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The simple story is I didn’t look after my teeth good enough, not because I was lazy but because I  literally was in hell and lost my world in the space of 3 years.
The first was my father passing when I was 6 months pregnant then my mother 18 months later. Then my Uncle and best friend which as you can imagine was an awful time and I simply gave up on life, the only thing I lived for was my son but had no regard for me.
I know that you hear a lot of sob stories which makes mine no different but 3 of my best friends are dental nurses and I hate to be around them as they all have perfect teeth. You can imagine how it is to go out with them and as for smiling for pictures.. well if you look at my FB page I have no pictures of me smiling at all. I never realized how important teeth were until you have bad ones.
I am a single mum and there is no way I could afford to have anything done so this is my only hope to start to feel happy and confident again… the girl I used to be years ago.
I thank you for taking time to read this and I will keep my fingers crossed.
Many thanks
Sonia Mattiocco.

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