be beneficial for a quick and temporary fix, but can also be disappointing. 

Clients are told to put the product form in hot water and then to push it onto top of their teeth. The mold, after being formed, goes into cold water to set. This is how the teeth are formed to fir the teeth of the client. 

Even though they "formed to your teeth" the teeth are clearly fake when fully shown. These can be a solution to temporarily hide dental issues for a job interview or meeting. 


Clients will likely have to use some sort of denture adhesive to keep them on and will likely not be able to eat with them.

There are countless joke videos about people purchasing these fake teeth veneers and how terrible they look. While it is true that these teeth are not ideal, they can be a solution for people who need to cover their teeth for a very low cost. 

You may see these types of fake-lookingveneers at:

  • Shortrend
  • My Genius Gift
  • Quirky Prefer
  • Full To Cart
  • Bettibeatle
  • Angel Wingss
  • Innowhim
  • Kikostar
  • Angel City Co
  • Go Go Quo
  • Sun Soom
  • Enlucy
  • Pandaa Lab
  • *Elittle Fox
  • Wfole
  • Kiss Miny
  • Pruvia

Some websites selling these are:

  • Shortrend.com
  • Mygeniusgift.com
  • Quirkyprefer.com
  • Fulltocart.com
  • Bettibeatle.com
  • Angelwingss.com
  • Innowhim.com
  • Kikostar.com
  • AngelCityCo.com
  • GoGoQuo.com
  • SunSoom.com
  • Enlucy.com
  • PandaaLab.com
  • ElittleFox.com
  • Wfole.com
  • KissMiny.com
  • Pruvia.co
  • Amazon.com
  • Wish.com
  • Ebay.com
  • Shopify.com
  • Facebook.com
  • Instagram.com

Many people are dissatisfied with them as a permanent solution and there are much better options that I'll discuss later in the article. People who cannot afford other options can use fake teeth veneers like these before they are able to get something better.

Fake-Looking "Veneers" That Are Scams

The companies above sell low-quality veneers for a very low price. An unfortunate problem in this industry is that there are many companies that sell low-quality, fake veneers for hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

The sale of veneers is not heavily regulated so a variety of companies have entered the market in the past few years. Many use a process called vacuum forming to create teeth covers that they market as veneers.


Fake Teeth Veneers and Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming is a cheap process that can create a plastic teeth cover from a mold of someone's teeth. This process is also used to manufacture auto parts, package food, and for other industrial uses. 

In the dental community, vacuum forming is a process used to create mouth guards and teeth whitening trays. 

These trays can cost as little as $50, but fake dental veneer companies use white plastic and sell the covers as veneers for much, much more. 

The price to purchase your own, personal vacuum forming machine is only $95 on amazon. With the high prices these companies charge for their vacuum-formed products, their practices may seem quite predatory. I've listed a few below:

Shiny Smile Veneers 

Shiny Smile Veneers are believed to be created through vacuum forming. This company doesn't seem to have been around for very long, as their social media only became active in 2019.

People have made complaints that their tooth covers have "bubbles" in the plastic from the vacuum forming process and also have an uneven shade. 

Even though their knock-off veneers appear to be very low quality, Shiny Smile Veneers continues to charge $570 for top and bottom arches.

Removable Veneers USA

Another company that is believed to sell vacuum-formed fake veneers is Removable Veneers USA. This company sells both arches for $599. 

This "ghost-like company" eerily has very few online reviews. It's difficult to imagine spending so much money without being able to find external resources to inform your decision. 

One can even see flaws on the veneers from the company's own promotional pictures. 

Several pictures show a rim on the edge of the cover where it reaches the gum line. Natural teeth align smoothly with the gum line and this awkward rim makes the teeth cover much less discrete.

It can also be an issue when eating since food particles can build up along that ridge. 


TruSmile charges $470 for their top and bottom arches. 

It is also believed that their products are created through a vacuum forming process. Reviews show that the impression kits TrueSmile provides are very confusing and difficult to manage properly. People often have to get multiple kits, resulting in additional fees.

TruSmile's products are reported to last only six months. This quick replacement time can end up being quite costly. Ten years of usage would cost a client nearly  $10,000. 

They obviously need to work on their product's durability.


We hear more complaints about predatory practices from former Instasmile clients than any other business. Instasmile started growing in popularity in 2016. As their name implies they are popular within the Instagram community and with Instagram Influencers. 

Many pictures promoting their product are highly edited and showing very little detail almost as if they have something to hide. 

Unaltered pictures of one Instasmile product clearly shows they lack the quality advertised.

This is likely due to their alleged use of vacuum forming processes to create their teeth covers. 

Many people are dissatisfied with their product, especially given that their veneers can cost as much as $1500 with no refund available.

If you're dissatisfied, it's too late. 

Instasmile is also known to have very inadequate customer service and policies that do not allow refunds or adjustments. 

Actual Instasmile Client

fake teeth veneers

Same client with Brighter Image Lab

fake teeth veneers

Many clients claim their predatory practices caused a lot of stress and heartache due to empty promises and lost money.


Even Dentists Offer Fake-Looking Veneers

Traditional Veneers

Dentists have been using traditional veneers for many years. They typically are thin shells of porcelain or resin that are cemented on top of a patient's tooth or teeth. 

Before performing this procedure, a dentist will remove a layer of enamel that is around .55 mm thick. 

The traditional veneer process makes this procedure irreversible and the patient will have to continue to wear veneers for the rest of their life.

fake teeth veneers

Traditional veneers can last 7-10 years when made from resin and 10-15 for the porcelain option. This length of time is not guaranteed and some patients experience issues or accidents before the expected replacement years.

Traditional veneers, though effective, are extremely costly. They cost around $1,000-$2,500 per tooth. Some celebrity dentists even charge $3,000 per tooth! They make the extraordinary claim that anything less expensive from average dentists will end up fake- looking teeth veneers.


Unfortunately, the high cost is keeping many people from being able to afford this procedure. One could argue that these are the people who need it most.

Also, since the process is irreversible, patients must pay for their replacements every 7-15 years.

Sadly, many dentists do not warn about replacements, especially to their younger patients who will have to repeat this process 7 or more times in their lifetime.

Getting traditional veneers is also (nearly universally) not covered by dental insurance since they it is a cosmetic procedure. 

Even though the procedure is extremely expensive, there are dentists that do not perform it properly and patients are often dissatisfied with their fake-looking veneers.


Lumineers are a thinner version of a traditional veneer. They are more opaque as well. 

Lumineers are reversible since they are so thin and the teeth do not have to be shaved down. 

Their thinness can be an issue though. Particularly dark stains or spots can still be visible through the thin lumineers. This has been a big complaint, especially considering that lumineers can cost up to $2,000 per tooth. 

They are also ore prone to breakage due to their thinness. 

Both traditional veneers and Lumineers do not help patients who have missing teeth. If there is nothing for the shell to cement to, the procedure will not work. People with missing teeth must find other options to fix their smile. 

Removable Veneers

Removable veneers are also offered at a dental office or directly from a lab. They come in arches rather than individual teeth and click into place instead of being cemented. People with missing teeth are candidates for this option. 

Some options for removable veneers are Snap-On-Smile, and Brighter Image Lab. 


Snap-on-smile is a version of removable veneers with prices starting around $2,000. These veneers are only offered at dental offices. The process will require two dental appointments. 

In the first appointment, a hygienist will make a dental impression. That impression will be sent to a lab where the Snap-on-smile will be created. 

After the smile, is created, the patient will come into the office for a second visit to get it.

This is a popular option because enamel removal is not necessary for this type of veneer making the process reversible. 

A big issue with Snap-On-Smile is how it is marketed. Dentists, hoping to make a sale are incentivized to keep the process within their practice. 

Some even claim that the procedure is only done correctly in dental offices. There however, is no scientific evidence proving this is the care. There are labs providing this procedure adequately and safely. 

fake teeth veneers

There are also cases where Snap-On-Smiles do not do what they have promised for any amount of time. 

Ana, a former Snap-On-Smile client had a horrible experience with their product. She payed around $2,200 for her upper arch and after a year there was significant discoloration. 

Sections of the arch started to break off and the rough edge would cause her mouth to bleed. The dentist was not able to do anything about the issue citing that 45 days had passed since delivery and that there was no warranty. 

Luckily, Ana was able to replace her fake-looking veneers with a more affordable and higher quality veneer from Brighter Image Lab. 

fake teeth veneers
fake teeth veneers

Brighter Image Lab

A way to affordably avoid fake teeth veneers is by purchasing from Brighter Image Lab. This lab offers very high quality removable veneers at an affordable price. This lab, based in Ft. Worth, Texas, has been perfecting this process since 1997. They offer their veneers through a lab-direct method and clients can receive their products completely through the mail. 

The lab even has altruistic undertones as they work to provide dental solutions to people in all areas of life and economic status. They offer 100% approval financing and let clients pay off their veneers with payments as low as $24. 

Their veneers start at $795 per arch and are comparable to removable veneers offered in dentist offices without the high dentist office price. 

Most importantly, these are not fake-looking veneers. They are discrete and uniquely beautiful!

They have satisfied customers from all walks of life; from ex-convicts to elite international models. 

PressOn Veneers
Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



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Success Stories


Ginger struggled with her teeth even as a child. Her parents were not able to provide for her in the area of dental care and her teeth became worse and worse. 

She struggled with a drug addiction and even spend some time in prison. Thankfully she's since found help and been clean for six years!

She views her Brighter Image Lab smile as a big part of her recovery, giving her the chance to smile with confidence for the first time. 

fake teeth veneers


Lara is a model in New York City. Before coming to the US she was a contestant on Germany's Next Top Model. 

Her natural teeth have a gap in the center and she struggled certain to get jobs because she did not have the "traditional America smile". 

She did not want to file down her perfectly healthy teeth, but wanted a way to fix her gap. Brighter Image Lab's veneers were the perfect option for her!

Top Model Gets Dental Veneers

Brighter Image Lab's director, Bil Watson documents many more inspiring dental transformations that will genuinely warm your heart. Here are some more of my favorites:

Stacy's Transformation

fake teeth veneers

Maria's Transformation

fake teeth veneers

Doug's Transformation

fake teeth veneers

Reggie's Transformation

fake teeth veneers

Your Best Option

Brighter Image Lab is clearly an excellent option. You can click here to view all of their products and payment plans!

I hope this overview of fake teeth veneers has helped you understand these types of products. Best of luck to you as you seek out a bright new smile!

To see if a you would be a candidate for a Brighter Image Lab smile, simply take the smile assessment quiz below! 

Enter your text here...

Smile Assessment Quiz

Instasmile vs. Brighter Image Lab comparison
Bil Watson

Instasmile vs Brighter Image Lab - Which Product is Worth Your Money?

Watch this video to see what you get for your money. Instasmile vs Brighter Image Lab - It's a showdown review.

Asking for a better smile

Since I was 13 years old, I had gone to a dentist who asked me for two things: If an angel came and tapped you on the shoulder, what would you ask for? One of the things I asked for was whiter teeth and straighter teeth.

I have to say that it's been an ordeal and I've been trying to manage that for some many years now. Braces were expensive. At the age of 13, you can't get them unless somebody gets them for you.

Finding Brighter Image Lab

I did a lot of research and I came across Brighter Image Lab.

I'd been looking for a reason to get to New York City. I'd received an email from a lady. Her story was pretty compelling. This is the kind of story that makes going to New York City worth it.

But in order to get there, my day started about 4:30 in the morning. So, come with me. Let's travel to New York City and let's see how this Instasmile vs Brighter Image Lab smile makeover turns out.

Flying blind

Today, I'm doing one of the craziest things I've ever done. We're taking a new life smile to somebody and what's crazy about it, is we haven't even sent them a test kit to see if these things even fit.

And I probably never thought about it before and just between me and you, because I never thought about it, I'm never going to do it again.

Meet Giselle

My name is Giselle and I'm from Long Island. I am currently in my 50's. Shh! And for a long time, I've been having difficulties with my teeth. I tried working with an online company prior to Brighter Image and I was completely let down.

She sent us an email, told us about her story, told us what had been done to her. And so, we said we'll do it. That's what we're here to do today. It's to see how we can change her smile. it's pretty cool because for the first time, we've come this far.

I can't wait to hear her story and, you know, I read about it, but I haven't heard it from her firsthand. A very attractive person with a really nice smile. It's just not lined up properly.

Getting it right on the first try

We didn't send these ahead for fitting. Didn't send a blank to make sure that they fit. Just came all the way to New York with our first try. Which i think is stupid now. It was kind of last minute. We had a chance to do it and so we took the time to do it.

Couple of questions I have for you.


How did you hear about us?

I went online and I started doing a lot of research on YouTube. That's where I get a lot of my information. And I came across, I think I've seen all your videos by the way. And one of the things that became a problem for me was the cost and the financing.

Instasmile vs Brighter Image Lab

At that point, you didn't offer financing and I was able to do Instasmile. And I thought that at that moment, "Okay, well I done. I'm good." It's not the same product.

Did you see us first or see them first?

No, I saw them first.

Did you think they were the same?

I wasn't sure. I wasn't sure because then I got even more confused when I saw more videos and I saw more information online.

Let me grab something real quick. So you bought from Instasmile. What happened? I kind of know but I don't know.

A bad impression with Instasmile

Okay, it was always a problem with the impression. So that took, this was like three times which took about a month and a half. The impression I received, once I did get it, it was very very long and very thick.

I had asked for the Platinum product. Which, that was in April. And that continued all the way through December. I had over 100 emails of going back and forth, trying to get this resolved.

Towards December where I expected- Oh and each prototype came back progressively worse. It had bigger gaps. They were not shorter as I had requested.

All prototypes, no final product?

No, no. I got my final product in December without okaying the prototype.

Instantly awful

The end product, it shows up, what happened?

It was awful.

Just, when did you know? Instantly?

I knew instantly when I looked at it. It was bad. And I'm like, "Alright, you know what? Let me put it on and let me see if maybe visually it's just huge." No, it was horrible all the way around. It was just...

It seemed as if they never made any of the changes that I had requested.

