Graded Veneers – Ultimatum / Scarcity (Too Late)

Oh No! looks like time's up

Offer Expired

Sorry, but the timeline for this offer has run-out and the graded veneers associated with your case have been discarded and recycled.

Don't Ever Be Without Your New Smile - And Don't Miss This Chance to Get Our Best Pricing!

If you're anything like our other clients, by now, your veneer is part of your day-to-day and you wouldn't want to leave home without it. But have you considered what you'd do if your veneer was lost or broken?

Don't wait until it happens. Plan ahead now and purchase your Graded Veneer at an incredibly - limited time- price.

BILVeneer by Brighter Image Lab

There's and Extra Veneer Associated with your Account & We're Making it Available for Purchase, if you're Interested.

The Veneer Available Through This Offer

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+ Processing & Shipping


of clients will damage or break their veneers by accident

1   10


clients will lose their veneers in the first 12 months


of clients would feel better having a spare set of veneers

"What's a 'Graded-Veneer' and Why Would I Want One?"

A 'Graded Veneer' is simply a part that didn't pass the Quality Control stage because it didn't meet our scrutinizing A-Grade standard. While Graded Veneers aren't perfect, in most cases, they're still perfectly usable.

They're also still your veneers. They're custom-made just for you and we'd hate to break them down for recycling without giving you the opportunity to get them, first. Graded Veneers are perfect for keeping in your car, or your bas, as an emergency backup.

Your Graded Veneer is Scheduled for Recycling - At which Point the Offer will Permanently Expire.

This Offer Has Expired

To learn more about our Graded Veneers, or to get information about the specific veneer we have for your case, chat with a representative now. Or click the Order Now button to reserve it - before the time runs out and your Graded Veneer is discarded.