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Hi, my name is Mandy Rieke and I am an excellent candidate to win a free smile I feel! I will tell you why….at nine years old I, the oldest child of 4, was watching my brothers and sister play outside. My brother 5 yrs younger was bouncing basketball and it bounced over a rock wall. I didn’t want him to go over wall for ball himself, which is where he was headed, so I jumped up and ran to get for him. Right before reaching the wall I tripped fell and my mouth hit directly on the wall. I was terrified. Not only for my mouth but I was afraid to let parents see knowing they couldn’t afford to fix. I was rushed to ER and try said they couldn’t fix and didn’t have first clue as to what I needed to do. My grandmother found a number in phone book of local dentist and called his emergency number. Rocco Dentist  Klgore, Tx met us after hours at his office worked through the night and into Saturday to stitch my mouth see teeth back and do all he could do to make it great!  He not only did this but he didn’t charge for it. I will owe him forever. Since that day was so traumatic I developed and extreme phobia of the dentist but also oddly a disorder where I’m terrified to vomit or choke so dentist are completely out of the question for me. I am. Terrified. I have allowed teeth to completely decay and not get them fixed. I had to go and have 2 pulled years ago and had huge setback. I have 3 kids and recently divorced after being housewife for 17 yrs. I now need to become employed and am too insecure to even go interview because of my teeth. Please help me.
Thank you, Mandy Rieke

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