Did you just do tops or top and bottom?

Both, top and bottom.

So it was pretty expensive?

Yeah it was bad.

Reviewing the Instasmile Veneers

I think I have them. They're gonna hate your feelings. We're gonna get past it real quick, though.

I don't even wanna see that.

Yeah, I don't think we do either.

They're terrible. They were so big.

Let's just forget about it. It's not worth it. I can see what they tried to do. And I actually polished them back up so I can see what was wrong with them. And I can see where you're talking about the color and stuff. So, let's just forget about them. Not worth talking about.

Trying BilVeneers from Brighter Image Lab

You want to try on the top?


I designed these based on style.


To be a little sharper. I didn't want you to lose your personality.

Thank you.

And so I did my best. Let's see if it fits.

Thank you! Oh my gosh. They fit.

Let's see how they look. They look freaking amazing. I'm trying to see if there's anything I can do.

They fit like a glove.

Well, we're going to see. You want to try the bottom one in first? Here you want the bottom one too?


Let's get used to looking at this one first, because, let me say this - your bite's going to adjust after three days. Let's put the bottom ones in and see if they fit.

Oh, wow!

Two foreign objects

Because, if that's true, you're going to get full veneers. I normally don't ask people to do two at the same time because it takes days to get acclimated to foreign objects in your mouth. But because your teeth are so attractive right now, it's kinda like in Vegas if you win once, you win twice, you want to go and win a third time.

So, let's try. But if it doesn't work or if it doesn't fit right, it's going to take longer to get adjusted to two. But there's no way we want to walk away without seeing those. Make sense?

Brighter Image Lab is Amazing

This is amazing.

Yeah, I know, I can tell.

I'm so happy.

Like, a lot of times, what we do is self-satisfying. Like when we know that we did it.

Oh my gosh.

Make sense?

I need a bigger mirror.

You glad you got yours?

So, you're going to have to push these down. Make sense?

Okay, alright. But start in the back, right? They're in.

They're in. Perfect.


Let me see.

Oh my God!


Perfect! You have a smile that doesn't really bite closed.


So, you kind of have an open smile.

I do, yeah.

And it's gonna be pretty cool.

I like the open smile

I do too. It makes you look like a kid.


You never tried these in before two seconds ago?


And I pulled them out of a sealed case.


So, this is- you're already talking to me and you're already having a conversation in 30 seconds.


You know, I was- you can, I think you can tell, I was scared to give you both in five minutes. It just looked so good.

I love them. I love them.

They look so amazing.

They're great.

My God. I had all these concerns. They look amazing. Look at your points.

I love that.

That's amazing.

I love that.

Looking for flaws

My job now is to see if- is to do what you would do if you knew my job when nobody else was around. And if I can detect from any side of that tooth whether anyone would ever think that you didn't not get porcelain veneers.

They look like porcelain veneers. My mother-in-law is going to be jealous because she just spent a fortune on her teeth.

And you feel fine with the bite?

I do. I do. Over here a little inside just a bit.

Because it's going to take a few days, but yeah.

Yeah, I think so. They're perfect!

They look amazing.

They look perfectly straight, all your details, and all your chisels - we did it.

Yeah, mine but better.

The verdict on Instasmile vs Brighter Image Lab

I think we did good! You know, I want to thank you, but let me say this: I've had people tell me through comments, "You need to thank her for me. No, don't thank her for you. Don't thank her for your company. Thank her for me."

I am amazed at your results.

We want to thank you and you know, giving the opportunity to help others is major. Sometimes people don't reach out when they should and I'm glad that I reached out and filled out the application and here we are. I'm so thrilled.

Tough day. The storms in New York caused us to be re-routed to Charlotte, North Carolina. So, we're hoping to get home tonight. At least, I am trying to get home tonight. Could not have worked with a better person today on Instasmile vs Brighter Image Lab.

She did her job so we could do ours

The young lady that we worked with, mother of two, wanted a smile so bad you can't even imagine. And we were able to deliver that. She just was an exceptional individual. Very happy, every bit as more exciting, more pleasant, more wonderful to deal with.

Awesome person. I was glad to meet her, and you can tell her family means the world to her. Every time she lit up talking about her kids, the boy, the girl, husband. Made it worth it.

I was incredibly impressed with the detail that she put into her impression and I was super, super appreciative of the patience that she gave us actually do the work that we need to do.

I looked at her work today for 20-30 minutes and I could not imagine what we could do to do it any better. So, I was real, real pleased. We thought we'd get there, get in at 11, get out about 8-9. It didn't work out that way.

Vlogging ain't easy

And so anybody that tells you vlogging is not tough is crazy. It's a long day. I hope it looks as good on camera as it does in person. Remember if you like what you're seeing, subscribe.

If you have any comments about what you want to see us do, I would appreciate that. So, thank you guys. See you soon, don't forget to subscribe!

Learn more at BrighterImageLab.com

instasmile vs brighter image lab

This Instasmile vs Brighter Image Lab comparison took place in New York City, but we can help you choose between Instasmile vs Brighter Image Lab all over the world in places like: Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chongqing, Beijing, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Xi’an, China; Taipei, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Kobe, Kyoto, Fukuoka, Kawasaki, Saitama, Japan; Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennal, Kolkata, Surat, India; Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Indonesia; Manila, Quezon City, Davao, Malingao, Cebu City, Taguig, Pasig City, Philippines, and most areas in Asia and the Pacific Islands.

How to get your money back from Instasmile
Bil Watson

How to get a Instasmile refund!

If you're on this webpage you're mad you're pissed because you got a dental veneer that sucked and you were told you weren't eligible for a refund, guys I want to tell you I promise you nobody feels worse about it than I do. Besides you, it's not my money, it's your money.

If you bought an instant veneer, clip on veneer, or a Trusmile true veneer or whatever these guys names are this week and you're mad about it because you spent three fifty, four hundred fifty dollars, five hundred dollars, six, whatever, and they sent you something with holes in it that made you think that it was real close to what we do…

For the first time I'm going to promise you some relief. If you've got ripped off I promise you I want to help you get your money back.

Money-back towards a BilVeneer ™

Supposing that you're an Instasmile client that has lost your money and you wish you could start over that I'm going to see what I can do to help you. Wherever you're watching this video and you have an Instasmile or whatever you want to call it, veneer, I will take the order value that you paid and cannot recover from their customer service, and I will discount that off a BilVeneer™, which essentially gives you an full refund.

I will credit you back 100% of your order value whether you never received a finished product from them, or you finally got them and they're deemed unsuitable. I will build you a custom-designed dental veneer that's designed to fit your face even if their customer service said you're not eligible for an Instasmile refund. I can't do it all the time, but I can do it for a short period of time no matter what their refund policy says. Check out our products here!

Don't be afraid!

They may be cheaper, and I get that advantage. But when you need that smile, and you need it to change your life, and you need it to go forward with all the things are gonna happen in your life. I promise you the last thing you wanna do is to be scared when the impression kit shows up!

The second thing you don't want to do is you don't want to be mad about a refund policy or a warranty period. Guys, every day I hear people that are scared or they're mad. I get these all the time. Or they get up and they said the pictures look just like yours but the actual veneer never does. Or even worse, they say customer service says their impression kit was never received!

They look bad and they feel upset and they call me or get on social media and say: "What can I do to get my money back?", "This was not what I thought I was paying for, they won't remake the product, and I just want a refund of my order value".

Cosmetic Dentistry is our competition

I'll tell you that if you follow me at all, if you follow me on Instagram and follow me on YouTube. You'll see that I do veneers that I'm passionate about. And I do everything I can to be competitive with the cosmetic dentistry.

So if you give me a smile that's challenged I'm gonna do all that I can to build the best smile that I can, and I will remake the product if it's not right. I'm not going to do what's been done to a lot of these people for 300 to 400 dollars.

We have the technology that we think is as good or better than anybody making dental veneers anywhere in the world. And for anyone who's just now finding this I want to tell you. There's five things you need to know about every veneer before you buy it.

What to ask before buying a dental veneer online, so you won't need a refund from instasmile.com

Number one, make sure it's not teeth cover, like a bleaching tray. Because bleaching trays are or teeth covers that are very inexpensive. Even if it's a tooth color, doesn't make it a veneer, in my opinion.

Guys, what I want you to do is ask them. "Do you use a flat piece of plastic to make these? Yes or no?" "Do you vacuum form or pressure form these things over a model of teeth?" "Are they pressure-formed or vacuum-formed in any way?"

That'll help you a lot.

"Do they cut these with scissors or a hot knife?" "How are they cut, or are they cut at all?"

Then I would ask them: "Is the thickness uniform?" "Is there any contouring to these?" "Are they thicker in the top or are they at the bottom?" "Will you remake the product if it doesn't fit and do I get two remakes?" "What is the warranty period?" and "Are they purposely designed for true detail in between each individual teeth?"

Better than needing an full refund, don't buy instant smiles in the first place!

Just the fact that they say they're instant tells you that they're not putting a lot of contour into it. Ours take anywhere from two weeks to 30 days because there's nothing about what we do that's instant.

Those are things that people never know to ask for. If they say no to any of these, guys run, don't walk, run. We believe that every smile should fit your face and these just fit your teeth. I tell people every time that the contouring of each veneer is very important. But they need to be as thin as possible at the top a little thicker across the middle and very detailed at the bottom.

And when I smile, you don't see much because the lip is too long. So I have to smile really hard when I place my veneer back in. I can put no effort in it and you see a lot of a larger portion of my smile. And it's brighter and it seems professional and I've never had anyone say they don't believe it to be anything but exceptional.

Improving your life is no laughing matter

I feel very good about it. I'd never want to make fun of anyone who took energy and effort and spent money to try to improve their life. And I don't care if you improved it for a day, it was worth it if you spent your $350.

I'd still like to hear from you if you're happy. But I do know that if you spent three hundred fifty dollars and you wish you had a BilVeneer™. It's not the same as what you thought it was, the pictures didn't do you justice, or they didn't explain it to you. Then you'll be in the same position we are every day when we hear from people from all over the world.

Some parting advise

It could be the best thing that ever happened to you. For the people who have already lost, we can fix it. And the people who are about to lose, we can prevent it. Let me tell you why I want to do this.

I know that if you spent three hundred fifty dollars on the smile it's because you're hopeful for your future. And I'm going to tell you what a lot of you don't know. For most of you listening the best things that ever going to happen, you hasn't happened yet. Weddings, special events, first dates, interviews, awards, rewards. All these things that are going to happen in your life, and you have a smile that's holding you back.

If you would like to get a refund from instasmile.com, let me help you

So the day that I help you fix that one hurdle in your life. All these things are going to be met more energy, more enthusiasm. It's worth it for me to make less on some veneers. Just to know that we right-sized a lot of opportunity for people who thought they couldn't afford anymore. Or thought that they could deal with a little bit less.

And if I do the job that I hope that I can do, I think you're gonna see joy. It'll make you feel like it was the best purchase you ever made of your life. I look forward to seeing the after pictures where you actually use these smiles for all the special events and all the good things are gonna happen in your life.

My name's Bil Watson, and I am a designer at Brighter Image Lab. I'd love to build you a BilVeneer™, and I'd love to do it before you get in trouble with one of these instant smiles. Come get to know me.

Thank you guys and I look forward to working with you.

If you are looking for the Instasmile refund policy, the Instasmile warranty period. If you were deemed unsuitable for Instasmile or were charged an admin fee by Instasmile. If you tried submitting a complaint to a site like pissedconsumer.com or thought you'd receive a defective product from Instasmile, please consider Brighter Image Lab.

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Flurosis Client Hates Dentist
Bil Watson

Today I want to talk about fluoride but I also want to talk about the dentists that do videos that support fluoride.

Hey guys! Happy New Year's, Merry Christmas all that other stuff is all done and gone. I wanted to have a rant today I figured everybody's at work. What you're gonna see on my desk is, I've got pages and pages front and back of a lot of stuff that I want to tell you about. I'm hoping that we'll link it down below and that you'll find some reason to look at it if it affects you.

Misconception of Fluoride

Guys I think it's a grave mistake I think it's one of the gravest of our time. I think fluoride is a poison and I think everyone should know where it comes from and how it's made. I think if they did they'd pause on the effects that they let it have even in low dosage. My concern is that I hope that everyone takes what they know about fluoride and protects the smallest people around us. People under the age of 8.

I think it has negative effect. What I wanted you to know is I think any dentist that supports it should be able to say that he has a science degree,and that he's actually used that science degree instead of just relying on old data. People see that a DDS degree means something and when a doctor says it's safe for you, then you should be able to depend on that.

When a doctor tells you that it's absolutely safe and communities that fluoridate the water have less cavities, then I would question that data and where it came from and when it was true and if it's still real today. The reason being is because it's not a dispute that's been argued at a state level or city level. In major developed countries all over the world, they have proven against fluoridation of water because the negative effects.

What is Fluorosis?

Now let me tell you why I don't like fluoride. There's a disease called Fluorosis. Fluorosis comes from people who get too much access to fluoridation. It's a fluoride poisoning and it shows up in the teeth. I've got a picture here there to show you what it looks like.


This is what it looks like, it's when you get spots, dots and pits all on your teeth and you don't know why. People think you're poor, you don't brush your teeth , and they think that you just don't practice good dental hygiene and it's BS. I get cases like this every day. They're so concerned with the cost of fixing it that they don't even go to the dentist and find out what it is. When really the only thing they did wrong was do the same thing everybody else does, they just did it too much. I shouldn't have to show you those pictures to sell you that fluorosis doesn't exist if fluoride doesn't exist. If it affected these people and if it's one in a million, if you're one of these people you don't care what the percentages are.

Obviously if your teeth are strong, healthy, and nice you'd like to think that fluoride had something to do with it, but if it was just bought data then I think you need to know that as well. I see these cases.

