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The changes we can make for our clients are everything to us. We mean that sincerely. So when we do a good job, and a client thinks enough to come back and let us know, we print it and post it, and share it all around the office. It doesn’t matter if they’re in the accounting department, the lab, the front office, or the cleaning crew… we all share in the work that we do. This page is here so we can share our victories with you too.

brandon D.
16:20 12 May 21
Brighter Image was easy to work with, the customer svc people were knowledgeable, polite and very helpful. They brought the “smile” back into my life. Thank you BIL ...
Dean L.
14:30 12 May 21
I live in Taiwan, I always wanted some products which could make my smile better and get my confidence back. There were so many similar products in the market, the only way I could find the right product for me is searching YouTube videos. I have reviewed so many results from different youtubers, until I saw Bil Watson, the owner of Brighter Image Lab. He actually made his own presentations, and in his presentations, I realized that he truly understood what customers really wanted, and he would do his best to satisfy the requests of his customers, and I finally decided to go for BIL company. I have already received my BIL veneers, and before I received the veneers, i was kind of worried and norvus, I always had a lot of questions to ask customer service, they were very professional and patient as specialists. Since I have a very good experience with this excellent team from Brighter Image Lab, I decided to order again. Thank you so much guys.
Yacine N.
14:17 12 May 21
Very happy with the results, ordering a second set.
Daniel L.
12:30 10 May 21
very happy the way my veneers came out and I couldn’t be more satisfied
April H.
02:07 09 May 21
I just want to say that Brighter Image Lab has changed my life. I was truly blown away. Quality, affordable and they really care and when I received the product, it shined “brighter” than my expectations. For me..there the only choice!
Natasha P.
01:49 09 May 21
This is a great company! Very helpful and informative.
Tina P.
14:20 07 May 21
These veneers changed everything for me. My teeth have been very dark most of my life and now I smile all the time and never mind having my picture made in fact I look forward to it now. Thanks Brighter Image
05:43 07 May 21
First off I don't want to come on here and be negative because my veneers were actually almost the right fit but I have small teeth there for my mouth is a little smaller so I couldn't fully close my mouth from the top veneers being just a little bit too big. Second I thought the finance company I'm still paying till this day ended up costing me over $3000 and they broke. I feel they broke because the veneers were to large for my mouth and it was hard to keep my mouth closed. 3rd I'm aware that I need to pay for the warranty and shipping and handling but I'm a single mother of 5 kids and you know the bills keep coming and I have to put my kids needs before mine like any other good mother would do. So I asked one of ladies if there was a payment plan or can you add it to the finance company but that was a no which I don't know why because they will be getting their money regardless. I pay my payments on time every week. That's gotta count for something in the mean while I'm sitting here embarrassed because I had already got to show them off and now feel humiliated and just keep to myself or make short conversations. I have a gap in my teeth and they are very yellow for smoking for 10 years which I don't anymore because I wanted these veneers so bad that I actually put myself in debt, I was determined to have a beautiful smile. Now I'm stuck not knowing what to do because I can't pay the warranty until I come up with some money that won't break my pockets. I wish I could speak to Bill the man himself to see if there's any way he can help me. I'm not asking for anything free,I just want to be able to wear my veneers that I'm pay an arm and leg for. I took one star away because I've been trying to find a solution because I'm not paying over $3000 for nothing. Another because I wanted to speak Bill himself, I know he's a very busy man but I believe he's the only who can come up with a solution for my problem. I just wish the customer service ladies were a bit more empathetic and this is someone's money, life, mother and don't have the means to pay the warranty up front. Mr Bill I would appreciate your help and my concern for letting my bf go to waste . Thank you.
Tony L.
22:37 06 May 21
Hello My Name is Antonius Lanier and this is my honest review about Brighter Image Lab......I ordered the BIL VANEERS WITH THE GLAZING AND OMG, THERE ARE PERFECT FOR MY MOUTH..... THEY FIT JUST RIGHT, AND I LOOOOOOOOOOVE MY VANEERS FROM BRIGHTER IMAGE LAB.....Bill Watson and his team do Wonderful and Incredible work on people's smile....I truly recommend anybody that needs some vaneers needs to purchase some from this company 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 Thank you BRIGHTER IMAGE LAB !!!
Carol P.
18:42 06 May 21
Thanks to Brighter Image I now can look in the mirror have confidence when I smile. I'm happy smiling without hiding my teeth. Thank you Brighter Image for making a difference in the way I see myself. Here is a before and after.
Lynn P.
11:46 06 May 21
These teeth solved my problem; I am ordering my second set today, not because they wore out after 5 years, but because I lost them! Couldn't be happier with product and service.
alberto S.
16:34 05 May 21
This my honest review the veneers are amazing I had been used for 3 years and this company offer a great servece and the comunication is great I love my new smile I'm so happy whit this company save me thousend of dollars.
Joseph B.
22:14 04 May 21
Great customer service and great product! Everything was so quick and everyone was so prompt with help! Definitely recommend!
Evan J.
20:50 04 May 21
Could not be happier to have my smile back, after a accident at the gym I was left with a smile I wasn’t happy with and Brighter Image gave me back my smile!
Nikki G.
18:42 04 May 21
I ordered a top arch because I had a huge chip in one front tooth and a smaller chip in the second front tooth. I haven't really smiled in years because I couldn't afford a dentist, even with insurance. I paid in full so I can't speak on financing, but the whole process was so fast and easy. I received my first pair ,but needed a slight adjustment with the 2 front teeth. They will adjust them AT NO EXTRA COST!!! Which is awesome!! I was immediately sent a shipping label and they received my veneers about 2 days after I mailed them out. It took only a couple weeks and they were completed and I received them only a few days after! I'm so impressed with how fast they were done and shipped, and absolutely THE BEST customer service I've ever experienced. The overall quality and look/feel of the veneers is totally worth the money, and the entire experience from start to finish was so so simple and quick. For sure worth the cost!!! Thank you to everyone at Brighter Image Lab!!!
Ebonee S.
14:36 04 May 21
The designed a great product for me in 2018 and I would be happy to use this company again in the near Future !
Janet G.
21:59 03 May 21
I have had wonderful results dealing with Brighter Image Labs. After several unsuccessful attempts at wearing partials, I ordered the upper and lower arches from Brighter Image Labs and have gotten great results. They are comfortable to wear, fit perfectly, look great and I get a lot of compliments on how they look. I am also able to enjoy eating most foods while wearing them!
Mike M.
19:15 03 May 21
I ordered my brighter image veneers for my sister's wedding they came through on time as promised very Speedy Delivery awesome service I have already recommended to family and friends
Shanika W.
17:14 03 May 21
I've had my veneers for 5 years need a new pair great way to upgrade smile
Capital Contracting I.
12:10 30 Apr 21
Very great way to upgrade your smile! 10 out of 10
Stephanie M.
21:07 28 Apr 21
I received my IncrediBil Veneers by Brighter Image Lab today, & WOW, just WOW!  These guys have made me cry & I can't stop! They look amazing! I LOVE THEM!  They could not look any more like real teeth.  The natural white shade is perfect & they fit well.  Just perfect all the way around.....from ordering to receving & everything in between.I was a little intimidated by the fact that I would have to do my own impressions, but I followed their instructions & watched the video on their website. It was so easy that I got it right the first try. Mailed them back, assuming I did it wrong & would hear from the company stating that fact. But I never did, so my "negative nelly" started telling me that when I received my veneers, "they will never fit right & I would have to start the whole process over again", (which would have been free). But Nope 🙂 I put them in & they fit PERFECT!!My order:IncrediBil Veneers in Natural WhiteDouble Arch with glazing on bothThey received my impressions on 04/10/2021 & I received my veneers 04/28/2021. SUPER FAST!!Thank You to Brighter Image Lab from the bottom of my heart!
Justin M.
19:51 28 Apr 21
Love the Brighter Image Lab press on veneers! They fit extremely well and had them for over 2 years. They gave me back my confidence to smile again! I accidently broke my pair the other day and im currently ordering a new set! My teeth have always been my biggest insecurity about my self, and BIL helped remedy that! Thanks guys!
