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I honestly couldn't have had imagined a better result

The changes we can make for our clients are everything to us. We mean that sincerely. So when we do a good job, and a client thinks enough to come back and let us know, we print it and post it, and share it all around the office. It doesn’t matter if they’re in the accounting department, the lab, the front office, or the cleaning crew… we all share in the work that we do. This page is here so we can share our victories with you too.

Debbie - actual Brighter Image Lab client

"Everything you said would happen - did...a top notch company"

- Debbie

David - actual Brighter Image Lab client

"I've AlWays been a non-smiler, now i can't stop smiling"

- David

Linda - actual Brighter Image Lab client

"you make my smile brighter, and my life brighter"

- Linda

Nick - actual Brighter Image Lab client

"I never liked my smile before now. It's a huge confidence boost."

- Nick

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John R.
02:25 29 Nov 21
Great product, excellent service.
Slugg J.
22:58 28 Nov 21
Great products must try
Will A
15:53 27 Nov 21
I’m very pleased with the veneers it’s quick and easy and customer service is great
14:25 25 Nov 21
Brighter image has completely made me very happy about my smile.i recommend it to the world.
David F.
09:14 23 Nov 21
Very good indeed! I was afraid to smile, but now I'm not. Having these veneers is a great confidence booster.
Eno L.
17:52 22 Nov 21
What a fantastic service and quality.The turn around was also very quirk considering I am in Canada.Do not be fooled by cheap knock offs. These guys are the real deal and they stand by their products.
Maria F.
22:39 19 Nov 21
I am very satisfied with my Brighter Image Lab purchase. It has brought so much joy to my life to have a beautiful new smile. The process was easy & they were very helpful throughout. I highly recommend them and I would use them again if needed.
20:50 19 Nov 21
I was trying to surprise my wife with bils veneers through brighter Image lab. She was in a very very very abusive relationship before her and I got together. They called me and asked if they could talk to her. Put her on one of their videos and bent over backwards for us. I couldn't ask for better service. She still gets emotional when talking about Brighter Image Lab,Bil and his camera man. Thank y'all for being kind to her and making her feel beautiful even though she didn't feel that way before we received the veneers. Our life has completely changed because of B.I.L. Herself confidence has gone through the roof. Happy wife happy life is what people say. I will forever be grateful to Brighter Image Lab for helping her and in the end myself as well.
Vanessa K.
15:57 19 Nov 21
Their service is superb and they truly work to make sure my smile is at its best.
Dialla A.
18:45 17 Nov 21
I am very pleased with Brighter Image Lab. They give you step to step emails of the process of your veneers. When I first tried them on it was a shocker. They do say to expect that. I love my new smile. Ty Brighter Image team. I will definitely recommend this to everyone. Here are my before and after photos.
irving H.
17:10 17 Nov 21
Absolutely Marvelous!!!these bil Venners are a game changer when it comes to helping improve your smile, I just love the look and feel of these BiLVeneers, and can't thank Brighter Image Lab enough, Way To Go Guy's you all are Amazing!
Love S.
20:04 16 Nov 21
My experience here was amazing. Professional, fast, and pretty simple process.I’d definitely recommend their work to anyone seeking it.My smile gets sooo many compliments and I’m in love with it! Thanks Brighter Image Lab!
Wayne L.
16:35 16 Nov 21
Great product from a professional company
ted B.
00:06 15 Nov 21
Laura M.
02:45 11 Nov 21
This veneers are a lifesaver. I am in sales and These veneers really helped my confidence.They are durable and natural looking. I never used to smile and show my teeth, now all I do is smile. It did take a few days to get used to them, but now I never leave home without them.If you are on the fence at all - DO IT.
Robert F.
22:43 08 Nov 21
I’ve been using bell veneers for the past 10 years I love them they help my self-esteem and created a beautiful smile that I’m proud to show without having to break the bank they’re quite durable and have lasted quite a long time thank you for creating such a wonderful product and then I thank Shavala😃
Thomas B
14:19 08 Nov 21
The product and company are as described and do a great job. For a temporary veneer, the product is exceptional and worth the price. I am very satisfied.
NaTe !
17:03 07 Nov 21
Ive been on the market for clip on veneers, and I wasn't having any luck due to the fact that there were a lot of scam offers out there and companies that specialized in clip on veneers but had horrible reviews. I came across brighter image lab and I read the reviews and was automatically sold on peoples experiences and how much they loved their veneers. so I went ahead and ordered a fitting for just my top. when I got my veneers, It looked so unrealistic at first, but after a couple of weeks, my confidence level went from a 20 to a 100. I felt confident in my smile. we all know how expensive cosmetic surgery is. its literally an arm and a leg. but the veneers that brighter image lab offers is just as good, maybe even better. im on my third year with my veneers and im always getting compliments. I love it!
Matt M.
15:04 07 Nov 21
Wonder company! If you're second guessing getting the veneers or not don't! Go for it and get your life back! The best part is when you call you actually talk to people rather than getting a computer recording.
Bert W.
17:25 06 Nov 21
Brighter Image is simply the best. Service and product are topnotch. Highly recommend!
Jon E.
03:48 02 Nov 21
I have been delighted with my veneers over the past year. Ordering was made easy with help from the professionals at Brighter Image Labs. I have ordered the bottoms and looking forward to wearing them together!
00:16 01 Nov 21
03:10 30 Oct 21
The Brighter Image Lab`s (BIL) veneers are amazing!!! Most important for me is, that you can get the SMILE by BIL without any hurting to your teeth, e. g. polishing the surfaces of teeth. The colour of veneers are very natural. BTW, I ordered the ones with standard colour. Also very important to make your veneers to fit your teeth very well is, you have to make great and professional impressions, which is easy for me to do and also is the responsibility to the customers. A big thank to BIL!
Yvette G.
09:38 29 Oct 21
I Absolutely love my veneers!!! I can’t even believe this was possible and so affordable! Thank you brighter image!
Cheisa B.
19:35 28 Oct 21
Thanks for helping me feel confident again!
Martin C.
23:15 27 Oct 21
This technology is incredible. I purchased this August 2020 and it has changed my life professionally and privately. I would recommend this to everyone that has had issues with their teeth. They are God sent!
Christina T.
20:58 27 Oct 21
I've just ordered my third pair. I grew up very self conscious about my extremely crooked and missing teeth. My precious veneers changed how I feel about myself. I smile all the time and my confidence has boosted over the moon. Love what my veneers from Brighter Image Labs has done for my life.
Pinky B B.
14:09 27 Oct 21
I just have to say that Brighter Image Lab is the absolute best 10,000 stars for them! They have the most sweetest customer service and so attentive.I ordered my veneers from Brighter Image Lab 1 Year ago and I am obsessed! I will be ordering a second pair and I am as excited for these as I was with my first. I recommend Brighter Image lab to everyone!when you do order be patient and be respectful to them, as they are working on beautiful teeth that you will be extremely happy with! All amazing things take time to work on!Thank you so much to Brighter Image Lab for giving me my Confidence back!
Pippa2121 P.
21:18 26 Oct 21
My smile is beautiful again! Thank you so much to everyone at BIL veneers for doing such an amazing job! Each and every step you get an email about what is happening so you are never wondering what or where you are in the process. I recieved my veneers and km blown away with how amazing they turned out. You guys they are the real deal! Don't waste your money on fakes or wannabes. Do it right the first time! Thank you for giving me my confidence back!!!
Valerie Keith (.
23:37 24 Oct 21
Brighter image lab gave me confidence to smile again! I love my veneers! Fixing to order more!
Water K.
22:21 22 Oct 21
This is a great investment for me . I can wear the veneers as I work in my teeth.
Tammy M.
04:48 22 Oct 21
Brighter Image is absolutely amazing!! They were easy to work with and I can’t believe how easy it was to purchase them!! They have great finance program that’s easy for anyone to qualify!! Once I received them, I was shocked at how they fit and how they got the shape of your teeth right!! It really amazed me that my Bill Veneers looked real and just like I had my own teeth straightened 😁 I never use to smile because I was confident with it, but now I smile all the time and people say the nicest things about my smile!!!! I definitely recommend Brighter Image!!!
Tim O.
08:25 19 Oct 21
I am so pleased with the customer service and the quality of BIL. It was so easy to work with them on getting a perfect smile.
Travis M.
16:24 15 Oct 21
Incredible customer service! The veneers are absolutely unbelievable! Very comfortable and the appearance is beautiful!
Jill H.
