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Ok where to begin. I just made 31 years old I have an 8 year old son and another on the way due in February. When I was in the 2nd grade I fell out of a top bunk in the middle of the night flat on my face. My baby teeth had pushed and hit my permanent teeth causing one to have no nerve. My mom and dad didn’t have the extra money for me to fix my teeth when I was younger but in my teen years I started getting cavities so I went to a cheap dentist that did not so great work on my teeth. When I got pregnant with my first son my teeth started to get brittle so I had to pull teeth in the back that is now in my face sink in because at the time I couldn’t afford a bridge. So in time my four front teeth are looking goodish and it’s very unattractive my 8 year old tells me I need to brush my teeth because they are very yellow and it breaks my heart because I tell him he needs to take care of his teeth and he tries to tell me the same. But anyways I just recently went to the dentist for a cleaning and to get a quote on fixing my 4 front teeth and it was outrageous I cried when she told me how much. I am a single mother with one job and it is hard to take care of my families needs plus living expenses. I need all the help I can get at the moment I would love to be able to take maternity pictures with my kids with a beautiful smile. Thanks for your time.

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