Lord S.
18:54 27 Apr 21
They have changed my life I don't know what I would do without them! I don't have any before pictures because I never smiled before.!
Clifton L
13:43 27 Apr 21
I've had veneers for 9 years now. The first set were from Snap-On Smile through my dentist office and very expensive. When I replaced them I used Brighter Image lab at a fraction of the cost but the exact same quality. The molding process was easy and the turn around was quick. The fit was perfect and great quality. I highly recommend Brighter Image Lab to enhance your smile.
Kelly T.
03:57 27 Apr 21
I love them, they fit so good, and look better than the partial I had and cheaper to!Thank you! Brighter Image Lab
Ashley P.
21:14 26 Apr 21
Tracey M.
16:57 26 Apr 21
I have ordered twice and absolutely loved them highly recommended!
Christopher T.
10:23 26 Apr 21
I was very pleased with whole process from start to finish.customer service was great as well as the product
Peter F.
19:11 23 Apr 21
I can’t say enough about the veneers I purchased from brighter images lab! From start to finish the procedure was painless. My teeth were OK to start off with… But I just wanted them perfect. So I purchased the natural shade. One month later I was sent a beautiful set of veneers, that fit perfectly and look terrific! As a matter of fact, I wore them the first day and people commented on how white my teeth were.The customer service was very helpful to me… As I was vacillating between getting the perfect white and the natural shade. I think I’m glad I went with the natural shade.I’m in love with the company so much I’m thinking about ordering a second pair!Peter🦷
Alicia M.
18:43 22 Apr 21
I have veneers from brighter image lab and I could not have been more satisfied with my veneers. They fit perfect and last forever. They changed the way I felt when I smiled I love to smile with them. My overall appearance changes for the better. People actually complimented me on my teeth and had no clue they were veneers. I’d keep getting these over and over! 100% satisfied!
Wendy J.
19:29 21 Apr 21
I was in a little bit of pain at first because of the fit. However, after a few days I could not have been happier. I had porcelain veneers that fell off and it was frustrating and embarrassing. My Brighter Image veneer let me smile again. Easy process and excellent customer service.
Brian H.
14:54 21 Apr 21
Very professional from day one. The quality is the best. Had the veneers for over 4 years and still fit perfectly and look great!
Hayden B.
23:05 20 Apr 21
I ordered a set of veneers from Brighter Image Lab over 18 months ago. I waited to write this review but I’m glad I did because 18 months in, they look brand new still! The molding process was fast and the instructions were easy to follow. I was nervous about my veneers not fitting my teeth properly but they fit perfectly, and still do, after wearing them daily. I’ve gotten so many compliments on my smile since wearing my veneers, and they look natural. If you’re looking to buy some high quality, low cost veneers, with great customer service, this is the company!
Syretta L. B.
21:42 20 Apr 21
This was an answer to a problem that plagued me for many years. I couldn’t be happier with the service I received from Brighter Image Labs! They gave me the confidence to smile again!
Leonard W.
18:56 20 Apr 21
Hi I've been with brighter image laps for better than 5 years and they've done two sets of teeth for me uppers and I absolutely love them they totally change my life
Brian M.
17:48 20 Apr 21
They did a great job of fitting me with the proper size and the customer service was great.
Caden S.
13:19 20 Apr 21
Brighter Image has been an AMAZING, life changing experience for me. Before I received my teeth from them, I had lost all self-esteem. Being able to throw my teeth in and just get rolling on with my day is FANTASTIC. It brought back a renewed sense of self. I recommend them to anyone with similar issues with their smile. These people bring smiles back to life!
12:58 20 Apr 21
Really happy with my veneer. People asked me what I did to my teeth for them to be so white.First, I had trouble making my impression. They have an option to take them while their representative is on the phone with you. That's what I did and the agent told me when and where to press while taking my impression. Piece of cake!2+ years later my veneer broke in my hand. That is why they probably give you an option to buy warranty.I am still getting a veneer from Brighter Image Lab. I probably could have handled my veneer better.
22:50 19 Apr 21
Life changing product for me. Very thankful for their care and diligent service.
Carmen çllMëÇlärk C.
12:59 19 Apr 21
Boy what I wouldn't do for a smile I gave you three stars but you definitely deserve five the only reason why I gave you three was because I haven't been able to afford the product yet, want it bad though want it real bad just can't afford it best wishes upcoming5STARs
Jamal H.
03:06 18 Apr 21
This will be my first Google review ever. For YEARS I watched countless YouTube channels about press on veneers and I watched all the competitors. Now I'm not the type of consumer that automatically assume "more expensive" is better but I'm a true believer when it comes to "you get what you pay for." Brighter image lab delivered and im now glad I made the investment for myself.. Just got them tonight so I will see how it plays out but so far so good.
John C.
16:08 16 Apr 21
Brighter Image is a life saver. With my missing and deteriorating teeth, I was scary, but now with my new veneers I have confidence beyond measure (and they look/fit great). As long as you follow their step by step instructions to the letter, you are golden.Thank you Brighter Image!
Ernest s J.
15:46 16 Apr 21
I was very satisfied with my veneers, job well done
05:32 16 Apr 21
They really do give you quality work and they literally help you regain a sense of confidence, to be your best you.
Ron P.
22:34 15 Apr 21
This product changed my life forever !I will forever be grateful this product existsEvery penny spent is worth it for yourself.I couldn't be happier with how everything turnedOut. Brighter image labs is the only place for quality!Thank you!
Marquese H.
19:12 15 Apr 21
My experience was great looking Forward to Future business! Thanks Guys your the best!!
18:04 15 Apr 21
I really love this company I’ve been working with them for about 9 years it’s such a easy Process with great results.
William B.
01:54 15 Apr 21
They were very professional, and worked with me to get the perfect fit, and I love my new veneers. Thank you so much for your patience with me!
Lin D
19:05 14 Apr 21
My veneers are terrific. They have improved my smile by a mile! Good service too. Well worth it.
Wanda S.
01:08 14 Apr 21
First I would like to start with saying that I recently had to have a front tooth pulled after a crown and root canal going bad . I had gotten a flipper from the dentist. It was extremely hard to deal with making my other teeth sore and taking up too much room in my mouth. I didn’t want to invest in an implant with my stained teeth. I ordered from another cheaper company first. Top and bottom less than $500. They were not fitting well at the gum line. They were hard to talk with. They made me want to chew on them. They had a fake look to them. I had even went back to the flipper. I ordered the incredibil veneer top. The fit is incredible! The design is incredible! Soo much more comfortable. And the look is so much more realistic! I am so satisfied!!!!!!! And impressed! Three times the price but more than three times better!
Rita C.
01:04 14 Apr 21
I’m so glad I found Brighter Image Labs!!I can have an awesome smile at an affordable price!!And the best part is they look completely natural!They feel and look completely natural. I’ve gotten tons of compliments!
Gaby T.
21:52 13 Apr 21
Ordered these for My boyfriend, He loves them. They are comforable and natural looking. No one notices. They are a temporary solution until you can afford the thousands of dollars dentists charge. He is very happy with his veneers. Confidence boost is high! We were not dissapointed.
Robert L.
20:21 13 Apr 21
Life changer. I wish I had done it sooner. Beyond expectations. Considered instasmile before but thoroughly blown away with brighter image lab. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭😭🎉🎉🎉🎉😇🎯
14:07 10 Apr 21
I love this place. I was kinda skeptical at first be cause I've had impression thru a few didn't places and I wasn't satisfied. They didn't look right or didn't fit right and I just wasn't happy. I found brighter image labs and read all the reviews and looked at all the pictures so I gave them a try. I thought it was a little expensive at first but the process they go thru and the technology they use to build you a new smile, it's worth every penny. My new smile looks amazing and I couldn't be happier. The staff is amazing, friendly, helpful and you can't find a better group of people that are so dedicated to giving you a BRIGHTER FUTURE... I'm so very humbled and I can't thank you guys enough!
Shabria W.
22:50 09 Apr 21
I love my new smile
00:44 08 Apr 21
Hey! Great product, easy to take on and off as well. I definitely recommend it over all. Customer service is great and easy. This is actually my second time making a purchase! can’t wait for my second pair. Thx!!
