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Smile Giveaway Makes Christmas Brighter for one Childcare Professional

Kristy Henderson

Natasha’s Story 

I want to start this blog off by introducing our newest smile giveaway, Natasha. Natasha is a childcare worker and mother who has struggled for years with the appearance of her smile. 

One of our most valued employees recommended Natasha, who looks after her daughters. Our employee was so incredibly appreciative, she recommended Natasha to win a smile giveaway. We chose Natasha because we are so incredibly appreciative of the way she cares for children.

While we’re sure Natasha already knows, we want to take a moment to thank her for the job she does every day. It’s important to us that she dedicates her life to taking care of children. The little girls that she takes care of for our employee are so incredibly appreciative to have her in their lives.

smile giveaway

I’m sure all the mothers Natasha works for say they’re appreciative, but the job she does every day is pretty big, and we wanted to thank her the best way we knew how – with a smile giveaway! We were excited to do Natasha’s smile giveaway before Christmas, because we knew it was the best present she could get.

smile giveaway

Natasha has a gap tooth that she’s been self-conscious about, and she wanted to know what it was like to not have that gap. The employee that recommended her for a smile giveaway thinks a lot of her. She’s very appreciative of Natasha, and she came to me to ask if I could transform her smile.

We put a lot of energy into every smile giveaway and always try to design smiles that we’re passionate about.

When Natasha met with us, she had three birthdays coming up, Christmas just around the corner and New Year’s steadily approaching. It was the perfect time for a new smile, but not the time to splurge on herself.

Natasha was paying for her son’s braces, buying birthday presents and putting gifts under the tree. She was putting herself last to give to everyone around her. Luckily, we were able to put her first this holiday season by giving her the smile of her dreams – absolutely free.

We completed Natasha’s smile transformation before Christmas, so she could enjoy the holiday and reign in the new year with a beautiful smile. We worked so fast to give her this Christmas gift, we didn’t even have time to announce it as a smile giveaway!

Natasha’s Smile Transformation

Natasha always wondered what it would take to fix her gap. She has pretty teeth, they just have a gap, and she wanted to see what we could do about it. After speaking with us for a few minutes, Natasha was eager to try on her new smile.

No one has ever seen Natasha smile without a gap and she has been conscious about it for years. In our studio, she smiled without a gap for the first time, and it was amazing. I have to tell you – the difference in Natasha’s smile is the best I’ve seen in a long time. She was completely blown away: “I’m so thankful. Thank you. Thank you for my new smile!”

smile giveaway

Natasha’s PressOn Veneers fit great. She popped them in and they worked perfectly. They were tight enough to easily snap in place and they looked amazing.

At first, Natasha had to practice fully smiling because she had been holding her smile in for so long. She was so used to covering her gap that she had to adjust to showing off her teeth rather than trying to hide them.

I knew I wanted to choose Natasha for a smile giveaway because many people don’t stop and think of the people that do work for them. The ones who put themselves last to do things for others. Natasha put herself last for too long. She paid for her son’s braces and suffered the insecurities of an undesirable smile, she bought gifts and put off her own smile transformation, she cared for others and neglected herself. Luckily, her story was brought to our attention and we were able to give to her the way she has been giving to others for years.

smile giveaway

Now Natasha has a perfect smile that can be snapped on at any time, and I think that’s the best Christmas gift we could have given her.

Natasha’s Q and A 

How did you hear about us?

I take care of one of your employee’s kids so I had been looking them up but I didn’t know the process of getting it done.

How are you doing?

I’m good. It’s been a good day, a busy day busy day.

They say you work with babies?

Yes, I do.

 You’re working daycare?


Was taking the impression hard?

No, it wasn’t.

How long have you been conscious about your smile?

Pretty much since I was in high school a whole lot last year.

smile giveaway

Did you have to do it more than once? 

No. These fit on the first time. I need them the first time so they fit pretty good and they take a little bit to get used to.

Our Next Smile Giveaway 

I have another smile giveaway that I want to talk about is this week. Unlike our many other smile giveaway stories, this woman didn’t apply herself. Instead, her mother wrote in to ask for our help.

The mother who wrote in has gapped teeth, which were passed down to her daughter. She sent us a picture of her daughter’s smile, and we thought we could make a difference in her life. She’s a young lady who has the whole world in front of her. In this situation, what I want to do is take a smile that’s gapped and show how it can be completely transformed.

I’m excited to see those results. I don’t know how soon it will happen, but I want to let you know we got this one.


At Brighter Image Lab, we have what’s called hashtag “SmileWithMe.” The SmileWithMe movement is about spreading awareness and kindness. The hashtag encourages people to share their smile with the world and spread awareness about accessible smile solutions like PressOn Veneers. 

smile giveaway

Bil Watson

Brighter Image Lab Director

“If there’s one thing my experience has taught me, it’s the value of a smile (the verb, not the noun). As valuable as a person’s smile is, it’s still directly related to how often they give a smile to someone else. We need so much more kindness in the world and a smile is the universal start of every good feeling, every meaningful conversation. That’s why we have the “SmileWithMe” hashtag. It’s just our way of trying to spread some positivity where maybe there wasn’t enough before.”

The SmileWithMe hashtag allows people all over the world to share their smiles and show off their transformations. We use this hashtag and a smile giveaway to encourage and empower people to smile. This holiday season, in a time of stress and unease, a smile is the best gift we can give. We hope you help us spread kindness and joy by sharing your smile this Christmas.

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