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Brighter Image Lab has helped pageant contestants from all over the world achieve a beautiful smile with our no dentist process. Read and watch their stories and why they chose to trust Brighter Image Lab with their most valuable asset, their smile.

pageant smile
Kristy Henderson


A cosmetic dentist wanted over $20 thousand dollars and to drill down her already amazing teeth to give this pageant contestant veneers, but she said NO! Instead, when Monica Aguilar, 2019 Miss Intercontinental Runner Up, decided to get a perfect pageant smile with dental veneers, she reached out to BIL. We believe that healthy teeth should NOT need drilling. 

Monica’s Story 

Monica competes in pageantry and models for a living, so looks are important in her everyday life. When she came to us, her smile was the one thing the one thing about her appearance that was holding her back.

In her interview, Monica explained that most things about her looks could easily be changed with store-bought cosmetics. If she was unhappy with her body, she could diet. If she didn’t like her hair, she could get extensions. She could wear fake nails, eyelashes and makeup every day if she wanted, but it would never cover her smile.

Monica tried teeth whitening about a year before she came to us. She paid $600 for in-office whitening and was able to see her teeth at their whitest. Unfortunately, this only lasted about three weeks. After three weeks of white teeth, Monica watched as her pearly whites reverted back to their yellowed shade and her $600 went out the window. She admitted it was hard on her self-esteem to see something she had wanted for so long come and go in such a short time.

I believe there are so many things that people use to prove themselves that aren’t permanent or damaging. There are people who do nails, lashes, makeup and all sorts of hair extensions. They do everything that's cosmetic, but at the end of the day, they get to go back to being themselves.

pageant smile

With dentistry, it's all in or nothing at all. You either get whitening for $600 that lasts you three weeks, or you get veneers for the price of a new car that have to be replaced once every decade. Some dentists take a girl 16 or 18 or 24, whose life hasn’t even started yet, and make permanent decisions that affect the rest of her life.

We have many critics. People say, “Oh, you shouldn't help that person cover their smile. They really need this, and they need that.” You know what I think? I think if we can help you cover their smile today, maybe tomorrow they get a job and next month they get insurance, and the next thing now, they're back in to see a dentist.

If everybody had to start with the Mercedes, we wouldn't have a car industry. There has to be affordable options for everyone. It can’t just be all or nothing anymore.

Monica’s Smile 

Every once while we get a smile that we want to try to improve, and we think if we can improve that one smile, we can literally change the benchmark with cosmetics today.

pageant smile

When I met Monica, I met her on paper. We never met each other before the day I transformed her smile, but when I looked at Monica’s photos, I knew I wanted to help her.

While Monica was happy with the shape of her teeth, she struggled daily with the shade of her smile. No matter how much she brushed or how many teeth whitening treatments she tried, Monica was never able to get the shade she wanted. She often found herself smiling with her mouth closed because she wanted to hide her yellowed teeth.

Monica desperately wanted a pageant-worthy smile, but permanent veneers weren't an option. 

Why Permanent Veneers weren’t an option 

Monica didn’t want to get permanent veneers because they’re a long-term health hazard. She explained: “I am actually a pre-med student I'd like to go into the medical field and that’s something that completely drew me away from getting permanent veneers. Your teeth are part of your skeletal system. Why would you want to permanently damage part of your skeletal system?” This is a great point. Altering a part of your body has consequences. 

I've seen many people with porcelain veneers, and the worst part isn’t the grinding or the procedures. Even if everything goes perfect, you have to worry about micro leakage. This means you don't know what's going on behind your teeth.

Veneers require grinding and micro leakage can damage teeth. Many people don't understand how to manage those permanent veneers, and the shading's not always consistent because it's not always made out of the same material.

Monica’s PressOn Pageant Smile 

99% of the people in the world would love to have a new smile, but what got us started on this thing was the one percent. We started this business for the people who need a solution that’s affordable, who are deeply affected by the downsides and discrimination that come with a poor smile. When you need something, something that’s going to improve your quality of life, then you’ll fly all the way from Florida like Monica did for her pageant smile.

pageant smile

The second Monica snapped on her removable veneers, her baby smile was gone. She said, “I always felt like I had little tiny teeth, and when I would go get my whitening for some reason, they would kind of shave my teeth down. I remember over time seeing a different shape across the line of my teeth. I was never happy with it so I feel like this kind of gave me back what they shaved off.” After years of searching, she had finally found her perfect pageant smile.