Brian L.
17:30 06 Apr 21
Great product, excellent customer service. I will recommend to friends and family.Very affordable and professional end result. Thank you....
Tim B.
23:04 05 Apr 21
I decided to go with Brighter Image Lab and was not disappointed! I was always afraid to smile till I receive the veneers. Once I received them I had a smile from ear to ear. Had so many compliments how how good my smile looked. I would definitely recommend these!
Daniel R.
18:56 05 Apr 21
Brighter Image has helped me become a person again. I have been with them having veneers since 2013.... Excellent
Krissy B.
17:26 01 Apr 21
I am a repeat customer of Brighter Image Labs !! Every experience i have had is always amazing andMy veneers are perfect and worth every penny you cant put a price on a confident smile !!! Thanks Everyone at Brighter Image Labs ❤️
Tessa D.
17:41 31 Mar 21
Took 2 times to get my impressions right but, it was well worth it. I am a 37 years old beautiful woman with a horrible mouth and teeth. Not no more. I look and feel normal now. I think god for brighter image lab.
Chelsea R.
13:37 31 Mar 21
They offered me an affordable option to correcting the gap in my teeth. No pain and didn't cost me thousands. I am finally about to smile confidently.
Lori A.
00:41 31 Mar 21
I love my new smile. I had an issue with one of my front tooth and until I could get it permanently corrected I contacted brighter image and they gave me a smile worth smiling about...
Patrick L.
19:09 30 Mar 21
My experience with Brighter Image Lab was exceptional. From website lucidity, chat team support, ordering ease, simplified dental veneer impression instructions to prompt delivery.I was extremely impressed with the ICB (InCrediBil) natural translucent appearance, firm fit, and durability of the (double arch veneers) I'd ordered.I must honestly say; I was initially reluctant to consume solid foods like nuts, but to my delight, the veneer's durability withstood and continue to withstand the impact of solid foods favorably well.
Angel B.
17:30 29 Mar 21
The smartest thing I ever did was going to Brighter image labs and this is a person who had braces twice In my lifetime! Cheap no pain quick results that’s what I like! I spent 3500 just fixing my two front teeth lasted only three months Brighter Image there the best!
Todd B.
16:00 29 Mar 21
Im very pleased with my new veneers . They are beautiful and have really boost my self esteem .i i cant stop smiling .Thank you brighter image.
S T.
18:58 28 Mar 21
These veneers have been amazing. I am able to feel confident and be myself again. Prior to getting my veneers I was so self conscious and anxiety ridden in public. I didn’t want to smile or talk without my hand in front of my mouth. The process is very easy, quick and worth every penny!
Mark L.
18:54 24 Mar 21
This is a great and inexpensive way to improve your smile restores my confidence and makes me want to laugh and not hide my smile. Thank you Brighter Image Lab
Sharon W.
22:12 23 Mar 21
Just ordered My second pair!
Matthew C.
18:02 23 Mar 21
I made the best purchase of my life in April 2020. I have always had horrible teeth and was searching for a new way to bring back self confidence... Let me tell you, the feeling that you get when you put on the BIL Veneers for the first time will make you want to cry! It does so much more than put a smile back on your face. It can change your life and the way people look at you!! From the bottom of my heart THANK Brighter Image Labs!! Five Star Customer Service and Communication!!
L. F.
17:17 23 Mar 21
This has changed my life! I just ordered my second pair as I want to have a backup set. The customer service is amazing.....every single lady I've ever spoken to bent over backwards to help me understand things. THANK YOU BRIGHTER IMAGE LAB!!! This is my very first review for ANY business but they deserved it!
Tyreena 1
19:34 22 Mar 21
Using the incrediBil veneers has been life-changing. My confidence in my smile, and consequently confidence in all other aspects of my life has grown. The product is easy to wear, care for and durable. I would recommend them to anyone.
Sandi A.
15:23 22 Mar 21
I thought I would never smile again but thanks to Brighter Image Labs my dream came true!!!
Krista T.
02:44 22 Mar 21
Amazing veneers and customer service!! It gave me my confidence back I wouldn’t trust another company!
Mercedes S.
15:53 20 Mar 21
Have been amazing.
Amber M.
11:13 20 Mar 21
I am very grateful for this company! I was in a horrible toxic, and domestically abusive relationship with the father of my two youngest daughters, who now ages are 1 and a half and 2 and 4 months. I literally had my tooth knocked out by him while I was feeding our daughter a bottle. I’m not here to condemn him , I am just hoping to convey a message ... that even when you feel stuck with someone... or in anything.. you know NO ONE WILL HELP YOU or can help. .. there IS A WAY OUT. I NOW have my confidence back and I don’t have to fake smile or cover my mouth with my hand. I feel liberated and free. More so I feel I’ve been given a second chance. Thank you Bill and your whole team !! God bless each and every one of you. On a side note I’ve had my veneers over 8 months and I e not once had a mishap or having anything chip or break .. this product is LEGIT. However my 2 yr old and I were eating ice cream and I still don’t know if I accidentally swallowed them.. threw them away.. or maybe they went down the kitchen disposal. Now I’m faced with having to explain to people I’ve know been so close too over these past months as to what happened to my “ACTUAL TEETH” and I’m having to relive the horrible violence over and over. On the plus sideNO ONE EVER SUSPECTED THEY WERE FAKE. Seriously the most life changing product I ever have bought.P.S BUY THE TWO YEAR WARRANTY LOL ITS WORTH IT!!!
Tiffany F.
04:32 19 Mar 21
Very Friendly Customer Service. The Timeframe They Gave Me To Construct/Make My Veneers Were Exactly What The Said. #SpotOn.I would definitely recommend this company.
Royce L.
17:11 18 Mar 21
I’ve had my veneers for over two years now and it was the best investment I’ve ever made in my life!
Royce M.
17:10 18 Mar 21
will N.
15:24 17 Mar 21
After spending a great deal of time and money at the dentist I was still not satisfied with end results, a bridge that was uncomfortable and not natural looking. Thanks to Brighter Image Lab all that changed in a short time, I truly thank you. Remember you can't rush perfection, But Brighter Image will work hard until your veneers are perfect. Great looking, Great fit, Great smile. W. Nolan
Ashley E.
03:02 16 Mar 21
When I originally was looking for a way to fix my smile it was for my wedding. I couldn’t bare to look at pictures of myself on my wedding day with anything less than a perfect smile, and thank you to BRIGHTER IMAGE LAB I was able to confidently walk down the aisle and marry my best friend. It really changed my life and how much I smiled. I used to be awfully embarrassed now I don’t have to think twice about laughing and busting out a real smile. Highly recommend, great communication and efficient timing!
Jaime G.
02:21 16 Mar 21
I'm Jaime, and because of the Brighter Image Lab . I have a new smile that is so comfortable that I want a second pair. They have changed my life. I highly recommend Brighter Image lab. They are excellent. And affordable
Edmund C.
22:01 15 Mar 21
I have owned teen from bighter image labs for over four years. They are so good that when I went to visit my dentist for another matter, he thought I had a full set of implants! He was only 4' away from me and was shocked when I removed them.I have received compliments from many strangers about my smile, traveled the world with them and eat all the time with them.I recently lost the teeth and am immediately ordering another set. They still were not worn out.
Jess E.
21:49 11 Mar 21
I wish I did it sooner, especially because the return delivery from Australia to the U.S took alot longer, possibly from covid. However, once Brighter Image Lab received my impressions, they got to work straight away. It is incredible to be able to fully smile and this investment in myself could not have been accomplished without Brighter Image Lab. Thank you!
Kelli S.
21:25 10 Mar 21
I have been going here for years. They have the best customer service ever. I love my smile
22:05 09 Mar 21
I ordered from brighter Image lab as a NYE promise fulfilled. Really changed my smile for the better. People immediately noticed in a positive way. I am by nature a skeptical person but I was happily surprised how good and natural they look.
Dustin G.
14:59 09 Mar 21
Thanks for all you done;) Happy Happy
Stephany G.
