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Greetings! My name is Ivory Moore and I’m a 32 year old healthcare professional and single mother of one.  I’ve long suffered from an embarrassing smile. From a young age I’ve been told ” you could be really beautiful if you get those teeth fixed”.  Unfortunately my family didn’t have the resources. as an adult I’ve had braces but when the bill began to be more than I could handle I had them removed. It broke my heart because once again I was left feeling incomplete. My smile is my biggest confidence killer. I’ve been over looked for professional advancement due to my less than professional look.  I’ve literally watched people’s expression change once I open my mouth. I’m new to Houston and yet I face the same barriers.  Reviewing this website has restored hope in my smile. I want to look as beautiful as I feel inside. If there is any possibility you can help someone who would be more than grateful please consider me.

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