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The changes we can make for our clients are everything to us. We mean that sincerely. So when we do a good job, and a client thinks enough to come back and let us know, we print it and post it, and share it all around the office. It doesn’t matter if they’re in the accounting department, the lab, the front office, or the cleaning crew… we all share in the work that we do. This page is here so we can share our victories with you too.


- Debbie



- David



- Linda



- Nick

Tammy M.
21:32 14 Jan 22
Brighter Image is absolutely amazing!! They were easy to work with and I can’t believe how easy it was to purchase them!! They have great finance program that’s easy for anyone to qualify!! Once I received them, I was shocked at how they fit and how they got the shape of your teeth right!! It really amazed me that my Bill Veneers looked real and just like I had my own teeth straightened 😁 I never use to smile because I was not confident with it, but now I smile all the time and people say the nicest things about my smile!!!! I definitely recommend Brighter Image!!!
n B.
19:34 14 Jan 22
Hi my name is Nicole and I just wanted to say how these veneers have changed my life they fit perfectly they look wonderful and I am truly grateful thank you very much for giving me the confidence to get back out there and live.
Sophie B.
14:11 12 Jan 22
A great experience! Quality product and customer service. Took me about a week to get used to them... but I was smiling right away! I wear them all the time. I have tried other similar products in the past and this experience surpassed all my expectations. Very solid and esthetically pleasing. This will likely last much longer than any other options I have tried.
Bree F.
22:42 11 Jan 22
I absolutely love this company! I have purchased 2 veneers from them and I couldn’t explain how much more confident I have become since rocking my new smile. I am missing some teeth due to genetics and didn’t want to spend tons of money on implants.I am so happy I came across Brighter Image Lab to take care of me. They fit perfectly and look so real it’s insane! Highly recommend if you are looking for an affordable option to change your smile and your life!
julianna B.
20:57 05 Jan 22
I love my vaneers even though they are expensive and tend to break easily lol get them if you really want the smile you've been looking for but be careful they aren't cheap.
Stephen H.
18:29 04 Jan 22
The entire process from receiving the mold system and video instructions to receiving the veneers went exactly as promised. Fit and look of the veneers are perfect. My wife and I love them. Very professional company!
dom D.
16:38 04 Jan 22
I love my new smile . Working on getting another set . Customer service responds very fast !
Gabriella G.
16:36 04 Jan 22
Brighter Image Lab has changed my smile completely ! I definitely recommend to anyone looking for a new smile .
17:31 28 Dec 21
Brighter Image Lab is the real deal when it comes to perfecting your smile at a reasonable cost. If you’re like me and you’ve invested more $$ in your mouth than your retirement, I’m here to tell you that BIL is the solution to give you a celebrity smile without having to take out a massive loan. Give them a try! What do you have to lose?
Will F.
16:40 28 Dec 21
I’ve always admired people with beautiful white straight teeth but with my dental problems it was not to be for me. I kept seeing video ads for Brighter Image and decided to take the leap of faith. The sales associates were extremely knowledgeable and made the purchasing experience a comfortable one. I was overwhelmed when I received my veneers, white, sturdy, straight and beautiful. They are sturdy enough to wear all day, every day. I can even eat with them. Thank you Bill Veneers.
D T.
13:05 28 Dec 21
My daughter tried instasmile and it was horrible. After using Brighter Image Lab she will never use any other company. They have given her the confidence I could not afford. Thank you Brighter Image Lab.
Hakan O.
11:28 28 Dec 21
I've got veneers from Brighter image Lab almost year ago .It is really quality product and durable also still looks nice and comfortable .Thanks
Angel B.
18:26 27 Dec 21
The smartest thing I ever did was going to Brighter image labs and this is a person who had braces twice In my lifetime! Cheap no pain quick results that’s what I like! I spent 3500 just fixing my two front teeth lasted only three months. Brighter Image there the best!!!
Mona M.
23:44 26 Dec 21
This changed my life ! Bill made big difference in my life ! I love my veneers 💎
Matthew W.
10:28 24 Dec 21
Jackie J.