18:43 14 Oct 21
I've gotten a lot of compliments and I have a lot more confidence since receiving my veneers. I can't say enough good things and can't quit taking pictures! I share this with all my friends and family. All of BIL has been so nice and helpful!
Trae S.
13:41 13 Oct 21
Brighter Image has completely changed my life! I am a Stylist and am consistently in front of people all day long…I had not taken care of my teeth but I had been to MANY DENTISTS over the years and would have to go through many surgeries to fix my smile- Thank you, Brighter Image…You TRUTHFULLY changed me forever!!
Greg G.
18:43 11 Oct 21
John D.
19:42 09 Oct 21
With my BIL veneers I am no longer self conscious about smiling or laughing. They look amazing and fit perfect. I wish I would have found them sooner. Thank you so much BIL.
Elizabeth H.
11:06 08 Oct 21
I literally thought I might never smile again. I'd became depressed beyond belief especially after the mask mandate had been lifted. I knew I wouldn't be able to hide the horrible fact that my $12000 smile(which I'm still paying on) that my manager had talked me into getting done due to only one tooth towards the back messed up turned into them shaving down my perfectly good teeth and giving me these super expensive veneers. Fast forward almost 3 years & I'm driving across country and fall asleep rolling my BMW & knocking out that $12000 worth of teeth! I went to several different dental surgeons and cosmetic dentistry offices, but kept being told either they weren't sure they could do much of anything at all with the nubs and couple of teeth they had left me or that to make my smile even "okay" it would start in the $15,000 range & go up from there. I don't have that kind of money. I mean who does especially with this whole pandemic. So now here I was not wanting to leave the house and my job was in the dust due to the Countries situation and I was terrified to go try and find a new job because who would hire someone with no teeth. I was searching online randomly a couple months ago and stumbled upon Brighter Image Labs and their unbelievable success stories! I literally looked everywhere trying to find something negative toabout them or a bad review and couldn't. However I still didn't have quite enough to cover the price of getting my top teeth done, and my mother was super apprehensive after the last ordeal but somehow I was able to convince her that this was worth giving a try. I'm so so unbelievably overjoyed, excited, and really in a bit of shock I think still with these incredible results I received!! Brighter Image Labs and Bill were able to do what I thought would never be possible and at an unreal price too. I now can't wait to get out of the house and can't wait to talk and show off the amazing smile that Brighter Image Labs made for me. M mom is just as happy as I am and I'm looking forward to hopefully getting the bottoms done here very very soon! If your nervous or apprehensive what so ever just please take it from me or check out my before and after photos that will prove it all right there. Brighter Image Labs has figured out how to make the impossible possible for myself and so many others out there too. Thank You I'm forever grateful to you all!!!
Forgive And L.
18:11 07 Oct 21
I couldn’t be happier! What are YOU waiting for ?! My only regret along this journey is I didn’t take this step sooner. My confidence boost shot through the roof the moment I looked in the mirror. It feel amazing to hear “Wow, you look different” “you’re glowing” etc I honestly forgot what it was like to smile freely😁... Of course it’ll take some adjusting but so does everything new in our life. Give yourself A chance I did ❤️💋
Vonne Y.
20:24 06 Oct 21
Jason S.
18:21 06 Oct 21
Ordered a pair a little over a year ago and was very satisfied. Simple straight forward process and everything went smooth, I received the service that was advertised. The dental veneers brighter image lab sent are durable and look good. I have had issues with my teeth for years and having the veneers gave me a jolt of confidence and self esteem.
Daniel H.
00:47 06 Oct 21
Kathy P.
22:12 02 Oct 21
David B.
14:13 02 Oct 21
Smiling has always been uncomfortable for me. My new veneers give me confidence and a great smile and I'm so happy to say I made the best choice with Brighter image Labs to make it happen! Best in service, quality and value. Thank-you.
Angel B.
18:25 30 Sep 21
Emanuel M.
19:02 28 Sep 21
Very good company, I got my veneers back right away and looking forward to my lower arch. I’m so much more confident in my smile thanks to brighter image lab
Melissa Wiggins (.
01:38 23 Sep 21
I was very impressed by their level of professionalism and actual genuine care for their clients. They remembered my name, they remember talking to me, and they were as helpful as could be. They have given me my confidence back and I highly recommend them to anybody who is self-conscious about their teeth. I will never be able to thank them enough for what they have given back to me.
Jeannie O.
19:40 22 Sep 21
Ordered another set!
John M.
19:45 21 Sep 21
The veneers I received fit perfect and were very natural looking. I have had them for over 4 years and I am now ready to upgrade to their new Billings veneers. Great company and very helpful customer service.
C & J G.
19:11 20 Sep 21
My veneers have been such a game changer for me. I rarely smiled but now I smile with confidence. Thank you Brighter Image Lab.
18:06 20 Sep 21
My experience since 2017 with Brighter Image Labs (BIL's) has far exceeded my expectations, from the product itself (amazing!) to the first class service I've received, to the value I've received for the incredible price. At every step of the way, BIL's outlined what to expect and delivered on every promise. I could not be more satisfied with the result. The decision to purchase my veneers from BIL's is one of the best decisions I've made, without any regrets. I wholeheartedly recommend Brighter Image Labs!
Kelly A.
16:55 20 Sep 21
This company is EVERYTHING THEY SAY THEY ARE!!! EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE AND DO ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING TO MAKE SURE YOU GET THE SMILE YOU WANT, NEED & DESERVE. PLEASE DON'T HESITATE ON USING BRIGHTER IMAGE LABS ON GIVING YOU A "NEW SMILE AND NEW LIFE" BECAUSE OF YOUR GREAT NEW SMILE. THIS IS MY HONEST REVIEW, I HAVEN'T BEEN PAID OR GIVEN ANYTHING TO SAY ANY OF THIS. P.s. I'm now having to get a new veneer made and they could not be more kinder or nicer in helping me get a replacement, I wish I would have never waited as long as I did to use this great company the first time, they are truly a phenomenal group of people. Thanks so much BRIGHTER IMAGE LABS,FOR CHANGING MY LIFE.
Ricarlus H.
18:59 17 Sep 21
The Silent Come U.
17:39 17 Sep 21
I love my new veneers, the purchase was definitely worth it. I just can't stop smiling since I first got them, and they fit surprisingly well too
Menachem F.
18:15 14 Sep 21
I really love my veneers.I’m more confident socially and I couldn’t live my life without it.
randy K.
17:54 13 Sep 21
Great work… the more time you wear the more they fit your teeth better
Shanea Massengale, R.
18:23 10 Sep 21
LOVED everything about this company! Their detailed videos, their products and their customer service is top notch.
Noreen M.
22:45 09 Sep 21
I was a bit apprehensive at first but they sent me the kit to make the casts and it was so easy!!! I couldnt be happier with my new smile!! Thanks Brighter Image !
Nichole U.
21:52 09 Sep 21
I have been so happy with my new smile. I am able to have confidence in myself again. Before Brighter Image Lab gave me my new lease on life, my confidence was diminishing along with my teeth. I now have the confidence I been needing to get the job I deserve and take me to the next level so I can permanently fix my smile. I recommend all my friends and anyone who comments on my smile. Thank you for what you have done for me.
Jourdin Y.
21:45 07 Sep 21
Enjoyed my experience. Definitely put me back in the game 😆. Took some getting use to at first but after about 3 days i never even noticed them. Lisp gone lol. Please pleeeeez be mindful, these are really really really easy to misplace so try to keep up with them. Also they work best whenever you run them under warm water before placement.
Brandee W.
17:18 03 Sep 21
I just cannot say enough good things about Brighter Image Lab, and these beautiful veeners. They fit great and have definitely amped up my confidence level. I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to improve their smile, whether it's just a gap, color, or even missing teeth. Absolutely pain free and and sooooo much less expensive than paying for painful dental work that is crazy overpriced! *UPDATE* A year after having these veneers and wearing them as often as possible I still have a terrible lisp. I tried to see if I could get them adjusted but it’s been too long so that wasn’t an option unfortunately. Just a heads up if you have that lisp you better get it fixed within 30 to 90 days or they won’t do it I’m stuck with beautiful teeth but I sound like an idiot.
John H.