In Need of a Christmas Miracle

This case came to me the other day at Christmas time, where a young lady that's in her 20's has a marriage, produced a baby moving a family forward in life and can't smile came from the state of Kentucky. My problem with Kentucky is that it's the number one fluoridated state in the country. I get an extraordinary amount of cases that come in like this from Kentucky, and it's not something that happened yesterday or last year or 10 years from now. This happened 15 years ago because when those kids were six, ten years later they're 16. Well add to that they're 26, they're making babies, moving forward in life, and the effects of brushing with fluoride has affected their teeth so bad that they can't open their mouths in a social setting.

They take Christmas money, and instead of spending it on the spouse they ask mom to help them financially support a single arch veneer that may help them get their business started or get them going with a with job and career choices. So when I saw this case I saw it was for an upper only and I knew by looking at the case that this person needed top and bottom and guys I was so incredibly impressed when I actually got to call her on the phone and I realized one of the things that shocked me was is that no dentist had even taken the time to tell her what it is. She didn't know what she was suffering from. We're not dentists, so we just said let's see what we can do. We will see what we can do to get it covered.

The Hypocrisy of the Dental Industry

Obviously the people that have Fluorosis, for the most part their teeth don't hurt. It's just that the enamel is not strong and it's weathering and there's different severity, but most of the people I talked to you say their teeth don't hurt. They just wish they didn't look so bad.

If you're in an auto accident and you cut your finger or you cut your nose you can get plastic surgery because nobody wants a scar. But if you scar your teeth they think oh it's just cosmetic, and if you want to fix that you have to pay that out-of-pocket. I know that Fluorosis for more than 10 years affected this lady so bad that I think her life would be incredibly different. I think the people that she loves would have benefited from all of her energies differently if something didn't happen to her smile. It was something that didn't happen to her by any fault of her own, she went with the best advice that was available to her. There's dentists all over the state of Kentucky that could have easily made that information available.

When you talk to the 40% of teenagers that have some degree of Fluorosis that show up in their teeth, I promise you every one of those 40% would say I'll do whatever I can to get rid of these spots on my teeth. And you hope that it's just that small of a problem.

Profit Over Ethics

The other thing is I think that dentists who support fluoride need to be real careful in the fact that they're not supporting a problem that they are going to profit from later. Because when you reject the people that don't come in at 16, guess what when they're 26, 36, and 46 those are problems that our profit centers for dentist. So you have to wonder are they motivated to prevent these problems and that's my concern, that's what bothers me.

My second thing is every dentist out there that wants to say they believe in fluoride needs to support their data, but besides their data they have to be clear about their conflict of interest. In other words if I'm a doctor that's saying oh I see science all the time that says this stuff is safe and it helps remineralize teeth. Ask them every year that you've been in business how much do you profit every year from fluoride. If you were in business in 2000, what was your revenue for fluoride in 2000 and you forward that for five years or ten years. How much money do you make selling fluoride?

Question Your Dentist

The reason is it's a profit center that they don't have to sell to the client. What I want you to know it's a true medicine, it's a medication, and it is a treatment. Right now if I was to take any other medicine and pour it into the water system everybody would be concerned and say the water is contaminated. That's whether it has any effect on it or not they wouldn't want to assume it, even if it didn't do anything but cure headaches. Somebody would say I don't want my headache cured I want to make my own choices. I want to go to my doctor, I want to go to my pharmacy, and I want to get the appropriate amount of medicine that is made for my height, weight ,and body makeup.

You don't get that argument when you get your fluoride from the tap water that you drink. It also assumes that everybody drinks the same amount of water and they brush their teeth with the same amount of time. The data supports that there's a reduction in cavities and communities that have fluoridated water. Any doctor that wants to support that is relying on some science that is at the very least dated I think or incredibly convenient. I don't think just the ADA is a reason to say I'm gonna take a poison, put it into my water or put it into my toothpaste. The reason being is because I think every one of my clients that come to me and ask me to help, would have asked their parents can you please be more sensitive about how you feel about fluoride.

Lasting Affects of Fluoride

Fluorosis would not exist if it wasn't for fluoride, and these people would have dramatically different lives. I only see a small amount of cases, but this is a real case and the changes are profound and the choices would have been so much more appreciated if they could have just had these choices earlier. When you're new , you've got a family, and you've coming up with these kind of situations you work around it and tell something happens. Generally that's not going to happen in your 20s, probably won't happen in new 30s, you're lucky if you can afford it in your 40s ,and by the time you're in your 50s you're looking at different choices. All of which the dentists profit from guys.

I hope you enjoy the vlog this week and don't forget to subscribe. I hope to bring you more videos that I think make a difference. It truly has an effect that will change you to some degree. I'll see you next week let me know what you think about this video, and let me know what you think about fluoride.

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Meet Torri

Torri, Bil Watson how are you doing?

Good, how are you?

I'm sitting here working on your case. I have it here in front of me and the case is a little more sensitive than I thought, I think you have a situation called Fluorosis but I'm not a doctor. It's most likely called Fluorosis. Do you have a soft enamel on your teeth, the cover of your teeth feel soft?

Um, sometimes yeah.

Yeah I want to do some more things on this case than what I normally do if you don't mind.


First thing I need to do is, I want to give you some bleaching trays that we can put serum on your teeth that has some anti-microbials in it that should help clean these teeth. You wear them just like bleaching trays. Have you ever seen anybody wear bleaching trays before?

Yeah I've actually tried.

On this before picture how long ago was it taken?

Oh it was probably a year ago ,I'm not really sure.

I'm with you.

I could send you a more recent one. That was just I had a picture saved on my phone.

Ramping Up The Expectations

Yes, if you can send me a recent one it would help me a ton. Let me tell you what else I'm thinking about doing. I'm thinking about going ahead and trying to make you a bottom one at the same time and just don't worry about paying for it. It looks like if your mom is doing it, and you got a brand-new baby it's Christmas time l just don't tell anybody okay.

I'm sorry I'm just so happy.

Well you just need this. You need this a lot, you need someone to be decent to you.

I appreciate you taking so much time.

Well we're just going to get it perfect, it means the world to me it means. That new baby needs a mama that doesn't mind taking her to play dates with big smiles. We're going to take this case personally I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to build a couple different shades.

Thank you so much I really can't tell you how much..

Well don't thank me till we're right, we still have a lot of work to do. This is a case I'm proud to do it's a favor to me. Tell your family thank you the world, and get me some new pictures okay?

Thank you so much merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you too, thank you Goodbye.

The After Pictures


Hey what are you doing Kiddo? Hey, yours look so good and you sent me pictures right away. I can't tell you how impressed I am with the pictures you look unreal. Perfect! It looks like you just got your life back.

I'm seeing a lot of my friends from high school tonight and I'm so excited. My boyfriend saw them and he loves them, and he wants some now.

These pictures tell the truth. The second pair, you haven't tried those on yet have you?

No I haven't.

There the new translucent color. They're a little bit softer and they reflect light. They are our most expensive PressOn Veneer that we have, so let's try those on now and then you gotta send me pictures. They're thinner! It's a sleeve, they're more flexible too. The way they're made is when you push them up they get tighter at the top.

Yeah I can tell they are tight.

And you should love the color.

Wow that's amazing, oh yeah these fit amazing.

Oh my God.

I'm so excited to wear these and show these to people. Thank you so much you guys did so good thank you.

You don't know how nervous I was. Could you tell how nervous I was ?

Yeah I had a feeling.

You kind of needed this to be perfect for you.

Yeah and y'all made it perfect thank you so much!

I knew that if I just sent out the tops like you ordered, it would only be like going to a party half dressed.

You're exactly right, I thought the same thing as soon as I put them in. I'm so glad you sent me the bottom ones.

How A Smile Makeover Changed Her Life

Are you okay?

Yeah sorry I'm just emotional. I've been debating on going back to school, and I told my mom a few minutes ago after I put them in I'm so ready to do this now.

You can do anything now kid. I'm looking at these pictures that you just sent me, and that little girl can do anything.

I wish I could hug you right now.

The Reason We Are In Business

The fact that you sent me these pictures, I like the one with the tongue out that's the best tongue picture I've got all year. I can't tell you how excited I am. I know these are gonna be the best pictures of your life. When I saw your pictures it was no longer about what we do for a living anymore it's just what we do. It wasn't about money for me, it was about giving her what she needed, and the tools that she needed to be a mom. The pictures that you sent me are amazing! They are from a really happy person.

Thank you!

To think that I had anything to do with that, I don't know how dentists literally have the know-how to help somebody and don't. When I saw this there was just no way I was just going to make the tops without making the bottoms.

I feel like I can do so much more now, like I'm not holding myself back.

I am so glad that you sent me the pictures in advance. When I see pictures I could make a lot of things happen. If you hadn't sent me those pictures, I wouldn't have known what I was building. Even though I tried to get them out by Christmas, I got them out as fast as I could. But when you gave me the time to be me, I knew that I had a smile that needed to be built. When can you send me some pictures of the new smile? If I have any more questions I'll call you back. But tell me it's a great way to end the old year and start the new year.

Exactly it's amazing thank you so much!

Gratitude Through Social Media

Thanks to you all I've been so busy this week. I accepted a business opportunity, visited the school I'll be attending, and made new friends along the way in less than a week. That's what you helped me accomplish by giving me my smile back. I can't thank you enough for changing my life.

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Our subscribers mean the world to us!

I think you'll like what's coming this year. Amazing before and after smile makeovers for people all over the world. Thank you for watching the video and hit the subscribe button talk to you later bye.

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Miss Atlanta Georgia Gets No Dentist Dental Veneers
Bil Watson

Watch below as the stunning Miss Atlanta Georgia gets a dental veneer and reveals her amazing new smile makeover!

I can tell from talking to you that your spirit is every bit as big as you. You know some people's Instagram is a lot bigger than they are, but I can tell you your Instagram is not bigger than you. You're a real person.

I try to be.

Sincerely I hope you can see the look on my face I'm incredibly impressed and I hope you do good things with these. You did what I asked, and then some!

It would be a crime for me not to..

 "Hey guys, world you remember this I can't wait..Now look!"

Meet Paradise Rodriguez

I'm Paradise Rodriguez and I'm here in Fort Worth, Texas to meet with Brighter Image Lab to get some new teeth. A new smile for me personally would mean the self confidence that I exude outside, I'll feel on the inside finally. My story is a bit complicated actually. My family is from France and Spain but I was born in Detroit, Michigan east of four-mile Detroit. I come from a very low-income background, and I ended up raising my siblings. After my 13th birthday we moved to Georgia. We got on the Greyhound bus and we just went. I ended up not finishing high school so I could take care of my siblings and I got my GED.

I said okay now you have to be a real time grown-up what do you want to do with your life?

What are you good at?

Right after my 18th birthday I launched my marketing brand and it's been some time growing, but now I am officially a professional marketing specialist. I'm the current Miss Atlanta USA and I traveled nationally and internationally doing modeling, dancing, and philanthropy. I'm the owner and founder of the Catch A Falling Star Foundation.

Insecurity Shapes You

The first thing I noticed about other people is I see their teeth or smile. So when I looked in a mirror, I said I don't like my smile. I'm a spokesperson and an actress. I do pageantry. Cameras are always right in on my face, and I know that what I see when I see it played back I don't like it.

It's not necessarily what society likes or feels. But when I look in the mirror and I'm not okay with something it shows. I've learned and I've mastered the art of kind of I'll slowly turning away from the camera, or I will not smile if someone is on this side something. That stops me and it becomes an obstacle. It's something I had to overcome. I want to do more roles in movies and plays, but I stopped doing movie roles because the camera was always right there.

It may not be a big deal to others, but it was personally a huge deal to me and it made me feel a bit insecure just within myself.

Researching Your Options

So I said okay I got to do something about it. I don't want to complain, and just let it be. I've got to do something about it. But upon the research I started seeing okay what most people at my age from our 20s, we have to get treated for periodontist. That's fifteen thousand dollars right off the bat just for basic cleaning and periodontal treatment.

Then I have every tooth in my mouth, and I need eight teeth removed you know there's another $10,000. Removal you know the money adds up quickly. I can't afford this! I just got into my dream school, I'm going to Harvard there goes all my money so the way I see it is you know ten, fifteen, twenty thousand dollars just on my teeth really isn't realistic right now. And it wasn't realistic while I was raising my siblings most time when people get just one tooth for their face swells up and they're down for a week. They can't speak, and ninety-eight percent of my job is speaking to other people if I don't work, I'm freelance. If I don't work, I don't eat and I can't provide for those who are in my foundation system.

Benefits of the Internet and Social Media

I was interested in getting dental veneers but you know if you mention something in real life it somehow comes through your Facebook feed. Then I saw things like Snap-on Smile, Instasmile, things that were supposed to be easier than traditional dental veneers. I'm a research person so I decided okay let me go and research these. A lot of the reviews of these dental veneers were very yes and no. Some of the positive reviews you can kind of tell they were a bot or someone that perhaps works for the company so naturally that was my first red flag on some of the companies.

I would start Google image searching the images of dental veneers on their page to ensure that they were legitimately their images and many times they were not. That's how I stumbled across you guys because one of your images is on another company's website and I started I'm one of those people or like if I see something wrong I'm gonna flag it for Google.

So then I sent a message. I said okay let's see how they respond to a message. Am I going to get an automatic email or is a human going to respond? I was very impressed that someone responded you know was that Oh we'll get back to you in three to six days it was an actual response to my request you guys our customer service was impeccable so I said okay this is a company I need to do business with.

Paradise Meets Bil

How are you doing ?

Hi pleased to meet you.

Bil Watson, it's a pleasure thank you more than you know. How was your flight?

It was fantastic.

They always ask but we've never met ?


I met you just now?


We've talked normally like I'll have a conversation with some people. I'll have a question or something, but most of what you've done is work with people from our company and today we didn't. We didn't do anything we just met when I walked in just now. I will tell you though I have learned a little bit about you in different phases of the last six months or something, maybe more than that and it's incredibly impressive!

Thank you.

Incredibly impressive!

The majority of the people that we work with have really bad smiles unlike what you have. Your smile would be considered acceptable in every social arena, but people say if it's just a little bit and it's your a little bit then it means a lot to you. I'm hoping that you can be a voice for people who say you know do your investigation, and accept some things. It's not ten, fifteen, or twenty thousand dollars.