17:30 22 Dec 21
I ordered my veneers from Brighter Image Lab, over seven years ago and I will continue to do so. The confidence I now have with my new smile is indescribable. I smile all day long. I get so many compliments on my smile and the price is affordable. Thank you Brighter Image Lab. Jackie James
Lauren H
14:41 21 Dec 21
What a terrific experience with Brighter Image Labs! Excellent quality, fantastic customer service and speedy new teeth! Strong, perfect fit with no issues. Best purchase I’ve ever made. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these if your smile needs improvement. Thank you so much, Brighter Image Labs!!!
Fabian C.
19:02 20 Dec 21
Very happy with my purchase!!Also they are very quick to reply to any problems or questions you may have.I would highly recommend this product.100% satisfied customer.
Rosa A.
19:30 17 Dec 21
I have been more than impressed with Brighter Image Lab as there service and quality of veneers is unsurpassed. They were helpful timely and had a great result in creating my veneers. The veneers are realistic and feel great to wear they also photograph nicely. The compliments I have received about my smile has been amazing too. Martina Falzon ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ali W.
05:30 17 Dec 21
I had a client with a beautiful smile and I complimented her and she referred me to Brighter Image Lab. I didn't know much about the company but her smile was convincing enough for me to commit. The whole process was very smooth from beginning to end. After choosing my Veneers and placing my order shortly I received my impression kit which I made my molds carefully watching the videos and following instructions. I admit I was afraid I did it wrong. So I thought to myself if I did surely someone would have contacted me. I patiently waited as my Veneers went the process of being made, I think its comforting that you can check on the status of them and it will let you know which process there in. I was Excited when the status said shipped. Upon receiving my Veneers I was Excited yet anxious. I just thought what if I did my impressions wrong but boy that was not the case. My Veneers exceeded my expectations. They couldn't be more perfect. They have changed my life, my smile literally could brighten the room. What a work of art They put into these Veneers. I couldn't be more happier with my purchase. I never would imagine I could have a smile so beautiful. I highly recommend this Company They care about getting your Veneers perfect for you. I am more than happy with my purchase. Thank you Brighter Image lab.
Nash C.
02:29 17 Dec 21
I have purchased from there before and they have done so well the last time and this time. I will definitely support their company for sure from here on out. They have done an amazing job with my veneers before.
Marc W.
23:55 16 Dec 21
I’ve reviewed Brighter image lab three years ago, I’m here to appreciate and recommend their veneers again. Get yours, it works great! My dad got his too after seeing mine. By the way I’m placing my second order today.
Monica-Ahualli K.
17:40 16 Dec 21
Oh my goodness!!!! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! You have changed my life after purchasing my veneers. You brought my confidence back... I can smile openly! As I said before, you really changed my life.
Keesh J.
22:56 15 Dec 21
It took me forever to get the mold right but once I got it I was one happy dude. Thank you guys very much you changed my smile and you changed my life!!!!!!!!
Kelsey S.
22:43 13 Dec 21
They are absolutely amazing! Customer service is so easy and they really care about your experience. I 100% recommend if you cant afford permanent veneers.
B D.
00:20 13 Dec 21
I have been a client with Brighter Image for many years. Very awesome staff and great product!100% recommend them!
Alisha W.
17:38 11 Dec 21
I just want to say thank you, thank you, and thank you so much for making my smile better, brighter, and bigger. Now I can smile big and not worry about hiding my flaws and worry about others judging me based on the appearance of my mouth. I can’t thank you enough. Brighter Image Lab is an answer to my prayers. May the Lord continue to bless you all and use you to bless many many more.😁😁😁
Gaming with M.
18:44 09 Dec 21
Been using brighter image for the last three years it is the next best thing to actual implants. Very affordable, almost cheap. Thank you brighter image.
Kiko A.
21:41 07 Dec 21
One the most amazing experience as I have ever experienced as I got my smile back.The Veneer fits perfectly.I can smile all the time now..I really would to thank all the stall who brought back the smile to a lot people for a very reasonable price.
Michael edward J.