00:05 03 Sep 21
If you are considering veneers from Brighter Image Lab, please read this. First off, let me say this company produces a very high quality product. You will be more than happy with the veneers you are sent. What they also have is exceptional customer service. Exceptional.I had a desperate situation. I was on a medication that affected my bone density that resulted in a severe fracturing of both bones in my arm and severe tooth loss. Enter Brighter Image Lab. After doing some research, I went with BIL because I just got a good feeling about them. I felt like they genuinely care. Turns out, they do. They really do. The entire process was easy and quick. I would recommend watching the tutorials. What seemed difficult became much easier with viewing these. Because I always have a lot of questions, I spoke with several people with BIL. Every conversation left me feeling like they really cared about my situation.The veneers have been life changing as you can imagine. They look natural. Trust me, you will be happy you went with Brighter Image Lab.
Shylow R.
19:47 01 Sep 21
I bought bil veneers in 2018 and was on a time crunch cause I was getting married a week after I ordered them. Bill worked extremely hard and had them done for me before the wedding. Amazing people with amazing work. 2019 my wife worked at an ortho and wanted me to give braces a try I figured why not. I got them and just got them off about 6 months ago. My teeth are straight, but I have a few missing teeth in the back from developing cavities easy even after getting the braces I still just wasn’t satisfied with the look of my teeth so I went back to the veneers and they are even better than they was in 2018! Amazing! I give them 10 STARS!
Trista E.
13:56 01 Sep 21
Inherited baby teeth that never wanted to leave and missed out on wisdom teeth. So Brighter Image Lab did a great job making my veneers look exactly like how I should look with adult teeth. So much so that when I smile I look like my grandma who has passed but provides a great reminder of who she was. Thanks Brighter Image Lab just wish they were a lot more affordable for a second duplicate pair.
chelle R.
23:50 30 Aug 21
Hi, online I'm known as Chelle at home I'm John's wife and together we love Brighter Image Lab. There customer service, is so helpful. If you lose your veneers and theyare on file. you can order duplicates, This is great because Brighter image lab gives me a better presentation.
David E.
19:37 30 Aug 21
Brighter Image Labs has been a great alternative for me and the looks of my teeth. Before these veneers I wouldn't smile in pictures, but now I have to confidence to do so.
Matt R.
21:20 25 Aug 21
Awesome experience
deanne B.
18:04 24 Aug 21
This will be my third set of veneers from BIL. Due to my carelessness, I broke my first set and with the second set, my new puppy got a hold of them and chewed them up! (Yes, it's true.....). I AM SO LOST WITHOUT THEM! I love the way they fit and I could eat with them on too. Brighter Image has made a better smile affordable for everyone. Their work is impeccable and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to improve their smile. Customer service is awesome. Can't wait for my veneers to arrive.
Tyeisha S.
03:22 24 Aug 21
This company literally gave me the confident that I have lacked for over 2 years. I literally didn’t smile in pictures for 2 WHOLE YEARS. Now, with the smile that Brighter Image Lab gave me, I’m a brand new person! I LOVE my smile. It restored my confidence and appearance to no end. I’mIn love with ME ALL OVER AGAIN. Without them, I was seriously committing suicide. I am forever grateful and I owe this company my life. I love my new smile and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It changed my life.
23:49 23 Aug 21
My name is Bernadette Moore back this past April I believe I ordered a set of top teeth clip-in veneers and OMG they were beautiful unfortunately on 08/22/2021 I removed them to have dinner and I was out at a restaurant and I'm so sad and sick right now that i thought I placed them inside my purse but I guess I did not. I must replace them immediately and I will because they were great, I love them, they fit great, they were the best this company is a very good company
Blue T.
23:09 23 Aug 21
I'm [email protected],. I'm From California I absolutely love it, i been waiting for this for so long and finally a company that really cares about the people i'm so happy with my new venires , Thank you Brighter Image LabTHANK YOU.!!!!
Jdawg M.
13:43 23 Aug 21
Brighter image labs is the best decision anyone can make. it has changed my life forever. I was a person that would not even go in public because of the way my teeth looked. Now i love to talk to people again. I even bought a yacht and lived in the middle of the water to stay away from people. my story is to long to tell all of you in this review but I promise you, they are the best and it will change your life. i know it did for me for sure.
Mimi H.
13:37 22 Aug 21
Brighter image has changed my life completely... I’m super confident now and saving so much money with a dentist.. it was so easy to start the process.. Their team is very responsive and caring to my needs and questions.. thank you Brighter Image for giving me hope!!!!
Kenny B.
18:48 20 Aug 21
I contacted Brighter Image Labs a while back and my life has changed since. There’s no way to accurately describe how much my life has changed since receiving my veneers. I am blessed to have researched them and make my purchase. Life changing for sure. Highly recommend!
Krazie Kira's L.
19:16 16 Aug 21
I have had this product since 2018 and I love it I tried insta smile and was really disappointed so I got brighter image lab and was very satisfied they lasted a long time and looked great no one even knew that I had them I would and I have recommended this company to so many people I wouldn’t try another company ever again
Shawntrice W.
19:13 16 Aug 21
I recently ordered Bill veneers from bright Image Lab and the veneers was amazing they fit perfectlyThey look real And the customer service was amazing I highly recommend if you want veneers you don’t have thousands of dollars to pay for them definitely order a pair from Bright Image lab
Tasha B.
18:30 16 Aug 21
Brighter Image Labs is so professional. I smile with confidence with Bill Veneers! They are worth every penny and more. There’s no price worth the self esteem boost of looking at a perfect white smile! I love you Bill and staff!!!
Ladi R.
21:03 12 Aug 21
My teeth look so much better after going to brighter image lab awesome staff great communication thanks for my new smile
Allen S.
14:05 12 Aug 21
At first I was skeptical that they could do anything for me as bad as my teeth are and the number of missing teeth I had. However Brighter Image Labs created veneers that were nothing short of a miracle to me. They fit well and have restored my smile to what it looked like 30 years ago. Thank you BIL for giving me back the ability to look in the mirror and smile.
kevin S.
02:18 12 Aug 21
I've been a customer for only 7 months from the beginning to the end they have been such helpful and knowledgeable team answered my questions when I had doubts in the beginning. I had a bit of a accident with my veneers and the warranty return was hassle free and easy. Just a great company.
Jason K.
21:27 10 Aug 21
Amazing company that saved me, I can't speak more highly about a company. This company builds a product that changes lives! Thank you
B D.
21:39 09 Aug 21
Great group of people to work with. Fast turn around I love the product they provide.
shabria W.
04:06 07 Aug 21
I love my new smile
Jay J.
22:53 03 Aug 21
I've had numerous veneers from BIL over the last few years and countless compliments on my smile. I wear every day due to dental problems as a result of a medical condition and they've given me so much confidence in my career and relationships and just life in general. I'm so thankful!Amazing friendly, helpful customer service. I recommend to anyone thinking about it to go for it! 🙂 Thank you BIL!
Cyndi M.
15:46 03 Aug 21
If I could give Brighter image Lab ten thousand stars I would do so in a heartbeat I have lived my life ashamed of my teeth since I was a kid so self-conscious about my gap teeth you will not find any picture of me smiling with my mouth open at all anywhere up until I had received my new smile around this time last year my confidence went through the roof I love showing off my teeth whenever I could unfortunately covid caused us to have to wear masks and hide it and of course my luck somehow someway my veneers disappeared right before they lifted The mask mandate I wasn't financially able to order a new pair until now and I hesitated believing the process was going to be a hassle which I regret because it was such a simple process the staff at brighter image lab are amazing super helpful and super understanding the process easy you could tell that they genuinely care they made me feel comfortable and excided to move forward with the process of receiving my second set over all from start to finish they deserve all the stars in the sky for what they have given me
J Riley J.
21:44 02 Aug 21
I suffered a really bad fall at home back in 2019 in which I not only broke my jaw but also knocked 2 of my front teeth. I had to have surgery to remove a tooth and had to have my jaw wired shut. I was devastated, humiliated and embarrassed because I would always smile at everyone every where everyday, so needless to say I stopped going out and doing activities with my family because of that. Then I remembered Brighter Image (I seen on tv WFAA Dallas) and I managed to save enough to purchase the upper portion of the bilveneers. Once I received them I surprised my family and they were amazed how “real” they looked and how good they looked on me. Words can’t express my gratitude, I’ve regained my confidence and I now have a reason to smile thank you so much!!!
David C.
18:07 02 Aug 21
I found myself in desperate need of dental work as I suffered a fall while riding my bike and lost my front teeth. I had not worked for month's and had no insurance to cover an emergency visit to the dentist. I quickly googled for solutions and found Brighter Image Labs. After doing my due diligence, I quickly decided to start the process. In a mater of days I was delivered a easy to use self explained kit to take impressions and mail back. Shortly thereafter I received my new smile completely satisfied I was able to confidently secure employment and begin a new career. I am so grateful to Brighter Image Labs for saving me the embarrassment one would imagine from such an event and restoring my confidence. I recommend to anyone in a similar situation Brighter Image Labs.
