Help Rachel Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

Dear BIL,

I know you do not know me and in this day and time we live in people are always begging for handouts, scamming or soliciting which can get quite annoying for people like yourself however, I want to share briefly how I would like my teeth fixed so badly that I’m loosing all pride now to get help. I am 33 years old, a mom, a wife, a Make-Up Artist and I donate most of my time to helping women every week at shelters and group homes by holding free workshops about esteem, image and career building. While I’m doing that I have my own things I would like to change and one of them is my smile. All my life I’ve wanted a beautiful smile. My parents were never fortunate enough to get me braces so as the years went by my teeth shifted more and more. I have been doing research on Snap on Smile for my upper teeth and one day I even got a consultation for them and was approved to do the procedure but my credit was declined so I was unable to get them and ofcourse my dental won’t cover that. I work for a non profit outreach team so I don’t have a steady income outside of doing makeup here and there.

I am reaching out because I really would love if you can in anyway shape or from help me change my smile, I don’t allow it to stop me from my public speaking to women or encouraging them but I want to feel confident about my own smile. I am willing to do a GREAT REVIEW !! , any referral videos on the web, blog, give a framed written letter for your office, commercial, before and after pics and add you as a sponsor on our website that helped someone like myself. This may sound like a strange request but I believe it will change my life and encourage others that if you just ask you just might receive. Please help my dream come true my giving me a new smile. If you are not willing to consider this I understand I just wanted to take a shot and ask.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Rachel Johnson, Akron, Ohio

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