Help Emily Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

As you can see from the first photograph, my partner loves taking photos where he is smiling.   Me on the other hand… Mouth tight shut.

I have 2 congenitally missing front teeth. The gaps are big enough for teeth to be put in, but I am terrified of going to the dentist.  My parents couldn’t afford dental work so I never got it looked at. I had lovely teeth as a child, then as they fell out I was left with gaps.   I am ashamed to smile, it looks awful.  I rarely speak and I certainly don’t smile for pictures.   The photographer at my aunts wedding made fun of me because I wouldn’t smile – as if i’d put these in a wedding photo!

I often put pieces of paper against my teeth so I can practice smiling, but of course it just looks dumb.  I have worked hard to look my best with what i’m given, but the teeth are a constant reminder.   I left my last job due to excessive bullying by some of the staff all because I wouldn’t join in with their jokes and games.  I wanted to, but I was too conscious of my teeth being on display.  They are the first thing people notice about me, so after a while it’s easier to just not speak.    My smile face is getting a lot better but what’s a smile with teeth like this?

I want to have good photographs to look back on, I want to be able to smile and be proud of being like everyone else – no gaps, just TEETH that are normal.   It’s something people take for granted,  even my partner with his incredibly expensive teeth he had fixed growing up.

Please, please consider me.   I feel I’m more than ready to show the world that I’m not miserable and can actually smile.  I would honestly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart and would be more than happy to advertise how wonderful the product is.   I have seen press on veneers before, just couldn’t afford them.  I can’t even save for them as I have to work two jobs to keep us afloat.    Please consider me.

Thank you for your time.

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