Drew W.
15:35 02 Aug 21
Loved my new veneers
Erick R.
02:08 29 Jul 21
Veneers are easy to click on & go about your day looking & feeling better! Quality product!
Robin B.
19:39 28 Jul 21
I'm so pleased with my veneers.. that I'm reordering!!! I told everyone!!
james L.
15:49 27 Jul 21
I have been a customer of Brighter Image since 2015. They offer quality products and service. Being happy with yourself or being comfortable in your own skin and not feeling too embarrassed to smile is so important. Bill Watson and Brighter Image Lab provide a great product. I would recommend them to anybody.
Rose F.
20:02 22 Jul 21
Being comfortable in your own skin and not feeling too embarrassed to smile is so important. Don’t wait any longer if you are considering doing this for your self. Brighter Image Lab is easy to work with and answers your questions in an efficient manner. Excellent product and Customer Service. Even the cartoon me has a cuter smile now!
Roger T.
19:29 21 Jul 21
More of a 4.5 out of 5. Quality is great and aesthetically the closest production next to being real teeth. I have been very pleased with the look of the teeth and pleased with the company's responses in the process when I purchased them 2 1/2 years ago. I have been very hard on my teeth by daily eating with them while in and had some early wear in the back of the arch, but they still looked fantastic. I am now purchasing a new upper arch because I was careless and had put them in my sweat pants pocket and rubbed up against the car and broke them
Artie R.
16:15 21 Jul 21
Very friendly staff all ways responding. Quick and easy. Very good product.
Paul E.
13:38 20 Jul 21
A great product. It exceeded all expectations. I liked them from the very first moment. No adjustment period or getting used to at all. Truly, a dream come true!
Todd E.
11:49 20 Jul 21
customer service was great and helped me the whole way through the process. I received my veneers in a timely manner and they fit perfectly. very happy with results. wow! what a confidence booster. thank you brighter image. I now have people make comments about my great smile
g.w.o.p P.
16:54 19 Jul 21
Good service
Douglas E. B.
16:49 19 Jul 21
I ordered my Veneers 19 months ago and they are great. Has made a big difference with my clients and my confidence. The process was very simple and the staff was always available to answer ay questions while being very friendly and professional. Paulina was and is great!!!!
San M.
23:02 18 Jul 21
I have only recently become a patient here and I couldn't be more pleased with the smole that I now have. The passion that goes into each and every smile is so comforting the whole staff seems as though they are all in sync with their specific duties they're kind of like pieces to a puzzle that just beautifully fall into place. I no longer dread going to the dentist and thank you all so much for giving me a smile I no longer hide!
Sydney P.
19:26 16 Jul 21
This place is absolutely AMAZING ! the work they do,the customer service,EVERYTHING! I have not one complaint. I've always had a gap I've been self conscious about and over the years started having other issues. I would literally never smile with my mouth open. Since getting them I can't stop smiling ! I mailed in my impressions June 29th. I got my teeth back JULY 16th! They are perfect,don't need any alterations or anything. Something I love about this customer service also,they sound like they actually like their job ,& WANT to help..they don't sound or act like your inconviencing them if you have a question. & they always keep you updated with what process your veneers are in which was another favorite thing for me ..def 10/10 and I will ALWAYS recommend them from here on out
00:37 16 Jul 21
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! A dentist ruined my teeth, and it took years to realize that every tooth he touched has continued to break down to the point of surgical extractions. Over the years, I've paid many, many Mercedes payments for that dentist! With all that said, I thank God that Brighter Image Lab gave ME control of MY OWN TEETH! I had worried myself sick about how to fix my smile, and then I saw a video of Bil Watson's IncrediBil Veneers. I did a lot of research and nervously decided to trust him. I AM AWESTRUCK OVER HIS CREATIONS! My veneers are so beautiful and so smooth. They feel like silk! My teeth look so natural. Bil gave me back what a dentist took away from me years ago, and Bil didn't charge me a year's worth of Mercedes payments to do it! LISTEN TO BIL, TRUST HIM, AND SMILE FOREVER!
Chester T.
23:55 15 Jul 21
Brighter Image had turned my life around! Never before did I think I would be able to go out and smile again in person or in photos but Brighter Image has changed all that for the best. I now am carefree when it comes to laughing smiling and showing my immaculate smile! Thank you Brighter Image you’re the best.
Quinn P.
21:46 15 Jul 21
Very impressed with product, customer service is amazing helping me with ordering duplicates! I recommend
Joseph R.
20:59 15 Jul 21
Bill Watson and Brighter Image Lab provide a great product. I would recommend them to anybody.
Pascale P.
20:11 15 Jul 21
Review from Sebastien BujoldI absolutely love these veneers that I've been using for a couple of years now. They look so natural and are very comfortable, even my dentist is amaze by this product everytime I see him. Thank you very much, Sebastien Bujold.
Carolyn S.
23:35 14 Jul 21
This is my third time ordering veneers from Brighter Image Lab. I am pleased each time with the results. I would recommend Brighter Image to friends and family.
Leslie M.
22:15 13 Jul 21
A surgery I had years ago caused my teeth to become a complete nightmare. Not wanting to spend any more money or go through invasive procedures, Brighter Image Lab Veneers were the answers to my prayers. The pictures speak for themselves.
Terilyn H.
00:32 13 Jul 21
Best company ever. I love my veneers. I ordered a second pair for back up and Im still wearing my first set from 4 yrs ago. I want to go brighter so pair #3 on its way!!!
Joel W.
20:24 10 Jul 21
Words can’t express the quality and professional care I’ve received. My Bilveneers arrived a couple of days ago. I was excited and nervous about the finished product. Let me tell you, my veneers were spot on. Instantly changing my overall appearance and outlook in life. Greatly appreciated.
18:00 08 Jul 21
I have been a client with Brighter image labs for almost 6 years now. I'm on my third set. And anxious about the bil Vaneers. Great customer service. And a great product. I am forever greatful if the time and craftsmanship put into helping people (like me) smile!!
Jeremy C.
17:11 08 Jul 21
Brighter image lab has the best veneers I have been using for 6 years they fit good and very satisfied.
Oscar Q.
07:27 07 Jul 21
This company has turned me from a confident young guy into an unconditionally confident good looking guy. Shoutout the ceo for this idea . Fits perfect with my teeth. Highly recommend for anyone that’s insecure about their smile on a budget!!
DamnTam V.
00:38 07 Jul 21
Have enjoyed my Brighter Image Veneers for 3 years, and just ordered my 2nd set. I love them! Not only are they comfortable and beautiful, the confidence factor is amazing! Customer service is also excellent! Thanks Brighter Image.
Lizabeth K.
18:24 06 Jul 21
I recommend this company highly. Great customer service and they are very professional and helpful.
Elizabeth R.
14:43 06 Jul 21
The whole experience was awesome start to finish I love my smile!
Terrence C.
18:50 05 Jul 21
Very happy with product !! everyone love my new smile have not had any problems at all !!!!
Mia F.
22:45 02 Jul 21
I’m so so happy with you guys change my life thank you so much
Ali O
15:39 02 Jul 21
Such an affordable option great customer service always answering all questions overall great company!!!
glenn S.
16:47 01 Jul 21
I am not the same person after receiving and wearing my BIL veneers.My teeth are not in the best of condition and dental costs are extremely expensive.My veneers have changed the total outlook of myself and I keep receiving constant appraisal of great my smile looks.Thanks to Brighter Image Lab I have heightened self esteem and a higher level on confidence.I give my sincerest thanks to the BIL team for their support and professionalism.Thank you!
Ronald S.
16:33 01 Jul 21
My experience with brighter image lab was fantastic ! From the moment I purchased my veneers to the day of delivery was outstanding . I purchased the Incrediblil veneer, it was unbelievable how thin and strong this product is I was truly blown away how great it felt and looked . If anyone is on the fence about purchasing this product ,don't !!! Just do it you will not regret this decision .
David K.
00:00 01 Jul 21
After researching and looking at videos I decided to use brighter image. I must say I am completely satisfied with their product and customer service.
Eric H.
20:28 30 Jun 21
IncrediBil Veneers are amazing! Life changing! I cried the first time I put them in because I was so incredibly happy to see a perfect smile again! It took me a month to re train myself to smile again; now I can smile proudly knowing my teeth are perfect!! Amazing company with friendly, helpful staff!