Even with her new pageant smile snapped in, Monica hesitated to fully smile. She had been hiding her smile for so long, she had to adjust to showing it off. “I find myself doing closed mouth smiles just because I was self-conscious about my smile, the color of my teeth and the size of them.” 

Before PressOn Veneers, Monica’s smile was a bit small. It didn't feel like it competed with the rest of her face. Now, Monica’s smile is very powerful. We took some chances to make her smile fuller I'm hoping you see that her smile fits her face more.

When considering removable veneers, Monica’s main concern was the lines between each tooth. She was afraid the veneers would look like one big piece rather than individual teeth. When she looked at the detail of her pageant smile, she was blown away: “It's so realistic. It looks amazing. They have real definition, they're not just a drawn line!”

pageant smile
pageant smile

PressOn Veneers are truly chiseled into the contour of the tooth, so it reflects the light. When Monica steps on stage, that light's not going one direction, it's going all directions. The light is going to reflect off her pageant smile and stun every single judge.

If you open up a seashell, it reflects different ways. We design our veneers so that it catches the gloss and captures the attention and stands out. It's really sad that people who look for this gloss go to extreme measures like shaving their teeth down for veneers, but anyone can achieve this look with PressOn Veneers without any alteration to the natural teeth.

We knocked Monica’s smile out of the ballpark. “It looks so good I'm obsessed I'm so obsessed I feel like I'm just going to be smiling in the mirror all the time now!” Monica’s smile transformation exceeded my expectations.

A smile is the best accessory that anyone can possibly wear, and I think everybody should be able to open their mouth and show an amazing smile. When Monica came to us, she needed a smile solution that didn’t alter her natural teeth. Her PressOn Veneers pop on and off, so Monica can still be the same girl she’s always been. We didn’t change anything about her, we just gave her a cover for her teeth.

With PressOn Veneers, Monica found the pageant smile she was looking for. Monica has a high standard. She competes at a high level. She has trainers, goes on diets and does fitness. She needed a perfect pageant smile. She needed a smile that any judge could look at from two, three feet away and say, “Wow!” Monica’s smile transformation is amazing. I hope Monica’s results are worth her flight

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Miss Atlanta Georgia Gets No Dentist Dental Veneers
Bil Watson

Watch below as the stunning Miss Atlanta Georgia gets a dental veneer and reveals her amazing new smile makeover!

I can tell from talking to you that your spirit is every bit as big as you. You know some people's Instagram is a lot bigger than they are, but I can tell you your Instagram is not bigger than you. You're a real person.

I try to be.

Sincerely I hope you can see the look on my face I'm incredibly impressed and I hope you do good things with these. You did what I asked, and then some!

It would be a crime for me not to..

 "Hey guys, world you remember this I can't wait..Now look!"

Meet Paradise Rodriguez

I'm Paradise Rodriguez and I'm here in Fort Worth, Texas to meet with Brighter Image Lab to get some new teeth. A new smile for me personally would mean the self confidence that I exude outside, I'll feel on the inside finally. My story is a bit complicated actually. My family is from France and Spain but I was born in Detroit, Michigan east of four-mile Detroit. I come from a very low-income background, and I ended up raising my siblings. After my 13th birthday we moved to Georgia. We got on the Greyhound bus and we just went. I ended up not finishing high school so I could take care of my siblings and I got my GED.

I said okay now you have to be a real time grown-up what do you want to do with your life?

What are you good at?

Right after my 18th birthday I launched my marketing brand and it's been some time growing, but now I am officially a professional marketing specialist. I'm the current Miss Atlanta USA and I traveled nationally and internationally doing modeling, dancing, and philanthropy. I'm the owner and founder of the Catch A Falling Star Foundation.

Insecurity Shapes You

The first thing I noticed about other people is I see their teeth or smile. So when I looked in a mirror, I said I don't like my smile. I'm a spokesperson and an actress. I do pageantry. Cameras are always right in on my face, and I know that what I see when I see it played back I don't like it.