The most important deal is that if I can get you a smile that you're proud of with dental veneers that look perfect, and you don't have to grind or drill your existing teeth. I'm real anti-grinding. I wish even if it wasn't for me I would still want someone to send the message or think that the responsibility would be on dentistry for you guys to come up with something that's less invasive. So that if I would have said Paradise let me give you this first set six months ago there's been three other changes. If dental veneers were permanent, today I wouldn't be able to talk to you about new changes because oh we already gave her the old ones.


They're already on.

But you see what you just said, you could have offered when I first reached out to you. You guys could have sent me something said okay, here you go yeah do this.

You're right.

Resistance Against Traditional Dental Veneers

But you guys have similar to what I've done. I've done my research, you guys have steps you said okay if I'm going to take on a client I'm going to give them the best that we can offer. Then when you realize that your best could be improved on, you said okay hold on it might take longer but I'm still going to improve even though it's my best. I'm going to continue to do my research to improve. A lot of companies, including unfortunately some dentistry companies, they don't do that.

Unfortunately, in life especially my industry we settle for what we can get right now the quick and fast. What's available immediately without any real patience or research. But you guys have taken the time to communicate what is it that you're wanting from this, this is what we can do and you've taken what you can do and you've expanded to your best. As I'm sure as the years go on you're still gonna continue to do your research and expand to the best of your abilities without accepting well this is good enough.

Let me tell you if you're if you're in pageants there's 10,000 dentists in the south that would love to bring you in and drill your teeth, so you must have had some form of resistance. I actually have a friend and he showed me where his dental veneer came off. It broke.

So I was like where's your tooth? He goes they took it away. Then I said so now what? You've gone through this whole invasive procedure, you spent all this money and all this time to heal, and now what?

He says, "I gotta do it again." And I said oh no that doesn't work for me; problem, solution, move forward. If I have a problem I need to find the best solution, the best realistic solution for me as well, and well, you guys are it.

dental veneer

Exceeding the Expectation of Dental Veneers

If I don't say it enough I'm incredibly appreciative, incredibly appreciative.

I've seen your models, I've seen your work, and I can't wait to see what these dental veneers look like on. I'm excited, are you ready too?

Let me put some gloves on. I have some different changes but my math tells me that these dental veneers will work perfect. If they don't like I say it always comes down to the impression so I'm gonna ask you to try these dental veneers in yourself and let me put this here, well I'll hand you this .

Oh they are really light.

So I just..

Yeah let's see what you think just put them in.

Wow! I can actually smile on both sides without..

They look so incredibly amazing in the way that we rounded them it gives you that youth bouncy high-energy look.

I look like I've had braces!

You look like you've had perfect teeth forever, they look surreal perfect.

When you think of things like anything that are press on, you picture your grandmother's dentures. It doesn't feel like that. When I put my tongue to the back of my mouth I can't feel like there's something I can move. I can't push it out.

You've got perfectly rounded teeth that look amazing, and you don't even feel them?

No like I said I can feel something but it doesn't feel like I wear vampire teeth for Halloween, it doesn't feel like that. Of course you're going to feel a material but it doesn't feel like there's something coming out.

They're a sleeve, they're almost not there.

Yeah they're really thin.

And that's after just putting them in. They look amazing!

Client Rationale

I was explaining that I'm very confident in myself. When I went through chemo I walked out bald bedazzles in my head, so it's nothing someone else will tell me about me that I don't already know. People say oh your teeth are fine, you know it's a quirk. I don't like it so inside I will smile and do my job but realistically on the inside I'm like turn your head don't smile.

You don't realize something, I promise you please believe me on this: they look perfectly polished as well. They match. I was looking at the back teeth, and they just a fit. Not even just the color, the fit goes perfectly in line.

I'm telling you you're gonna be so shocked at how bright white and beautiful your teeth are.

You can really see the color change like in my bottom versus my top.

That's incredible! Look at how much whiter they look. They look perfectly straight! You've never seen yourself with perfectly white teeth before, other than in pictures that you Photoshop?

No. I've had to make this happen in Photoshop and it's disheartening. It's a part of my industry and part of my work but to see this now I don't have to sit there and post and copy then light correct and try to fix the shading and get a lining. This is everything that I was hoping for when I first reached out to you guys.

I will tell you I've never seen a more impressive smile light up. It's almost like they plug the light in. It looks perfect! I'm literally less than 36 inches away from you and I can't tell that they aren't one thousand percent permanent.

PressOn Veneer Fit and Security

When I bite there's no shift. They're just amazing. Well then we're going to have to see the bottoms now. You always say first ones are perfect, but you never can tell we may have to make adjustments.

Now the bottom is what I was really worried about because this whole side comes in. Oh wow that's snug! Oh wow!

It's going to take a little bit because of that bulk, it's a lot thicker than what the top one was because we had to change the appearance of the crowded and the rescission that was in the back of those teeth. So we had to bring everything forward, but now you see why.

That's incredible!

Let me tell you they look perfect! Literally, if a doctor had ground your teeth the only reason they grind them is to bring out a smile that'll fill up and be a perfect fit for your face.

Now I don't want to close my mouth. I'm very good about hiding this side.

Nobody has seen you with the perfect smile, this is the first time. You have to be seeing what I'm seeing. I don't know if it's possible because you're pretty young, but you take a lady that's in her 20s or like you just propped her up and you couldn't have done it better. They're a perfect fit for you.

I like the snap that I heard, that let's me know that they're in place. They don't feel like they're coming out do they?


If you want to take them out it's going to take two hands.

I'm pushing with my tongue.

Remembering Challenges Before PressOn Veneers

Here's the thing, imagine what your life would have been if I could have given those to you at 17. Just imagine all the challenges and all the nights. You know you're going to realize to us it's nothing, you know you're just now coming up but to you it's been..

It's been a journey.

Nine or ten years minimum of where you've been a young adult. Every time you've had to consider: I wish I wish I wish..

These could have been available. The dentistry has been available. People have been getting dental veneers for more years than you are old. You got relief after a few years. There are people that are watching this that are just as put together or would have made a bunch of choices that took different career choices or gave up. And they're ten years or fifteen years older than you and they still had that same issue for twice as long. There should have been an option that was available to you at seventeen that the first day you go I want them perfect. Because you have the right as a person to present yourself the best you can. You should have choices, don't you agree?

I agree.

I always tell them I don't know if I want to celebrate that we fixed it today, or be upset that it wasn't available ten years ago. You would have exerted and accelerated in a lot of other places on your personality if it wasn't for things that weren't available to you that wasn't really a choice.

Ridding Your Life of Obstacles

Things that I said no to, there were films, public speaking engagements where I saw it and said I can't. Nobody can be on that side and I said no to them because this was a problem. I no longer have to say no and that's a big thing for me. Magazine publications where some photographers say I'm a bit of a control freak, they don't like for me to tell them no you can't shoot me on that side.

So I've had to say no to big projects cause I'm like oh if you can't work with my parameters cause I'm not gonna let that out there. I no longer have that wall that's in front of me saying uh sorry remember this problem. I had a problem, you have a solution, and now I can move forward with the confidence that everyone believes I have. I'm now going to have on the inside too.

I want you to know that it's been a privilege doing this job, thank you. I'm going to shake your hand it's been amazing. Before I let you go I'd like you to use the last bit of our vlog to tell people about your foundation.

Catch a Falling Star Foundation

Oh the Catch a Falling Star? It is my purpose. There's no other word to describe it. It is absolutely my drive in everything I do. I want people to know that what you're going through you're not alone. And that even if there's only one person in this world, someone cares, someone's there for you. I take the things that I've gone through and I say okay I'm not the only one feeling this way so how can I give back to society so they know I don't have to feel this way. It's imperative for me to put them in a place mentally of I don't have to feel this low, I can do something about what I'm going through.

Who do we say Google me, who do we tell them to google?

Paradise Rodriguez plus, I now have a website for the Catch a Falling Star Foundation so if you are on any of my social media the Catch a Falling Star is right there next to it.

We'll link it all at the bottom, people are going to have questions for you hopefully you'll be able to answer some of those questions for them. Then they know how to find you Paradise Rodriguez. It's been a pleasure! Thank you. Thank you more than you know!

Client Commentary on Brighter Image Lab PressOn Veneers

I had a great experience with Brighter Image Lab, and would absolutely recommend Brighter Image to others, for me it was impeccable that I could have a now solution. I didn't want the drilling and the downtime and I wanted something that wasn't crazy expensive because I'm a college student so finances were very big into this. So this was a less expensive, non-invasive solution to my problem. There is no reason now for you to go through all that pain and the extra expenses and the downtime. My heels make me taller, and my Brighter Image Lab dental veneers make my teeth perfect. My wigs make my hair longer. There's literally nothing to stand in my way.

Subscribe to Our Channel

Our subscribers mean the world to us!

I think you'll like what's coming this year. Amazing smile makeovers for people all over the world. Thank you for watching the video and hit the subscribe button talk to you later bye.

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Pageant Queen gets New Incredibil Smile Makeover
Bil Watson

We Did Great But We Can Do Better

How long you been wearing these pageant veneers?

I've had these now for I'd say about maybe eight to ten weeks.

They look amazing!

Thank you I love them like.

It was shocking to me because they look real.


So I think you probably have heard that.


If you didn't trust them you probably wouldn't be using them to compete in. The reason why we're here today is because I think we can do better.


You know I think they can.

Meet Jess Turunen: The Pageant Queen

Hey guys today we're live in Las Vegas and we're going to improve a pageant queen's smile with dental veneers. I've never met her, she's never met me but I think it's going to be pretty impressive.

When I was little I knocked my two front teeth out, and they have been crooked ever since. I have been really self-conscious about them, and had always wanted them straightened but I guess I was always going be left with my small yellow teeth. So I've always been looking at doing something about it. Being a pageant girl especially being on stage and being self-conscious about my smile was a big thing for me, there's obviously so many other things going on so to be thinking about your smile while you're on stage is shattering. After a lot of research and I found Brighter Image Lab online and continued to study Brighter Image Lab for a long time before I actually proceeded.

Thank you so much for coming out to me!

Actually it was mutual, you came a long ways too. From understand you're very busy?


You're a mom, are you're married?


Great guy?


Do your boys love their mom?


How old are your boys?

Six and four.

How Did You Find Us?

Oh cool, how'd you hear about us?

Um so I found Brighter Image Lab on Google, but I had been researching for a long time. There is a similar company in Australia but it does involve the dentist so it is very very expensive. So I had originally been looking into orthodontic work, but it would still mean that I'd still be stuck with the same shape teeth so that's when I started looking into veneers. I don't know about here but you know in Australia they are so expensive. For ten teeth across the top only no bottom teeth, $30,000. But I have virgin teeth so I was really apprehensive about shaving down my teeth, and obviously the cost came into the equation.

When I found out that you became a client of ours we sent you some veneers, we didn't have any communication with you we just kind of did it one shot.


I don't know what made you send us the letter back saying thank you for this design or whatever.

What A Difference Can A Smile Make For A Pageant?

Well because they've changed my life, I feel so much different in a good way.

Even though your smile would have been pageant perfect by most people.

Yeah exactly, people used to even say to me if I ever expressed you know the fact that I wanted to have my teeth fixed they'd say why there's nothing wrong with your teeth. But it's just obviously everyone has things that they're self-conscious about.

As a compliment to me, I am really sitting here kind of way impressed.


Like just perfectly impressed! You know you look at your own work and you go oh God she's going to be in a pageant. If I would have known I would have just put them up there you know. I don't know do you wear them like that or you just wear them during a pageant?

Yeah no I wear them all the time. I have taken them off at home at times when I've been cleaning the house or whatever and gone to school pick up and realized halfway to school that I forgot them. I've turned around and gone home to get them.

I look at every veneer that goes out the door. When you see it plastered somewhere big then you go I wish I could have done this. Man if I would have just known I would have done two, you see what I'm saying.

Yeah yeah.

I had a little fit, like I mean why didn't they tell me or why didn't she mention that or something.

I'm sorry.

Well because you will do the best work and so I still didn't know you but I'm like I would love for her to see this translucent white. Do you know what shade you went with?

Um this is number two.

Which is our natural shade. Because you know there's an ultra white.

Yes I was scared of that one because I do wear them everyday.

Yes I always ask people please be afraid, because it's only for people who can carry it. Would you change back to veneers ?

No way.

Were you disappointed?

No I wouldn't.

I think from looking at them no one would ever know.

The Appearance Speaks For Itself

No and actually I was just saying that one of the other Pageant Queens, the Australian Pageant Queens is a dental nurse and she she actually couldn't believe that they were not real veneers. She nearly died when I took them out. She was like wow I thought they were real what what just happened, so she's really intrigued by them now.

You do know there's always a possibility that these aren't better than the last ones and I always tell everybody when I meet them for the first time there's even a chance they may not fit.

Yes, No Worries.

I want to show you one thing.

I don't know if I want to see this.

When people tell you your teeth weren't bad, they really weren't bad at all. Every day I have people who would love to have that smile, but they have some gaps and they were pointed. What you want to do is make your teeth a strong feature instead of a neutral or a negative.

Oh wow!

The other thing about these is these have a coating to where they'll always look wet. Let's try these on.

Sure. This is always the part I don't like is taking these ones out.

Let me get these here.

Thank you that way you won't mess those up.

They're probably covered in lipstick. Thank you. Wow it is lighter I can feel it!

Difference In The Pageant Smile

If you can let me just see the difference with the one that's in there now. Wow they look amazing, let me get a mirror for you. Let's see what we look like. It's like strictly a sleeve.


You see what I'm saying?

That's so thin, it barely even feels like it's in my mouth. Yeah so they feel a little tighter, that one feels fine.

Do they feel the same or thicker or less or just tighter?

The top one is a little bit tighter but no they still feel the same they're amazing.

Giving the possibility they are the whitest natural tooth color you can see.


I don't think they look fake white.


They just look extra white. Can you notice the gloss?

Yeah I like it.

Yeah it looks pretty cool, and so if you had two you'd basically have choices. I guess it would be like other things you'd have days you'd go hey I want these hey I want these.