05:57 07 Dec 21
Amazing service and Amazing white smileSolution in case you have no time to always get yiure veneers cleaned or bleached just order some billVeneers for extra white smile
Jason K.
02:14 06 Dec 21
Brighter image lab has given me so much confidence about my teeth. The process is easy and at such a great price. I find myself smiling all the time without hesitation anymore and get complimented all the time. If you are thinking about getting them do it!
Rachel P.
23:03 05 Dec 21
Fell inlove right away! Brought them 2 yrs ago and didn't regret a thing. It was cheap and high quality. Thankyou ao much!
Sherry L.
19:39 01 Dec 21
I love them!! Thank you for giving me my smile back!! They are so wonderful next year I'm getting ones for the bottom. You made me feel beautiful again thank you!!
John R.
02:25 29 Nov 21
Great product, excellent service.
Slugg J.
22:58 28 Nov 21
Great products must try
Will A
15:53 27 Nov 21
I’m very pleased with the veneers it’s quick and easy and customer service is great
14:25 25 Nov 21
Brighter image has completely made me very happy about my smile.i recommend it to the world.
David F.
09:14 23 Nov 21
Very good indeed! I was afraid to smile, but now I'm not. Having these veneers is a great confidence booster.
Eno L.
17:52 22 Nov 21
What a fantastic service and quality.The turn around was also very quirk considering I am in Canada.Do not be fooled by cheap knock offs. These guys are the real deal and they stand by their products.
Maria F.
22:39 19 Nov 21
I am very satisfied with my Brighter Image Lab purchase. It has brought so much joy to my life to have a beautiful new smile. The process was easy & they were very helpful throughout. I highly recommend them and I would use them again if needed.
20:50 19 Nov 21
I was trying to surprise my wife with bils veneers through brighter Image lab. She was in a very very very abusive relationship before her and I got together. They called me and asked if they could talk to her. Put her on one of their videos and bent over backwards for us. I couldn't ask for better service. She still gets emotional when talking about Brighter Image Lab,Bil and his camera man. Thank y'all for being kind to her and making her feel beautiful even though she didn't feel that way before we received the veneers. Our life has completely changed because of B.I.L. Herself confidence has gone through the roof. Happy wife happy life is what people say. I will forever be grateful to Brighter Image Lab for helping her and in the end myself as well.
Vanessa K.
15:57 19 Nov 21
Their service is superb and they truly work to make sure my smile is at its best.
Dialla A.
18:45 17 Nov 21
I am very pleased with Brighter Image Lab. They give you step to step emails of the process of your veneers. When I first tried them on it was a shocker. They do say to expect that. I love my new smile. Ty Brighter Image team. I will definitely recommend this to everyone. Here are my before and after photos.
irving H.
17:10 17 Nov 21
Absolutely Marvelous!!!these bil Venners are a game changer when it comes to helping improve your smile, I just love the look and feel of these BiLVeneers, and can't thank Brighter Image Lab enough, Way To Go Guy's you all are Amazing!
20:04 16 Nov 21
My experience here was amazing. Professional, fast, and pretty simple process.I’d definitely recommend their work to anyone seeking it.My smile gets sooo many compliments and I’m in love with it! Thanks Brighter Image Lab!
Wayne L.
16:35 16 Nov 21
Great product from a professional company
ted B.
00:06 15 Nov 21
Laura M.
02:45 11 Nov 21
This veneers are a lifesaver. I am in sales and These veneers really helped my confidence.They are durable and natural looking. I never used to smile and show my teeth, now all I do is smile. It did take a few days to get used to them, but now I never leave home without them.If you are on the fence at all - DO IT.
Robert F.
22:43 08 Nov 21
I’ve been using bell veneers for the past 10 years I love them they help my self-esteem and created a beautiful smile that I’m proud to show without having to break the bank they’re quite durable and have lasted quite a long time thank you for creating such a wonderful product and then I thank Shavala😃
Thomas B
14:19 08 Nov 21
The product and company are as described and do a great job. For a temporary veneer, the product is exceptional and worth the price. I am very satisfied.
NaTe !