04:27 09 Mar 21
Been with Brighter Image Labs over 5 years now and always had great experience with them.Great service and people. I get compliments on my smile all the time. Have referred many friends. Will always be a customer.
Justin M.
21:51 08 Mar 21
Great job. I had special needs. I was very happy. I am ordering a spare set. Thank you! It has changed my life. I can smile with great confidence
Drew D.
18:54 08 Mar 21
Truly amazing life-changing experience. Now able to smile with confidence. The BIL staff great to work with. Easy to clean and maintain. Feels fantastic having as a friend said to me "a movie star smile".
K. C.
15:08 05 Mar 21
I was floored by the impressions .. I had to do it twice to get it right , but nevertheless everyone I approach seems to believe that are my very well kept smile .. thank you Im currently ordering doubles , triples and eventually quadruples , I pray . I will continue to do business with you and your very well mannered team . I appreciate the smile you have put on my face
Lean V.
07:30 05 Mar 21
I ordered the top arch veneer around July/Aug 2018 unfortunately i had to send it back 2 times to get the perfect fit. Brighter Image lab always listened to my requests and tried approving the veneers to fit me perfectly, which it does on the 3rd try. i am thankful as its not a cheap purchase, so knowing now they fit perfectly for the years to come. I would highly recommend brighter image lab, the veneer has lifted my confidence significantly. I am from Australia and the process wasnt difficult but wish i would have had a consultant allocated to my case and be in touch with me through out the whole process as advertised when placing an order as with the time difference it was a bit tricky to get in contact through their live chat on their website, but they always were helpful and responded quickly when i reached out. I would 100% recommend brighter image lab to anyone who wants to genuinely start smiling without feeling self conscious, you dont realize how much a beautiful confident changes your life.
Shawn J.
18:29 04 Mar 21
Hi, I got my veneers last year and I have been so happy and thankful every since. The company was very patient, they made sure I got the right veneers that fit. I still can't believe how much these veneers has improved my smile. I love the veneers.
Angelique A.
01:56 02 Mar 21
Brighter Image service is impeccable! Their veneers are flawless! I love my smile!
Victor Van T.
15:16 28 Feb 21
To me this is a much better choice than having a lot of artificial modifications done to your teeth and jaw.
Trovell B.
21:48 26 Feb 21
Working with Brighter Image Lab to restore my smile has been a cool experience. Customer service is always pretty good as well.
Andy K.
21:44 26 Feb 21
Excellent turnaround time. First set did not fit exactly due to my error doing impressions. Re did them, second set fit perfectly. Have both too and bottoms. Highly recommend.
19:41 26 Feb 21
My veneers feel and looks great on me. I have had them fo 6 years! It has change my smile of course but it has given me the confidence to be the best version of me. The customer service is awesome. They will walk you through the process if you have any issues or concerns with making your impressions. Overall I am happy and will be ordering my 2nd pair soon!
j J.
00:51 26 Feb 21
I really like my veneers I got both top and bottom arch both fit great have had no problems at all. I recently broke one and the process to replace was easy. I would recommend.
Janet P.
15:25 25 Feb 21
I was very pleased with my veeners , I am actually ordering my second pair
Karrie B.
22:10 19 Feb 21
Brighter Image Lab has made me love to smile now. I was ashamed of my teeth before getting my veneers. They fit perfect and look amazing.
Paulette M.
18:22 19 Feb 21
Great Service, love my beautiful Vineer, they fits perfectly,
Caleb C.
16:37 19 Feb 21
The company is incredible. If you’re looking for a quality product alongside quality customer service, you’ve come to the right place!
Chin Y
18:26 16 Feb 21
Thank you Brighter Image for your caring and professional service. I absolutely love my new smile! It’s unbelievable how much a beautiful smile can boost your confidence. I am a forever client and I know I can count on you in the future. Thank you, thank you a million times!
Alicia K.
10:24 15 Feb 21
Brighter Image Lab has absolutely changed my life in so many ways I don't even know where to begin. I have a new found confidence when I smile. I was always self conscious about my smile that I rarely smiled or laughed. Today I take every opportunity to smile! They did an amazing job with the fit and design I am completely satisfied! Hopefully I'll get to meet the people that changed my life.. Just to say Thank You! I stand by Brighter Image from here on out.1
Matt C.
10:10 15 Feb 21
Brighter Image Lab has absolutely changed my life in so many ways I don't even know where to begin. I have a new found confidence when I smile. I was always self conscious about my smile that I rarely smiled or laughed. Today I take every opportunity to smile! They did an amazing job with the fit and design I am completely satisfied! Hopefully I'll get to meet the people that changed my life.. Just to say Thank You! I stand by Brighter Image from here on out.
Josh H.
04:35 12 Feb 21
Thanks Brighter Image Labs! I couldn’t be happier with this amazing company and product! I was a little skeptical about spending that much money online. With no real way to know if everything was legit or if I was going to get a great quality product for the amount of money I was spending. I am so happy that I decided to take a leap of faith and just go for it because the veneers are absolutely life changing and came out perfectly!! I seriously couldn’t be happier with them they fit absolutely perfect they are nice and tight so there is no way they will just fall out while your talking or eating. Brighter image labs was very pleasant to work with, you just follow the directions and give them good impressions and they will send you great veneers that will change your life especially if your like me and had missing teeth up front it’s a much better option than having surgical dental implants put in!!
Resa C.
21:02 09 Feb 21
My veneer feel and looks great on me. I wish i had heard of Brighter Image Lab sooner. The customer service is awesome. They will walk you through the process if you have any issues or concerns with making your impressions. Overall I am happy and smiling big...
Susan R.
19:47 09 Feb 21
Jamie W
14:25 09 Feb 21
I love Brighter Image Lab! I have a new found confidence! I will never go without my veneers again! They have amazing customer service, they are always there no matter what time of day I reach out! I would never use another company!
Du M.
11:35 09 Feb 21
mamdouh N.
23:49 08 Feb 21
Bright image has been always there for me when I needed them. I had an amazing experience with them . They walk you through the steps, great customer service and quality! I recommend them to new clients without hesitation!
khaled M.
16:23 08 Feb 21
I would just like to say thank you so much for the best veneer, you have really changed my whole life.
Tiffany W.
13:40 05 Feb 21
Hi, I ordered my veneers a year ago and I absolutely love my new smile.I've gotten so many compliments on my new smile that I don't mine telling others where they could go and get a life changing smile!! Thanks Brighter Image Lab!!!
Kris S
02:01 04 Feb 21
My experience with Brighter Image Lab was exceptional. The staff was so very helpful, nice, responsive and understanding. They made the experience so easy, much easier than I ever expected! I was so embarrassed of my smile that it hindered me in so many ways! This product gave me the confidence I needed and honestly changed my life! Thank you Brighter Image, you have no idea what your product has done for me!
Lillian C.
22:30 03 Feb 21
Timely service and beautiful veneers. My veneers arrived and the bottom ones looked exactly like my teeth but in perfect condition. The top ones needed to be adjusted and I sent them back and they worked on them in less than a week. I cant wait to try them on. Customer service was top notch. I had no issues getting my veneers adjusted but I was surprised at how well the bottom ones fit. When I wear them it makes the top ones look better even though I dont have the top veneers yet. I recommend them.
Arthur S.
20:18 03 Feb 21
I've been a client for a number of years and have always enjoyed prompt and professional assistance. I love the product and do highly recommend to anyone who seriously considering veneers.
Elaine B.
18:33 02 Feb 21
I was able to obtain a beautiful set of veneers from Brighter Image and I couldnt be happier and more confident
Ally S.