They're so amazing! I can't get over the feeling they're so thin. I can see the difference the translucent is beautiful.

Dentists Apprehensive To Shave Down Teeth

If any cosmetic said he would do them for free but he had to grind your teeth I don't think you let him grind them.

No way no! I'll admit even the dentist was apprehensive about it.

Tell me about it.

He didn't want to do it. He literally said why do you want veneers your teeth are virgin? Why are we going to shave them down and he said you know that if we were to do this you'd be signing waivers because there are risks involved in this process?

Do you know how many people don't get told that risk? A large amount of calls that come in every day say can you take these off? And I go no we can't take them off. "Can you work around them? Can you work over them ?" They're not your teeth anymore, you have to stay with what you're doing. But no one told them. Um I will tell you that the makeup and all the things you do more than compliment the veneers, but it lets the veneers complement the makeup.

Yeah definitely!

Is The IncrediBil Pageant Worthy?

You had so much confidence in the first pair but what would be the difference now?

The feeling, these are just they're not there, there nothing. It just feels like second to none.

Almost like it went lint?


But from what I understand, a lot of what you do comes down to one tenth of one point.

Oh yeah.

Not even a point. So one little bit makes a difference.


This is a little whiter, a little more chiseled, a little more detailed, but more reflective. Then I think I would make that choice if it was afforded to me.

You know I must say considering their whiter I actually feel like they look more natural, I love these. I would definitely purchase these.

If you knew in advance?


A Confidence Boost

They look so real like I'm seeing them now for the first time.

I honestly I can't believe it.

We don't ever like to get into a win or loss. We don't think people should have to win a smile, so we don't try to get into oh you can win as mile or win a pageant but we do think it's pretty important that they have a chance and a choice. The biggest thing is we try to give them a choice.

Look I like to think of it this way that, I won my national finals without these but this gives me so much more confidence. It's not about winning or losing with or without the teeth it's about the confidence that I have when I walk on the stage. It's about how I carry myself, how I hold a conversation and I'm not self-conscious about people looking at my mouth.

I guess what we can say is are we really getting close enough to be competitive with the doctor?


I think you'll be an example for people who are sitting on the fence and I appreciate you choosing us.

Yes thank you!

To have a brand that someone can say I can make any choice, because if we were a bad choice you would have made another one.You would have went to someone else.

That's right!

I get to see them. Do you need to see them again?

Yes I love them! I'm super impressed!

Every time you see that it rebuilds your confidence.

Perfecting A Smile Worthy Of A Pageant Queen

Yeah literally I was like I said I was scared of how white they were going to be, but I actually love them.

I can't imagine anybody doing a better job. I'm feeling weird saying it because I did it, but the design is perfect. Nothing is too big, everything works.

They feel great!

I think you can see that it was a good find for me to pick you. I had to put these on somebody it was worth the day for us to come say let's catch her on this side of the water.

Thank you.

Because we want to introduce them on the other side, yes you're going into competition that starts literally hours like it's just a few hours away.The the big thing is I think people are going to want to ask you somethings, so you'll get some feedback on social media. They're just going to work and we are going to link you below so with that we're going to wrap it up and I'll say thank you more than you know.

Thank you so much!

I always do this to end my videos I'll see you soon thank you. Bye guys.

Learn more at brighterimagelab.com

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don't settle for less.

It's obvious what's the best.

Bil Watson

The largest amount of scrutiny somebody can put on you when you don't have beautiful teeth, they'll never doubt your smile. They would have to get so close to see if there's anything that's different. You didn't have to grind, you didn't go through any pain, and this literally has taken minutes for you. You've never seen these, we walk in and in two seconds a lady who a smile is very important to her can smile big. You can't wait to let it go.

I don't even know how to smile with showing my teeth, how do people do that?

The Big Apple Experience

Hey guys if you've never been to New York City Times Square at four in the morning, you owe it to yourself to try. If you can just see what I'm seeing, it's un-freakin'-believable! I just walked out in the middle of street for the hell of it, I just wanted to see what I could see guys. Bring your brand New York City get your sign in Times Square, and you're gonna be seen by the world. It's four in the morning and I walked down to see this place, and it's just amazing to me.

I love seeing all the brands. A lot of these brands just want to be bigger than the next brand, but some of these brands make a difference and that's what I hope Brighter Image Lab does. You think you've seen some things that are big, but until you've been to New York City it ain't big at all. That's why they call it the "Big Apple" .

A model from Germany called me and said hey I've got some followers, and I'd like to see what you do. I never spoke with her. I guess with millenials man nobody talks. She just direct messaged our company, and I talked to her through Instagram and said hey if I could help you let's try. If I could get her to smile, it should be pretty impressive. I don't even know how to begin to do this modeling shoot tomorrow, but I'm positive we'll get something good out of it. Maybe I'm moving too fast, or maybe I need more patience but at four in the morning I couldn't wait to be in New York City. Wish me luck tomorrow!

Meet Lara Helmer

My name is Lara and I'm 22 years old now. So I started modeling with a TV show. I participated in Germany's Next Top Model about two years ago. I'm working for a bunch of big clients. I do a lot of shows, runway, campaigns, beauty campaigns, and a bunch of different things. It works really well! I'm in New York, I'm super happy, and I think I'm going to stay here.

I was never really happy with my smile totally. My top teeth are way bigger than my bottom teeth, they stick out too much, and they're not beautiful teeth. I got into modeling, and in this industry it's really common that everyone has like beautiful teeth in America so I wanted to try something to find a solution for it. So I researched some things, but I could obviously not afford a 20k makeover and also it hurts too much. That's how I find found you guys.

I think having beautiful teeth will make me much more confident. I might get even more model jobs. I think it would change my like, I don't know change my life because a smile is I'm thinking a lot about like how my smile looks. It will change a lot!

Getting To Know Your Clientele

Good to meet you kiddo!

So good to meet you, Thank you!

Tell me where you're from?

I'm from Germany, Munich.

Oh cool I saw a little bit about that, did you grew up there?

I grew up there.

So you speak German?

German, a little French, and English.

You contacted me through Instagram and we've never met, today's the first day right?

It's a big day!

We chatted and initially we were going to say, if we can design it then we'll do it. You know there's always a chance that it may not work, so we'll see because it was so fast.

I know.

My staff says, "Bil you're always so conservative and they always work" so let's see what we can do, okay? Isn't this crazy ?

Oh my God, it's unreal! Thank you so much!

Only thank me if it works, you see what I'm saying?

No already for your effort.

It already works. What happens is we know we're 95%, we just don't know the other five. You've never tried these on.


Okay why am I nervous? I think just because we rushed it so fast. Ta da!

Looks so beautiful!

Why Drill Your Beautiful Teeth When You Don't Need To?

One thing about them is they're a translucent color, and they have a glaze on them so that when you smile your teeth will always look wet. But we don't think is is that people shouldn't take the risk to drill their beautiful teeth if they don't have to. Why do it especially if they get to look at it.

Especially with healthy teeth, like my teeth are like super healthy and I'm young why should I like go through pain and everything.

What happens if it doesn't work? Or what happens if they come out with a new color, and your veneer doesn't match that color? We're going to try these on, you ready?

Perfect Beautiful Teeth Are On The Way

I'm ready. Am I doing it right?

You tell me it should feel really tight. Let me see first, I've got to see a big smile. They look amazing.

They look amazing Can I see?

Yeah you can see.

Oh wow! Oh my God! This is amazing!

We have a couple different designs, so I'm going to see which ones you like better.

I look so beautiful they look amazing!

Sometimes Adjustments Are Needed

What happens is they're going to get seated here in a few minutes and when they get seated they're going to be crazy. Let's try the bottoms.

Thank you. I think they don't fit?

They don't fit? Let's just close and see what it does. Does it go on there? We're getting there. This one was didn't stay on?


So what I need to do is adjust the bottoms, so we'll take a break and then we can try getting them adjusted. When we took a break what happened is we tried to adjust the bottom, and the bottom is just I don't think we have a good impression. We just pushed it too fast, but we're going to get you new impressions and we're going to send you bottoms. It's not uncommon. About 85% of the people go straight through, if 15% and it just so happens on one that matters to me we didn't get the bottoms. But I'm very pleased with your top, I just you to learn to smile. I think I'm just kind of shocked. What's more shocking, the fact they look perfect or there's no gap?

Enjoying Your Beautiful Teeth

The white is just like perfect smile. I look in the mirror and I see someone else's smile, it's in the best way. It's just a beautiful natural smile and this morning I woke up and I was like, and now...now I have like beautiful teeth.

Generally every day you go all day without showing your smile, and now I think what will happen is you'll practice all the time going what can I do. We wanted to see what we can do to get your new smile and so hopefully what you'll do is send me some selfies of how you're able to make it work for you, and I'll get you the bottom. The bottom looked perfect on. I think once we get it fitted perfectly they'll be a great set.

I already forget that I'm wearing them.

Right and the whole deal is it's a perfect fit.

It feels really good, you don't even notice you're wearing them.

Especially when you look at how good they look like from my point of view, you forget real fast. In the right proper environment, those will be so striking it's unbelievable. That's the perfect fit!

I just want to laugh the whole time.

I will tell you nobody in the world will ever think those aren't real. They look amazing but I can tell you love those.

Yeah these are amazing, I just look so perfect!

We've just got to get your bottom done.

It looks so beautiful!

We did what we said we were going to do.

Wow! I just want to smile the whole time.

Signing Off From New York

We've got to get a picture cause we always do.

Uh huh!I feel like I'm going run through the streets from now on like...I feel like a new person!

Well you definitely look like the person that you were trying to find.

Hey guys I just thought I'd tell you one of the hard sides about vlogging is that it's about 3:30 or 4 o'clock in the morning and I'm at the airport, and as you can see nobody's here. I left my luggage on one of the terminal connections and I've gotta wait for them to bring it back, but this airport is a ghost town. But I just thought I would show people what it's like when you're vlogging and you leave your stuff. So it's just one of those deals, but everybody thinks it's all glamorous until you're stuck at the airport.

I had one of the best trips of my life, I hope to have more of them even with the same kid it'd be so cool. It's just one of those long nights but I have to tell you it was worth. It is worth a lot, I enjoyed New York City!

Learn more at brighterimagelab.com

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PressOn Veneers
Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



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3 Smile Makeovers in Cosmetic Dentist Parking Lot
Bil Watson

Cosmetic Dentist Misguiding the Public

A consumer cannot and I repeat cannot take their own impression accurately. Brighter Image Lab and Instasmile create these cosmetic over-the-counter internet appliances where no one ever sees a dentist, and I promise you you cannot eat with them. As you know I do snap on smile which really is the only one that really fits right so there's no way you can do "Do it Yourself" impressions, it's just not going to happen. But it is buyer beware, and you should not get this type of appliance it doesn't work. It's not the same material and it's not going to last. You can't eat with it and the internet appliances I just cannot tell you enough, it's just a waste of money.

Taking Impressions with Ease

You being here today means a lot to me.

It means a lot to me to for you to be here.

It meant so much to me because obviously everybody has their family on holidays. What meant the world to me was is you can't let people be misguided, it keeps people poor. I'm telling you anything I'd invite you to you're going have ten times more confidence with a full smile, and you shouldn't have to leave half of you at home. If it would have been double you couldn't have done it. They say oh buyer beware buyer beware saying don't don't stop stop, it takes years to take an impression. It's insane!

If three people couldn't go forward ,you got Easter pictures coming, you have your family , and you got church I'm sure. They will scare you, scare your daughter, scare your friends, and your neighbors.

I got one question did you guys have any problems taking your own impression? Was the impression hard? Did you have a hard time?

No I had to re-do mine.

But you got it.

Yeah I did it the second time.

It wasn't worth three or four thousand more dollars because the people buy from us it's not a pleasure buy. They have to buy it, it's a painkiller it's just something that means the world to me.

Makeover in Under 30 Minutes

What I am going to do is start one at a time, so I'm going to start with you. There you go, let's do this!

Oh my gosh!

There you go, let's try the top first let me see, it's got a little bit of lipstick. They are amazing you know they are. You're going to be okay thank you so much!

Thank you!

You know they'll fit better once you've had them in for a while.

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh, wow!

Now look at that, you've got to look!

Oh my God I have teeth! Oh my God thank you.

Here's what's going to happen it's going to take you a while to adjust your bite but when you do you'll feel so much better. These are a big deal for me. I see one little micro fraction, just a little bitty things that might be able to improve they look amazing. What do you think it'll do?

I gotta keep my hand down now.

You have to learn to smile .You make me so proud that I do what I do.

I feel normal again.

How long has it been?

About 5 years.

Five years since you've smiled.

I've learned to cover my mouth when I smile.

You look beautiful I wish you could see what we see. It takes about three days to get used to the bite. I don't know you and it looks like I wouldn't know. They look natural. Nobody would know. You look great!

Thank you for giving me my life back oh thank you!

Thank you, can you sit here for a minute? Are you in a hurry?

No not at all. 

Cosmetic Dentist Proven Wrong

Have a seat. Let's try you man.

It'll take a little getting used to.

They are so much more sophisticated. Let's try the bottoms we did some adjustments to the bottoms. It's going to take some getting used to. Too much?

I don't know yet, it took me about a week to get used to them.

They look natural.

Do they?

They look good my friend,you can't even tell. So you had them before?

For a few months and then they broke.

They broke and we had a warranty for them. I think same thing for you right? You always know that there's always a possibility they don't fit, because we do at an arms-length transaction. The results are so much better considering the people I work with would never be taken from a cosmetic dentist's office, and they weren't going to a dentist's office.

Client Number Three

Thank you more than you know you drove a long way. I'm going to let you try these on. Oh my gosh! Well let me ask, you only bought your bottoms because that's all you could afford?

That's right.

I'm gonna give you a free smile makeover for your bottom arch.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Bil!

Call me Monday, we're going to get your impressions. You know how to take an impression?

Yeah I did it myself.

It's not rocket science?

Yeah, yeah it's very easy I did it myself.

I want you to see how beautiful this is. You trained yourself not to put smile big and you want to smile big right.

