Help Stephanie Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

When I first saw you advertisement I thought, WOW! This might be the answer to my prayers. I’m a 30 year old mother of three and  I guess you could say that I’m an unusual case, I’m actually missing front teeth that never even formed in my jaw at all. I learned this at one of the few times my parents did take me to the dentist. They couldn’t afford braces or any cosmetic surgery to give me a normal smile. So I’ve been living with a smile I’ve hated since I was 8 or 9 years old.

I became a mother at an early age and have put my kid’s needs before mine. I don’t know if I would call wanting a normal smile really a need, but something to make me feel good about myself. My financial state at this point in time doesn’t allow me to get the smile I really want. I keep telling myself one day when the kids are grown I may finally be able to afford a nice smile.

I feel like my smile is holding me back in my life. I try to hide my mouth when I talk to someone even family members sometimes. I have even been called shy or stuck up because I really don’t talk much when I meet someone new. That hurts a little bit, I’m a very outgoing person I’m just afraid of what someone might think when they see my teeth.

If I would be picked to get a pretty smile for free there are no words that could describe my gratitude and appreciation. I can only imagine what it would be like to look in the mirror and not be disappointed by my smile.

Thanks for reading my story!!

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