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Holistic Dentistry: A New Approach to Dental Care

The Need for Alternative Options

With reports of ‘creative diagnosis‘ and other dental scams hitting major news headlines, it’s no surprise that the popularity of traditional dentistry is quickly declining. Even the FDA is taking notice of harmful dental practices, like mercury fillings.

Now, people everywhere are turning to alternatives like Holistic Dentistry or Brighter Image Lab for dental care options.

Holistic Dentistry seeks to provide dental care services that don’t just treat symptoms of oral issues, but the actual causes. And Brighter Image Lab has worked diligently to transform people’s lives with the power of a smile.

So how is Holistic Dentistry different from traditional oral care, and what is the Brighter Image Lab smile alternative?

holistic dentistry

A New Approach to Dental Care

What Is Holistic Dentistry?

Biological, or Holistic Dentistry, combines the practice of traditional dental care mixed with more natural remedies. Like traditional dentists, holistic dentists receive the same medical training and certifications. Unlike traditional dentistry, which usually only addresses the symptoms of oral health issues, Holistic Dentistry treats the root cause.

Holistic dentists believe that the health of the mouth and body are connected and can affect each other. The research agrees, as our physical and oral health is directly linked in several ways. Brushing twice daily for two minutes has shown to decrease the chances of heart disease and stroke.

The focus of biological dentistry is to assess the overall wellbeing of patients. They take into account diet, exercise, and medical history. Their goal is to build a doctor-patient relationship that can help prevent dental issues in the future. They even have their own dental association that can help connect patients and other holistic dentists to a more holistic community.

Natural Solutions to Dental Problems

One of the biggest ways holistic dentistry differs from traditional is the use of natural and ‘biocompatible’ materials that are medically safe for each individual.

Because holistic dentists wish to establish the best treatment for their patients, they often perform what’s known as ‘biocompatibility tests.’ A biocompatibility test helps determine whether or not a patient will have an adverse reaction to the recommended treatment, often by using stress evaluations, a patient’s medical history, and blood testing.

This has led to a rift between traditional dentists and biological ones over the use of things like fluoride, regular root canals, or amalgam mercury fillings. Holistic dentists will often advise against the use of all three, not wanting to introduce foreign substances to the body through tooth extraction, or to help patients avoid fluorosis. 

Why you should avoid using Fluoridated products

The Dangers of Mercury Fillings

It’s common for traditional dentists to use amalgam fillings. Amalgam fillings are a metallic compound created using liquid mercury as a base, and powdered nickel, copper, and silver to create a putty that is placed in a tooth cavity. As the putty hardens, a dentist will work to shape and polish the amalgam so it fits within a patient’s mouth.

Liquid mercury is known to release poisonous mercury vapors. When inhaled, mercury vapors attack the central nervous system, brain, and kidney functions. Holistic dentists have been fighting the American Dental Association for years on the safety of using amalgam fillings, especially as several European countries create legislation to ban the use of mercury fillings.

Instead of using an amalgam, a holistic dentist uses a composite resin as a natural alternative. And many with amalgam fillings have turned to holistic dentistry to remove the poisonous mercury from their teeth, which has been shown to decrease the negative side effects of daily mercury vapor exposure.

The Draw Back of Holistic Dentistry

Sadly, because holistic practices offer more specialized care to its patients, the cost typically exceeds that of a traditional dentist.

It’s hard enough for everyday people to be able to afford the skyrocketing prices of traditional dental care, and many are left dealing with their broken smiles taking a toll on their mental and physical health.

A bad smile has already shown to be an obstacle to job seekers, and a majority of people agree that your smile heavily impacts your social engagements.

At Brighter Image Lab, our mission is to provide a better smile to people who can’t afford the high costs of traditional care. So what is it that Brighter Image Lab can do?

A Better Smile For Less

Brighter Image Lab dental veneers continue to be the best alternative to traditional cosmetic dentistry on the market.

Our real client results speak for themselves, just look at these before and after photos. The difference is stark.

Both clients are able to smile with a renewed confidence in themselves thanks to Brighter Image Lab. We even shaped their smiles to better fit their faces using our free Facial Analysis Scanner.

Our dental veneers are custom made for each client using our advanced impression system and 3 Dimensional scanning. Smile Specialists then hand polish and detail the veneers to give them a more realistic look and feel.

Once we’re finished designing your new smile, we deliver it right to your door. You don’t even need to see a dentist. You can order through our website, or over the phone.

You don’t have to settle for a broken smile because you can’t pay the high cost of a cosmetic or holistic dentist. If you’re tired of hiding your smile, Brighter Image Lab could be the solution for you.


Holistic dentistry is a promising alternative for dental patients, and has made several strides to improve the safety and quality of care received. However, the high cost of holistic dentistry makes it unattainable to most people, leaving many still without proper care.

Brighter Image Lab remains the number one leader in affordable smile solutions. Our lab direct process allows clients to get a better smile without seeing a dentist. And with our new financing options, clients can pay for their new smile in smaller, weekly installments.

Our real client reviews speak for themselves, so don’t settle for a bad smile! Get the Brighter Image Lab smile solution.

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