Do It Yourself Impressions are Possible Without a Cosmetic Dentist

Don't let someone tell you that you can't take your own impression.

I was kind of scared to do mine. When I received it and I let it sit on the counter for about five days. I kept looking at it because I didn't want to mess it up and my husband said you know what just do it, just take it out and do it.

It was the only option you had. Your teeth were really destructed and you didn't have a choice.

Insurance couldn't fix it. I couldn't afford implants or anything.

She sells insurance and she wouldn't say do it. I know she's got insurance.

You still have to pay more out of pocket.

How long did you research us?

I have been thinking about it for about a couple of years before I decided, and made a decision in at least a couple weeks.

At least a couple weeks what about you?

Other Payments Options

At first I went to my dentist and he said $10,000 I was like oh I'm about to pass out. Then with my credit score being so low, I couldn't apply for the credit card.

We financed you?

Yeah you did.

The doctor told you ten grand,he didn't say hey there's this other affordable alternative that I can tell you about.

No I had to do my own research.

The dentist I saw I was closer to like twenty.

They told me that I had to take out teeth I had to get implants, there was no hope for me I had to just wipe them out and get dentures.

I promise you the two people here have already seen you be a different person you never relaxed that much with your smile.

No, it's been a long time.

Even with dental insurance, I'm an insurance agent and I sell dental insurance.

So you see people every day?


A Smile A Cosmetic Dentist Can't Give You

You paid thousands and those dentists couldn't have given you a better, and you wouldn't go back to them today if they did it for free.


It won't even matter whether you can eat in it, you will never take it out. You won't take yours out.

Exactly! I won't take it out never ever.

You have to clean it.

Zack is your bottom feeling better already?

It is actually yeah it takes a few minutes. I don't feel like I'm talking awkwardly.

That just looks so much better, I don't mean its bad. It just brings you up and you know you take these right to family people are going to see you this evening. What would you've done otherwise? You just wait I though.

Yeah, you know my little temporary.

Let me tell you, you with this bright white smile makes you stand out. I'm not saying it you know you're beautiful with that smile, you got family, probably boys right?

I got 3 boys.

Three boys and they got a bunch of stuff they want first.

Yeah, well I have my oldest son he just graduated and his prom is on Saturday.

You're going to be taking prom pictures?

Sure, yeah.

You won't have a problem taking another impression for me? I can send it to you, you take the impression, and we build the bottom. I'm gonna look at yours the best I can, with every picture I can, and I promise you you're gonna love the bottoms. Thank you so much. Guys I think we did good today thank you.

It was worth it, I would do it all over again.

Guys we're going to wrap it up and we're gonna take one group picture.

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Expensive Cosmetic Dentistry
Bil Watson

No need for a dentist to fix teeth gaps or missing teeth. Brighter Image Lab has highly advanced technology help any client smile big with confidence.

Results of Expensive Dentistry

I was on Facebook looking through things on there and I saw a little infomercial. Something like that would be amazing to somebody like me for sure. I have no bad teeth. Two of my teeth never came in, so that's where the spaces come from. I actually still have baby teeth so it's been like that all my life, or for as long as I can remember. Going to a dentist is ridiculous nowadays. You can't, most people cannot afford to go it's absolutely absurd how much it costs. They said that I'd have to get braces or do the porcelain caps. Which is never going to happen. I mean I'm poor, and I can't afford all that mess.

I was looking through pictures, and there's none except maybe one when I was not aware of my teeth. There's not a single picture of me showing my teeth except one with my mama and that's it. All these years, it's crazy how something can affect you.

There's just no words what this means to me. That's why if I hadn't have gotten this, I'd have been happy for whomever did. Because I know what it means to me so I can only imagine what it means somebody else too. Today's a pretty good day.

The Anticipation Comes To An End

Wendy? Bil Watson, I wanted to tell people your smile is not a luxury. When people invest in themselves it helps them be a better person. I know that your story meant a lot to me, and it takes a little bit of getting adjusted to them.

I'm willing to try.

You know without a doubt that if we try these on there's always a chance that they don't work. But we're going to try and see what we've got.

I'm shaking.

Don't drop it, then I'll show you. So you've never seen your own smile? That's crazy! Take your time and look at them.

Let's see oh my gosh!

Stunned By A Smile

Do you see them? You look amazing!

Wow! It doesn't even look like me.

You're going to have to practice smiling.

I've never smiled with my mouth open.

See how weird it is? For the first time please try to smile big.

No problem. Wow! Oh my gosh!

You have never smiled?


38 years and you have never smiled?

I'm trying really hard not to mess up my makeup up guys, come on.

Let me ask you this, your boys have never seen you smile?


You've always hid your smile? Are you crazy?

It's crazy, I can't believe this!

You have to smile big though.

That's not really hard for me to do right now, because I actually can.

Learning To Smile Big

I don't believe this. Give me a hug. We're doing it that's what you wanted right?

Oh my gosh more than anything in the world. I won the lottery right here. It's great! I cannot get over this, I cannot believe it.

You would have done it years ago, but when you see yourself with this smile you see yourself smiling then you want to show your smile.

No I can't believe that's me, and you're not going to make me cry.

Who's going to be the first one to see you?

My son.

To spend 38 years hiding and then can you see yourself ?

Yeah I'm not hiding anymore, it's great I can't thank you guys enough.

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

I think you're going to see yourself doing a lot of different things but you needed it. If we didn't make this happen it probably wasn't going to happen. You would've just kept going, but every day you would wonder what would happen if I had that kind of smile. I would do more, have more energy, I'd be more outgoing, and I hate to see people sit back and go well things are just tough. It's never me, it's never my turn, and today it's your turn.

Finally my turn...Finally something good, well really great I love them actually. I cannot believe I look like this.

I want you to look again.

That is crazy that is just awesome, now I just need a date and I'll be good.

The Risk To Smile Big Is Worth The Wait

A year from now people won't know you as the lady that has gap teeth. But with the gap teeth I wanted to let people know that we could do the work. It's always sensitive and I think you know I was concerned that maybe they wouldn't fit or they wouldn't look right. Because we had to fill in places that were separate than teeth but when I started doing the design I'm thinking this is going to work and I felt confident enough to come all the way because you've never tried them on before,

No and I just love you for feeling confident to try that.

Well I appreciate you for being brave enough to do this video. I hope you can see where it'll help some people.

There's no words.

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Press On Veneers

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perfect smile
Bil Watson

Twenty minutes ago we had a lady that could get all fixed up, and the only thing that we were going to notice was probably still that her smile doesn't help it. In order to fix that it was going to cost more than ten thousand dollars to get a traditional dental veneer makeover to cover that. It'd probably take you a couple of years, and when you're in your 20's you don't want to give up two or three years. You want to have a nice smile now. It took a minute to change your smile! 

Meet Cheyenne

I just graduated from cosmetology school, so I'm a hairstylist now. I have a nine-year-old son and I'm just trying to send out good vibes, and help people be confident in themselves. My smile has affected me greatly and it's been for as long as I can remember. It's been bad!

I had an accident when I was a kid. I was racing on a bike, and I flew over the steering wheel and smashed my face into the concrete. We never could afford to go fix it after that, so I just kind of dealt with it. I do have a very sordid past with dentist visits. The first couple of times I went to the dentist it was in Mexico because it was cheaper than the United States. It was just very traumatizing!

I just have really bad genetics with teeth, and so I'm probably going to have problems all my life. The rest of my teeth kind of suffer from the individual problems that I had. I just got out of school so I don't have a steady income yet, and I know it's very expensive. So I think that a new smile will help me spread confidence in my hair styling.

I would love to just smile with them when I turn them around. Show them what their hair looks like, be happy together, and share that moment.

The Promise She Hoped For

We never met before today?


We just met face to face like 30 seconds ago. How did it go? What was today like?

It was very nice! Your stylist does a great job!

We wanted to do a makeover. The reason being is because you seem to be ideal for a lot of clients that talk to us about what they're hoping or wishing they could do. I think I can give you a pretty good smile and I think it'll make a big difference if I can get you to get used to it. Had you ever looked at doing anything about your smile before, or was it just to expensive ? What was it? 

Why Now And Not Then?

I was really afraid to look because it is very expensive and I just got out of school so I don't have a super steady income yet.

I think people know this is crazy expensive anyway, crazy expensive! I'm going to show you this on this to see if you've seen it. Have you ever seen your smile? When we initially got it that's how we scanned it.

A lot of times this is a situation to where they would ask you to go get braces to pull the parts of your smile out, and then they would have to do the contouring and the grinding just so they could have something to put it on. I think we can build this out cosmetically which then we beat braces and we beat a dental veneer makeover from a cosmetic dentist at the same time.

So we're talking about a concept that would be thousands and thousands of dollars. That's what keeps people from it. They think they don't have a choice and I am here to tell you everything they can do is about having a choice. Obviously with hair you're not afraid to do hair, and you're not afraid of makeup. But there still comes something that says hey that's not enough I gotta get this thing finished, and so I'm dying to see what we can do if we change the smile. 

The Moment of Truth

Let me get some gloves on, and let's try to get this started with these. We had these put on the model, and the reason why this was pretty important to me and I want to show this to the camera. I don't think any orthodontist is going to push all that out. They're going to want to remove some teeth because as you can see that's not too much space for a person's mouth. Most people's mouths are a lot bigger. I think we're able to build it out just perfectly. I think it's going to look amazing!

It looks a lot better than it did.

I say we put these in and see how they feel.

They feel a little big.

Veneer Makeover Options and Variations

We're going to try a couple more pair or two okay? Give it time. Wow that looks so cool! I see you look good, I'm very very pleased but they do feel bulky. I have these in a thinner pair, and I'll show you. I knew those would be thicker, but they're ultra bright and you kind of mentioned to us earlier you don't want ultra bright. So I knew these would be real fast and then we'll get them back out okay okay so let's look at this.

Wow! I don't look like the same person. They look so cool and look like my real teeth.

Nobody would think anything of them. Let's go with a little bit smaller and see what you think about it. But they went in ?

Yes and they snapped in.

We're going to try these.

They feel a little less bulky.

Yeah, see they're a little bit thinner, and they're not quite as bright let's try the bottom. I think they're great! Do you want to try to go a darker color,and see since we have them, or do you want to stay with these?

I mean we can try since you made them.

The Perfect Fit

I really think that these will be your go to pair this would be when you have an event pictures, presentations, seeing people you haven't seen for a while, or trying to be your best. Let's try the bottoms first.

They slid on right away.

See we spent the most time with these. Oh my god, they look so much better than the first ones. Here let me show you this, that's it.

They fit wonderfully!

There's your magic! Here's what's happened, we worked so hard getting these so thin that you don't have to wait for these to be seated. I promise you I was worried for when she gets the bite in it. That was the only concern. These are 1000% better.

I think I like these the best even though they are lighter.

They're amazing but here's what's happened, they're translucent . They're different in different lighting, and I think they look like a perfect dental veneer makeover. Absolutely perfect, and they are still going to set better in a couple of days.

They bite well.

See how pretty that color is? This smile looks like porcelain veneers, it looks like her smile came together but then it's been well taken care of. Do you see how pretty that is or is it just me?

It's very pretty.

It just works really really good. When did you have your accident ?

I was about ten, about nine or ten, so I was still really young.

So all junior high, all high school you would have done something if you had some kind of choice. The message I think you would tell everybody is don't wait.

Client Remarks

I just saw you smile for the first time. If you could just keep smiling, it would be amazing for you. There's going to be a thousand young girls that look at this veneer makeover and wonder if a veneer makeover will work for them. If a veneer makeover could do that for you then I think a lot of them will say, can a veneer makeover do that for me?

I can definitely! Well I mean I can't make your guarantees for you but I think it worked for me. I am very excited! I'm excited to see what everyone thinks about my new smile. I think that even if you have just a slight embarrassment with your smile, this is the way to go. It's just so much better than spending thousands of dollars you don't have to sit and suffer. You can be smiling and happy just like everybody else. I think everyone deserves a smile and everyone deserves to be happy. The only thing that we can do to spread happiness is to smile at each other so that's what I'm going be doing for along time.

Learn more at: brighterimagelab.com

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Press On Veneers

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IncrediBIL Veneers
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Perfect Smile Makeover without Invisalign or Cosmetic Dentist!
Bil Watson

Smile Makeover Story:

What Do You Expect From PressOn Veneers?

What do I think is gonna happen? Hopefully I'm gonna get a pretty new smile. I'm really excited about that because I I feel like I haven't had one since I was a little girl. Like a whole new person I hope I do I think I'll feel just one hundred times prettier.

Meet Christina Guerra: Beauty Makeover Guru

Hey guys! This week we wanted to do another vlog and I think that's worth doing I actually got contacted by a young lady out of Dallas, she's a YouTuber and she has her own blog and she has a pretty strong following from the people that care about the things that she cares about. I think it's makeup, it's fashion, it's trends , it's all the necessities of life.

She contacted me and said we have a common cause we both like to see young women find advantages that will help them through life. When I saw that and saw that about her blog and we wanted to make it one of the first collaborations that we actually do with another channel.

We're going to go over some of the people that I think that would be interested in her channel that we normally do new life smiles for. Then let her select who she thinks she can work with that appeals to her audience ,and then with that we're gonna build that young lady a new smile. We hope that it makes a difference, and we hope that this blog shows you a little bit about what we try to do all the time.

I think the world of you for reaching out to us. If you can tell us a little bit about why you found us.

A Smile Makeover Can Give Confidence

Because of society, girls we have so much pressure to look a certain way and I know I have my own insecurities that I struggle with. I really want to be able to help someone out that has been trying to change their smile for a while, because I know how much of a difference a smile can really make.

You want to feel that security in yourself you know, I want to be a part of that in helping someone else.

Choosing Smile Makeover

Cool. We've got smile makeover submissions from all sorts of backgrounds.

Are they from all over Texas?

All over the world.

How about this one? She's from Amarillo Texas. Her name is Christina, she's a nursing student and she's about to graduate. It says here that she has some yellowing in her teeth, she thinks her teeth are really small, and that there's gaps in between. She's insecure whenever she talks to her patients because she is in nursing.