Tommicena B.
17:45 30 Jun 21
Yes, I love my Veneers. They are perfect, and they help me with having a brilliant smile. I enjoy doing service with Brighter Image!
John P.
12:57 30 Jun 21
Thank you Brighter Image Labs for the veneer. It makes a considerable difference in speech, appearance, bite and jaw comfort. Great matching color. A permanent solution is a major extensive procedure out of reach in cost. Thank you for an affordable option!
Dorothy C.
22:26 29 Jun 21
I had three front crowns break off almost at once as well as several other chipped and missing teeth on top. The dentist quoted me thousands of dollars for repair and a partial plate. I didn't smile for more than two years. I avoided going out and couldn't enjoy visits with my grandkids. I researched snap on veneers and deçided BI L veneers looked the best quality. Ordering was easy. I chatted with a customer rep and had help throughout the entire process. I had to toss my first impression but got the next two right! When I received my veneers they fit perfectly and I was so thrilled to be able to smile again! More than a year later they were still fitting fine. I highly recommend BIL veneers. You will get support and a beautiful smile without a dentist visit or huge bill.
Debbie R.
16:45 29 Jun 21
Brighter image has made my life so much easier to smile to be happy to show off and to tell people about how I got my small back. People will say wow there’s something different about you and I say what my smile yes it’s wonderful thank you so much brighter image
Bryson M J.
15:23 28 Jun 21
This company changed my life. I ordered with them and the process was so smooth. They made me feel really comfortable and answered every question. Once I got my smile it fit perfectly and I landed my dream job 3 days later. I get compliments all the time. Best decision I ever made. I highly suggest this company for anyone looking to restore their confidence.
Audra Y.
21:11 27 Jun 21
Getting veneers from Brighter Image Lab was the best thing I have ever done. It has changed my life in so many ways. After sustaining an injury to my face while serving in the Marine Corps, I was left with severely chipped front teeth and a tooth that turned Brown and dead. I hated smiling and I'd always look down when I talked to people so they wouldn't see how terrible my teeth are. See the difference for yourself! Thanks BIL😁
Michelle A P.
04:23 27 Jun 21
First I should mention, I have not ordered or purchased these veneers. The reason is, and why I'm even posting a review has everything to do with the fine print in the Terms & Privacy Policy. #1, you actually CANNOT eat with these, says so in the Terms. #2 They sell your information & make no warranty as to the security of your information or their website..& go so far to say the site could have a virus or malware. #3 They can add extra fees or change the agreement terms at will. $4 The financing Co also had their own terms & add a 2nd charge upfront for a security deposit that you don't get back until paid in full. #5 The early payment schedule a actually shows that you don't get the $1400 discounted price on the 3rd veneer type, you actually are paying the full price $2400 as shown in the principal balance (btw that's higher than the average they give for dentist veneers). #6 If at any point you make the purchase & enter into the agreement, you lose your freedom of speech. In that they have wording that any negative comments, information or photos posted in a public forum (like me now-but not under contract so I can), you agree to pay $7500-ish dollars in restitution-which you won't because there's language that a court can overrule the terms. I've made a point to aways read the terms and I've seen a lot of CYA (cover your butt) wording, but this company litterally has you by the balls, with no recourse. And nothing speaks to their quality product, excellent customer service, etc. #7 All the reviews on their site are 5 star which tells you the don't post anything negative (think there were 2 only but with positive feedback also. Buyer beware. Read it before buying & be careful how you go through the process.
The T.
20:17 24 Jun 21
I was looking for ways to better my smile now for 2 yrs. I went to dentist offices and they advised me it would be the price of a New Cadillac. I will be honest I did try the teeth straightening ordeal but my patience and my what I wanted did not make me happy. Money down the drain. So I began the search again even more due to getting married in October 2020. I came across Brighter Image and did extensive research. I talked it over with my handsome and he was like wow you did the research and even spoke to some very nice ladies in the office. So he said let's try Brighter Image. I want you to enhance your beauty. Now the funny was us doing the mold. (LOL) The step by step stages of the process of the Lab was great and receiving updates on how it was going for my new look. The time frame had me nervous but when they first came I was like starting at the box unopened and crying already. Scared to see. They came in nice box and they were beautiful in the box, but when I put them in the tears streamed as I tried to smile for the first time. I did have a problem with the bottom. Brighter Image was so great in having me return them and created me better ones for fitting. I am Wedding Ready Now and my future husband is loving the look and so am I. My family loves them as well. Thank you Brighter Image for giving me a smile I Never thought I would see my whole adult life. Smiling Happily Ever After
Rhonda M.
20:06 24 Jun 21
The best thing I ever did! The process was super easy and so affordable! Communicating with them was easy and fast response time!
Mr C
17:27 24 Jun 21
Since I have received my veneers, I have been getting rave reviews about my teeth. Having a great smile gives you more confidence, positive attitude and radiant energy.
Lewis F.
14:33 24 Jun 21
Sandra T.
19:03 23 Jun 21
I have used this product for 5 years now and have been very pleased with not only the beautiful smile I have but also the comfortable fit of these. They look and feel so natural. When you call this company you actually speak with a real person and you receive great customer service. I had the pleasure of speaking with Mark who took the time to answer all my questions and was extremely pleasant to speak with! Great product!
Joe V.
14:00 21 Jun 21
Everything was better than I expected! Great company and product. Would definitely recommend.
Bobby D.
18:39 18 Jun 21
First pair lasted over 5 years. I amOn my second set I have been happy so far.
Valerie W.
14:35 18 Jun 21
I have ordered 2+ sets from brighter image and it’s been an easy process and provided a ton of confidence since I can smile without hesitation. They fit well and have been a lifesaver.
Ron The B.
20:55 17 Jun 21
Thanks to Brighter Image Lab this has absolutely changed my life and gave me more confidence in my smile.
Lionel A.
20:55 16 Jun 21
Just one word AMAZING!!!
Rudi E.
17:58 15 Jun 21
This company is the best at what they do hands down. I waited a few years to use this company watching their YouTube videos and I decided to order and man was I impressed with the quality of their products. If you are waiting I say don't wait run to order these great products from this great American company.
Colt W.
15:27 15 Jun 21
I chose Brighter Image labs, over the other press on veneer companies because of all of the positive reviews. I’m not gonna lie I was skeptical at first, but when they came in the mail and I put them on the first time, I was shocked to say the least…they fit absolutely perfect, on the first try, it was unbelievable. I now smile with confidence, If you’re thinking about going with a different company for whatever reason, DONT. Brighter Image is the way to go 100%, and they’re extremely nice people who want to help you anyway possible. 12/10.
Frank R.
13:47 13 Jun 21
I am very pleased with brighter image labThe staff is very friendly and helpful and the finishProduct is very good and very affordable 🤩 smile onAmerica 🇺🇸
21:10 12 Jun 21
Hi my name is J. Johnson And I am greatly impressed with the level of customer service and quality the product.I served in the United States Marine Corps from 93 to 97 and I had dental procedures done to my teeth that required them to grind down my incisors in order to receive caps, along with this procedure I had already had when I was 10 years old to a front tooth.So I had three front teeth that were capped teeth at that current time and one of the capped incisors fell out. YikesI work in the customer service industry and it’s imperative that I’m able to communicate and obtain sound relations with others. The solution (brighter image ) allowed me to have the confidence to be able to speak to others and conduct business without being self-aware.Thank you Brighter imageJ. Johnson
Andrew Fearon (.
13:10 12 Jun 21
Tiffanie G.
21:47 11 Jun 21
I love my new teeth! The process was simple and Brighter Image was very helpful to ensure that my impressions and final fit were perfect. I spent years smiling with my mouth closed. Now, I am happy to show my perfect, white teeth.
16:45 11 Jun 21
Bil is a true humanitarian and has helped thousands like me. I can smile again and am not embarrassed and will never shy away from the camera lens again. Thanks to all at BIL!
Peter V.
21:42 08 Jun 21
So happy with my bil veneers customer service experience was the best I spoke with Christian and he was very helpful would recommend to everyone wanting a better smile, cant wait to do my bottom arch now, thanks brighter image lab.
Nene S.
13:17 08 Jun 21
Brighter Image gave me a new outlook on life. For years i never smiled very low self esteem. But baby when i received my veneers i couldn't stop smiling.All my pictures now i smile. Thank you guys so much for giving me confident and happiness. I cant stop smiling now!
woody S.