17:03 07 Nov 21
Ive been on the market for clip on veneers, and I wasn't having any luck due to the fact that there were a lot of scam offers out there and companies that specialized in clip on veneers but had horrible reviews. I came across brighter image lab and I read the reviews and was automatically sold on peoples experiences and how much they loved their veneers. so I went ahead and ordered a fitting for just my top. when I got my veneers, It looked so unrealistic at first, but after a couple of weeks, my confidence level went from a 20 to a 100. I felt confident in my smile. we all know how expensive cosmetic surgery is. its literally an arm and a leg. but the veneers that brighter image lab offers is just as good, maybe even better. im on my third year with my veneers and im always getting compliments. I love it!
Matt M.
15:04 07 Nov 21
Wonder company! If you're second guessing getting the veneers or not don't! Go for it and get your life back! The best part is when you call you actually talk to people rather than getting a computer recording.
Bert W.
17:25 06 Nov 21
Brighter Image is simply the best. Service and product are topnotch. Highly recommend!
Jon E.
03:48 02 Nov 21
I have been delighted with my veneers over the past year. Ordering was made easy with help from the professionals at Brighter Image Labs. I have ordered the bottoms and looking forward to wearing them together!
00:16 01 Nov 21
03:10 30 Oct 21
The Brighter Image Lab`s (BIL) veneers are amazing!!! Most important for me is, that you can get the SMILE by BIL without any hurting to your teeth, e. g. polishing the surfaces of teeth. The colour of veneers are very natural. BTW, I ordered the ones with standard colour. Also very important to make your veneers to fit your teeth very well is, you have to make great and professional impressions, which is easy for me to do and also is the responsibility to the customers. A big thank to BIL!
Yvette G.
09:38 29 Oct 21
I Absolutely love my veneers!!! I can’t even believe this was possible and so affordable! Thank you brighter image!
Cheisa B.
19:35 28 Oct 21
Thanks for helping me feel confident again!
Martin C.
23:15 27 Oct 21
This technology is incredible. I purchased this August 2020 and it has changed my life professionally and privately. I would recommend this to everyone that has had issues with their teeth. They are God sent!
Christina T.
20:58 27 Oct 21
I've just ordered my third pair. I grew up very self conscious about my extremely crooked and missing teeth. My precious veneers changed how I feel about myself. I smile all the time and my confidence has boosted over the moon. Love what my veneers from Brighter Image Labs has done for my life.
Pinky B B.
14:09 27 Oct 21
I just have to say that Brighter Image Lab is the absolute best 10,000 stars for them! They have the most sweetest customer service and so attentive.I ordered my veneers from Brighter Image Lab 1 Year ago and I am obsessed! I will be ordering a second pair and I am as excited for these as I was with my first. I recommend Brighter Image lab to everyone!when you do order be patient and be respectful to them, as they are working on beautiful teeth that you will be extremely happy with! All amazing things take time to work on!Thank you so much to Brighter Image Lab for giving me my Confidence back!
Pippa2121 P.
21:18 26 Oct 21
My smile is beautiful again! Thank you so much to everyone at BIL veneers for doing such an amazing job! Each and every step you get an email about what is happening so you are never wondering what or where you are in the process. I recieved my veneers and km blown away with how amazing they turned out. You guys they are the real deal! Don't waste your money on fakes or wannabes. Do it right the first time! Thank you for giving me my confidence back!!!
Valerie Keith (.
23:37 24 Oct 21
Brighter image lab gave me confidence to smile again! I love my veneers! Fixing to order more!
Water K.
22:21 22 Oct 21
This is a great investment for me . I can wear the veneers as I work in my teeth.
Tim O.
08:25 19 Oct 21
I am so pleased with the customer service and the quality of BIL. It was so easy to work with them on getting a perfect smile.
Travis M.
16:24 15 Oct 21
Incredible customer service! The veneers are absolutely unbelievable! Very comfortable and the appearance is beautiful!
Jill H.
18:43 14 Oct 21
I've gotten a lot of compliments and I have a lot more confidence since receiving my veneers. I can't say enough good things and can't quit taking pictures! I share this with all my friends and family. All of BIL has been so nice and helpful!
