Dental Flipper Alternative Can Make You Look 20 Years Younger

dental flipper

Introduction  At Brighter Image Lab, we have helped hundreds of thousands of people enhance their smiles. Many of these people chose dental veneers to replace a dental flipper or partial.  One client named Jamie had a dental flipper that was discolored. When he came to us earlier this year for a Father’s Day smile transformation, […]

Brighter Image Lab Q And A With Bil Watson

brighter image lab

Introduction: Brighter Image Lab Q and A At Brighter Image Lab, we are always interested in helping people learn more about our products and services, so a few weeks ago we asked for all of your burning Brighter Image Lab Q and A. Today, we’re here to answer them. In the video below, Bil Watson […]

E-Commerce Working for Smile Makeovers


Introduction  In the past, the dental industry has relied on in-office visits to service patients. Today, the industry has adapted to serving patients remotely. While this transition has posed its challenges, it has also provided a host of opportunities for those who are creative enough to provide e-commerce solutions. Many who have evolved to provide […]

New Press On Veneers Amazon Scam – Only Buy Genuine Veneers

Press On Veneers Amazon

Here’s How to Buy the BEST Press On Veneers from Amazon and other online retailers What you see… Is NOT always what you get. Anyone who has shopped online most likely has a horror story of the shocking (and most likely disappointing) product that showed up at their door. If you’ve ever had a “THAT […]