It's not necessarily what society likes or feels. But when I look in the mirror and I'm not okay with something it shows. I've learned and I've mastered the art of kind of I'll slowly turning away from the camera, or I will not smile if someone is on this side something. That stops me and it becomes an obstacle. It's something I had to overcome. I want to do more roles in movies and plays, but I stopped doing movie roles because the camera was always right there.

It may not be a big deal to others, but it was personally a huge deal to me and it made me feel a bit insecure just within myself.

Researching Your Options

So I said okay I got to do something about it. I don't want to complain, and just let it be. I've got to do something about it. But upon the research I started seeing okay what most people at my age from our 20s, we have to get treated for periodontist. That's fifteen thousand dollars right off the bat just for basic cleaning and periodontal treatment.

Then I have every tooth in my mouth, and I need eight teeth removed you know there's another $10,000. Removal you know the money adds up quickly. I can't afford this! I just got into my dream school, I'm going to Harvard there goes all my money so the way I see it is you know ten, fifteen, twenty thousand dollars just on my teeth really isn't realistic right now. And it wasn't realistic while I was raising my siblings most time when people get just one tooth for their face swells up and they're down for a week. They can't speak, and ninety-eight percent of my job is speaking to other people if I don't work, I'm freelance. If I don't work, I don't eat and I can't provide for those who are in my foundation system.

Benefits of the Internet and Social Media

I was interested in getting dental veneers but you know if you mention something in real life it somehow comes through your Facebook feed. Then I saw things like Snap-on Smile, Instasmile, things that were supposed to be easier than traditional dental veneers. I'm a research person so I decided okay let me go and research these. A lot of the reviews of these dental veneers were very yes and no. Some of the positive reviews you can kind of tell they were a bot or someone that perhaps works for the company so naturally that was my first red flag on some of the companies.

I would start Google image searching the images of dental veneers on their page to ensure that they were legitimately their images and many times they were not. That's how I stumbled across you guys because one of your images is on another company's website and I started I'm one of those people or like if I see something wrong I'm gonna flag it for Google.

So then I sent a message. I said okay let's see how they respond to a message. Am I going to get an automatic email or is a human going to respond? I was very impressed that someone responded you know was that Oh we'll get back to you in three to six days it was an actual response to my request you guys our customer service was impeccable so I said okay this is a company I need to do business with.

Paradise Meets Bil

How are you doing ?

Hi pleased to meet you.

Bil Watson, it's a pleasure thank you more than you know. How was your flight?

It was fantastic.

They always ask but we've never met ?


I met you just now?


We've talked normally like I'll have a conversation with some people. I'll have a question or something, but most of what you've done is work with people from our company and today we didn't. We didn't do anything we just met when I walked in just now. I will tell you though I have learned a little bit about you in different phases of the last six months or something, maybe more than that and it's incredibly impressive!

Thank you.

Incredibly impressive!

The majority of the people that we work with have really bad smiles unlike what you have. Your smile would be considered acceptable in every social arena, but people say if it's just a little bit and it's your a little bit then it means a lot to you. I'm hoping that you can be a voice for people who say you know do your investigation, and accept some things. It's not ten, fifteen, or twenty thousand dollars.

The most important deal is that if I can get you a smile that you're proud of with dental veneers that look perfect, and you don't have to grind or drill your existing teeth. I'm real anti-grinding. I wish even if it wasn't for me I would still want someone to send the message or think that the responsibility would be on dentistry for you guys to come up with something that's less invasive. So that if I would have said Paradise let me give you this first set six months ago there's been three other changes. If dental veneers were permanent, today I wouldn't be able to talk to you about new changes because oh we already gave her the old ones.


They're already on.

But you see what you just said, you could have offered when I first reached out to you. You guys could have sent me something said okay, here you go yeah do this.

You're right.

Resistance Against Traditional Dental Veneers

But you guys have similar to what I've done. I've done my research, you guys have steps you said okay if I'm going to take on a client I'm going to give them the best that we can offer. Then when you realize that your best could be improved on, you said okay hold on it might take longer but I'm still going to improve even though it's my best. I'm going to continue to do my research to improve. A lot of companies, including unfortunately some dentistry companies, they don't do that.

