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Dental Flipper Alternative Can Make You Look 20 Years Younger


At Brighter Image Lab, we have helped hundreds of thousands of people enhance their smiles. Many of these people chose dental veneers to replace a dental flipper or partial. 

One client named Jamie had a dental flipper that was discolored. When he came to us earlier this year for a Father’s Day smile transformation, Jamie said goodbye to his flipper and hello to amazing dental veneers.

In this blog, we will discuss Jamie’s story, how he found us and the results he was able to achieve with dental veneers.

Jamie’s Story

Jamie has been athletic all his life, and many of his dental flaws are sports related. One of his teeth was knocked out playing a game of racket ball and the other was lost in a football game. Before Jamie came to us, he wore a dental flipper to fill out his smile.

Jamie cares a lot about his appearance. As a fitness trainer, he works out every day, takes care of himself and finds pride in the way he looks. Unfortunately, his partial wasn’t uniform with the rest of his teeth and never gave him the smile he wanted. 

Being a trainer, Jamie is always surrounded by younger men with youthful, healthy smiles. This always made him feel like he couldn’t compete, especially with a noticeable dental appliance.

In the world of fitness, it is important to always be your best in terms of appearance, and muscles aren’t the only thing that can make you stand out. Jamie’s smile was holding him back, and he knew he had to do something.

No matter how many weights he lifted or how many goals he met, Jamie was never able to enhance his smile and get on an even playing field with the rest of the men he trained. 

Jamie was so unhappy with the way his flipper looked that it affected his everyday life. He felt uncomfortable meeting new people or being social, because the insecurity of a poor smile put his mind on high alert. 

dental flipper

Jamie was so concerned about his smile flaw being noticeable that it affected the way he acted and responded to others. Somewhere in the midst of his sports injuries and missing teeth, Jamie lost himself. He became the product of a poor smile.

Luckily, Jamie decided to take action. He went online and began looking for dental flipper alternatives to improve his smile, and that’s how he found Brighter Image Lab. Keep reading to learn more!

How Jamie Found Brighter Image Lab

Jamie found Brighter Image Lab on YouTube. When he stumbled upon our videos, his smile had been a burden on him for many years. When he saw what we were able to accomplish with dental veneers, he thought: “That’s too good to be true!”

dental flipper

Like many of our clients, Jamie assumed that he couldn’t get the results he saw online with dental veneers. His long-term acceptance of his poor smile made him apprehensive and closed off. He didn’t feel like the results he saw on our channel were possible for him. 

Luckily for Jamie, dental veneers have the power to transform virtually any smile, and he was an excellent candidate!

After looking through our YouTube channel and reading customer reviews, Jamie decided to bite the bullet and take a chance on Brighter Image Lab. Read on to learn which dental veneers Jamie got and how they worked for him!

Jamie’s New Smile 

Jamie ordered a set of BIL Veneers right before Father’s Day. He had plans to celebrate with his sons and wanted to have his new smile in all the family photos, so he paid extra for an expressed process. Unfortunately, his order still fell short of a Father’s Day delivery.

When we saw that Jamie wasn’t going to receive his new smile in time to show his sons, we knew something had to be done. If the post office wasn’t going to deliver the dental veneers on time, we were going to do it ourselves.

On June 19 (the day before Father’s Day), Brighter Image Lab director, Bil Watson hand-delivered Jamie’s dental veneers.

When our team showed up unannounced, Jamie and his sons were together celebrating Father’s Day at their family home. With all the family together, there was no better time to give Jamie a life-changing smile makeover. 

Once Jamie tried on his BIL Veneers, the mood in the room completely shifted. With his family there to see, Jamie smiled wide for the first time in a long time to reveal a perfect set of dental veneers.

Without even seeing his results, Jamie smiled uncontrollably. He didn’t search for a mirror or ask how they looked, he just stood there, feeling the smooth surface of his new smile with the tips of his fingers. Everyone in the room could see an instant change in the way Jamie carried himself. When Jamie finally looked in the mirror, he couldn’t believe the man looking back at him. He looked 20 years younger!

dental flipper
dental flipper

“We Can Do Better!” 

