Effective Fluorosis Treatment and Prevention

What is fluorosis? Fluorosis treatment and prevention

There is a large amount of information about fluorosis treatment and prevention on the internet, but how do you know which advice to follow? One of the more common causes of teeth staining is fluorosis. For years dentists have touted the benefits of fluoride. They have campaigned for its inclusion in many dental products like […]

Brown Stains On Teeth – 3 Causes and The Best Solution

Brown stains on teeth is one of the possible effects of Fluorosis

Brown stains on teeth (tooth discoloration) is an aesthetic problem that is linked to a variety of causes. These unsightly brown stains on teeth are often a source of embarrassment and can damage not only your teeth, but your self esteem as well The Absolute Number One Facial Feature is Your SMILE!  While poor dental […]

Fluoride Creates Huge Need for Client’s Smile Makeover

Flurosis Client Hates Dentist

Today I want to talk about fluoride but I also want to talk about the dentists that do videos that support fluoride. Hey guys! Happy New Year’s, Merry Christmas all that other stuff is all done and gone. I wanted to have a rant today I figured everybody’s at work. What you’re gonna see on […]

Disgusting Brown Spots on Teeth and a List of 6 Causes

6 Causes of Brown Spots on Teeth

What Happened To Your Teeth? 6 Causes of Brown Spots on Teeth There is a lot to be said about smiling… Smiling is contagious and one of the best all natural medicines out there! Did you know that just by smiling, you can reduce stress, enhance your immune system, and give your heart a healthy […]

Alarming White Spots On Teeth – 5 Causes and How To Fix Them

White spots on teeth and what you can do about them

What To Do When You See White Spots On Teeth Whether it’s one spot, a blotch, or several speckels, seeing white spots on teeth is definitely something you need to be paying attention to. Could it be tooth decay? A dental disease? Are these spots dangerous? There are many influences which can cause white spots […]

What Is Fluorosis – 2 Causes and The Shocking Truth!

What is fluorosis? Fluorosis treatment and prevention

You have most likely heard about fluoride at some point in your life… and how dentists claim that it “strengthens” your teeth and “minimizes cavities”. What is fluorosis? How much do you really know about fluoride? Is it safe? How much fluoride is too much? Well, the scary truth is that any amount of fluoride […]

Fluoride Toxicity – 3 Tips to Avoid This Dangerous Element

Are you a victim of fluoride toxicity

Are You at Risk of The Dangers of Fluoride Toxicity? Do you brush your teeth? Have you drank tap water throughout your life? If you answered “YES” to either or both of these, then you could be putting yourself at risk of the dangers of consuming too much fluoride. Why does this matter? Because when […]

Too Much Fluoride – Learn 4 Ways to Protect Your Children

Too much fluoride can damage teeth - are we poisoning our kids?

Too Much Fluoride Causes Damage to the Teeth – How Much Is Too Much? Spots, specks, stains, dings, and damage. All of these unsightly dental conditions are a result of being exposed to TOO MUCH fluoride. Known as fluorosis, this cosmetic condition permanently changes the health of your teeth.   It should come as no […]

Fluoride In Water is Dangerous as it Creates 3 Problems

Fluoride in water - is it safe?

Fluoride In Water Is Harming Your Health You absolutely can’t miss out on what we are about to share about fluoride in water! Do you have spots and stains on your teeth? Ever have trouble sleeping at night Are there an extra few pounds around your middle Your TAP water could be the culprit… Read […]

Fluorosis Emergency and 8 Problems Caused Besides Staining

Fluorosis - Protecting Our Children From The Dangers of Fluoride

Fluorosis – Protecting Our Children For decades dentists have informed us that our children need fluoride to shield their teeth from cavities. The fact is, fluoride is completely toxic. When consumed in high concentrations, fluoride causes dental fluorosis. In 1997, Dr. John Colquhoun stated, “Common sense should tell us that if a poison circulating in […]