Perfect Smile Has The Power to Transform Your Life Forever

perfect smile

Introduction  If you feel like your smile is holding you back, it’s time to make a change. A perfect smile has the power to transform your life and improve your overall health. Cosmetic dentists charge tens of thousands of dollars and cause irreparable damage to deliver a new smile, and sometimes their results are far […]

Teeth Shaving – What is it and when it’s necessary

What is Teeth Shaving? Teeth shaving, otherwise known as teeth contouring, is a procedure that’s done to reduce the size of a tooth. This procedure can be done to improve the tooth’s appearance or how it fits in the mouth. How Much Does Teeth Shaving Cost?  Teeth shaving cost varies depending on the experience of […]

Missing Teeth Holding You Back? Make a Change!

Introduction  Missing teeth affects more than 120 million people in the U.S. and is often a result of tooth decay and gum disease. Elderly and economically disadvantaged populations are the most vulnerable to tooth loss. By age 50, the average American has lost 12 of their 32 teeth. Tooth loss has many negative effects. People […]

Gap Teeth – How to Fix Yours Without Paying Thousands

Introduction  Many people have gap teeth and want to improve their smile, but they didn’t want to wait months for results or spend thousands of dollars. Luckily, there is an affordable option for fixing gap teeth that can be done instantly! Below, we will discuss gap teeth and how to fix them without breaking the […]

Brighter Image Lab Q And A With Bil Watson

brighter image lab

Introduction: Brighter Image Lab Q and A At Brighter Image Lab, we are always interested in helping people learn more about our products and services, so a few weeks ago we asked for all of your burning Brighter Image Lab Q and A. Today, we’re here to answer them. In the video below, Bil Watson […]

Instant Gingivectomy How to Get Good Results Fast

Introduction  Every year, thousands of people undergo a painful surgery called a gingivectomy to remove excess gum tissue. This procedure is widely used for cosmetic purposes, as many people are dissatisfied with the look of an overly gummy smile. One woman named Kimberli decided to skip this painful surgery and got an instant gingivectomy with […]

Gap Teeth Fix – How to Fix Gaps in Teeth from Home

Veneers are the perfect gap teeth fix

Here’s Your Guide to Gap Teeth Fix Solutions  If you aspire to have that perfect smile, Brighter Image Lab’s gap teeth fix may be right for you. Gap teeth are common, but that doesn’t mean it makes you feel good about your smile if you have unevenly spaced teeth. In this blog, we will discuss […]

Porcelain Veneers – How to Avoid Paying $20,000 For Veneers

porcelain veneers

Introduction  A smile is the number one facial feature that people notice. If you have a bad smile, it’s holding you back socially. When someone has nice shoes, nice clothes and a bad smile, they didn’t come from a family that helped them improve their smile. A large percentage of people have a nice smile […]

Dental Partials: Dentists Hate Them and You Should Too

dental partials

Why Do Dentists Hate Dental Partials? Hey guys, this week I want to talk about dental partials and flippers and discuss why dentists hate them and why you should too.  I also want to share a few people who said “NO!” to dental partials and flippers and improved their smiles in minutes with dental veneers! […]

Make A Change – How 4 People Took Action and Transformed Their Smiles

make a change

Introduction Your smile shouldn’t be something that you have to be afraid of you shouldn’t want cover your teeth when you smile. Your smile shouldn’t be something that you have to be afraid of you shouldn’t want cover your teeth when you smile. Before I get started, I want to tell you it’s not always […]