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An "About Us” page has always been interesting to me because if you're on this page, it's usually for one of these 3 reasons:

  • You're a potential client and you're making some hard decisions about trust and moving forward with us,
  • You're a competitor of some sort looking size us up - we get it, or
  • you're an investor / donor, or dentist looking to make some of the same kind of important decisions.

Fair enough. So with that said let me introduce myself and our company.

My name is Bil Watson, I'm been the founder and CEO Director of Brighter Image Lab since 1997 and when I established our Lab Direct System - that allowed people the choice to improving their own smile without going to a dentist.

I never planned to be a pioneer in the industry - I just showed up first and fought some hard fights. Now here we are, 20 years later with the same name and phone number - I feel like that alone says a lot. Last I checked we've helped over 300,000 clients and created almost 70,000 custom designed dental veneers with our Lab Direct Process (and not a single Dentist Visit).

 I'm also proud that most of our team has been here and grown with me throughout the years. Laurie Hall, Tiffany Andrews, Trey Murray - they’ve each spent close to 15 years helping me build and grow this company. With more valued team members coming along as we built. Their skills, energy and focus have been felt since the day they showed up.

It's taken a lot of hard work to "get Lucky": I hear often that we've been lucky because our timing was good for new innovation and technology. I don't know if any of us felt very lucky at the beginning. And if I had to place the blame somewhere - It would be that we're hard workers! I'd tell anyone that I'm a worker and been fortunate enough to attract a team of workers with good energy and focus.

Our team’s focus has taught me a lot about who we are and more importantly who we are not. We know who we serve and that we are not for everyone. We’re not Amazon or Zappos ... and were okay with that.

We've developed a process that works for clients that are willing to work with us - through our design process. It's a partnership, where our clients start the job and we finish it. When followed, our Lab Direct System is proven.

We live by the Motto that we always work with clients that work with us - We ask anyone considering a purchase to honestly ask themselves if they can communicate in a clam professional manner and allow us the time to design or /or redesign their smile makeover until its right. It's a system that works well and we believe in it.

We've had the good fortune of offering most of our clients a product that's exclusive in custom quality and for most it's been a pain killer that no one else was willing to make available. We just believed someone had to do it.

Brighter Image lab -People always ask me how the company was named. - Truth is, when this all got started I knew that if I was going to build and develop a company I would have to be willing to put my name on it,- so in short Brighter Image Lab came from my first name BIL. As for the CEO title, I put it right next to "Head Bottle Washer" because at the end of every day - I'm here. I'm on the job, making sure we're ready for a better tomorrow - like all head bottle washers do.

Everything else speaks for itself so I hope this page has helped you know and understand more About US..

Bil Watson
Brighter Image Lab - Director

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