11:43 08 Jun 21
This was the BEST money i ever spent in my LIfe....was i scared Yes but every step Brighter Image lab walk me thru the steps.. My smile is unreal.It gave me the confidence i lost thank you woody sers
Wanda J.
00:19 08 Jun 21
Heaven on Earth Veneers, you really have to try them.Hi my name is Wanda Jennings, let me share with you why I came to Brighter Image Lab. I grew up with severe discolored teeth from tetracycline antibiotics.I had low self-esteem, withdrawn and shying away from any opportunity where photos of me had to be taken. I kept my mouth fully closed.Expensive dental options implants and single veneers, tooth whitening was not for me as I have terrible allergies to most of the chemicals and anaesthetic used in dental work.As the years went by, I looked for alternatives, from make-up artist tooth paint to thermal beads to try and make my own veneers.THEN I found Brighter Image Lab and I read through every review and listened to all the video reviews I could, I went over and over all the information and I saved to get my upper arch.It was a simple procedure, Brighter Image Lab sent out my impression kit, then I followed the instructions, it’s easier to watch the video and follow the impression instructions given by Bill the inventor of this wonderful veneer. I sent the impression back to Brighter image Lab. It was only a week or so before; my veneer came back to me in Australia. The entire process approximately 30 days.When I received my veneer, it was like heaven on earth. I could not believe it fitted so perfectly over my existing teeth and that I would feel like such a different person.The veneer itself is of excellent quality and lightweight, I can wear it all day long. I have eaten with it, but I try to protect the veneer as much as I can.Take it from someone who lived her whole life trying to hide her teeth, do it chat online to the Brighter Image Lab consultants, commit yourself, you will never turn back. Purchase your Brighter Image Lab veneer you will not regret it.
sami N.
22:07 04 Jun 21
I am very satisfied with this product I give it 5 stars
Nicole H.
15:56 04 Jun 21
I purchased a Bilveneer and it exceeded my expectations! The customer service is great and agents were able to answer all my questions. You’re in good hands with Brighter Image Lab!
Gary S.
15:57 03 Jun 21
This will make my second set of veneers I have purchased from BIL. I wore out my first set after more than two years. Of course, I wear them everyday and also eat with them. I have never had a problem. I really appreciate the companies attention to details.
Dale L.
14:58 03 Jun 21
Wearing your veneers gave me confidence again, It changed my whole personality from reluctant to smile an laugh to having real fun again.Thank you again for your great company ahd support.
Rob L.
21:09 01 Jun 21
Brenda R.
17:52 01 Jun 21
Aaron C.
15:45 01 Jun 21
Best company out there! These look and feel amazing! Highly recommend them to anyone!
Jon S.
13:47 27 May 21
I purchased my bil veneers. I did a lot of research before spending the money that I really don't have. What was worth more to me was my self-image. My bil veneers from Brighter Image have given me a smile that I am proud to show. Thank you so much Bil.
Earl B.
16:58 26 May 21
Very comfortable and durable product. Feels good to smile ! Ordering my second set
Tony H.
11:02 26 May 21
I have always had small teeth and my confidence has dropped because of my smileI saw a video online snd said if this is true it would be a god send. I financed the teeth and I don’t have the best credit but was approved in 5 minutes. The veneer molds were so easy even a child could have dove the mold they sent me to make. My veneers were delivered in less than 30 days and I don’t know how they do it but the teeth fit right over my regular teethMy biggest concern was would they stay on when I ate. They DID. I wouldn’t recommend eating hard cant but soft foods are fine.I would recommend them to anyone because they look real the customer service is #1 top notch and they look like $6000 veneersThank you Brighter image
Daniel P.
17:32 25 May 21
Absolutely AMAZING!!! They look like I got them professionally done. I can't stop smiling. I'm so happy I gave Brighter Image Lab thr chance to change my life. Extremely thankful!!!! Definitely recommend!
Stephen C.
17:20 25 May 21
Brighter Image has given me my life back! The only thing that worked for me!!
Valerie P.
14:10 25 May 21
I got the New Bil Veneers and am absolutely in love with them. I didn’t get the lisp others get, and I’m guessing it’s because of how thin they are. The gloss is chipping away in some areas, but it’s not noticeable. I do regret not getting them in the stained color because the bright white smile makes such a huge difference and I feel uncomfortable, but that doesn’t stop me from smiling! I love my purchase, I haven’t been able to smile in YEARS! I definitely recommend, thank you Brighter Image Lab!
Taugata P.
16:22 24 May 21
Due to medication I've taken for years. It affected my teeth! I'm a dancer/performer! When finding out about brighter image. I jumped on it! I was quoted by thousands to get them fixed that I don't have. Brighter image lab came through with them looking amazing but also affordable. I'm beyond grateful!
Briann A.
18:29 22 May 21
I have an auto immune disease that unfortunately has attacked my teeth. I was also in a car accident that left me with out a lot of my teeth, so let’s just say it’s been a long time since I loved my smile. I was searching and searching for a pair of veneers that looked natural while also being affordable, and after literally months of googling and searching I came across Brighter Image labs. And let me tell you...The first time I put my veneers in I teared up. I couldn’t believe how much I LOVED my new smile. They were comfortable and fit like a glove. They do take a little bit of time to get used to as far as talking and things but that’s to be expected as you’re putting something new into your mouth. I love my veneers. I’m happy. I’m confident and I feel like The Brighter Image labs have given me all of those feelings back. Thank you so much for the work you do guys ❤️I also just want to take a moment to mention Monique in Customer Service! She is so sweet and so helpful! This whole team had been great, but Monique is awesome! If you have any trouble with anything I would definitely recommend speaking with her 🙏🏼❤️
MM 1 Cole M. M.
00:16 22 May 21
Fantastic work and worth the money!!!!
Carolyn E.
20:45 21 May 21
I absolutely love my veneers . It’s changed my life . I can smile and socialize now without embarrassment. Especially now with the country opening up once more, I so need to feel good again . Thank you brighter image lab, for providing this invaluable service. It’s painless. It’s like magic. Put on and smile . You will not regret it .
Ccecelia L.
17:26 19 May 21
I have been extremely pleased with these veneers. I was not in a position to pay the cost of implants. These were fitted correctly for my mouth and gave me the ability to smile for the first time in a long while. This company was very attentive to detail and the staff has been very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend them.
Jason K.
23:48 18 May 21
Brighter image lab has given me so much confidence about my teeth. The process is easy and at such a great price. I find myself smiling all the time without hesitation anymore and get complimented all the time. If you are thinking about getting them do it!
Rachel P.
23:34 18 May 21
For years I had felt so insecure about my smile. I would try to hide my teeth in pictures. After doing some research, I came across Brighter Image Lab and decided it was worth a shot. I ordered an upper arch and it was the best thing I could have done for my confidence. I am always smiling now and get complimented all of the time. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
hock Y.
20:29 17 May 21
I.m so happy ..with my new veneers so now I can smile every day..
Saschi N.
18:43 17 May 21
This is a great alternative if you can’t afford implants or veneers! The fit was perfect! I would recommend this place all day!
Marc L.
13:57 17 May 21
Very impressed with the product and the customer support
Gary B.
10:18 17 May 21
I received my veneers before the estimated delivery date and couldn’t be more happy with them! Everyone automatically assumes they are real porcelain veneers.Great product; great experience!
Abdur R.
19:51 16 May 21
gerald A.
21:21 14 May 21
Totally satisfied with the work that Brighter Image labs has done with my brand new look. I'm very pleased.
Jay B
20:58 14 May 21
Brighter Image Lab Has been a positive change in my life. I've been with them for over 7 years, and have been able to smile and laugh with more confidence.
Chris B.