Jamie’s BIL Veneers give him the appearance of a perfect smile, fill out his face and compete with his many dominant features. We were able to achieve great results for Jamie with BIL Veneers, but we still knew we could do better.

When we saw Jamie in person and spoke with him about his fitness training, we knew we had a better smile option for him. Our IncrediBIL Veneer is ultra-thin and designed to reflect light, making them pop under lighting.

dental flipper

IncrediBIL Veneers are great for pageant contestants, actors or actresses and people like Jamie, who show off their physique at competition. Because he was such a delight to work with, we decided to give Jamie a few sets of IncrediBILs.

Our IncrediBIL Veneer is precision-detailed, chiseled and glazed to make the teeth look as young as possible. Their enhanced curvature and reflective coating are designed to make them POP, especially under stage lighting. When we saw Jamie and the work he put into his appearance, we knew IncrediBILs would give him the ultimate edge.

In the world of fitness, presentation is everything. When Jamie competes or represents himself, his teeth need to be as enhanced as his body. With IncrediBILs, he’ll be pushing himself to compete with his own smile.

Jamie achieved amazing results, and his story will inspire so many people to take action. Continue reading to see what advice Jamie has for you!

Jamie’s Advice to You 

Jamie’s advice to you is to take the plunge. If you’ve seen the YouYube videos or read the blogs, you know the potential of dental veneers, so just do it. Take the risk, take the chance and make the change. 

Don’t be held back by the look or cost of a dental flipper or partial. The number one thing you can do to improve your overall appearance is to enhance your smile, and the number one product for doing that is Brighter Image Lab’s dental veneers.

With the smile of his younger self, Jamie has rediscovered his confidence and has reintroduced himself to the world. Jamie truly seems like a new man. His confidence and spirit fill the room, and his smile shines wherever he goes.

Jamie’s BIL Veneers and IncrediBILs give him the confidence to be open to others and the self-acceptance to make himself a better man. If he hadn’t have given Brighter Image Lab a chance, he would have never known the possibilities that live on the other side of a poor smile.

dental flipper

Make a Change, Don’t Settle for a Dental Flipper

Jamie spent years accepting his poor smile, because he didn’t know there were affordable solutions available. Now, he is a walking example of the best smile enhancement option on the market.

dental flipper

If your smile is holding you back, you can make a change. There are affordable options available to you that have the potential to change your life. A dental flipper or partial can make your smile look uniform and dull, so don’t waste your time!

Dental veneers cover each of the front eight teeth for a complete and consistent smile appearance. Once you see yourself with a new smile, you won’t stop there. The best thing about dental veneers is they’re only the start of self-improvement. 

When our clients take action to improve their smile, they see the positive impact of their actions every day. Their confidence grows, their self-esteem swells and their life improves in a way that could have never been possible before.

The positive impact of dental veneers tends to have a domino effect. Once our clients are able to experience and enjoy the benefits of a better smile, they are motivated to improve on other parts of their life. Some clients start working out, make new friends, experience new things and open themselves up to the world.

Dental veneers have the potential to transform your life, so stop waiting! A smile is not a luxury, it’s a right. You have the right to a smile that works for YOU. If your natural smile falls short, go online and make a change.

dental flipper

We want to make it as simple as possible for you to enhance your smile, and our online process has made it easier than ever to take action. If you’re unsatisfied with your smile, take a chance on Brighter Image Lab. We’ve been transforming smiles and helping people like Jamie rediscover themselves for over 20 years, so we’ve got you covered!


When Jamie saw our YouTube videos, he thought what many of our clients think. He thought the results he saw were too good to be true. Luckily for him, he was wrong.

If you’re considering a dental flipper to fix your smile, consider dental veneers instead. They are the only product available that can completely transform your smile in an instant without a dentist. 

Dental veneers changed Jamie’s life, and they can change yours too. Click below to get started on your smile transformation today!

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