15:52 02 Feb 21
Life-changing experience! Customer service is amazing ☺️
20:25 01 Feb 21
Christy P
17:10 28 Jan 21
I would like to begin my review by stating that I am neither a paid reviewer nor an employee of Brighter Image Lab. It is unfortunate to read that some people have had an unpleasant experience with this company, as that has in no way been my experience. Brighter Image Lab is definitely not a scam, and all of the customer service I have experienced has been top-notch.I purchased the IncrediBIL veneers for top and bottom arches. First, I want to say that this finished product is exceptional in quality and appearance! The product you receive is exactly what you see in the videos/ before and after photos, and looks like porcelain veneers.Second, I want to give an honest review and address some of the questions that I had as well as some of the questions I see posted online. My top veneers fit well and feel great when wearing them. However, a couple of the “back” teeth had a slight gap between the veneer and my gum so I sent them back for adjustment. Honestly, it was such a slight imperfection that I seriously considered not asking for an adjustment because it would not be noticeable to most people. But, I am so impressed with the product that I want to order a second set, so I decided I should make sure they are 100% perfect before ordering the second set. After wearing them for 5 full days, it breaks my heart to part with them long enough for the adjustments to be made!Some people have asked what the backs of the veneers look like. I think that someone posted a pic to the google reviews of the back. The backs of the veneer wrap all the way around some teeth, don’t wrap around other teeth at all, and have variations in between. I imagine this will be determined by your custom veneers as designed to best suit your smile. Also, as I expected, the backs/ “insides” of the veneers are not polished and shiny as the visible portions of the veneers are, but since this part is not visible, I am not sure why anyone be dissatisfied due to the lack of polish there.Finally, I wanted to share my initial reaction to my veneers. Of course, they were beautiful when I opened the box. They snapped right on. I think I heard angels singing from heaven! Then I noticed how thick and foreign the veneers felt in my mouth, and when I looked in the mirror, they looked odd and fake to me. Don’t get discouraged! Give them time to adjust. Of course they will look fake until your brain can adjust to seeing yourself with a different smile than it has seen for years! And of course they will feel thick- you are sliding material over your exiting teeth! Trust me, after a few hours or days, your brain will see how beautiful they are and it will begin to feel strange to not wear them. My family loved them immediately and for some reason did not require the same adjustment period my own brain did.I am so grateful for Brighter Image Lab and their amazing products. I wish I had ordered the veneers years ago!
jennafer T.
17:39 27 Jan 21
Could not be happier! These are amazing! What a life changer!
adam M.
17:10 27 Jan 21
So happy with what i received. I am blown away with what I got. So happy I decided to this. Anyone on the fence about it I say do it you won’t be disappointed.
Toby K.
01:01 26 Jan 21
Great company and the result of the product far exceeded my expectations!
Kevin O.
19:42 25 Jan 21
I've been more than pleased with my new Brighter Image veneers. I've been using them now for almost a year and they have been more than I thought they would be. The product and the staff are superb. I think Bil and his staff do a great job.Kevin Olson
will O.
18:12 25 Jan 21
Marni R.
16:46 25 Jan 21
This company is amazing and the veneers have changed my life! Thank you, Brighter Image Lab!
Michael J.
21:28 24 Jan 21
Amazing service and amazing veneersSuper satisfied
Nick H.
19:33 24 Jan 21
SUCH AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE! I cannot tell you all enough how Bill and his staff walk with you every step of the way to ensure you get the best looking veneer possible. I am beyond satisfied with my veneers and am more confident than ever in my 29 years of life. Please give them the best impressions you can! It helps a ton! I had to send mine back to get readjusted and they took such good care of me even though it was my fault on the impressions. They will work with you guys and take care of you!! Don't spend thousands at a cosmetic dentist!! You're going to get TOP notch results for WAY less than you would pay anywhere else. Bill if you read this I want to thank you and your staff for changing my life. You guys rock!
Reign R.
00:37 23 Jan 21
Not only do I love my veneers, and they are super affordable, but the care and customer service is beyond 5 star expectations! The team at Brighter Image Labs are caring, helpful and knowledgeable about the products they offer! Thank you so much for turning my sad smile to one I can be truly proud of!!
stacey P.
07:58 21 Jan 21
I ordered my first upper and I absolutely love it! I love it so much I'm about to order another! Highly recommend this company. Excellent customer service and beautiful product! I'll probably order a third time and the next time I'm getting the upgraded BIL veneers and I'm getting the bottom as well! Order with confidence!
E B.
21:49 20 Jan 21
I had a good experience with Brighter Image Lab. The product looks good and shipped quickly. They offer profesional quality for a fraction of the price of other options.
Jorge M.
03:04 19 Jan 21
My experience with brighter image lab has been excellent. From the beginning of the entire order process, the follow-up, until reaching the final product. The quality of the product is exceptional. The most natural and cheapest thing you can find in the market. I have been using them for almost three years now and I do not regret the investment. My life is different, I am no longer shy to smile, on the contrary, I have all the confidence and security in the world. Now I can smile with my heart in my hand and I know that in return I will receive another smile or a look of acceptance and I will not be judged. Thank you, thank you very much Brighter Image Labs.
Sandra S.
20:27 18 Jan 21
I have been buying products from Brighter Image Labs for years and they have never let me down the customer service is excellent and the quality of product is top notch. I can't imagine I could find a better experience and I have never tried.5 Stars well deserved
Justin D.
11:12 15 Jan 21
Brighter Image Lab has such a superior comfortable product. I initially ordered from them six years ago along with a few others and they outlasted the other brands by five years and was a comfortable fit and excellent looking. I have had so many compliments.
Camille S.
08:49 15 Jan 21
This place continues to be by far the best experience I have had through working with the team at Brighter Image. They are friendly helpful and understanding and they will work with you. The veneers fit perfect and they are intentional about making sure that happens.
thomas H.
02:26 15 Jan 21
since I have had my new veneers life has changed, people seem to be treating better, thanks brighter image labs!
Chris P.
23:08 14 Jan 21
This was such a great experience. From dealing with the company and sending out the impressions very easy and they’re very helpful with any questions of you have any with the impression part. After you receive the teeth you won’t be disappointed. They look amazing even if you smile big they sit on the teeth perfectly.I’ve been using them for almost 4 years . If you take good care of them they last a very long time .The companies so helpful with the Entire process
Relationship Tea with Tee M.
18:22 14 Jan 21
The one thing I have wanted to change for over 10 years was my smile but of course veneers are just way too costly, not to mention invasive. I did ensure to go to my dentist to get a cleaning and any other maintenance needed, and then after I found Brighter Image Lab and the affordability, I jumped at the chance. It took me a few tries to get my impressions right, but patiently they kept sending me, free of charge new kits to get it done. I am so in love with my smile and can’t wait to get the bottom veneers.Tonda MingusSatisfied Customer
19:30 12 Jan 21
One of the best investments I've ever made for myself! I've got a new sense of confidence I've never had before. The BilVeneers are an amazing, quality product that I would recommend to anyone who has every wanted that perfect smile. They look amazing and are comfortable to wear. The order processing was easy to follow from start to finish and the online support for all my questions were quick, friendly and super helpful!
Len T.
20:31 08 Jan 21
Nearly three years ago I took the bold step and tried Brighter Image Lab's porcelain veneer for my upper arch. From the moment I received them until last evening when I mistakenly put it down my garbage disposal and destroyed it I was perfectly happy with the functionality and appearance. They are so strong even the garbage disposal didn't destroy them completely. I am having my second porcelain veneer done asap. From the friendly and helpful staff to the professional and detail oriented staff who actually creates the product, there is no way I would ever consider going elsewhere. Try them you'll be happy you did! Check out my before and after photos below...
Jeremy J.
19:10 07 Jan 21
Brighter image labels have changed the game for myself, I’ve been A customer since 2018 & I have to say there product they put out is quality and the fit and finish is hands down the best, I lost A front tooth playing baseball when I was A teenager & never wanted to get an implant done because of the risks involved as I got older & established my career in the Real Estate industry I needed something to give me that confidence when I’m interacting with clients , this is when I found Brighter Image labs! By doing my research I knew they were they way I wanted to go and since I made my purchase with them it’s changed my life and given me back that confidence I’ve needed to create A successful business I have today, thank you Brighter image labs !
Ash B
17:46 07 Jan 21
Awesome product! Makes such a huge difference, I suggest everyone try them.
kent R.
21:17 05 Jan 21
Excellent customer service and very knowledgeable!! They worked out a discount for being a previous customer. This is for my wife's 53 rd Birthday and she is VERY happy with Bil Veneers!
Megan S.