Unfortunately, in life especially my industry we settle for what we can get right now the quick and fast. What's available immediately without any real patience or research. But you guys have taken the time to communicate what is it that you're wanting from this, this is what we can do and you've taken what you can do and you've expanded to your best. As I'm sure as the years go on you're still gonna continue to do your research and expand to the best of your abilities without accepting well this is good enough.

Let me tell you if you're if you're in pageants there's 10,000 dentists in the south that would love to bring you in and drill your teeth, so you must have had some form of resistance. I actually have a friend and he showed me where his dental veneer came off. It broke.

So I was like where's your tooth? He goes they took it away. Then I said so now what? You've gone through this whole invasive procedure, you spent all this money and all this time to heal, and now what?

He says, "I gotta do it again." And I said oh no that doesn't work for me; problem, solution, move forward. If I have a problem I need to find the best solution, the best realistic solution for me as well, and well, you guys are it.

dental veneer

Exceeding the Expectation of Dental Veneers

If I don't say it enough I'm incredibly appreciative, incredibly appreciative.

I've seen your models, I've seen your work, and I can't wait to see what these dental veneers look like on. I'm excited, are you ready too?

Let me put some gloves on. I have some different changes but my math tells me that these dental veneers will work perfect. If they don't like I say it always comes down to the impression so I'm gonna ask you to try these dental veneers in yourself and let me put this here, well I'll hand you this .

Oh they are really light.

So I just..

Yeah let's see what you think just put them in.

Wow! I can actually smile on both sides without..

They look so incredibly amazing in the way that we rounded them it gives you that youth bouncy high-energy look.

I look like I've had braces!

You look like you've had perfect teeth forever, they look surreal perfect.

When you think of things like anything that are press on, you picture your grandmother's dentures. It doesn't feel like that. When I put my tongue to the back of my mouth I can't feel like there's something I can move. I can't push it out.

You've got perfectly rounded teeth that look amazing, and you don't even feel them?

No like I said I can feel something but it doesn't feel like I wear vampire teeth for Halloween, it doesn't feel like that. Of course you're going to feel a material but it doesn't feel like there's something coming out.

They're a sleeve, they're almost not there.

Yeah they're really thin.

And that's after just putting them in. They look amazing!

Client Rationale

I was explaining that I'm very confident in myself. When I went through chemo I walked out bald bedazzles in my head, so it's nothing someone else will tell me about me that I don't already know. People say oh your teeth are fine, you know it's a quirk. I don't like it so inside I will smile and do my job but realistically on the inside I'm like turn your head don't smile.

You don't realize something, I promise you please believe me on this: they look perfectly polished as well. They match. I was looking at the back teeth, and they just a fit. Not even just the color, the fit goes perfectly in line.

I'm telling you you're gonna be so shocked at how bright white and beautiful your teeth are.

You can really see the color change like in my bottom versus my top.

That's incredible! Look at how much whiter they look. They look perfectly straight! You've never seen yourself with perfectly white teeth before, other than in pictures that you Photoshop?

No. I've had to make this happen in Photoshop and it's disheartening. It's a part of my industry and part of my work but to see this now I don't have to sit there and post and copy then light correct and try to fix the shading and get a lining. This is everything that I was hoping for when I first reached out to you guys.

I will tell you I've never seen a more impressive smile light up. It's almost like they plug the light in. It looks perfect! I'm literally less than 36 inches away from you and I can't tell that they aren't one thousand percent permanent.

PressOn Veneer Fit and Security

When I bite there's no shift. They're just amazing. Well then we're going to have to see the bottoms now. You always say first ones are perfect, but you never can tell we may have to make adjustments.

Now the bottom is what I was really worried about because this whole side comes in. Oh wow that's snug! Oh wow!

It's going to take a little bit because of that bulk, it's a lot thicker than what the top one was because we had to change the appearance of the crowded and the rescission that was in the back of those teeth. So we had to bring everything forward, but now you see why.

That's incredible!

