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Friend of BIL

"A true friend understands your past, believes in your future, and helps you along your way"

What does it mean to be a Friend of BIL?

Anyone can be a 'client', but some people end up being so much more.

We're grateful to have a growing list of clients who become more like "ambassadors" or "advocates". They love Brighter Image Lab and stay in contact with us across multiple platforms. They're often found helping to explain our process to curious shoppers and may even defend and showcase our work to naysayers.

The bottom line - while we like working with ALL our clients, we LOVE helping our Friends.

Friend of BIL

What we do for our Friends

Developing a great working relationship is beneficial for everyone, but in addition to a more positive client experience, Friends of BIL also receive some incredible BONUSES:

  • Discounts up to 25% off add-on services and future purchases
  • Free products (veneer accessories, BIL merchandise, product samples, etc)
  • Entries to win complimentary work
  • The opportunity to EARN money by collaborating with BIL
Friend of BIL

How do I become a Friend of BIL?

There's no "checklist" for being someone's friend (not in real life and not with Brighter Image Lab), but our Friends do have some things in common:

Our friends send us photos and video testimonials of them enjoying their new smile - and tag us in their own photos! They say nice things about us to their friends, and post their reviews online.

But most importantly our friends love their new smiles and wear them proudly! As long as you've loved working with Brighter Image Lab, being friends with us is a pretty natural process.

Friend of BIL

Where do I start?

1. Register Your Veneers

Activate your warranty. Log in and navigate to the "Warranty Registration" link

2. Leave a Great Review

Here's a quick link to our Google review page.

3. Connect on Social Media

Learn the latest benefits on our YouTube and Instagram accounts

4. Submit this form

And let us know you want to become a Friend of BIL

Friend of BIL

"Don't make friends based on comfort. Make friends who will force you to level up."