Help Tiffany Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

From the moment my adult teeth started to come through my family and myself could see that I would always have some trouble. We discovered that 3 if my adult teeth never developed and extensive dental work would need to be done. I first had a plate to push forward a front tooth that grew down from the roof of my mouth, then an operation to have two metal bars drilled into my jaw bone so that my mouth and facial features wouldnt change within the four years of braces. Rubber bands had to be placed on my two front teeth to bring them down which caused me be extremely self conscious of my smile. Once my braces came of two teeth had to be built up by porcelain which discolored within 6 months so I went back to the orthodontist who told me he had made the mistake of taking my braces of to soon. After years of being through pain I said no. A year later a tooth started to decay and I couldn’t afford to have it fixed so it fell away leaving my smile with a gap on the side.  Ever since I have never felt I had a beautiful smile and would love nothing more to have confidence again and too feel beautiful.   The reason im applying for an opportunity like this is because of everything that happened before im to afraid to go back through it all again and spend thousands and thousands of dollars on dental work. Being a single mother at 22 and working 3 jobs to provide a loving home for my child I find it hard to save for myself and the things I need.
Id like to thank you for taking the time to read my application and I hope you consider me for a smile makeover.

Thank you
Kind regards, tiffany stammers

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