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I haven’t smiled in a really long time. I have a hard time looking at myself in the mirror & liking what I see. I pretty much cry every day when I think about my smile. After my son died in 2009, my teeth kind of started going downhill. It made dealing with the grief even worse. Dentists just cost too much for me & I have children to care for so I care for them first before me. I fell in love with doing community theater & while I am lucky they gave me a chance despite my smile (I’m usually the “ugly character” because of it), I can’t find a job, I will never get more than the ugly character or the old woman or the witch. But more importantly, I don’t like myself. I love to be funny & happy & I love to smile but I don’t remember what it feels like anymore. I’m constantly self conscious & I feel lonely because I don’t go around people anymore because I’m afraid of what they will think of my teeth. I was so happy to find this site but even coming up with the half payment in a quick amount of time isn’t feasible for me. Right now I’m crying because I want this so bad. I want to feel confident, beautiful .. like I know I can be on the inside, but it definitely doesn’t show in my smile. I feel like I could get a decent job & help my family if I could have a smile like that. I’m not one who asks for help.. but I need it. I hope you’ll consider helping me. I know that if I get a better job because of a nice smile.. I’d want to pay it forward to someone else like me. Thank you for the opportunity. Either way I hope I can get a new smile from you.

Leslie Matteson (McGinty)

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