Her teeth they're small and they're gapped out and we do really good with gap teeth and chipped teeth. My biggest concern is can we help her, yes I think we can. If that's someone that you would like to fix and I think we can make that happen.

Meeting Christina

Hey Cristina Bil Watson, it's a pleasure what are you doing? Have a seat. Thank you ,I'm hoping that today goes well for you. How long ago did you actually apply to be a new life smile client?

I think I applied for a free smile makeover twice actually. Yeah I think it was back in the end of November, when I decided let me just submit a smile story what could hurt right? Then I tried again in January or so.

So the first time was over a year ago? It takes a long time yeah. We don't like to make it where somebody won a smile. Between me and you, I think that living with the smile that you're not happy with is a little bit of pain.


So to go," Who can win" I think that's crazy. That's like seeing three people with a flat tire and go "Who could win a free tire", it's like all those people want to get home, want to get to the families, and all of them want to get back to their lives.

So I'm going to be a registered nurse and as a student now it's kind of dumb, because I shouldn't feel this way but I do. I go into my patients' room and I'm embarrassed because I feel like immediately they're just looking at my mouth and it makes me feel kind of bad about myself. But when I get to put on a mask I feel better.

When you went to the dentist, what did they want to do braces or anything ?

There they told me I would need Invisalign, and the front four veneers porcelain. They would cut the frenulum or that little piece right there because if not that would make my gap come back he said.

How Did You Find Us?

How'd you find us?

Honestly I don't know if I remember. I've been following you for a long time now ,and I don't even know how long it's been.

What do you do? Do you follow our channel on YouTube?

Mhm and on Instagram.

Let The Smile Makeover Begin

Yeah we're gonna have some fun you're gonna do what you do today and you're gonna meet a little girl that I think's over the top fun, and with that I hope it's exciting and it's neat. I hope we get to finish it off with a smile that you wanted ,and I hope that you forget the fact that you used to not smile. I'll see you through the rest of the day and thank you for talking to me. I'll see you soon. Let's just hope for the best okay.

What are you guys doing? I've got my gloves and got my stuff. You look amazing!

Thank you!

You look so much happier than you were yesterday. I hope you had a good day.

I did, at first I thought I was going to be awkward because we're strangers you know, but she made it like I've known her. It felt like she was just my friend from a long time.

I couldn't be more impressed with what you do. I think you must be putting a lot of work into your channel.

Yeah it's paid off.

Yes I can tell that it's real high energy like every thing you do is a lot to do. I really can't say enough about what I think you do for enough people. More people should see this kid so I think you're going have fun with the things that are in front of you. A lot of girls will put makeup on and a lot of girls will put on some new clothes, and stuff but they end up having this thing. 

Adjusting to Your New Smile Makeover

Today, one of the things I think would help us a lot to change your profile is for us to do your bottom teeth. Everybody that we know that has a nice smile somebody helped them get that smile.

If you didn't have it and you're starting life then you're you're at this kind of this disadvantage. You always know that there's a chance that what we do doesn't fit, I always tell people that. You haven't tried these on. so with this ,I say we just get started. It's going to feel a little weird at first and then we are just going to try them in. I Hope they work if not, we'll see.

They don't look thick at all.

At the top they don't look like a contact lens they should match up real. Here you go?

It goes this way. That's exactly how you do it. You've got to practice smiling, pretend that you had a nice smile forever and this the only way anyone's is going to get out of here is if you smile. Let's see what we do? You look grown up. You got big in one second.

Wow! Oh my gosh! They look really good!

You ready?

Yeah Wow! That doesn't look like me. I need the bottoms.

You have never showed any of your teeth?


But now what happens is most people will just show their top teeth, let's look at it again. Just look at that.

I know it's really pretty!

You having a hard time smiling?

I'm just not used to it.

A New Life After Your Smile Makeover

It's generally the hardest thing that we do. You've had a lot of years. Anyone who meets and greets with you they're going to think I've got to see it though. It's hard I always try to tell people and I hope that your audience sees this because it's young. A young group that's getting started.

It's not a luxury if your smile is holding you back, it's not a luxury. There's just some things that a young lady has to have I think there has to be choices. What I see a lot with people who get these for the first time is, they're very difficult to learn to smile but we're gonna take you impressions and we're going to do your bottom ones. They're going to take some more pictures. What do you think it'll do for you?

It's a life changer.

You think so? Tell me.

For one, I feel like I'm not going to have to put on a mask to talk to my patients anymore.

I do think that the people you know need to see the other side of you. And I think we had a conversation yesterday that talked about your energy and your passion and where you're from and what you wanted to do. I could tell that first time talking to you that's not smiling is not the person that's inside of you. 

Giselle's Remarks

I can't thank you enough for getting us involved.

Thank you.

All your work is what got us here today.

Yeah I think we're going to wrap it up. Anything you want to say?

I had a lot of fun with Cristina. We went shopping, she got her hair done, she got like a whole transformation makeover, and I honestly do see her really happy right now. I see it in your eyes, I'm an eye person and I can tell by people's eye. It was really nice meeting you and we had a lot of fun.

Finding Giselle

How do they find your channel?

So you can search me on YouTube. Just search my name just "Giselle Guerra" or "Taking on Giselle". I'm also an Instagram up there, it's "Taking on Giselle".

I didn't know you did Instagram too. You got it all going on okay, thank you again guys.

Today we got to do what we always say we want to do which is that we got to do the tough ones. I can't wait to get your bottoms and somebody will give us the feedback to see pictures on those. Thank you so much! 

Subscribe to Our Channel

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Our subscribers mean the world to us!

I think you'll like what's coming this year. Amazing smile makeover for people all over the world. Thank you for watching the video and hit the subscribe button talk to you later bye.

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PressOn Veneers
Press On Veneers

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IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



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Cover Your Teeth with BILVeneers by Brighter Image Lab
Bil Watson

 Watch as Brighter Image Lab gives this single mother her life back with a new smile makeover

I thought that if we changed your smile it would empower you to such a point that no one could tell your baby girl no. That's going away, you know you can take care of her, and today I don't think anybody watching this video would have ever thought that that was you a week ago or a couple days ago.

Oh definitely not!

Meet Kendall

Everything you're about to see happened within an hour today. This is me two hours ago. I live in Houston. My family is hours away, and the dentists here in Houston are just so expensive that it's not an option for me. I had no choices.

Now that I'm a Brighter Image Lab client, getting this smile I feel like me, and It makes me feel like myself again. After I received these veneers seeing the quality, the detailing, and how amazing they were,I had to meet Bil. I just had to. After everything he's done,working with him I just had to meet him.

How are you doing? Good, how are you?

I'm great! Are you ready to get started?

I am! Well, then you know what you're doing.

Hi my name is Kendall and I have a question I asked Mr. Bil Watson. I have been a subscriber for a couple of years now. Cool thank you!

The you question I have for you is, why did you choose me for the new life smile? 

Her Story Saved Her Life

Your story was pretty tough,and I got the feeling that South Texas is a tough town for a little girl who can't smile.

Oh yeah it's very...

How long did you go without your smile? Uh it's been about three years.How many?

Three years..

I can't I gotta take a break! It's okay. Are you okay? Yeah yeah I'm fine, I just don't like to think about it.

People are going to have a hard time believing this, but I have to ask you this.

We never met each other before today? No not at all!

They're going to ask you, did you know me before today? No, the only thing we did is text. Your story is pretty big, things were tough, and in a little town things were tough.You said some of the things that made me feel like I needed not to ignore this. I don't have everything to do with everybody that gets chosen; I got some help.

But they brought it to me, and I felt like if you could get out of your troubles, you would separate yourself from the things that were bad in your life. I think you had the tools, the energy , the expression, and you suffered maybe depression or something that was keeping you down.

How A Smile Can Negatively Impact Your Life

When people take their choices away from them, they keep them down. It's like being in the water of an undercurrent and I didn't think that I had it in me to tell this person no.

You see what I'm saying?

Well you said all the right things I want to change my daughter's life,I want her to be proud of me,and we have things that we have to do. We got school meetings and functions that had to be fun. They need to be proud of me!

I got from your communications that I'm a good person, I truly want to be everything to my daughter.

Jobs Will Judge You

When you said I can't get these jobs on the second, third interviews, or I'm getting picked last, you're right! Everyone is judging. Today I don't think anybody watching this video would have ever thought that that was you a week ago, or a couple days ago.

Definitely not!

Taking Your Life Back

One of the things that people don't know is that you're probably one of the first people I ever sent the veneers to. I didn't ask you for anything. I sent them to you, and if you didn't ever call me back you'd be fine. You said, "Hey I can be up there and I want to interview you".

So I thought that a conversation with you would help me know that this is gonna go past you getting a new smile, and that the smile would be the least of what you actually got. Some people you help them and it's their biggest possession ,and that's why they pay for it. Other people, what you give them is the least ,like the smallest gift that you'll get from this is the smile.

It's no longer rejection, it's nobody looking down on you, and nobody judging your family or your baby and her name having a good name and play dates. All those things!

I've seen it happen because I just saw your energy. All your stuff said that there's energy here, we always look for who we can help and we believe that light attracts light. I think if you were given a pass, if you just got out one day you'd stay out, and so I didn't expect the results to be so good.

But your results are amazing!

I agree!

Accessibility Shortage in Dental Care

I don't know if I had a choice.

I have a real problem with the people in Houston not having more access to dental, and it starts with who is it affecting the most. Most people don't ever take the blame. Most people who are affected, I never hear them blaming anybody though. They always blame themselves and it's part of what keeps them down. Where in reality, if your car was that hard to fix nobody would have a car. If insurance was that hard to get, nobody would have it. If houses were that hard to finance, nobody would have a house.

They created an environment in Houston Texas that you can't pierce. They weren't giving you a chance to be, and weren't being fair to you. There's no reason for you to have that much pain.

Overcoming Obstacles

It was obvious that you were just saying listen I'm telling, I'm doing, I'm not asking can you see me as somebody that's equal. If you do, you'll see me as a person that's not gonna let you down. You have my full attention! These aren't going to lay around for a month, I'm not going to get to it casually next month, and the results were so good.

I love them!

I have to tell you my history and we'll wrap it up.


A New Smile Makeover Changes You

I haven't ever met anybody with the kind of energy that you expressed that's the same person six months from now.

Everything changes.

They get thinner, exercise , know more people, their circle is better, they're more thankful, they are involved in PTA, and their marriage gets better. Of all this energy, light attracts light and I kind of wanted those for you. I didn't think you were gonna get it without me.

The last thing I want to say is that you took a lot of trust in picking me. You see what I'm saying?

You picked us, and trusted us to trust you with that. Then you gave us a benefit of the doubt and then immediate feedback. So we both picked each other and so it worked. I hope that it's had an effect on you already. I've seen that people who don't smile much, their little kids don't smile much. If they start smiling, then they smile more. If they used to smoke, they quit smoking. They just take on better habits because they know they can't go back.

Then it becomes a tool. I'm hoping that everything in your life gets better!

A Smile Influencing The World Around Us

I want to say this last thing, you coming in here was brave, and I hope it helped a lot of people. I know that somebody is sitting somewhere that's having a problem that's similar, not a similar more or less, and I hope that they say that if she wasn't brave enough to help me know that these could make a difference.


We're gonna call it, I always do this.

Pound it!

I do that with my daughter.

Do you?

Yeah She does it on her own.

We'll wrap it up there but I do want to say it's been a pleasure. Thank you more than you know!

Thank you.

Thank you!

I want to thank brighter image lab for letting me interview Bil this has been truly life-changing for me!

Learn more at brighterimagelab.com

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IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

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Live Smile Makeover in Africa
Bil Watson

All across the world people with broken teeth, gapped teeth, even missing teeth, can find a simple solution with Brighter Image Lab. Watch as one client jumps for joy at his results 5,000 miles away.

People treat you like they see you. If they see you as the guy who manicures his image, dresses real well, then you can do better in sales, work, with friends and family,or meeting and greeting people. I designed this wholeheartedly with one goal. Let it be a tool that helps you be who you wanted to be, and helps you where your smile doesn't hold you back. 

Five Thousand Miles Apart

Saddik, Bil how are you doing my friend?

How are you?

I'm fine I hear they got you delivered finally.

This is the first place for the first African doing Brighter Image Lab.

We get a lot of calls from Morocco and I don't think they realized that we could actually do it based on Fed Ex. But not just Morocco but Africa in general. Somebody said that you wanted to get into marketing or something, and that was holding you back?

How Broken Teeth Can Alter Your Every Day Life

Yes, I saw some videos of you on YouTube and that was the first time I paid attention to your product. But later when I had this problem with my teeth..

What was the problem?

The problem was I was eating a pizza..

Oh I see, I see, I remember now. Ouch!

I never believed that some broken teeth can change your life. You wouldn't believe it. Especially when the doctors are so expensive and there's no choice.

There is no choice, but from what I understand Saddik you're a pretty young man am I correct?


You don't want to go out and take a bunch of debt.

I can only smile with my family ,but being out you can't smile when you're speaking because they can see my broken teeth. After I broke my teeth, I spent one year here at home. So with my new smile here, I'll start my new life, new job, see friends, know people and travel. All of these things I couldn't do with my broken teeth. 

The Moment Of Truth

You do know that there's always a chance that this may not fit or it could be a little bit off because it always comes down to the impression. I say we get started and open them up.

Do you want me to try?

Yeah let's try!

The best thing in all of this, is this thing...The cover...

Oh yeah that is cool isn't it? I like it too.

This is the moment of the truth. So this is my teeth before.



It looks perfect! It looks amazing, you look grown-up!

Oh my God! That looks good my friend.

How's it feel?

Thank you very much, it is just perfect. Oh my God!

Do they fit all the way up?

Yes they are good.

You know in a couple days, they'll fit a little better once you get used to your bite.

I don't feel I could improve them, they are so natural and real. Thank you very much, I love all of you for what you did for me. Thank you very much they really changed my life.

It looks like you're going to be able to do a lot of things.