Trae S.
13:41 13 Oct 21
Brighter Image has completely changed my life! I am a Stylist and am consistently in front of people all day long…I had not taken care of my teeth but I had been to MANY DENTISTS over the years and would have to go through many surgeries to fix my smile- Thank you, Brighter Image…You TRUTHFULLY changed me forever!!
Greg G.
18:43 11 Oct 21
John D.
19:42 09 Oct 21
With my BIL veneers I am no longer self conscious about smiling or laughing. They look amazing and fit perfect. I wish I would have found them sooner. Thank you so much BIL.
Elizabeth H.
11:06 08 Oct 21
I literally thought I might never smile again. I'd became depressed beyond belief especially after the mask mandate had been lifted. I knew I wouldn't be able to hide the horrible fact that my $12000 smile(which I'm still paying on) that my manager had talked me into getting done due to only one tooth towards the back messed up turned into them shaving down my perfectly good teeth and giving me these super expensive veneers. Fast forward almost 3 years & I'm driving across country and fall asleep rolling my BMW & knocking out that $12000 worth of teeth! I went to several different dental surgeons and cosmetic dentistry offices, but kept being told either they weren't sure they could do much of anything at all with the nubs and couple of teeth they had left me or that to make my smile even "okay" it would start in the $15,000 range & go up from there. I don't have that kind of money. I mean who does especially with this whole pandemic. So now here I was not wanting to leave the house and my job was in the dust due to the Countries situation and I was terrified to go try and find a new job because who would hire someone with no teeth. I was searching online randomly a couple months ago and stumbled upon Brighter Image Labs and their unbelievable success stories! I literally looked everywhere trying to find something negative toabout them or a bad review and couldn't. However I still didn't have quite enough to cover the price of getting my top teeth done, and my mother was super apprehensive after the last ordeal but somehow I was able to convince her that this was worth giving a try. I'm so so unbelievably overjoyed, excited, and really in a bit of shock I think still with these incredible results I received!! Brighter Image Labs and Bill were able to do what I thought would never be possible and at an unreal price too. I now can't wait to get out of the house and can't wait to talk and show off the amazing smile that Brighter Image Labs made for me. M mom is just as happy as I am and I'm looking forward to hopefully getting the bottoms done here very very soon! If your nervous or apprehensive what so ever just please take it from me or check out my before and after photos that will prove it all right there. Brighter Image Labs has figured out how to make the impossible possible for myself and so many others out there too. Thank You I'm forever grateful to you all!!!
Forgive And L.
18:11 07 Oct 21
I couldn’t be happier! What are YOU waiting for ?! My only regret along this journey is I didn’t take this step sooner. My confidence boost shot through the roof the moment I looked in the mirror. It feel amazing to hear “Wow, you look different” “you’re glowing” etc I honestly forgot what it was like to smile freely😁... Of course it’ll take some adjusting but so does everything new in our life. Give yourself A chance I did ❤️💋
Vonne Y.
20:24 06 Oct 21
Jason S.
18:21 06 Oct 21
Ordered a pair a little over a year ago and was very satisfied. Simple straight forward process and everything went smooth, I received the service that was advertised. The dental veneers brighter image lab sent are durable and look good. I have had issues with my teeth for years and having the veneers gave me a jolt of confidence and self esteem.
Daniel H.
00:47 06 Oct 21
Kathy P.
22:12 02 Oct 21
David B.
14:13 02 Oct 21
Smiling has always been uncomfortable for me. My new veneers give me confidence and a great smile and I'm so happy to say I made the best choice with Brighter image Labs to make it happen! Best in service, quality and value. Thank-you.
Angel B.
18:25 30 Sep 21
Emanuel M.
19:02 28 Sep 21
Very good company, I got my veneers back right away and looking forward to my lower arch. I’m so much more confident in my smile thanks to brighter image lab
Melissa Wiggins (.
01:38 23 Sep 21
I was very impressed by their level of professionalism and actual genuine care for their clients. They remembered my name, they remember talking to me, and they were as helpful as could be. They have given me my confidence back and I highly recommend them to anybody who is self-conscious about their teeth. I will never be able to thank them enough for what they have given back to me.