14:39 05 Jan 21
I love these veneers. The quality is amazing and you can never tell they aren't your original teeth. The customer service is quick and seamless. I highly recommend!
Beth M.
06:07 05 Jan 21
Brighter Image Lab is a game changer! This company is so easy to work with. I ordered my veneer and received it in a timely manner. My veneer didn't fit properly at first they were a little too big. I contacted the company about the issue and they sent me return postage so I could return the veneer to be fixed immediately and they fixed my veneer. My experience with this company has been great so far.
Kelsie H.
05:01 05 Jan 21
Let me start by saying this is the first review i have ever done and it’s because it’s nothing but the absolute truth I needed to share with anyone reading this. So I purchased a single top arch for my fiancé as a gift. We have been together for 10 years and over those years he has had very bad experiences with dentist and ultimately he refuse to go out of fear. So his teeth were effected by this, and he started to lose a lot of teeth from decay and cavities and because of this he never would smile like ever. He did anything to avoid smiling. You could just see how this affected his confidence and overall self esteem . To witness the love of my life going through this broke my heart to say the least. He is an amazing person and I just wanted him to smile again and I truly feel he deserved to be just as vibrant and beautiful on the outside as he truly is as a person on the inside. We received his new smile today and we both had tears of joy when he looked in the mirror. I had to write this review because i am just spreading the truth to everyone about this life changing creation we have been blessed to now have in his life as well as mine because it has made me so happy to see him smile again. Thank you so much brighter image lab for everything. We love his new smile..
Juan C.
17:08 04 Jan 21
I absolutely love my new smile thank you brighter lab image you definitely boosted up my confidence !!
Dillon W.
16:06 04 Jan 21
Absolutely life changing. I literally can not be without this product.
Saria S.
16:44 01 Jan 21
These veneers changed my life! I am able to feel confident and be myself again. Prior to getting my veneers I was so self conscious and anxiety ridden in public. I didn’t want to smile or talk without my hand in front of my mouth. The process is very easy, quick and worth every penny!
Ed P.
19:22 30 Dec 20
I have bought 4 sets of veneers for myself and wife since 2014 two for me two for her This is the best product you can get they are strong and look great I highly recommend Brighter Image Labs
Jared D.
23:06 29 Dec 20
Great customer service and a good product!
Steven H.
18:41 29 Dec 20
Love these guys! I have ordered so many times from them! They are amazing!
Chris S.
22:22 26 Dec 20
The veneers are beautifully designed, strong and very natural looking. They are very easy to maintain and comfortable to wear.
Amanda L
17:13 22 Dec 20
Brighter image has literally changed my life! I had dental surgery when I was very young and I had to have a permanent tooth removed. Half of my life I have been wearing what is called a flipper to fill in the gap where my permanent tooth should have been. I have had several of these devices made and they never did match or look like it was meant to be there. I have small teeth anyways and after discovering Brighter Image, I knew this was my next step in changing my smile! And boy did it! The appearance of my smile now is amazing! The vaneer fits well, I can eat, drink, and even sleep with it and I have never had an issue! Thank you Brighter Image for making over as many smiles as you have! Keep doing great things!Amanda L.
Julie M.
19:05 21 Dec 20
My confidence was boosted so high after I received my veneers. Total game changer for me.I love them!! I would recommend to everyone. Thank you Brighter Image for giving me my smile back .
emma P.
22:25 18 Dec 20
Edited 2020 (It's been 2 years wearing my veneers, I'm still loving them. Thank you Brighter Image Lad!)I order my veneers about a year ago, I wish I knew about this company sooner, Before I order my veneers I was putting this plastic beads that u melt in hot water over my teeth, Totally awful it was to thick and it looked like plastic was on my teeth, I work in the healthcare field I talk and smile a lot, Though it all I truly love my veneers NOW I CAN FACE THE WORLD WITH A DAZZLING SMILE
arnold L.
20:34 16 Dec 20
The people are very friendly and helpful. I saved a lot of money with this option and have been very happy with the results. I would recommend this process as a good alternative to the very expensive traditional dental procedure.
Gina J.
22:17 14 Dec 20
If you need dental work and can’t afford it. Brighter Image Labs Is your best bet! There are no substitutes! Do not settle for other copycat Snap-on Smiles. My smile is amazing.
Debra S.
21:03 14 Dec 20
This is a good company that worked out well for me. While II waited to have some cosmeticdental work done.
Ariel M.
19:55 10 Dec 20
I receive my new veneers today & there absolutely wonderful I’m overly excited about them, Brighter image lab really worked with me and took there time with me to help bring my new smile to life I couldn’t be more thankful for them!!! #teambrighterimaglab!!!
Tiara G.
18:55 10 Dec 20
Laurie is very nice. She help me through the whole process. She made sure all me needs were met. The veneers are perfect and realistic. I love them truly rebuild my confidence.
nancy P.
21:09 09 Dec 20
I have never been able to smile with my mouth open, but since I started wearing the brighter image lab veneers.... I always have a big open . smile. They are worth the money. In fact I am ordering my second set today. I couldn’t be more pleased!!!!!
George H.
18:34 07 Dec 20
Best customer service. I've had my veneers for 4 years.they are strong and look awesome. They will help you through the whole process. Just a great product.
17:14 06 Dec 20
Y'all change my life i feel like a new man
Southern G.
17:17 05 Dec 20
Amazing customer service and the quality of the veneers are stunning. I highly recommend this over porcelain veneers.
05:53 03 Dec 20
This is a great company, 5 star customer service I am very happy with the results of the job they have done for me. I recommend it, love to smile again, thank you guys.
Dean I.
23:07 02 Dec 20
I am very happy with this product! It is a great product! It improves your outer image and your inner image. I have had people tell me you look younger, or you have lost weight but never mentioned my new smile. I have noticed people take more interest in what I have to say and look at me more attentively, The door that your new smile opens may be the one that changes your life for the better. It is just that simple.
Tammy Mooney R.
22:20 02 Dec 20
Hello my name is Tammy Mooney Riley. In early 1998 I got fed up with looking at my missing teeth. I lost my teeth due to Acid Reflects Severe. I lost at least 4-5 of my front teeth. When I was around anyone I was embarrassed to speak. I had to learn how to talk with my hand over my mouth or try to keep my lip down.I saw a commercial from Brighter Image Lab with thier Vaneers. I looked into the teeth that screw in, WAY TO EXPENSIVE! Anyway I call Brighter Image Labs. OMG they were so nice and very helpful. They gave me the easy directions, so I ordered the kit. I was so excited. I did what they needed and sent it back. It ways a guick turn around. My teeth fit perfect, didn't have to send back. I had to learn how to smile all over. It's harder than you think. I was so satisfied with what I recieved in my new teeth. I told a bunch of people about them. Even my dentist asked about them, He called them party teeth. I don't care what people call them there worth every penny. Please pass on to others.
Travon B.
19:22 02 Dec 20
Man one day i had broken my flipper that I’d had since a kid. I panicked and didn’t know what to do and what resources i had to get something quick to fix this one tooth i had that was missing. I found on YouTube the Brighter Image Lab. Initially i suspected that it was a scam only cause I’d never heard of the company before, but after placing my order and paying the first deposit, about three weeks later i had gotten the cold kit, sent it back, and another three weeks i had got this beautiful top set of veneers. Man i got so many compliments on them, they last a lil over two years then towards the end of the two years they started to turn yellow a little, or ordered another set and these lasted another two years and now it’s time for a new set since my daughter picked them up and broke them in two pieces 🤦🏾‍♂️ I recommend these for anyone with teeth issues, or an embarrassing smile. They’ll make you so happy all you’ll wanna do is smile.
Liane D.