Let me tell you they look perfect! Literally, if a doctor had ground your teeth the only reason they grind them is to bring out a smile that'll fill up and be a perfect fit for your face.

Now I don't want to close my mouth. I'm very good about hiding this side.

Nobody has seen you with the perfect smile, this is the first time. You have to be seeing what I'm seeing. I don't know if it's possible because you're pretty young, but you take a lady that's in her 20s or like you just propped her up and you couldn't have done it better. They're a perfect fit for you.

I like the snap that I heard, that let's me know that they're in place. They don't feel like they're coming out do they?


If you want to take them out it's going to take two hands.

I'm pushing with my tongue.

Remembering Challenges Before PressOn Veneers

Here's the thing, imagine what your life would have been if I could have given those to you at 17. Just imagine all the challenges and all the nights. You know you're going to realize to us it's nothing, you know you're just now coming up but to you it's been..

It's been a journey.

Nine or ten years minimum of where you've been a young adult. Every time you've had to consider: I wish I wish I wish..

These could have been available. The dentistry has been available. People have been getting dental veneers for more years than you are old. You got relief after a few years. There are people that are watching this that are just as put together or would have made a bunch of choices that took different career choices or gave up. And they're ten years or fifteen years older than you and they still had that same issue for twice as long. There should have been an option that was available to you at seventeen that the first day you go I want them perfect. Because you have the right as a person to present yourself the best you can. You should have choices, don't you agree?

I agree.

I always tell them I don't know if I want to celebrate that we fixed it today, or be upset that it wasn't available ten years ago. You would have exerted and accelerated in a lot of other places on your personality if it wasn't for things that weren't available to you that wasn't really a choice.

Ridding Your Life of Obstacles

Things that I said no to, there were films, public speaking engagements where I saw it and said I can't. Nobody can be on that side and I said no to them because this was a problem. I no longer have to say no and that's a big thing for me. Magazine publications where some photographers say I'm a bit of a control freak, they don't like for me to tell them no you can't shoot me on that side.

So I've had to say no to big projects cause I'm like oh if you can't work with my parameters cause I'm not gonna let that out there. I no longer have that wall that's in front of me saying uh sorry remember this problem. I had a problem, you have a solution, and now I can move forward with the confidence that everyone believes I have. I'm now going to have on the inside too.

I want you to know that it's been a privilege doing this job, thank you. I'm going to shake your hand it's been amazing. Before I let you go I'd like you to use the last bit of our vlog to tell people about your foundation.

Catch a Falling Star Foundation

Oh the Catch a Falling Star? It is my purpose. There's no other word to describe it. It is absolutely my drive in everything I do. I want people to know that what you're going through you're not alone. And that even if there's only one person in this world, someone cares, someone's there for you. I take the things that I've gone through and I say okay I'm not the only one feeling this way so how can I give back to society so they know I don't have to feel this way. It's imperative for me to put them in a place mentally of I don't have to feel this low, I can do something about what I'm going through.

Who do we say Google me, who do we tell them to google?

Paradise Rodriguez plus, I now have a website for the Catch a Falling Star Foundation so if you are on any of my social media the Catch a Falling Star is right there next to it.

We'll link it all at the bottom, people are going to have questions for you hopefully you'll be able to answer some of those questions for them. Then they know how to find you Paradise Rodriguez. It's been a pleasure! Thank you. Thank you more than you know!

Client Commentary on Brighter Image Lab PressOn Veneers

I had a great experience with Brighter Image Lab, and would absolutely recommend Brighter Image to others, for me it was impeccable that I could have a now solution. I didn't want the drilling and the downtime and I wanted something that wasn't crazy expensive because I'm a college student so finances were very big into this. So this was a less expensive, non-invasive solution to my problem. There is no reason now for you to go through all that pain and the extra expenses and the downtime. My heels make me taller, and my Brighter Image Lab dental veneers make my teeth perfect. My wigs make my hair longer. There's literally nothing to stand in my way.

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Pageant Queen gets New Incredibil Smile Makeover
Bil Watson

We Did Great But We Can Do Better

How long you been wearing these pageant veneers?

I've had these now for I'd say about maybe eight to ten weeks.

They look amazing!

Thank you I love them like.

It was shocking to me because they look real.


