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I am from Flagstaff Arizona and my name is Rebecca I am 40 years old I’ve been struggling with my smile for years now I used to have teeth that were beautiful but stress got in the way I found that I would grind my teeth quite often in my sleep and when I woke my jaw would hurt . I  constantly bit my tongue to  try to prevent any further deterioration.  My  smiles been holding you back for years .In  fact I don’t even know how to smile anymore… embarrassed everywhere I go I absolutely hate taking pictures…now I have gotten a chance . When I was 23, I was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma stage 4 cancer. Chemotherapy was difficult but radiation therapy was quite easy. I worked full time through my chemotherapy  for a company that I got my insurance through. when i found out  that i was in remission my boss offered me different types of insurance for dental. But i still actually needed my medical but he said it was so expensive that he was switching to dental.  I wish I had taken it.  As a young girl the first time I went to the dentist  I had 25 cavities and I needed one root canal. My mother was unable to afford money for the the crown so eventually I had the tooth removed. Upon removal of that molor  my smile has become uneven.  Its been 17 years since chemotherapy and I’m still in remission. I’m quite pleased with that but alot  has taken a toll on me.  I worked really hard .I have four children and one husband who is mentally ill.  Bipolar schizoaffective. I’ve gone through a lot of trials and tribulations with my husband. my husband and I are separated now I’m like I said I’m 40 years old but I’m living with my aunt.  Ive  really closed myself off from the world and have become quite introverted. I’ve lost a lot and really  want back is my I can work again so I can feel like a person agian..I miss smiling.I’m going to a wedding in December really important to a friend of mine that I go with him.  I just feel that I would never fit in there.. I’m looking for any alternative that I can do to get a nice smile. everyday that the day gets closer I dread going.. I’ve thought about canceling many times. I even tried once but the look on my friend’s face was so upsetting that I said I was kidding.I don’t know why I live in the dark.. I’ve met people with beautiful smiles and ugly teeth…but they are so beautiful on the inside but that didn’t seem to hamper their smile or the way I felt about them but my confidence.. Stops me from  going out and doing the things I want to do like a career,  school even just doing karaoke! I don’t do it much anymore I’m only 40 I’ve got lots of life left and I want to live it.
Rebecca M. Pittman

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