17:04 14 May 21
I paid 1,300 for the Bilveneers, I chose natural white. I love these veneers to death. It's great to be smiling again. Although..Admittedly, there were a couple of bumps in the road to receiving my veneers as happy as i am to have them.. Like for one, I paid 250 bucks for ultra express processing. Which means that they make your veneers the biggest priority over the rest of the orders and where it normally takes 30 days to craft your veneers, it will make it 3-4 if you shell out that extra chunk of change. On a related note, they have this system on their site that shows you how far along they are in creating your veneers and after a weeks time, I looked because I was curious and the status did not change. I contacted them on their site and it turns out, they did not know that I paid the extra 250 even though I could confirm it on their site that I did. If I had not called, I would have been waiting the normal thirty days instead of the "3-4 days" that I had paid for. They did make up for it by bumping me up to overnight shipping after they finished them in 1 day.So that's bump number one. The second thing was upon receiving my veneers, I saw that there was a decently sized chip in the top arch. It isn't hugely noticeable but it is disappointing.Ya know, for having paid over a thousand dollars.When you buy your veneers you receive an impression kit that comes with enough impression material to give you three attempts at making good teeth impressions. I bought both top and bottom arches. So I got two kits. This part of the process took a huge learning curve for me even though I'm a fast learner. My advice is to type into youtube "making impressions for bilveneers". There is an instruction video on this and it is decently helpful. What they don't mention is something that should have been obvious to me. One, this stuff that you have to sink your teeth into is like a giant chewed up wad of gum so when you go to tug the impression tray out of your mouth, there will be a strong suction. Because there should be no air between your teeth and the material, it should be somewhat difficult to remove. But once you get the sweet spot, it will come out. I made sure that there was suction for both arches and my veneers fit great.Can you eat with them? Yes. I have chewed ice with mine even though I shouldn't have. They have a plastic like feel to them so you will want to be good to them and make them last. They are worth the money. They look perfectly natural. Like really teeth. They are beautiful. Thank you brighter image lab. I will definitely buy them again!
brandon D.
16:20 12 May 21
Brighter Image was easy to work with, the customer svc people were knowledgeable, polite and very helpful. They brought the “smile” back into my life. Thank you BIL ...
Dean L.
14:30 12 May 21
I live in Taiwan, I always wanted some products which could make my smile better and get my confidence back. There were so many similar products in the market, the only way I could find the right product for me is searching YouTube videos. I have reviewed so many results from different youtubers, until I saw Bil Watson, the owner of Brighter Image Lab. He actually made his own presentations, and in his presentations, I realized that he truly understood what customers really wanted, and he would do his best to satisfy the requests of his customers, and I finally decided to go for BIL company. I have already received my BIL veneers, and before I received the veneers, i was kind of worried and norvus, I always had a lot of questions to ask customer service, they were very professional and patient as specialists. Since I have a very good experience with this excellent team from Brighter Image Lab, I decided to order again. Thank you so much guys.
Yacine N.
14:17 12 May 21
Very happy with the results, ordering a second set.
April H.
02:07 09 May 21
I just want to say that Brighter Image Lab has changed my life. I was truly blown away. Quality, affordable and they really care and when I received the product, it shined “brighter” than my expectations. For me..there the only choice!
Natasha P.
01:49 09 May 21
This is a great company! Very helpful and informative.
Tina P.
14:20 07 May 21
These veneers changed everything for me. My teeth have been very dark most of my life and now I smile all the time and never mind having my picture made in fact I look forward to it now. Thanks Brighter Image
05:43 07 May 21
First off I don't want to come on here and be negative because my veneers were actually almost the right fit but I have small teeth there for my mouth is a little smaller so I couldn't fully close my mouth from the top veneers being just a little bit too big. Second I thought the finance company I'm still paying till this day ended up costing me over $3000 and they broke. I feel they broke because the veneers were to large for my mouth and it was hard to keep my mouth closed. 3rd I'm aware that I need to pay for the warranty and shipping and handling but I'm a single mother of 5 kids and you know the bills keep coming and I have to put my kids needs before mine like any other good mother would do. So I asked one of ladies if there was a payment plan or can you add it to the finance company but that was a no which I don't know why because they will be getting their money regardless. I pay my payments on time every week. That's gotta count for something in the mean while I'm sitting here embarrassed because I had already got to show them off and now feel humiliated and just keep to myself or make short conversations. I have a gap in my teeth and they are very yellow for smoking for 10 years which I don't anymore because I wanted these veneers so bad that I actually put myself in debt, I was determined to have a beautiful smile. Now I'm stuck not knowing what to do because I can't pay the warranty until I come up with some money that won't break my pockets. I wish I could speak to Bill the man himself to see if there's any way he can help me. I'm not asking for anything free,I just want to be able to wear my veneers that I'm pay an arm and leg for. I took one star away because I've been trying to find a solution because I'm not paying over $3000 for nothing. Another because I wanted to speak Bill himself, I know he's a very busy man but I believe he's the only who can come up with a solution for my problem. I just wish the customer service ladies were a bit more empathetic and this is someone's money, life, mother and don't have the means to pay the warranty up front. Mr Bill I would appreciate your help and my concern for letting my bf go to waste . Thank you.
Tony L.
22:37 06 May 21
Hello My Name is Antonius Lanier and this is my honest review about Brighter Image Lab......I ordered the BIL VANEERS WITH THE GLAZING AND OMG, THERE ARE PERFECT FOR MY MOUTH..... THEY FIT JUST RIGHT, AND I LOOOOOOOOOOVE MY VANEERS FROM BRIGHTER IMAGE LAB.....Bill Watson and his team do Wonderful and Incredible work on people's smile....I truly recommend anybody that needs some vaneers needs to purchase some from this company 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 Thank you BRIGHTER IMAGE LAB !!!
Carol P.
18:42 06 May 21
Thanks to Brighter Image I now can look in the mirror have confidence when I smile. I'm happy smiling without hiding my teeth. Thank you Brighter Image for making a difference in the way I see myself. Here is a before and after.
alberto S.
16:34 05 May 21
This my honest review the veneers are amazing I had been used for 3 years and this company offer a great servece and the comunication is great I love my new smile I'm so happy whit this company save me thousend of dollars.
Joseph B.
22:14 04 May 21
Great customer service and great product! Everything was so quick and everyone was so prompt with help! Definitely recommend!
Evan J.
20:50 04 May 21
Could not be happier to have my smile back, after a accident at the gym I was left with a smile I wasn’t happy with and Brighter Image gave me back my smile!
Nikki G.
18:42 04 May 21
I ordered a top arch because I had a huge chip in one front tooth and a smaller chip in the second front tooth. I haven't really smiled in years because I couldn't afford a dentist, even with insurance. I paid in full so I can't speak on financing, but the whole process was so fast and easy. I received my first pair ,but needed a slight adjustment with the 2 front teeth. They will adjust them AT NO EXTRA COST!!! Which is awesome!! I was immediately sent a shipping label and they received my veneers about 2 days after I mailed them out. It took only a couple weeks and they were completed and I received them only a few days after! I'm so impressed with how fast they were done and shipped, and absolutely THE BEST customer service I've ever experienced. The overall quality and look/feel of the veneers is totally worth the money, and the entire experience from start to finish was so so simple and quick. For sure worth the cost!!! Thank you to everyone at Brighter Image Lab!!!
Ebonee S.
14:36 04 May 21
The designed a great product for me in 2018 and I would be happy to use this company again in the near Future !
Janet G.
21:59 03 May 21
I have had wonderful results dealing with Brighter Image Labs. After several unsuccessful attempts at wearing partials, I ordered the upper and lower arches from Brighter Image Labs and have gotten great results. They are comfortable to wear, fit perfectly, look great and I get a lot of compliments on how they look. I am also able to enjoy eating most foods while wearing them!
Mike M.
19:15 03 May 21
I ordered my brighter image veneers for my sister's wedding they came through on time as promised very Speedy Delivery awesome service I have already recommended to family and friends
Shanika W.
17:14 03 May 21
I've had my veneers for 5 years need a new pair great way to upgrade smile
Capital Contracting I.
12:10 30 Apr 21
Very great way to upgrade your smile! 10 out of 10
Sheri Leggett H.
01:23 29 Apr 21
Brighter Image Lab has changed my life! From first contact to order completion, they provide STELLAR customer service..and the end results are PHENOMENAL! The veneer quality, the feel and the fit all lend the overall end result.. A GORGEOUS SMILE!! I have so much more confidence now when I speak. The lilt that my Brighter Image Lab Smile puts into my step every day is just AMAZING! Thank you Bil.Because of you and your staff and these amazing and affordable products you offer, I now have my smile, my confidence and my life back. I can't put a price on that.
Stephanie M.
21:07 28 Apr 21
I received my IncrediBil Veneers by Brighter Image Lab today, & WOW, just WOW!  These guys have made me cry & I can't stop! They look amazing! I LOVE THEM!  They could not look any more like real teeth.  The natural white shade is perfect & they fit well.  Just perfect all the way around.....from ordering to receving & everything in between.I was a little intimidated by the fact that I would have to do my own impressions, but I followed their instructions & watched the video on their website. It was so easy that I got it right the first try. Mailed them back, assuming I did it wrong & would hear from the company stating that fact. But I never did, so my "negative nelly" started telling me that when I received my veneers, "they will never fit right & I would have to start the whole process over again", (which would have been free). But Nope 🙂 I put them in & they fit PERFECT!!My order:IncrediBil Veneers in Natural WhiteDouble Arch with glazing on bothThey received my impressions on 04/10/2021 & I received my veneers 04/28/2021. SUPER FAST!!Thank You to Brighter Image Lab from the bottom of my heart!
