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People With Tattoos Get Help Looking More Professional

If you’ve spent countless hours and dollars perfecting the art on your body, you know the stigma that can come with tattoos. Job offers become scarce, and hiring managers turn you away for not fitting within the company’s image. But what if the issue wasn’t your tattoos?

Tattoos are more popular than ever. Many Americans have tattoos,(25%) and the number seems to be rising for people in their early 40s and older. That means tattoos are now very common place in industries such as art or fashion. But it’s a different story for people in a corporate environment. 

Despite the trend of relaxed office attire, we still need to be wary of how we present ourselves to clients, coworkers, and bosses. Sometimes the issue isn’t with your tattoos, but how you present them. Presentation can mean the difference between getting the job and being turned away for your body art. So how can you better present yourself with Brighter Image Lab?

Tattoos and Teeth

One of the first things people notice about us is our smile. Smiling isn’t just a way to express emotion, it actually has effects on our social lives.

Reports from the MAYO clinic show many adults believe a bad smile can be a barrier to job seekers. It can also harm our chances at making romantic connections. This goes for anyone, not just those with tattoos.

But the cost of one visit to a cosmetic dentist could pay for a substantial piece of body art. Thankfully, Brighter Image Lab has created an alternative smile solution, so you can present your best self at a lower cost.

Our dental veneers are custom designed for each client in our Lab Direct process, covering any flaws or insecurities. This leaves you with a brilliant smile that doesn’t break the bank, and compliments the living artwork you’ve collected.

A bad smile next to your body art can give off a poor first impression to any potential employers, and detracts from the quality of work on your skin. Below is one of our clients who is proud of his body art. Some of his choices led him down a rough road, but the choice to improve his smile transformed his life.

Tattoos Before and After Using our Dental Veneers

Meet Zack.


Click the photo to see the full interview with Brighter Image Lab founder, Bil!

Zack is a long time client of Brighter Image Lab. When he was younger he suffered from addiction, and spent time in prison. After losing his teeth, Zack’s tattoos, poor smile, and prison history kept him from living his best life. It cost him job opportunities and potential romantic partners.

After Zack discovered Brighter Image Lab, he made the decision to improve his smile and it changed his life. His photos show how a good smile can change the way you see someone’s body art. He cleaned himself up, trading a prison uniform for a tailored suit and our Lab Direct custom veneers. Now he looks like most young creatives in the professional world.

We have a number of clients who have been released from prison or have overcome addiction. We’ve helped them find success by giving them a professional smile they can use to nail those interviews and land the job of their dreams. Being able to impress potential employers with a better smile can reduce the rate of recidivism or relapse, giving people a real fighting chance at staying happy, healthy, and free.

Our dental veneers aren’t just a product. They’re an investment in yourself. Zack was able to turn his life around with a better smile. He found sobriety, a steady job, and has started to work on his health and fitness. If we did it for Zack, we can help inspire you to be your best self too.

You no longer have to feel judged and discriminated against because you can’t afford cosmetic dental work. With a better smile from Brighter Image Lab, you can celebrate your tattoos for the work of art they are and find a career in a professional environment.

Showing Off Your Masterpiece

Tattoos are still taboo in many corporate environments, but our veneers can enhance your art work to give you a clean, polished look. With a better smile, your ink is displayed like pieces in a museum rather than graffiti on the side of a building. Like Zack, you can finally rest easy knowing your tattoos can be conversation starters, instead of career enders with the help of Brighter Image Lab.

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