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Dental Partials: Dentists Hate Them and You Should Too

Kristy Henderson

Why Do Dentists Hate Dental Partials?

Hey guys, this week I want to talk about dental partials and flippers and discuss why dentists hate them and why you should too. 

I also want to share a few people who said “NO!” to dental partials and flippers and improved their smiles in minutes with dental veneers!

Beware of Dental Partials and Flippers 

Dental partials don’t fit well and they’re not designed well. They don’t match the color of your natural teeth, so they will look unnatural and won’t blend well with your smile. They don’t last and are very hard to maintain. The wire, structure, and fit of dental partials also cause gum recession.

dental partials

Most dentists (even the chief editor of Dental Economics himself) say dental partials and flippers have a very high level of dissatisfaction. Dental flippers are the worst possible option in most cases, and you should bend over backwards to find any possible alternative.

When a practicing dentist (and an editor of a major publication) says he hates dental partials, it’s an indication of what other dentists believe. They hate them, so you should hate them too.

Personally, I don’t believe in dental partials or flippers. I don’t like them and I don’t think they’re worth it. They’re not the best option, but I understand why people buy them. People buy them because when they lose their front tooth, they don’t just lose a tooth, they lose self-esteem and self-confidence, and they inherit all sorts of panic and anxiety.  

Don’t fall into the idea that you have to get partials or flippers that are going to look unnatural next to the rest of your smile. Some people have a really nice smile that can be matched perfectly, but that’s a small percentage of them. If you’re a smoker, the matching and the staining and the overall compatibility of dental partials or flippers is even worse.

Samantha’s Smile 

The first smile I want to discuss belongs to a woman named Samantha. Samantha has been missing teeth for a long time. When Samantha came to us, she thought her only options were to get some kind of partial or to have her teeth pulled and put some kind of bridge in the middle. Either way, it would have been thousands and thousands of dollars and would have taken a long time.

I guarantee Samantha’s self-esteem and confidence suffered as a result of her poor smile. Luckily, Samantha found Brighter Image Lab and we were able to help her make one of the most dramatic transformations we’ve ever seen. 

We had to work with the existing conditions of Samantha’s smile, and there were some challenges along the way, but I was so incredibly impressed with her new Bil Veneer smile that I just had to share it with you. 

dental partials
dental partials

Second Smile 

The next smile belongs to a guy named Mark.

I couldn’t be more pleased with what we were able to do for Mark. He was missing two teeth across the front. Some of his other teeth weren’t really shaped that much, but we were able to fix his whole smile. Now, Mark is a changed man. He’s so proud of his smile, and I’m so proud to be a part of the company that did it for him. 

If Mark would have gotten a flipper, all you would have seen is two teeth that matched his other misshapen ones, and that’s what I’m trying to tell you. If I was to put a dental flipper on Mark’s smile, I would build it to cover and attach from the back of his mouth, and he wouldn’t have any taste. The flipper would create odor, appear bulky, and do nothing to improve his other teeth. 

Bil Veneers give Mark a full smile that matches his face brings out its full squareness. They match his face better than any dental flipper could have. 

dental partials
dental partials

Third Smile 

The next smile belongs to a woman named Karen. Karen didn’t know she had a choice. One of her teeth came out, and over time, her other teeth began to pull.

It is important to get something to replace the appearance of a missing tooth right away, because you need something to fill that hole. If you don’t fill the gap in your smile, your teeth will float until they find each other.

When Karen came to me, she didn’t want to improve just one tooth and she didn’t want a dental implant. This client wanted a complete and consistent smile that she could be proud of. The work we did for her is amazing, it’s what we live for.

dental partials
dental partials

Curtis’ Smile 

The next smile belongs to Curtis. Curtis has a missing tooth, and he is the perfect example of why not to get a flipper. If he’d gotten a flipper for his missing tooth, it would have just matched his other front tooth, and his other front tooth is problematic. It has staining, discolored and not contoured properly. 

Now, Curtis has a smile that’s going to fit who he wanted to be and have the look he wanted to have. He couldn’t have gotten these results anywhere else, because no one else can do what we do at Brighter Image Lab.

Curtis’ smile is one that couldn’t have been achieved without Bil Veneers, and they did it instantly. Not only did we change his overall appearance for the top part of his smile, but we did the same thing for the bottom of his smile. We think his results speak for themselves.

dental partials
dental partials

Cristie’s Smile 

The next smile belongs to a woman named Cristie. When she came to us, Cristie was missing two teeth. If you look at what we did, the results speak for themselves.

If she would have come as a client for a dental partial or a flipper, Cristie would still have her existing smile. No partial or flipper could add the correction it took to bring out the fullness of the rest of Cristie’s smile. Bil Veneers filled out and brightened her smile like no other product could!

dental partials
dental partials

Aaron’s Smile 

The next smile belongs to Aaron. When you look at Aaron’s, smile you can tell that he has a good life, but for some reason he wasn’t given access to the doctor or the money he needed to get a dental flipper. Out of options, Aaron called Brighter Image Lab and asked if we could improve his smile. 

When we came in and designed Aaron’s new smile, we designed his whole upper arch smile, and I think it changed his life completely. We transformed Aaron’s smile lab direct with no dentist visit. He doesn’t have to worry about losing taste or not eating in his Bil Veneers like he would with dental partials or flippers. Aaron can enjoy his new smile without any pesky side effects.

Aaron’s missing two teeth were tough. Not only was he missing almost four central teeth on both sides of his mouth, his laterals were also missing. No flipper in the world would have given him the look we were able to accomplish, and I think it’s so important. We were able to give him results fast at a price he could afford. They were also 10 times better looking than he could have ever gotten if he’d gotten a flipper or a dental partial. We gave him an appearance that otherwise would have just matched his existing smile and I don’t think he would have been pleased with those results.

dental partials
dental partials

Dee’s Smile 

The next smile belongs to a man named Dee. At first glance, you would never think Dee’s smile could be improved for anything close to a thousand dollars. Luckily, he came to Brighter Image Lab and got top and bottom arches for about $1,500, and it changed his life.

Dental partials or flippers could have never done for Dee what dental veneers were able to do. We were able to get Dee amazing results in a short period of time. When we got his veneers to him, he didn’t just go back to life as usual, he went back a different person. He dressed differently and smiled differently. His confidence didn’t just come back to equal, it came back better than ever. Dee’s self-esteem is more than it was before Bil veneers. We hope he is happy with his results.

dental partials
dental partials


If you’re missing teeth, there’s nobody better at changing smiles than Brighter Image Lab. When people are missing front teeth or have tooth loss, we are the king of building new smiles. When there’s been tooth loss, broken teeth, misaligned teeth, crooked teeth, chipped teeth or any kind of trauma, there’s nobody faster. 

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