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Single Mom Gets New Smile

Single Moms and the Work Force

Women make up nearly 60% of the workforce in low wage jobs, but were the first ones laid off during quarantine. A staggering 5.7 million women found themselves jobless by mid-April of last year.

Single moms took the biggest hit. Occupations like waitressing and cleaning saw majority of their staff cut, at 87% and 73% respectively.  With unemployment barely covering the bills, the last thing single mothers need to worry about is their smile.

Affordable dental care has become increasingly harder to find, and a bad smile can be an obstacle to moms trying to get back on their feet.

Juggling a career, childcare, cooking, cleaning, and so much more, single moms are the unsung superheroes holding their families together. But while they struggle to make ends meet, who is helping them with their broken smiles?

The Struggle for Affordable Dental Care

Finding affordable dental care is harder than ever, especially for single moms. Medicaid assistance only covers dental care in 18 states, and few provide more than emergency dental service.

This blog for single moms tries to provide alternative resources for those struggling to find affordable dental care. They mention places like dental schools, offices that offer pro bono work, and hospital oral surgeons for any emergencies.

But dental schools have students performing the job as practice, meaning uncertified hands are doing your dental work. Having to beg dentists by phone for charity can be humiliating, and a hospital oral surgeon will more than likely turn away non-emergencies.

Having to live with a bad smile is not an option for single moms, especially those looking for work. Bad smiles have been reported to be an obstacle to job seekers, and romantic partners are less likely to be interested in someone with crooked or broken teeth.

Brighter Image Lab has created an affordable smile solution for single moms. With our Lab Direct process, working moms don’t have to worry about taking time away from their family or jobs. They can order a new smile from the comfort of their own home!

After ordering through our website, we send you an impression kit with easy step-by-step instructions. Once we receive your impressions, our 3D software creates a digital smile profile that allows our smile designers to custom make your order. And once we’re finished, your new smile is mailed right to your front door.

We’ve got thousands of success stories, and one of those stories comes from within Brighter Image Lab itself.

Meet Heather.

Heather is a proud member of the Brighter Image Lab team. She knows all too well the struggles of being a single parent. She juggles two young girls and the Brighter Image Lab mission to provide an affordable smile solution.

She sits down with Bil Watson, founder and director of Brighter Image Lab, to discuss the time she’s put into the company, clients they’ve helped, and her own smile as well.

Heather has been with Brighter Image Lab for years, and is one of the driving forces behind our growth. Her help has pushed our veneers to new standards, making them durable, lighter, and more realistic. 

She’s helped Bil and Brighter Image Lab reach clients in New York, Australia, and Miami. But the client that she remembers most was Giselle.

Giselle was an early client that graced Brighter Image Lab social media with her smile transformation. Over the years she’s stayed in contact with Heather, sharing how her new smile continues to propel her life forward. She’s received multiple promotions at work and her new smile gave her the courage to be more involved in her kids lives. Giselle no longer feels embarrassed by her smile, which shows in the photos Heather occasionally receives.

That’s when Heather decided to become a client herself. Witnessing the magic of Brighter Image Lab first-hand convinced her to try a new smile too.

A New Smile

Heather’s teeth are healthy, but had gaps. Braces are expensive and painful, with a process that could last months. Brighter Image Lab was able to provide a less expensive alternative that was instant. Covering the gaps in her teeth and giving her a more prominent and professional smile.

She’s even noticed the effect it has on her kids and coworkers.

“… The last week we’ve found her in more conversations that reward smiling. Like all of a sudden conversations are funnier. Or things are neater. Or just, you notice it.” Bil tells her. “I look at the pictures before and I look at them now, it was real hard for me to believe that it’s the same person.”

Heather and Giselle prove that Brighter Image Lab is able to help working moms with all kinds of smiles. Whether it’s gapped teeth or a broken smile, out dental veneers instantly cover any insecurities. So you can get back to being a super mom, without seeing a dentist.

Using a Lab Direct system, Brighter Image Lab is able to provide durable, high quality dental veneers that don’t break the bank.

How to Get Our Dental Veneers

Single moms work double time to provide for their families, and deserve affordable solutions for their smiles. Brighter Image Lab can help them with our Lab Direct process that ensures they get a better smile without having to pay outrageous cosmetic dental costs.

Just look at what were able to do for Heather!

And she’s not the only one we’ve helped. Check out our video page for testimonies from real clients.

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