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The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically affected the way people receive healthcare. In the midst of social distancing and isolation, a new trend has emerged that makes it possible for people to consult a healthcare professional without ever leaving their home. This new trend is known as “telehealth.”

One way people use telehealth to meet their healthcare needs during this challenging time is through a virtual visit. In this article, we will discuss telehealth and virtual visits and why they are likely to become the new normal. 

What is a Virtual Visit?

Telehealth or telemedicine is the use of technologies, such as computers and mobile devices, to access healthcare services remotely. This is often done through something called a virtual visit. A virtual visit uses audio, video or other electronic communications to allow patients to interact and consult with their healthcare provider.

Many people benefit from virtual visits because they’re convenient. By scheduling a virtual visit, people can receive care from a professional without ever leaving their home. This means they no longer have to wait in a waiting room for hours and disrupt their entire day to get treatment. With telemedicine, they can simply pick up the phone. 

The use of telehealth accomplishes many things. Here are just a few:

  • Makes health care accessible to people who live in rural or isolated communities 
  • Makes services more readily available or convenient for people with limited mobility, time or transportation options.
  • Provides access to medical specialists 
  • Improves communication and coordination of care
  • Provides support for self-management of healthcare

As you can see, telehealth has the potential to greatly improve the way people receive healthcare. Not only does it provide a safe and effective way to receive care in the middle of a pandemic, it offers a long-term solution for accessible healthcare.

Many healthcare professionals are using telehealth to reach patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dentists, for example, are using telehealth to conduct virtual patient exams and treat minor dental problems.

Read on to learn more about virtual visits in dentistry!

Virtual Visits in Dentistry 

Many dentists are using telehealth to manage patient care during the COVID-19 pandemic, and many of them plan to continue using it even after the virus dies out.

Telehealth dental videoconferencing, or “teledentistry” is becoming a popular way to evaluate, diagnose and treat oral health and dental conditions. This new form of dentistry is likely to become the new normal, as it offers many benefits to those who would otherwise struggle to receive dental care.

Vulnerable populations such as the elderly and people in low-income areas often struggle to access dental care due to cost, location, or travel. With virtual visits, patients are able to access dentistry remotely and often at a lower cost than in-office appointments.

According to the American Teledentistry Association, 70% of patients are comfortable communicating with their healthcare providers using video, text and email. Plus, 76% prefer easy access to care rather than having a face-to-face meeting.

virtual visit

Telehealth or virtual visits make it more convenient and efficient for patients to consult a professional without traveling to an in-office appointment. Dentistry has embraced telemedicine by offering virtual dental care to patients in certain areas. 

Many companies have also embraced the role of technology in today’s climate and have provided virtual services to clients all over the world. One of those companies is Brighter Image Lab. Continue reading to learn more! 

Brighter Image Lab’s FREE Virtual Visit

Brighter Image Lab offers a FREE facial analysis to each removable veneer client. This virtual visit is completed online, eliminating the need for an in-office appointment. 

At Brighter Image Lab, we’ve been giving virtual visits away for years, and we will continue to do so, because we believe that affordable online smile solutions are the best option for improving your smile, and we will continue to fight to make them available to you.

virtual visit

By conducting a virtual visit, we are able to analyze and redesign a smile for you, no matter where you are in the world, all from a central location. There’s no wait time and no appointments necessary. You simply send in pictures of your face, and we’ll help guide you in determining whether or not our products are right for you.

Each free facial analysis helps us plan how your dental veneer will fit the exact dimensions of your face without ever conducting an in-office appointment. 

When you choose Brighter Image Lab to transform your smile, you can say goodbye to the hassles of traditional dentistry. With an online ordering process and a free virtual visit, you can transform your smile from the comfort of your own home!

With all the benefits of modern technology, there’s no reason to sit in a waiting room or pay thousands of dollars for a smile makeover. Dentistry is changing, and so can you!

Brighter Image Lab gives you the choice that wasn’t there before. You can choose today to make a change in your smile without the dentist. Forget painful procedures like drilling, shaving and tooth extractions. With removable veneers, you can change your smile without any alteration to your natural teeth.

Will Insurance Pay for a Virtual Visit? 

Many state legislatures and private health insurance providers are recognizing the potential of telemedicine to reduce costs and keep patients healthy.

At the time of writing this blog, twenty-six states have laws requiring private insurers to reimburse healthcare providers for virtual visits. Each of these states includes live video visits as an acceptable form of telemedicine. Some also cover services provided by secure email, or store-and-forward telehealth. 

Many insurers recognize the value of telemedicine and decide to cover virtual visits even if their states don’t require them to. In most cases, if a provider can bill an insurance company for an in-person visit, they can do the same for a remote one. Some states require an initial in-person visit before a provider can bill for a virtual visit, but many states don’t have this requirement.

virtual visit

Some state laws require insurers to pay the same amount for a virtual visit as they do for an in-office appointment, while others let the insurer decide what amount will be paid.

All in all, it can be rather hard to determine whether or not insurance will pay for your virtual visit. Luckily, there are ways to get a virtual visit without insurance. Keep reading to learn more! 

How to Get a Virtual Visit without Insurance 

Virtual visits are great, but they don’t always come at a great price. In fact, a virtual visit may end up costing just as much as an in-office one, and some insurers still don’t cover telemedicine. If you are struggling to get coverage, there is a way for you to get a virtual visit without insurance for FREE.

At Brighter Image Lab, we give every removable veneer client a virtual visit completely free of charge. This visit consists of a free online facial analysis that helps clients determine their eligibility and assists in designing their custom veneers.

virtual visit

Brighter Image Lab pushes the envelope for modern smile enhancement. Our free facial analysis and online ordering process allows clients to achieve amazing smile results without a single appointment. 

At Brighter Image Lab, you can get a virtual visit without insurance absolutely free. It’s our mission to make smile transformation as easy as possible and ensure our clients are able to achieve the results they want without any complications.

It shouldn’t be hard to get a virtual visit without insurance, but it is. Many people are unable to afford the high cost of dental visits, even if they are virtual. Luckily for them, Brighter Image Lab is here to help. If you’re in need of a virtual visit, go online and submit your photos today.

Don’t be the last to get a virtual visit. With their rise in popularity, virtual visits are sure to be the new go-to for smile solutions. They may even become the new normal. Keep reading to learn more! 

Are Virtual Visits the New Normal? 

Telehealth strategies are increasing in popularity in U.S. healthcare. Many dental professionals have transitioned to offer virtual dental care to patients, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Virtual dental care is especially important during the pandemic, because many people are unable to see a dentist in-office. Social distancing, lockdown, curfews and other factors attributed to the pandemic have made it extremely difficult for people to get in-office treatment.

Many dentists will likely continue to offer virtual dental care following the pandemic, as telehealth solutions in the dental industry have shown to be efficient, affordable and convenient for patients and providers alike.

virtual visit

The continued use of telemedicine will be beneficial to vulnerable populations, such as the elderly, who often find it difficult to travel or arrange transportation to see a dentist in-office. Virtual visits are a great way for the elderly to maintain their oral health. With this option, they are able to receive advice from a dentist without ever leaving their house.


Telehealth has greatly affected the way dentists practice dentistry and the avenues for transforming a smile. As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, virtual visits are making it possible for thousands of people to access affordable dental care.

Brighter Image Lab embraces telehealth by giving a free virtual visit to every removable veneer client. If you’re looking to improve your smile, visit our website today and get started. 

The number one thing you can do to improve your appearance is to enhance your smile. With an online process and free virtual perks, Brighter Image Lab is the best smile enhancement option available. Click below to get started on your virtual visit!

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