20:08 01 Dec 20
I watched video testimonials, reviews, BIL ads gor months before finally ordering. I at first thought that I couldn't afford to buy these but after considering the things I was missing out on in my life due to a bad smile I finally decided I couldn't afford NOT to. I orderec and then I prayed. I prayed I wasn't going to get ripped off, I prayed they'd arrive quickly, I prayed they'd fit and I prayed they'd look good.I got everything I prayed for and more. These truly changed my life in ways I hadn't even considered. The only thing I would have done differently was if I had known the happiness these would bring me as well as my loved ones( Because I smile ALL the time now) i would have ordered them the first time my heart told me to.I have a YouTube review on my own channel under my name if you want to see and hear a more in depth review of my experience. I also did a follow up review for someone who asked me to when they were on the fence about ordering and wanted to see how I felt and how they looked several months down the road.If you want to start smiling again and soon. DON'T WAIT!I promise you won't regret it. Customer service was fantastic and They also have financing arrangement they can help you with if you can't afford it all at once. If you go check out my video and order yours let me know how it changed your life too.Thank you to Bil Watson and the staff at Brighter Image Labs.
Ashley R.
22:38 30 Nov 20
I absolutely love my veneers. I am so happy I found Brighter Image Lab. I wouldn’t have the confidence I have today without them! I hated my smile before I got my veneers, now I can’t stop smiling. The entire process from start to finish is a breeze. They answer any questions you may have! I will continue to order from BIL for the rest of my life! Thank you so much to everyone at the BIL team, you have truly changed my life forever.
Saïd A.
18:58 30 Nov 20
you are really the best
Joe L.
15:02 30 Nov 20
I received my veneer about three weeks ago and it absolutely changed my life. For the first time ever I was able to smile proudly and confidently. I always had bad teeth and were missing teeth and these veneers gave me happiness to the depth of my soul. They fit great, they looked amazing, they fit my mouth and was proportional to my face perfectly. I highly recommend brighter image labs. The customer service is amazing every time I call they address my issue and treat me with respect.... the one worker genie is especially great and gos above and beyond for you.
Nichole L.
03:18 24 Nov 20
What an amazing, life changing experience. If you are reading this review it is obvious that you are looking into this and I say go for it! My veneers have literally changed my life
Teresa S.
15:02 23 Nov 20
I have nothing but good things to say about this product. I received my veneer. And it fit perfect. I love to smile now. Thank you Brighter Image Lab. I am looking forward to attending my daughters wedding.
19:54 20 Nov 20
Great product for an affordable price, customer service was very helpful and polite as well.
15:49 20 Nov 20
I purchased my veneers approximately a year ago or so! All of my life I’ve had to deal with my teeth. The truth is, I hate them, and I am too poor to fix them the way I want to. So, I was cruising for quick fixes, and up comes brighter image lab. I was just about to purchase some other kind. I can’t remember, but I chose this company, because what I saw was what I wanted. I have no complaints. I had to do my impressions twice, but that’s because I have big teeth! Lol. Never-the-less, and as ashamed as I am of my natural teeth, I think if you’re here reading this then you may need my testimony. You’re not alone! Get em!
John N.
13:35 20 Nov 20
By far the best purchase I have ever made. It's been 18 months since I bought the Incridibil. My veneers look exactly the same way they did the first day they arrived. The importance of what Brighter Image Labs' provides, the value to purchase, cannot be understated. Based on the 'quality of life' matrix, Brighter Image Labs is really second to none. Seriously. When was the last time you bought something that instantly improved your life? Soring your confidence, raising your self worth? I feel like a million bucks and have never been happier with a purchase in my life. Thank you for all you do.
Chris B.
21:48 19 Nov 20
From impressions to final product I have zero complaints!Ordered from Ontario Canada 🇨🇦 on November 3rd and recieved my FedEx package today November 19th.Extremely happy with the final results! Brighter Image Lab changed my everyday!Thank You for what you do!
Eric B.
19:10 19 Nov 20
Awesome customer service and product veneers are great this is my second set the first set last 4yrs and still are in great shape just getting a new set .
Anita D.
20:35 17 Nov 20
I am absolutely 💯 percent happy with my results!! This was one of the best decisions I have ever made!!! Thanks Brighter Image❣
Yaboy R.
17:34 16 Nov 20
Brighter image labs has given me back my confidence. It's the best veneer company on the market! Don't be fooled by any other company, these guys have great customer service and I'm glad I found them.
Hoosier M.
21:01 11 Nov 20
I got the IncrediBIL top and bottom arches and they fit and look great! I would highly recommended spending a few extra dollars to get these. They are worth it!
Mark A.
00:03 10 Nov 20
I have been SO Pleased with my Veneers, FROM BRIGHTER IMAGE LABS No joke n lie !!I have had BRIGHTER IMAGE veneers for about 4 yearsAnd It really is a GAME CHANGER when you must be up close and Personal , with CLIENTS( BEFORE COVID19)and People in General I would Suggest that ANYONE Please Look at brighter image INVENTORY OF AND OR THEIR VIDEOS
Phetra C.
22:36 04 Nov 20
Great quality service from beginning to the end. A few months ago I would smile without showing my teeth but now all you see is TEETH, I LOVE MY NEW SMILE!!!!
Kasey B.
17:33 30 Oct 20
amazing! Never had this type of result and with such great service!
Baby L.
06:20 30 Oct 20
I absolutely love my smile! They’ve done an amazing job! I’ve messed up on my impressions a few times but the customer service staff made the process very easy for me! They look incredible on me!
Lisa Y.
21:42 29 Oct 20
This is a great company! I absolutely love their products/services and their customer service. They really treat you like a friend instead of just another number on the chart.... I appreciate the follow up and the prompt response to all my questions and concerns. I haven't stop SMILING yet, 🙂
Rodney W.
18:03 29 Oct 20
Great product and quality!! Restored confidence in my smile
Bill P.
15:14 29 Oct 20
Awesome company always friendly well worth the product!
DIY With 2 B.
04:34 28 Oct 20
Always smiled not showing my teeth my whole life!Tried these ( Top Arch) and OMG! Literally like having plastic surgery. Took impressions from home, sent them in and had my veneers in 30 days!Can’t say enough about their response time w all communication, financial help if need, and quality of fit and durability!
m'scat S.
18:35 24 Oct 20
From the beginning to end everything was perfect! I received my complete set and I absolutely love them....perfect fit! I'm ordering a second back because I know the value of a good smile and my BIL Veneers got me covered!
Martyna R.
19:37 22 Oct 20
I loved the result and I am ordering another set. Highly recommend!
Kalie D.
21:35 21 Oct 20
Brad C.
14:24 21 Oct 20
Fantastic product with excellent customer service and fast shipping.... Highly recommended to everyone!!
Pastor Lilian O.
17:19 20 Oct 20
I have never felt more confident than now. The fit is perfect. Brighter image lab was the best thing I discovered in 2020.
Emilia B.
14:44 20 Oct 20
The company is 100 they turned my frown into a beautiful smile
Victor B.
23:18 19 Oct 20
Bright Image Lab has been great from start to finish. Every representative I get they are so nice and so knowledgeable. My smile was already nice but thanks to bright image lab my smile is a million dollar one now
Keoria M.
19:55 19 Oct 20
Very Convenient & Feels good as they Look!Satisfied
Dave B.
03:54 19 Oct 20
OMG!!! The quality of this product is amazing! What a life changer! I've already ordered back ups for both upper and lower arch. These veneers are perfect! Don't hesitate to take this step. It changed my life and it can do the same for you.
Keith N.
16:28 18 Oct 20
I was pleasantly surprised when my veneers arrived second day out they were comfortable. When I saw what they did for my smile...I could not stop smiling...any reason to show off my beautiful new smile was a good one...what a confidence booster!
Diane M.
19:03 15 Oct 20
Edwin R.
18:41 14 Oct 20
Great service. Highly recommend it!
D D.
14:07 13 Oct 20
Fantastic product been the God sent for me. money was not that bad either for the product the people there were just exceptional special shout-out to Shelly thank you
Jordan M.
16:02 12 Oct 20
Fantastic Product. I was a bit scared by the BBB rating, but I gave them a shot anyway, and I am so glad I did! I have never been able to smile with confidence like this. Truly life changing.
Lynda J.
17:46 10 Oct 20
I have missing teeth as well as discolored teeth. I stopped smiling and was very self conscious. These veneers were an absolute game changer, for me. Now, I can smile wide and brightly. I recommend these veneers to anyone who no longer have a smile to be proud of.