Justin M.
19:51 28 Apr 21
Love the Brighter Image Lab press on veneers! They fit extremely well and had them for over 2 years. They gave me back my confidence to smile again! I accidently broke my pair the other day and im currently ordering a new set! My teeth have always been my biggest insecurity about my self, and BIL helped remedy that! Thanks guys!
Lord S.
18:54 27 Apr 21
They have changed my life I don't know what I would do without them! I don't have any before pictures because I never smiled before.!
Clifton L
13:43 27 Apr 21
I've had veneers for 9 years now. The first set were from Snap-On Smile through my dentist office and very expensive. When I replaced them I used Brighter Image lab at a fraction of the cost but the exact same quality. The molding process was easy and the turn around was quick. The fit was perfect and great quality. I highly recommend Brighter Image Lab to enhance your smile.
Kelly T.
03:57 27 Apr 21
I love them, they fit so good, and look better than the partial I had and cheaper to!Thank you! Brighter Image Lab
Ashley P.
21:14 26 Apr 21
Tracey M.
16:57 26 Apr 21
I have ordered twice and absolutely loved them highly recommended!
Christopher T.
10:23 26 Apr 21
I was very pleased with whole process from start to finish.customer service was great as well as the product
Peter F.
19:11 23 Apr 21
I can’t say enough about the veneers I purchased from brighter images lab! From start to finish the procedure was painless. My teeth were OK to start off with… But I just wanted them perfect. So I purchased the natural shade. One month later I was sent a beautiful set of veneers, that fit perfectly and look terrific! As a matter of fact, I wore them the first day and people commented on how white my teeth were.The customer service was very helpful to me… As I was vacillating between getting the perfect white and the natural shade. I think I’m glad I went with the natural shade.I’m in love with the company so much I’m thinking about ordering a second pair!Peter🦷
Alicia M.
18:43 22 Apr 21
I have veneers from brighter image lab and I could not have been more satisfied with my veneers. They fit perfect and last forever. They changed the way I felt when I smiled I love to smile with them. My overall appearance changes for the better. People actually complimented me on my teeth and had no clue they were veneers. I’d keep getting these over and over! 100% satisfied!
Wendy J.
19:29 21 Apr 21
I was in a little bit of pain at first because of the fit. However, after a few days I could not have been happier. I had porcelain veneers that fell off and it was frustrating and embarrassing. My Brighter Image veneer let me smile again. Easy process and excellent customer service.
Brian H.
14:54 21 Apr 21
Very professional from day one. The quality is the best. Had the veneers for over 4 years and still fit perfectly and look great!
Hayden B.
23:05 20 Apr 21
I ordered a set of veneers from Brighter Image Lab over 18 months ago. I waited to write this review but I’m glad I did because 18 months in, they look brand new still! The molding process was fast and the instructions were easy to follow. I was nervous about my veneers not fitting my teeth properly but they fit perfectly, and still do, after wearing them daily. I’ve gotten so many compliments on my smile since wearing my veneers, and they look natural. If you’re looking to buy some high quality, low cost veneers, with great customer service, this is the company!
Syretta L. Bell (The Makeup S.
21:42 20 Apr 21
This was an answer to a problem that plagued me for many years. I couldn’t be happier with the service I received from Brighter Image Labs! They gave me the confidence to smile again!
Leonard W.
18:56 20 Apr 21
Hi I've been with brighter image laps for better than 5 years and they've done two sets of teeth for me uppers and I absolutely love them they totally change my life
Brian M.
17:48 20 Apr 21
They did a great job of fitting me with the proper size and the customer service was great.
12:58 20 Apr 21
Really happy with my veneer. People asked me what I did to my teeth for them to be so white.First, I had trouble making my impression. They have an option to take them while their representative is on the phone with you. That's what I did and the agent told me when and where to press while taking my impression. Piece of cake!2+ years later my veneer broke in my hand. That is why they probably give you an option to buy warranty.I am still getting a veneer from Brighter Image Lab. I probably could have handled my veneer better.
22:50 19 Apr 21
Life changing product for me. Very thankful for their care and diligent service.
Carmen C.
12:59 19 Apr 21
Boy what I wouldn't do for a smile I gave you three stars but you definitely deserve five the only reason why I gave you three was because I haven't been able to afford the product yet, want it bad though want it real bad just can't afford it best wishes upcoming5STARs
Jamal H.
03:06 18 Apr 21
This will be my first Google review ever. For YEARS I watched countless YouTube channels about press on veneers and I watched all the competitors. Now I'm not the type of consumer that automatically assume "more expensive" is better but I'm a true believer when it comes to "you get what you pay for." Brighter image lab delivered and im now glad I made the investment for myself.. Just got them tonight so I will see how it plays out but so far so good.
John C.
16:08 16 Apr 21
Brighter Image is a life saver. With my missing and deteriorating teeth, I was scary, but now with my new veneers I have confidence beyond measure (and they look/fit great). As long as you follow their step by step instructions to the letter, you are golden.Thank you Brighter Image!
Ernest s J.
15:46 16 Apr 21
I was very satisfied with my veneers, job well done
05:32 16 Apr 21
They really do give you quality work and they literally help you regain a sense of confidence, to be your best you.
Ron P.
22:34 15 Apr 21
This product changed my life forever !I will forever be grateful this product existsEvery penny spent is worth it for yourself.I couldn't be happier with how everything turnedOut. Brighter image labs is the only place for quality!Thank you!
Marquese H.
19:12 15 Apr 21
My experience was great looking Forward to Future business! Thanks Guys your the best!!
18:04 15 Apr 21
I really love this company I’ve been working with them for about 9 years it’s such a easy Process with great results.
William B.
01:54 15 Apr 21
They were very professional, and worked with me to get the perfect fit, and I love my new veneers. Thank you so much for your patience with me!
Lin D
19:05 14 Apr 21
My veneers are terrific. They have improved my smile by a mile! Good service too. Well worth it.
Wanda S.
01:08 14 Apr 21
First I would like to start with saying that I recently had to have a front tooth pulled after a crown and root canal going bad . I had gotten a flipper from the dentist. It was extremely hard to deal with making my other teeth sore and taking up too much room in my mouth. I didn’t want to invest in an implant with my stained teeth. I ordered from another cheaper company first. Top and bottom less than $500. They were not fitting well at the gum line. They were hard to talk with. They made me want to chew on them. They had a fake look to them. I had even went back to the flipper. I ordered the incredibil veneer top. The fit is incredible! The design is incredible! Soo much more comfortable. And the look is so much more realistic! I am so satisfied!!!!!!! And impressed! Three times the price but more than three times better!
Rita C.
01:04 14 Apr 21
I’m so glad I found Brighter Image Labs!!I can have an awesome smile at an affordable price!!And the best part is they look completely natural!They feel and look completely natural. I’ve gotten tons of compliments!
Gaby T.
21:52 13 Apr 21
Ordered these for My boyfriend, He loves them. They are comforable and natural looking. No one notices. They are a temporary solution until you can afford the thousands of dollars dentists charge. He is very happy with his veneers. Confidence boost is high! We were not dissapointed.
Robert L.
20:21 13 Apr 21
Life changer. I wish I had done it sooner. Beyond expectations. Considered instasmile before but thoroughly blown away with brighter image lab. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭😭🎉🎉🎉🎉😇🎯
14:07 10 Apr 21
I love this place. I was kinda skeptical at first be cause I've had impression thru a few didn't places and I wasn't satisfied. They didn't look right or didn't fit right and I just wasn't happy. I found brighter image labs and read all the reviews and looked at all the pictures so I gave them a try. I thought it was a little expensive at first but the process they go thru and the technology they use to build you a new smile, it's worth every penny. My new smile looks amazing and I couldn't be happier. The staff is amazing, friendly, helpful and you can't find a better group of people that are so dedicated to giving you a BRIGHTER FUTURE... I'm so very humbled and I can't thank you guys enough!
Shabria W.
22:50 09 Apr 21
I love my new smile
00:44 08 Apr 21
Hey! Great product, easy to take on and off as well. I definitely recommend it over all. Customer service is great and easy. This is actually my second time making a purchase! can’t wait for my second pair. Thx!!