Help Kaela Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

hello my name is Kaela Neuhauser. I am a 23 year old single parent to a wonderful 3 year old boy and a beautiful 1 year old girl. I’m writing to you in hopes that maybe you’ll be able to help.  before getting pregnant with my son I had dental problems. I’ve had them since a child. with the pregnancy of my son, miscarriage of another child and the pregnancy of my daughter things got crazy. mixing that in with being left alone, helping my family, and raising my children the best I could dental care just wasn’t affordable and things became worse. I’ve spent over a year now trying to find dentist that work with my insurance, don’t cost too much, and can do the work right. after finding a dentist I felt I could trust and afford I got dental work done for my teeth to come out looking worse. I would like to fix my smile so I can confidently smile do job interviews, daycare meetings, play dates, and work. I want to be able to make something of my life and set a good example for my children but feel so held back by the pain and embarrassment of my smile. I thank you for listening to my short story.  and have a wonderful day.

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