Jeannie O.
19:40 22 Sep 21
Ordered another set!
John M.
19:45 21 Sep 21
The veneers I received fit perfect and were very natural looking. I have had them for over 4 years and I am now ready to upgrade to their new Billings veneers. Great company and very helpful customer service.
C & J G.
19:11 20 Sep 21
My veneers have been such a game changer for me. I rarely smiled but now I smile with confidence. Thank you Brighter Image Lab.
18:06 20 Sep 21
My experience since 2017 with Brighter Image Labs (BIL's) has far exceeded my expectations, from the product itself (amazing!) to the first class service I've received, to the value I've received for the incredible price. At every step of the way, BIL's outlined what to expect and delivered on every promise. I could not be more satisfied with the result. The decision to purchase my veneers from BIL's is one of the best decisions I've made, without any regrets. I wholeheartedly recommend Brighter Image Labs!
Kelly A.
16:55 20 Sep 21
This company is EVERYTHING THEY SAY THEY ARE!!! EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE AND DO ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING TO MAKE SURE YOU GET THE SMILE YOU WANT, NEED & DESERVE. PLEASE DON'T HESITATE ON USING BRIGHTER IMAGE LABS ON GIVING YOU A "NEW SMILE AND NEW LIFE" BECAUSE OF YOUR GREAT NEW SMILE. THIS IS MY HONEST REVIEW, I HAVEN'T BEEN PAID OR GIVEN ANYTHING TO SAY ANY OF THIS. P.s. I'm now having to get a new veneer made and they could not be more kinder or nicer in helping me get a replacement, I wish I would have never waited as long as I did to use this great company the first time, they are truly a phenomenal group of people. Thanks so much BRIGHTER IMAGE LABS,FOR CHANGING MY LIFE.
Ricarlus H.
18:59 17 Sep 21
The Silent Come U.
17:39 17 Sep 21
I love my new veneers, the purchase was definitely worth it. I just can't stop smiling since I first got them, and they fit surprisingly well too
Menachem F.
18:15 14 Sep 21
I really love my veneers.I’m more confident socially and I couldn’t live my life without it.
randy K.
17:54 13 Sep 21
Great work… the more time you wear the more they fit your teeth better
Shanea Massengale, R.
18:23 10 Sep 21
LOVED everything about this company! Their detailed videos, their products and their customer service is top notch.
Noreen M.
22:45 09 Sep 21
I was a bit apprehensive at first but they sent me the kit to make the casts and it was so easy!!! I couldnt be happier with my new smile!! Thanks Brighter Image !
Nichole U.
21:52 09 Sep 21
I have been so happy with my new smile. I am able to have confidence in myself again. Before Brighter Image Lab gave me my new lease on life, my confidence was diminishing along with my teeth. I now have the confidence I been needing to get the job I deserve and take me to the next level so I can permanently fix my smile. I recommend all my friends and anyone who comments on my smile. Thank you for what you have done for me.
Jourdin Y.
21:45 07 Sep 21
Enjoyed my experience. Definitely put me back in the game 😆. Took some getting use to at first but after about 3 days i never even noticed them. Lisp gone lol. Please pleeeeez be mindful, these are really really really easy to misplace so try to keep up with them. Also they work best whenever you run them under warm water before placement.
Brandee W.
17:18 03 Sep 21
I just cannot say enough good things about Brighter Image Lab, and these beautiful veeners. They fit great and have definitely amped up my confidence level. I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to improve their smile, whether it's just a gap, color, or even missing teeth. Absolutely pain free and and sooooo much less expensive than paying for painful dental work that is crazy overpriced! *UPDATE* A year after having these veneers and wearing them as often as possible I still have a terrible lisp. I tried to see if I could get them adjusted but it’s been too long so that wasn’t an option unfortunately. Just a heads up if you have that lisp you better get it fixed within 30 to 90 days or they won’t do it I’m stuck with beautiful teeth but I sound like an idiot.

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