So I think you probably have heard that.


If you didn't trust them you probably wouldn't be using them to compete in. The reason why we're here today is because I think we can do better.


You know I think they can.

Meet Jess Turunen: The Pageant Queen

Hey guys today we're live in Las Vegas and we're going to improve a pageant queen's smile with dental veneers. I've never met her, she's never met me but I think it's going to be pretty impressive.

When I was little I knocked my two front teeth out, and they have been crooked ever since. I have been really self-conscious about them, and had always wanted them straightened but I guess I was always going be left with my small yellow teeth. So I've always been looking at doing something about it. Being a pageant girl especially being on stage and being self-conscious about my smile was a big thing for me, there's obviously so many other things going on so to be thinking about your smile while you're on stage is shattering. After a lot of research and I found Brighter Image Lab online and continued to study Brighter Image Lab for a long time before I actually proceeded.

Thank you so much for coming out to me!

Actually it was mutual, you came a long ways too. From understand you're very busy?


You're a mom, are you're married?


Great guy?


Do your boys love their mom?


How old are your boys?

Six and four.

How Did You Find Us?

Oh cool, how'd you hear about us?

Um so I found Brighter Image Lab on Google, but I had been researching for a long time. There is a similar company in Australia but it does involve the dentist so it is very very expensive. So I had originally been looking into orthodontic work, but it would still mean that I'd still be stuck with the same shape teeth so that's when I started looking into veneers. I don't know about here but you know in Australia they are so expensive. For ten teeth across the top only no bottom teeth, $30,000. But I have virgin teeth so I was really apprehensive about shaving down my teeth, and obviously the cost came into the equation.

When I found out that you became a client of ours we sent you some veneers, we didn't have any communication with you we just kind of did it one shot.


I don't know what made you send us the letter back saying thank you for this design or whatever.

What A Difference Can A Smile Make For A Pageant?

Well because they've changed my life, I feel so much different in a good way.

Even though your smile would have been pageant perfect by most people.

Yeah exactly, people used to even say to me if I ever expressed you know the fact that I wanted to have my teeth fixed they'd say why there's nothing wrong with your teeth. But it's just obviously everyone has things that they're self-conscious about.

As a compliment to me, I am really sitting here kind of way impressed.


Like just perfectly impressed! You know you look at your own work and you go oh God she's going to be in a pageant. If I would have known I would have just put them up there you know. I don't know do you wear them like that or you just wear them during a pageant?

Yeah no I wear them all the time. I have taken them off at home at times when I've been cleaning the house or whatever and gone to school pick up and realized halfway to school that I forgot them. I've turned around and gone home to get them.

I look at every veneer that goes out the door. When you see it plastered somewhere big then you go I wish I could have done this. Man if I would have just known I would have done two, you see what I'm saying.

Yeah yeah.

I had a little fit, like I mean why didn't they tell me or why didn't she mention that or something.

I'm sorry.

Well because you will do the best work and so I still didn't know you but I'm like I would love for her to see this translucent white. Do you know what shade you went with?

Um this is number two.

Which is our natural shade. Because you know there's an ultra white.

Yes I was scared of that one because I do wear them everyday.

Yes I always ask people please be afraid, because it's only for people who can carry it. Would you change back to veneers ?

No way.

Were you disappointed?

No I wouldn't.

I think from looking at them no one would ever know.

The Appearance Speaks For Itself

No and actually I was just saying that one of the other Pageant Queens, the Australian Pageant Queens is a dental nurse and she she actually couldn't believe that they were not real veneers. She nearly died when I took them out. She was like wow I thought they were real what what just happened, so she's really intrigued by them now.

You do know there's always a possibility that these aren't better than the last ones and I always tell everybody when I meet them for the first time there's even a chance they may not fit.

Yes, No Worries.

I want to show you one thing.

I don't know if I want to see this.

When people tell you your teeth weren't bad, they really weren't bad at all. Every day I have people who would love to have that smile, but they have some gaps and they were pointed. What you want to do is make your teeth a strong feature instead of a neutral or a negative.

Oh wow!

The other thing about these is these have a coating to where they'll always look wet. Let's try these on.