Theo Gibbs L.
20:21 09 Oct 20
Before was hard. Our lifespan is short without a real smile. Our hearts hurt to hide our bad teeth from no fault of our own.When brighter image labs gave me a new smile it gave me a new heart a new feeling. Anxiety was gone and lovewins.My smile is so important to me, and thanks to brighter image labs I can smile again.
Aaron J.
19:14 09 Oct 20
Absolute fantastic company to deal with. Great staff and extremely helpful. The product is the highest of quality. I am extremely happy with my new teeth. Nice to be able to smile!! Thank you Bill. Let me know when you get into the hair game. Lol
Martin M.
14:28 09 Oct 20
Great experience 👍
Vladimir R.
18:42 07 Oct 20
It looks perfect. My friends don't believe, it is just veneer until I take it off. It appears absolutely realistic around the gumline and on top as well. I messed up my first impression, good that they are sending extra stuff. Their YouTube video was very helpful.Fast service. From on line order to veneers in my mouth it took exactly 1 month. I'm impressed and I would recommend it to everyone
Matthew P.
16:44 06 Oct 20
THE REAL DEAL!!! 100% LEGIT 4 REAL. I GOT MY ORDER TOP TEETH AND OH BOY!!.I AM REALLY REALLY SATISFIED. WORTH IT EVERY CENT. look the process was easy just an impression and mail it back. they e -mailed me and let me know every step in the process. Before and after is like im a new person. Way worth it. Too bad i wear a mask out now because i have a perfect smile 😃 id like to show off now thanks to brighter image labs. Also they sent me a free whiting kit for my bottom teeth. Its a really good product. Good look.
23:26 05 Oct 20
Without A Doubt One of The Best Decisions I’ve Made!! Not only my appearance but my life overall has changed thanks to brighter image lab! Customer service is excellent. From the initial start till I got my veneers, their team kept me updated and when I would call to check up on my order they would always be there to help. I wanna thank you Brighter Image Lab team for this life changing experience. I smile like there’s no tomorrow!! 😃😃
Estelle F.
21:52 03 Oct 20
I purchased my Bil Veneers two years ago and they are holding up great in spite of daily use. I was a bit hesitant about taking my own impressions and was unsuccessful at my first attempt. I was sent a second kit within two weeks and "what do you know", I got a good impression after watching the video on how to get a good impression. The customer service representative were very helpful in expediting my second set of impressions. My Bil Veneers arrived within 4 weeks and I have been smiling since. I no longer avoid taking photos when out with family and friends. Best purchase I've made in years.
Matt Z.
15:44 02 Oct 20
My BIL veneers are amazing! I was a bit skeptical when I first received them but after a year later I can say I've used them every day and have received compliments. I'd highly suggest them to anyone else for an affordable fix!
Jackie J.
19:24 01 Oct 20
I ordered my veneers from Brighter Image Lab, over seven years ago and I will continue to do so. The confidence I now have with my new smile is indescribable. I smile all day long. I get so many compliments on my smile amd the price is affordable. Thank you Brighter Image Lab. Jackie James
Sleep When You T.
15:26 01 Oct 20
Brighter image labs has changed my life! I was so unhappy not socializing like I have my whole life. Brighter image labs has the highest quality veneers as well as customer service! I would give them 10 stars if I could! thanks so much to all of you!!!
Dylan S.
21:09 30 Sep 20
The veneers I received were definitely a confidence booster. I received great timely service and even a free cleaning product. I am so happy with the results and will definitely go back to them again.
Bill S.
19:56 30 Sep 20
This will be my second time doing business with BIL and was extremely pleased with the quality, speed and most importantly customer service was fantastic. I would recommend anyone looking for inexpensive way of getting veneers.
William V.
18:17 30 Sep 20
Going with Brighter image lab has been a life changing event for me! I love my new smile! They provide outstanding service! Incredible!
ronald W.
16:00 29 Sep 20
15:22 29 Sep 20
It was such and easy process and the staff are always helpful and friendly!They were such a pleasure to work with and the teeth are absolutely gorgeous!!
Khaley S.
00:47 29 Sep 20
I am in love with my veneers they have boosted my confidence tremendously.The brighter image lab team has always been such a great help with all my questions before during and after I have received my veneers.They fit perfectly and the detail that they put into my veneers are stunning! I highly recommend them.My venners was worth every penny.
Lily W.
14:33 28 Sep 20
BIL has excellent customer support (responsive) and provides a much needed service. I've used their product for years and they have been a worthwhile investment in my self esteem and ability to conduct business. If your teeth are healthy, and you need a cosmetic solution, I strongly recommend.
The Silent Come U.
14:31 26 Sep 20
I love my new veneers, They fit perfect. Still getting used to them though
James W.
21:05 25 Sep 20
MyVeneers fit great. Looked great and I got many compliments on them.
Jake C.
18:00 25 Sep 20
I was extremely satisfied with the veneers I received they fit and looked amazing and couldn't be happier!!!!
mandy A.
18:23 24 Sep 20
I have been a longtime customer and have referred alot of people here. I tried using another company that does the same type of service, but hands down Brighter Image is better quality, better customer service and overall better company that offers an exceptional quality product. Always been pleased with my orders.
Larry D.
15:38 24 Sep 20
This product is something I was looking for for a long, long time. While not exactly inexpensive, the cost is well worth it and much much cheaper than the cosmetic dentistry it would've taken to achieve the same results. The support was perfect, extremely nice and helpful staff. I'm ordering from them again (ONLY because I lost them) - the veneers I had were just over 2 years old and in perfect condition (following care instructions). For anyone who's self-conscious about their smile - you need to give this a try. They take some getting used to, but not long at all, and I PROMISE you what you get back in confidence cannot be measured !!
jerry G.
21:50 22 Sep 20
Great veneers fit percect will purchase again
James C.
21:25 22 Sep 20
Best decision I've ever made. I hated my teeth and smile all of my life. These have given me confidence, and I would tell everyone to not hesitate if you are considering this.
Randi R.
18:33 22 Sep 20
I was really self conscious of my smile before starting the process with brighter image lab! My teeth weren’t as bad as some I had seen, but years of neglect really brought their beauty down and they ended up yellow and stained and just not something I was proud of. I can’t imagine my life without my snap on veneers! The customer service was quick, friendly, and second to none!
Rachel P.
23:21 20 Sep 20
Fell inlove right away! Brought them 2 yrs ago and didn't regret a thing. It was cheap and high quality. Thankyou ao much!
joshua L.
11:46 18 Sep 20
Brighter Image lab Changed by smile, and my life!
Bianca J.
04:58 15 Sep 20
I have always wanted to have a better smile but was never able to afford it. So I clearly remember the day thatI got my first set of veneers I could not believe the transformation.It really boosted my confidence (and my picture taking). The service is also top notch with everyone working to ensure that you as an individual are taken care of and then to top that off- the quality of the veneers is excellent. I've been wearing the Brighter Image Lab veneers for four years now and I'm never going back!
eric B.
18:06 14 Sep 20
Great experience working with brighter image labs. I definitely recommend!
Fabian C.
16:23 14 Sep 20
Very happy with my purchase!!Also they are very quick to reply to any problems or questions you may have.I would highly recommend this product.
Chris W.
14:47 14 Sep 20
I love my veeners that give me more confidence about my smile I don’t think I have bad teeth but just a couple missing on the side I love them I have a birthday trip coming up so I’ll enjoy smiling at all the people maybe I’ll get a few free birthday dinners
Mr. N.
14:42 14 Sep 20
"Want a superlative smile, search no further." Incredibils Veneers are your answers to you making your everyday a Red Carpet /Hollywood appearance.
02:24 14 Sep 20
great customer service great people
Kelly W.
18:53 11 Sep 20
Amazing quality! What a life changing experience! I look like a totally different person! I never used to smile, now i can't stop smiling! The process was so fast and easy. I paid the extra to have my veneers built in 7-10 days because i have a special event coming up at the end of the month. They completed my veneers and I had them in my hands (in Canada) on the 8th day and they are perfect! No refitting required! Thank you Brighter Image Lab!