Creative Diagnosis: 10 Steps to Protect Yourself from Becoming A Victim

Have you been a victim of creative diagnosis?

Introduction Have you received excessive treatment, unnecessary fillings, or numerous X-Rays? If so, you are probably a victim of creative diagnosis. Creative diagnosis is the act of performing unnecessary treatment for financial gain. It is the most common form of dental fraud. The American Dental Association recognizes this scam as a trend ravaging the dental […]

My Dentist Lied About Cavities

Have you ever been suspicious that your dentist lied about cavities to you? Did you have to pay more than you thought was necessary for procedures you didn’t fully understand? You’re not alone.  My Dentist Lied About Cavities Many years ago, I was in college. In between the hubbub of midterms, sleepless nights, and Ramen […]

Receding Gum Line – 3 Startling Signs You May Need a Dentist

Receding gum lines can be a warning of other oral issues

“A smile is the universal welcome.” – Max Eastman The saying goes that a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear. However, when you have problematic or unsightly gums or teeth, it can certainly hold you back from welcoming all of the beauty the universe has to offer. A top gum issue that impacts […]

3 Affordable Dental Veneers – Brighter Image Lab Cost

Best Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

Imagine needing to change your smile. However, after going to the dentist, you receive a dental treatment plan that’s more expensive than your car. Instead of searching for the Brighter Image Lab cost, you do what most people do

Non-profit Dentist


Non-Profit Dentist As the number of unemployment cases grows due to the Covid-19 pandemic, dental expenses may be more burdensome for individuals and families than ever before. The unemployed need an affordable dentist, but it’s tough to find one – especially during these challenging times. Even though it is difficult to pay for dental work, […]

Truth About Instasmile – 2 Time Client Warns Before You Buy

The truth about Instasmile

A past client gives the truth about Instasmile Watch this video to learn the truth about Instasmile and see why you’re better off with Brighter Image Lab. This client, Tamera, has tried both Brighter Image Lab and Instasmile to solve the issues she has with her smile. She gives an Instasmile review explaining how she […]

What Are Veneers?


What Are Veneers? What are veneers for your teeth exactly? Good question! Dental veneers are a cosmetic dental procedure that cover up an existing tooth. Teeth veneers can help cover: Crooked Teeth Stains and Discoloration Missing Teeth (In some cases) Misshapen Teeth Chipped Teeth The veneer acts like shell on the outside of a tooth, […]

Brown Stains On Teeth – 3 Causes and The Best Solution

Brown stains on teeth is one of the possible effects of Fluorosis

Brown stains on teeth (tooth discoloration) is an aesthetic problem that is linked to a variety of causes. These unsightly brown stains on teeth are often a source of embarrassment and can damage not only your teeth, but your self esteem as well The Absolute Number One Facial Feature is Your SMILE!  While poor dental […]

Before and After Gum Contouring – 4 Reasons To Take Caution

Gum Contouring Before and After

Curious about the effects before and after gum contouring? Would it interest you to know that gum contouring is rarely necessary? Read on to learn more! Did you know that it takes LESS effort to smile than to frown? It’s a FACT! Frowning requires a shocking 50 muscles… while producing a smile only needs 13. […]

How Do Teeth Look After Dental Veneers?

Maria looks at her new BIL Veneers in the mirror

How do teeth look after dental veneers? Dental veneers can change your smile for the better. Veneers cover crooked, stained, small, and even missing teeth. Still unsure? Keep reading to see for yourself!  How Do Teeth Look After Dental Veneers? Braces are awkward at any age but are tough for adults especially.  If you’re one […]