Yes of course, I think in the United States after Mark Zuckerberg Facebook , Bill Gates, and Steven Jobs, there is Bil.

The Instantaneous Change

Yeah I'm just trying to tell you that you couldn't do what you wanted to do with missing teeth. You had to have a smile. I see them and they look perfect, they look absolutely perfect.

Thank you very much! Thank you very much!

It's a big deal isn't it? What I like is look how fast we just absolutely forget that this person five minutes ago had missing teeth that weren't shaped properly. Now I already forget what your smile looked like before it's amazing that you changed it just like that.

The color is so beautiful.

Most people don't go that white. That's a new color, it's a brand new translucent color a lot of the models get that. That's the most professional brightness that I can give you. People are going to ask me to ask you, have you ever gotten these before today?


Complete Strangers Turned Friends

You and I have never me to other than just today.

I am from Morocco and you are from Texas, we are so far.

Yeah I think it's like it's thousands and I don't know the exact mileage, but I think it's like five thousand miles. It's a long way.

You have to visit Morocco.

I feel like I have a friend in in Morocco now, so I need to come see you.

You are going to stay with me here.

The Trickling Effect of Broken Teeth

Thank you. With everything I know, all I really wanted to do is design you a smile that I thought was going to help you go forward. So if you can, just do good things with it. Just go out and have your best life. You know you're going to have the whitest teeth in Morocco? More men should fix their smile.

I advise all the people in Africa not only in Morocco to do it. Not only in Morocco, all people in Africa, especially the young guys like me.

From what we got started with to now, you look amazing. Do me a favor, if you can send me selfies that would help to Vlog a lot.

I will tomorrow I will send them to you.

I'm very proud that you worked with me to help me with this distance. You could have been frustrated and given up and we wouldn't have had any of these results, so thank you so much for being patient with me. Well my friend if I could shake hands with you I would, so I'm just going to say see you from here. Tell your parents I said hello. Tell your friends I said hi, thank you so much my friend. I'll see you later!

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Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



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How to Whiten Teeth At Home
Bil Watson

Whiten Teeth at Home - With Help from Brighter Image Lab!

Watch the video below as Brighter Image Lab hits the ground running with a new and improved process designed to whiten teeth at home.

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Most adults believe a smile is an important social asset. People were asked what they would improve most about their smile, and the most common response was "Whiter and Brighter Teeth".

Do You Want To Whiten Teeth At Home?

You're online right now because you want to improve your smile, and I know what you want. You want a smile that looks like this or this or this or even this.

My name's Bil Watson with Brighter Image Lab and every one of these are my clients. I designed their smile to be perfectly bright, straight, and white. We call it 10X teeth whitening!

No one can get your smile any brighter, whiter, or straighter and they can't do it faster. We call it 10X teeth whitening because you want the kind of whitening that looks like it was photo-shopped.

70% of all the people you see on the red carpet all have dental veneers. Think about all the fitness competitions, think about the pageant contestants; every one of them have bright white straight teeth and they do it with dental veneers.

Smile Design Domestic and Foreign

At Brighter Image Lab all we do is do smile design for clients all around the world, and we do it for the ones that want the brightest whitest teeth. I'm gonna take a few seconds and show you a few smiles.

Look at this person, and this person and this person. They're all my clients. I can't be more proud of this smile, or this smile. These people came to me doing exactly what you're doing they said, "I need a bright white smile." They want the absolute whitest smile possible. So I did it for them, I did it for them, and I did it for her. I was very glad to do this smile.

I want you look at this client. She's been a friend of mine for 10 years, and I was absolutely floored when she asked me to help her improve her smile. She had aging stains and there was no amount of bleaching that was ever going to work for her. Even laser whitening wasn't going to work for her. I was glad to be able to get these results and absolutely proud of the pictures.

I want you look at this client, she could have went anywhere in the world but she came to me. Here is another client that I couldn't be more proud of. There was no way that she was gonna let a dentist grind her teeth down to stumps, it just wasn't going to happen. The reason why I did their smiles is because I knew what they wanted. They wanted perfectly white glossed teeth just like you want now. 

whiten teeth at home

Whiten Teeth at Home - The Right Way

If you're looking at a dentist and you're looking for laser whitening, maybe you're going to a Zoom teeth whitening , or maybe you're looking for custom trays or gels. If you want all that stuff we do it and there's a link below, but for the masses you've got other problems.

You got coffee stains, aging stains, tobacco stains, and wine stains. Most of you have a Starbucks in your hand right now. A lot of people come to me wanting whiter smiles but their teeth just aren't perfect.

They're broken, they have chips, they have missing teeth, misaligned, or they have excessive yellowing. With BilVeneers all you have to do is want whiter teeth at home. It's what we do! I can get you a smile that's amazing!

10X Teeth Whitening Results

We whiten teeth at home, lab direct with no dentist visits. There's no trays, there's no laser, there's no gel, and there's no dentist. Here's one client I want to tell you about.

She came to me with teeth that were yellow and gapped. I got her teeth 10X white! They're white 24 hours a day, seven days a week with no exceptions. We have a lot of pictures from her. This is morning, this is noon, and this is night. Here is horse riding, here's at the rodeo, here's her at work, here's her not at work, and here's with her kids. 

Affordable Payment Options to Whiten Teeth at Home

Look at all these pictures, here's what I want you to see every time you see a picture of her. Every part of her teeth are perfectly white, it doesn't matter where you're looking. I've shown you all these smiles then I get it, you think you can't afford it. Every one of those smiles that I've shown you today could have been done for $149 down. Anyone can become my client we have easy financing. We can get you into some payments that are absolutely affordable.

If you compare what we do to laser teeth whitening or UV lighting at dentists offices and you look at the maintenance in the carry on year every year, dental veneers are so much less expensive. It's the most affordable option in dentistry.

how to whiten teeth at home

The Choice is Yours!

Guys it's just dramatic results! Look at our pictures, watch our videos, and see our real results. Nothing can get your smile brighter, whiter, or make it last longer.

Most of my clients tell me if what I do will really get their teeth that bright, that white, and make their smile look amazing, then it would change their life. Guys I did it for all these people and I can do it for you.

Come see me at brighterimagelab.com and let me see if I can change your life.

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Tooth Contouring and Dental Veneer Financing
Bil Watson

What is Tooth Contouring?

Enameloplasty, also know as tooth contouring is a simple procedure utilized by various dentists across the world. This short and efficient procedure is used to gently remove minuscule amounts of enamel to reshape and change the length of your existing teeth.

Meet Reggie

I think me and you would tell them man just let them finance you. What I'm hoping is that this will be a chance for you to be an example to people. Figure out a way to use some of that money, so this can literally change your life.

I could never imagine that Brighter Image Lab would be calling my phone to go through this process to get the smile that I want. I was very nervous to be at another dentist office after I swore them off for life. I think without the tooth contouring process, my veneers wouldn't have had the same effect that I was looking for initially when I was decided to get veneers.

As far as the financing is concerned it's just a great option to have. I just feel like Brighter Image Lab really thought about everything, but especially they thought about the little guy. I'm just ready to get back to to the Reggie that was smiling at everyone he comes in contact with when he was 18. That's what I'm looking forward to getting back to.

We've never met each other, Bil Watson.

Mr. Bil, it's so nice to finally meet you sir.

I've seen you on our last interview where they took you to the dentist. Thank you more than you know for letting us do this.

Thank you!

Thank you works both ways.

Absolutely sir, it does.

I think you went online and you financed with us.

Mhm mhm 

A Problematic Need for Tooth Contouring

We had a tooth that was long. How long did you have it, for your whole life?

Um no, actually I played baseball in high school and got hit in the face with a baseball. I just started noticing growing.

We went ahead and designed the job and did it, and I looked at it for a few days. Then I said bring me that case back, and asked do you think we could call this client and see if he would be willing to work with us. One of the things I wanted to do a blog with you about is you're in Texas, you're here in Dallas, Texas. If you get down to Biloxi, Mississippi, Shreveport, Louisiana, or Clovis New Mexico, all these places think it's just so expensive to have one tooth taken down that they don't do it. I'm guessing the fear that you had was that it was going to cost too much to fix. If you would have known you could have gotten that done for 80 bucks, 100 bucks, or 200 bucks I get the feeling you would have done it a longtime ago.

A Fear of The Dentist

Probably not though, I had a fear of dentists since I was 6 years old. I went to a dentist office and I swore dentists off for the rest of my life after that experience when I was 6.

That wasn't what this VLOG is about, but I want to talk about it if you don't mind .

Sure, absolutely!

I can't tell you how many people, I need to calm down I'm so animated about dentists, I know that industry. That model is broken please if you're a dentist listening, they have to become more approachable. The people think that the fear of dentists is like a phobia that's not natural like it doesn't come from a real result. It comes from somewhere.

For me, it was traumatic. It wasn't even so much as fear, it was trauma.

Reggie I always tell people, so many of our clients won't go to a dentist unless it's pain or trauma. It's a tough conversation to sit there man-to-man two men talking to go oh I've followed battleship, but I will not go to the dentists.

Absolutely right, absolutely yeah. 

Send Us Your Photos

Back to what we were talking about, my story with that. As I kept looking at this case here's what I heard a little bit about you that I didn't know. You you were just a case to me, and you sent me pictures. Pictures mean the world to me I'll tell anybody who's listening right now anybody who ever thinks about buying a veneer from me, please send me pictures.


Let me tell you why, I think I have it right here. Just that picture alone tells me this is a guy that cares about the world. He cares about who he can help . I knew that if I could just take this right here, that would be a game-change.

Game-Changer. Yes Game-Changer Bil. Game-Changer.

So you look at it, well you look at that right there and then you don't do it. It's a big deal.

It's amazing!

Tooth Contouring Process Revealed

So getting Dr. Williams to come in and complete the tooth contouring, and then the fact that she moved some of it. Well how long did it take her do it?

Oh, about two to three minutes.

And did it hurt?

Absolutely not!

Did you have to get shots?

No it didn't have to have anything at all.

Dentists And Patient Sensitivity

You know how many more doctors across the country would see clients if they could just go, hey man let me do that for you. They spend thousands of dollars getting people in their door when people would line up if they just go hey we're not trying to judge you today, but if you've got this tip right here you want taken off we can move that. If they did more of that then guess what...you haven't been to a dentist in 20 years...

That was thirty years.

Thirty years and now you've been twice to look just because she's shook your hand.

Just because she treated me as if she was sensitive to what I've been through previously,

Do You think you'll ever forget her name?

I will never forget her name.

But it shouldn't have taken a guy on the internet to tell you that.

But thank God it did.

tooth contouring and dental veneer financing

Why Tooth Contouring is Needed

So with that I saw that I could get you a great smile. I'm going to see if I've got your models on here at all. So when you see it on a model, well it looks really bad on when you look at it that way, and the fact is you can see how it's socially acceptable in color.


But I'm like if we really want to help this guy I don't need to extend these teeth down to make that look better. Because then he's going to be like wow are those regular and you probably could have pulled it off but you would always be doing like a half smile. Now you get to live your life.

For myself I would favor the left side of my mouth. Having this bad tooth literally changed the way my brain thought.

You've had to feel differently with that tooth gone. 

Tooth Contouring Was The First Step To A New Life

My life has already changed during this process. The process has been so rewarding for me but just the knowledge that I've gained. The dentist that you guys work with is exceptional. The confidence is just something that you really can't perceive the importance of until that confidence level has changed.

I want to talk about one more thing before we put these in. When you came to us I don't know if people know it but you're actually a real client. We didn't call you, you came online. You actually chose financing.

That's right!

Was it hard?

Financing Your Dental Veneer

It was so easy. 24 hours I paid an initial down payment very cheap just $149. Payments are so low. Twenty-five dollars a week you don't even think about it. I burned through that at jack-in-the-box.

I think if me and you were talking at the gym you would say you really need to let those people know they could get financed.


We're getting out of where we can help people who really want a nice smile at the highest level, but I also want to be someone who says anyone who needs it. The last thing I would hate to meet you at the gym and say you went for 3, 4, or 5 more years without knowing what you feel like in a best smile. You know in five years you'll be 40 or something, so let's see if these work.

I appreciate it.

The Simplicity Of Dental Veneers

Let's just start and I'm going to give you both of them at the same time. Let's do this one first.

Okay, so this is that top I'm presuming?

Yes sir.Okay let me see what you got.

They look wonderful!

Yeah, you're just seeing the reflection. Oh wow!

Now let's look at both of them together.

They're so easy to put in.

Let me see. Can you close them all the way?


I'm trying to think what doctor Williams is going to say to me. How do they feel ?

Wow! I mean they are gorgeous and and they're very easy to put in I was concerned before getting them how they will stay in but they're secure. They're not slipping, no play, and they look wonderful. They look amazing! 

Product Quality

You never tried them in before today?

No, God no!

It makes you want to do different things. If you don't mind I'm going to hold the mirror for you for a second. So I'm going to try to get you to see the mirror.

I just can't believe it, they look perfect!

It's just a regular smile, it looks perfect and I can't see where anyone would think there anything other than dental veneers. It's got to be a big change. I would hate to think that we had to design that with a longer tooth, that 75 or 80 dollars took to fix around just a little bit of fear. What I like about this vlog is it shows people they can go to the dentist, have a little bit of stuff done, and still get these until they can decide what they want done. So it merged two paths.

I appreciate it!

Final Remarks

So I think we're going to wrap it up. A couple things..


They don't have to be afraid of the debt. Your smile is not a luxury. I think you believe that because I think you'll see it as a tool that'll make people want to be more like you. The other thing is they don't have to be afraid of financing, which makes 80% of people say no. Then they can shop around until somebody will agree to tooth contouring. I get this feeling that you're going to take this real GQ image and people will see it real quick. I think your friends will benefit from it in one day. Your mom will see a happier you. It'll make them feel like you're doing the things that you're supposed to be doing in life. You did good.

Thank you sir.

Let's say goodbye. Thank you guys so much more than you know, and we'll pick it up next week.

Tooth Contouring and Dental Veneer Financing

Learn more about tooth contouring at: brighterimagelab.com

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