Gripping 1 Minute New Life Smile Makeover on Mechanic

New Life Smile Makeover for 50 Year Old Mechanic

This client lost his wife, then his smile. Brighter Image Lab was there to help him regain his smile, and give him a new life with a smile makeover. I’ve never had the perfect storybook life, but Devin and me were at least happy.

Age Defying Smile Makeover Client Looks 10 Years Younger

New Life Smile Team Member becomes Smile Makeover Client

What you don’t know, is that we want to surprise Jill. She broke her tooth and it’s causing discoloration. It’s been a big deal for her. She takes care of her teeth, it’s just they don’t look like she wants them to look.

12 Minute Challenge Smile Makeover from Brighter Image Lab

Challenge Smile Makeover by Brighter Image Lab

I’m Crystal Driggins, I’m a mother of three. I’m married, I’m a hairstylist, and I enjoyed being around people. I’m typically, you know, a laughing person, very joyous, but I do find my little dark spots where I’m sad.

Terrifying Accident Smile Makeover 12 Minute Story

Accident Smile Makeover by Brighter Image Lab

Nathan came to me because he lost his teeth on a four-wheeler and I don’t know if he won the race or not, but we do know that he lost his smile. He had some good friends refer him to us. We were able to work with him

Perfect Smile Makeover Veneers in Just 11 Minutes

Perfect Smile Makeover by Brighter Image Lab

This video comes from Brighter Image Lab client Lisaida who absolutely loves her perfect smile makeover veneers. Watch her review on the veneers she received from Brighter Image Lab, which was pretty compelling

Inspiring 8 Minute Hawaii Smile Makeover

Makeup Artist gets a smile makeover from Brighter Image Lab

We’ve just been amazed we’re finishing this week with the guy from Hawaii. We were going to cover him anyway but then he just did his own. He takes, he did his own stuff and we think it was pretty genuine

Affordable New Dental Veneers Breathe Life into People Over 50

Introduction The advancement of technology and medicine within the last century has extended life expectancy by over 25 years. But little can actually be done to hold onto your youthful appearance, and having damaged or stained teeth can make you appear older.   One man, Jamie Furlong, is a body builder well above 50. There isn’t a fitness goal Jamie […]