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Gum Surgery Cost – 4 Main Reasons it Isn’t Cheap and a Bonus

Bil Watson

Tired of high gum surgery cost? Read to the end of this post to learn how you can avoid high gum surgery cost!

You can choose ONE (and only one) of the following:

Sitting on a tropical beach and soaking up the sun…

Putting a down payment on a new car…

OR having gum surgery.

Which would you choose?

We are willing to bet that gum surgery is definitely last on the list! However, should you or someone in your family requires gum surgery, you may need to kiss that vacation or new car goodbye

Let’s dive into the details about what gum surgery actually is… and if you can afford its astonishing costs.

What Is Gum Surgery?

Gum surgery may be required for people who develop periodontal disease, which is a bacterial infection that infects the gum tissue and causes inflammation, swelling, redness, and loss of bone around the teeth

The shocking truth is that 80 percent of adults in the United States have some form of periodontal disease (as reported by The National Institute of Health)!!!

Periodontal disease starts when bacteria in your mouth collects in your mouth, attaches to your teeth, and then grows. This growth forms a biofilm that is commonly referred to as dental plaque.

When plaque is left on your teeth, it causes the nearby gum tissue to become irritated and inflamed. As a result, you may develop gingivitis, which is an early form of gum disease but can turn into a serious form of gum disease if left untreated.

If you have developed gum disease, receding gum lines, or other issues with your gums, your dentist may recommend surgery to treat and fix these issues, such as:

Now that you know what gum surgery IS (and who may need it),  let’s take a closer look at what it will cost you.

What Does Gum Surgery Cost?

Depending on the severity of your disease and the type of procedure required, the cost of gum surgery varies GREATLY.

With prices between $500 to $10,000 and more, many insurance companies will cover at least part of the gum surgery cost. While these prices may seem shocking, delaying treatment can lead to more expensive and complex procedures in the future.

The Main Factors that Affect Gum Surgery Cost Are:

  • The location of your dentist.
  • The technology used in your procedure.
  • The type of treatment required.
  • The type of dental insurance you have. 

With these factors in mind, here are the approximate costs for gum surgery:

Gingival flap surgery



Typically costs between $1,000 and $3,000 without insurance

About $200 to $400 per tooth

Around  $600 to $1,200 per procedure

If your full mouth needs periodontal treatment and will require a variety of treatments, the total cost can average $4,000 to $6,000. However, if the damage is extensive it can cost you anywhere from $8,000 to $10,000.

If you have addressed your underlying oral health issues but still aren’t satisfied with the appearance of your teeth…. LISTEN UP (and keep reading)!

The Best Way To A Brighter & Whiter Smile

You can unlock your smile’s potential with an alternative to gingivectomy, Lab Direct custom removable veneers from Brighter Image Lab!

We know that our customized veneers are sustainable and cost effective compared to traditional dental visits and in-office cosmetic dental appointments.

Check out these incredible reasons why removable veneers are a great alternative to gum surgery:

  • Enhances esthetics
  • Whitens & brightens teeth
  • Lengthens small teeth
  • Reshapes smile
  • Highlights your smile
  • Increases confidence
  • Fills unsightly gaps
  • Covers stains
  • Alters the look of teeth

Furthermore, you can easily take the first step in creating your custom veneers from the comfort of your couch because there is no need to visit a dentist. All of the materials you need to get started are delivered directly to your house.

No matter what type of result you are looking for, your dental dreams can come true with Brighter Image Lab.

Our custom molds prevent over exaggerated dental costs for non-oral health threatening treatments.

You really can bring your smile to its ultimate level… without paying $20,000+ for a cosmetic smile makeover.

Let us introduce you to the life changing magic of removable dental veneers.

Join us as we welcome you to the future of smile design.

Come see how we can improve your smile in a way that you never thought imaginable without the high gum surgery cost. You truly owe it to yourself to look at BrighterImageLab.com.

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