Sure. This is always the part I don't like is taking these ones out.

Let me get these here.

Thank you that way you won't mess those up.

They're probably covered in lipstick. Thank you. Wow it is lighter I can feel it!

Difference In The Pageant Smile

If you can let me just see the difference with the one that's in there now. Wow they look amazing, let me get a mirror for you. Let's see what we look like. It's like strictly a sleeve.


You see what I'm saying?

That's so thin, it barely even feels like it's in my mouth. Yeah so they feel a little tighter, that one feels fine.

Do they feel the same or thicker or less or just tighter?

The top one is a little bit tighter but no they still feel the same they're amazing.

Giving the possibility they are the whitest natural tooth color you can see.


I don't think they look fake white.


They just look extra white. Can you notice the gloss?

Yeah I like it.

Yeah it looks pretty cool, and so if you had two you'd basically have choices. I guess it would be like other things you'd have days you'd go hey I want these hey I want these.

They're so amazing! I can't get over the feeling they're so thin. I can see the difference the translucent is beautiful.

Dentists Apprehensive To Shave Down Teeth

If any cosmetic said he would do them for free but he had to grind your teeth I don't think you let him grind them.

No way no! I'll admit even the dentist was apprehensive about it.

Tell me about it.

He didn't want to do it. He literally said why do you want veneers your teeth are virgin? Why are we going to shave them down and he said you know that if we were to do this you'd be signing waivers because there are risks involved in this process?

Do you know how many people don't get told that risk? A large amount of calls that come in every day say can you take these off? And I go no we can't take them off. "Can you work around them? Can you work over them ?" They're not your teeth anymore, you have to stay with what you're doing. But no one told them. Um I will tell you that the makeup and all the things you do more than compliment the veneers, but it lets the veneers complement the makeup.

Yeah definitely!

Is The IncrediBil Pageant Worthy?

You had so much confidence in the first pair but what would be the difference now?

The feeling, these are just they're not there, there nothing. It just feels like second to none.

Almost like it went lint?


But from what I understand, a lot of what you do comes down to one tenth of one point.

Oh yeah.

Not even a point. So one little bit makes a difference.


This is a little whiter, a little more chiseled, a little more detailed, but more reflective. Then I think I would make that choice if it was afforded to me.

You know I must say considering their whiter I actually feel like they look more natural, I love these. I would definitely purchase these.

If you knew in advance?


A Confidence Boost

They look so real like I'm seeing them now for the first time.

I honestly I can't believe it.

We don't ever like to get into a win or loss. We don't think people should have to win a smile, so we don't try to get into oh you can win as mile or win a pageant but we do think it's pretty important that they have a chance and a choice. The biggest thing is we try to give them a choice.

Look I like to think of it this way that, I won my national finals without these but this gives me so much more confidence. It's not about winning or losing with or without the teeth it's about the confidence that I have when I walk on the stage. It's about how I carry myself, how I hold a conversation and I'm not self-conscious about people looking at my mouth.

I guess what we can say is are we really getting close enough to be competitive with the doctor?


I think you'll be an example for people who are sitting on the fence and I appreciate you choosing us.

Yes thank you!

To have a brand that someone can say I can make any choice, because if we were a bad choice you would have made another one.You would have went to someone else.

That's right!

I get to see them. Do you need to see them again?

Yes I love them! I'm super impressed!

Every time you see that it rebuilds your confidence.

Perfecting A Smile Worthy Of A Pageant Queen

Yeah literally I was like I said I was scared of how white they were going to be, but I actually love them.

I can't imagine anybody doing a better job. I'm feeling weird saying it because I did it, but the design is perfect. Nothing is too big, everything works.

They feel great!

I think you can see that it was a good find for me to pick you. I had to put these on somebody it was worth the day for us to come say let's catch her on this side of the water.

Thank you.

Because we want to introduce them on the other side, yes you're going into competition that starts literally hours like it's just a few hours away.The the big thing is I think people are going to want to ask you somethings, so you'll get some feedback on social media. They're just going to work and we are going to link you below so with that we're going to wrap it up and I'll say thank you more than you know.

Thank you so much!

I always do this to end my videos I'll see you soon thank you. Bye guys.

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