Help Angie Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

I have always had small teeth and when I was young I had overcrowding and had to have 10 teeth pulled to make room in my mouth . I needed braces but since my teeth were pretty much straight they did not put them on me. This has made me have two on the left side which sometimes it bothers me but it has caused me to have smaller teeth in the front from them rubbing up against each other . I have spent so much money on my teeth with it costing more and more,  for cavities and crowns and root canals that I am honestly dentist poor. I recently had to have teeth pulled and after spending all this money I still have about 5 cavities and a crown that needs to be replaced. I really want veneers to make my teeth look whiter and longer and improve the appearance of my smile . Unfortunately I am unable to afford any of the wants and only yearly fix the broken teeth or cavities and pray I make it till the next time something hurts or falls out or breaks. I would love to try your product and would love to win a free set. It’s really just the top that I need help with . Thank you for considering me .

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